The future is just a roll of the dice
                                             at this point. No one knows where
H IGH VELOC IT Y SOLU T ION S                         RIGHT SIZING
A G I L ITY                         A B I L ITY                        I N S I G HT

        T E A M             C G N  ...
High Velocity Business Transformation
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High Velocity Business Transformation


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Companies cannot afford any form of waste in
their businesses. Trimming the fat won’t help in
many cases. It’s not enough. Some businesses
will have to reorganize or reinvent themselves to
survive. Contact CGN for more information on this service offering.

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High Velocity Business Transformation

  1. 1. The future is just a roll of the dice at this point. No one knows where the economic crisis will take us. Companies need help to navigate. U N C E RTA IN T IME S visibility they need into their supply chain. They might have an understanding of their first-tier These are tumultuous financial and economic suppliers, but they don’t know which second or times. Periods of financial uncertainty are always third-tier suppliers are critical to their business. difficult to endure. According to the Business Knowledge Center, times of corporate distress As once stable, profitable, and competitive present many strategic management challenges. companies struggle to improve operational and Among them: financial performance, the advice and • Revenue downturn caused by a weak economy involvement of corporate renewal professionals • Poor execution of a good strategy is critical. • High operating costs • High fixed costs that decrease flexibility The stakes are high. The time for action is now. • Insufficient resources • Excessive debt burden W HAT W E BRING • Inadequate financial controls CGN has a strong customer-centric culture. We are used to moving fast to meet our customer Businesses will need to act quickly and challenges. We bring powerful experience decisively or risk failing. The Genichi Taguchi including: principle that “all waste is a loss to society” not only rings true but is now an imperative. High Impact Workshops: Combines a unique Companies cannot afford any form of waste in blend of data analytics and simulations in a their businesses. Trimming the fat won’t help in collaborative environment to drive rapid many cases. It’s not enough. Some businesses improvement projects. will have to reorganize or reinvent themselves to survive. Global Knowledge Resources: CGN leverages a global team of highly experienced Lean and Six Suppliers to OEMs are struggling to understand Sigma professionals who have demonstrated what to do when the orders stop. They don’t want success in the industries we serve. to lose their best people, and yet they can’t afford to keep everyone on board. OEMs are struggling, High Velocity Solutions: We have developed a too. They are being forced into the position of set of offerings to meet current market needs. picking which suppliers they want to survive. This These offerings are designed to meet the needs isn’t an easy task because OEMs don’t have the of our clients swiftly and effectively.
  2. 2. H IGH VELOC IT Y SOLU T ION S RIGHT SIZING We identify the key competencies of the Extraordinary times require extraordinary business, evaluate the current resources based measures. Rapid response and turnaround may on a combination of current and future needs of save a business or position the business for the business, and prioritize the needs of the future success. Our industry offerings include: organization. Using this approach we help you trim, reposition, and identify the required DUE DILIGENCE resources that your company needs to meet the We take a snapshot of an entire operation and challenges and seize the opportunities of this determine where the core value of the critical time. organization lies. We then identify complexities that are weighing down or impeding the progress C GN C AN H EL P of the company. This information becomes The financial tempest that has leveled Fannie elemental in making decisions about Mae and Freddie Mac has long-term implications restructuring or repositioning your business. for businesses worldwide. The health, vitality, and endurance of your company are on the line. TURNAROUND We use a combination of strategic financial and Companies are struggling with difficult financial operational methods and tools to help your decisions. Many of these decisions are emotional leadership team manage short-term risk and in nature. We use facts and data to take the develop an execution plan. We then work with emotion out of the decisions and lay out a new your leadership team to implement the course for your company, one that will take you recommended changes. through this tempest to friendlier seas. RESTRUCTURING We look at your business from the perspective of a private equity firm that has taken over your operations. We quickly review the overall business and market drivers, evaluate cash flow constraints, and identify critical assets. We make recommendations regarding consolidating products and services, right sizing the organization, and prioritizing cash investments to protect the short-term viability of the business and ensure long-term sustainability. INVENTORY TO CASH We make a rapid assessment of your current inventory to determine what has the most and least value to your organization. We determine what can be sold, returned, and scrapped based on the current market. Using this methodology, we have succeeded in reducing inventory levels by as much as 35% to 40%. RISK ASSESSMENT We use the CGN “Risk Assessment Model” to evaluate the risks of key suppliers and develop and implement short, mid, and long-term strategies to manage supply chain risk. For each key supplier, we evaluate the overall financial, customer, funding, and operational robustness.
  3. 3. A G I L ITY A B I L ITY I N S I G HT T E A M C G N O F F E R S G L O B A L S O L U T I O N S CGN is a global business performance consulting firm with presence in the USA, China, India, and Europe. We work with clients to address their most pressing management challenges in the areas of lean operations & supply chain, material cost management, lean product development, human capital management, and business-technology integration. Our unique methodologies and simulation tools help our clients succeed on their own terms. For over two decades, CGN leaders have been performance partners with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. We have helped create adaptive business models that continually enable our customers to respond, innovate, and lead. Our solutions are high-velocity, high-impact, and sustainable. They are derived from our non-traditional approach to management consulting. We serve major industry sectors including automotive, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and government. For further information contact: (888.746.4246) NORTH AMERICA | EUROPE | ASIA Copyright © 2009 CGN, Inc | Proprietary & Con dential