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Plan Nord
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Plan Nord


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  • 1. The Plan Nord Building Northern Québec Together The Project of a Generation Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum- February 23rd, 20122
  • 2. An overview •  Québec the largest province in Canada •  Area 1.6 million km2 •  7x size of the UK •  Population: 8 million •  23% of Canadian population3
  • 3. Plan Nord : The territory North of 49th parallel •  72% of Québec’s geographic area •  1.6% of population of Québec4
  • 4. The Plan Nord: A space to be developed•  Huge potential for the Native and northern communities•  32 communities in James Bay, Saguenay and Côte-Nord regions•  Over 120 000 inhabitants•  Four Aboriginal nations in 31 communities: –  THE INUIT –  THE CREE –  THE INNU –  THE NASKAKPI5
  • 5. The Plan Nord: An innovative approach based on partnership•  The Plan Nord: result of over 60 meetings involving 450 people who agreed on the approach –  Representatives from the government, communities, private sector, institutional sector and environmental sector•  The Plan Nord is a project that will span 25 years and comprise five five-year action plans6
  • 6. The Plan Nord: The vision An exemplary sustainable development project that integrates energy, mining, forest, bio-food, tourism and transportation development, the development of wildlife, environmental protection and the preservation of biodiversity. It will foster development for the benefit of the communities concerned and Québec as a whole, in a spirit of respect for cultures and identities.7
  • 7. The Plan Nord: The objectives•  To ensure socially responsible, sustainable development, the Plan Nord will seek to: 1.  ensure community well-being and development 2.  harness Northern Québec’s enormous economic potential 3.  make Northern Québec accessible 4.  protect the environment8
  • 8. Harness Northern Québec’s enormous economic potential •  The territory that the Plan Nord covers has outstanding potential for development in the following sectors: –  energy –  wildlife –  mining –  tourism –  forestry –  bio-food •  The development of Northern Québec will engender investment, jobs and other benefits in other regions.9
  • 9. The Plan Nord: 3 500 MW of renewable energy•  3 000 MW of hydroelectricity•  300 MW of wind power•  200 MW from other renewable sources ─  Underwater generators•  All told: The plan reflects our determination ─  25 billion $ CAD in investments to make Québec the world leader in clean energy10
  • 10. Mining development is central to the Plan Nord•  More than twenty new projects will be under development in the territory that the Plan Nord covers in the coming years, which will generate over 10 billion $ CAD in investments Raglan Mine and create 4 000 jobs.11
  • 11. Mining development is central to the Plan Nord The territory that the Plan Nord covers produces all of Québec’s:-  Nickel,-  Cobalt-  Platinum group metals-  Zinc-  Iron ore-  Ilmenite Significant portion:-  Gold-  Lithium-  Vanadium-  Rare-earth12
  • 12. A crucial forest environment •  Harvesting of the boreal forest north of 49th parallel accounts for over 50% of wood harvested in Québec and creates 15 000 jobs.13
  • 13. Make Northern Québec accessible•  Integrated development of the transportation network•  Establishment of partnerships with investors that require transportation infrastructure14
  • 14. Make Northern Québec accessible•  Integrated development must include an array of infrastructure: –  roads –  a landing strip –  electricity –  a railway and transfer station –  a sea port and transfer station and storage facility.•  Objective: Satisfy the needs of several users to reduce their footprint in the territory.15
  • 15. Make Northern Québec accessible•  Projects are already under way or impending: –  upgrading of northern airports –  construction or rebuilding of four major roads: –  example of the Monts Otish road16
  • 16. Protect the environment•  A fragile, changing territory –  Unique biodiversity: highly varied wildlife and intact forests –  Perceptible climate change•  Each development project will hinge on principles of sustainable development17
  • 17. Protect the environmentTwo key commitments•  50% of the territory that the Plan Nord covers will be devoted to purposes other than industrial ones, environmental protection and safeguarding biodiversity –  The government will adopt legislation following consultations•  Round out the network of protected areas to reach target of 20% by 202018
  • 18. A government corporation to carry out an ambitious plan•  Establishment of the Société du Plan Nord, with a mandate, in particular, to: –  coordinate public investment in strategic infrastructure and in the social sector –  coordinate the implementation of projects included in the first five-year action plan –  negotiate financing packages in respect of the projects for which it is responsible –  offer local and Aboriginal communities guidance and support to carry out their own community and social development projects.19
  • 19. The Plan Nord financial framework•  Establishment of the Fonds du Plan Nord, announced in the 2011-2012 Budget•  Realization of the first five-year action plan: investments totalling 2.1 billion $ CAD –  1.2 billion $ CAD for infrastructure –  382 million $ CAD for socioeconomic measures –  52 million $ CAD for the operating budget of the Société du Plan Nord and investment prospecting –  500 million $ CAD allocated to Investissement Québec for equity participations20
  • 20. Benefits for all Quebecers•  Over the next 25 years, the Plan Nord will engender the following benefits: –  a minimum of 80 billion $ CAD in private and public investments and 14 billion $ CAD in tax revenues for the government –  20 000 jobs, on average, created or maintained each year, equivalent to 500 000 man-years –  the investments will add 162 billion $ CAD to Québec’s GDP, a significant impact.21
  • 21. For more information Learn more at : of infrastructure projects ofThe Plan Nord, Montreal, April 4-5th 2012 :