Plestravera 2.1.4


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Plestravera 2.1.4

  1. 1. Plestravera
  2. 2. “ So I heard you and Angela got back together. What were you fighting about this time?” “ She told me you attacked her, and wanted me to feel sorry for her. But she wasn't injured at all, so I didn't believe her till I saw your bruises. Though if you attacked her how come you're the one injured? And why did you attack her anyway?”
  3. 3. “ She's stronger than she looks. As for why I attacked her...” Lillith thought for a second. Should she tell him that Angela was cheating on him? Was it worth risking getting beat up my Angela? “It's not important.”
  4. 4. “ I knew it! Lillith's trying to steal Dustin away from me!” Angela fumed. She couldn't hear what they were talking about, but she was sure she knew Lillith's intentions. “ Well, an eye for an eye as they say. If she wants to steal Dustin, I'm going to steal Dirk!”
  5. 5. “ You're looking good, Dirk. If you ever get tired of Lillith you can give me a call.”
  6. 6. Dirk pushed her away. “Thanks, but no thanks.”
  7. 7. “ I'll have to try a more subtle way of stealing him then...” Angela thought as she went out the door. If she wanted to win Dirk's heart, she'd need a couple of supplies.
  8. 8. She came back with a bar and started mixing drinks. A couple drinks would probably make Dirk much more willing.
  9. 9. And some romantic music would get him in the mood. Angela flipped through the CDs and popped one into the radio, turning it on to listen and see if it'd work before turning it off. She'd save the music till after the drinks. She didn't want to be too obvious, right?
  10. 10. “ Hey Dirk, you've been painting for hours, take a break! We can go play a game of pool or something.” “ Just as friends?' “ Just as friends.”
  11. 11. “ Since when do we have a bar?” “ Since I bought one. You can have a drink if you want, I'll go set up the balls.”
  12. 12. “ Are you ready to play?” Angela asked, noticing happily that several of the drinks were gone.
  13. 13. “ I have a better idea...”
  14. 14. “ Success,” thought Angela with a smile. “Now Lillith will think twice before stealing my fiancee.”
  15. 15. . . .
  16. 16. “ Dustin, can I talk to you for a sec?” Lillith had been feeling guilty about not telling, and she'd decided to risk Angela's fists. “ Sure, what's up?”
  17. 17. “ Angela cheated on you with Claudio.” Dustin swore under his breath. “That's the last straw, I'm breaking up with her, for good this time.” “ Please don't, she'll know I told you about Claudio.”
  18. 18. “ You're afraid of her.” “ Please don't tell.” “ About Claudio or about how you're afraid of Angela?” “ Both.”
  19. 19. “ Okay, I won't tell. We'll probably break up for some other reason anyway.” “ Thanks Dustin.” “ Your welcome.”
  20. 20. Lillith leaned forward and kissed Dustin.
  21. 21. “ I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, I'm engaged and so are you...” “ But not for long.”
  22. 22. . . .
  23. 23. “ Angela cheated on Dustin with Claudio?”
  24. 24. “ Did you cheat on me with Angela?” “ No!” “I'll have to be sneakier next time.” “ Then how come I heard she cheated on Dustin with you?”
  25. 25. “ That was before we started going out, I'd never cheat on you! Don't you trust me?” “ Of course I trust you, I just wanted to make sure.”
  26. 26. “ Hi Aunt Goneril, it's Tybalt. I was wondering about what started the feud...” “ Patrizio Monty was jealous of your grandfather. Consort had more land, more kids, and he had your grandmother, who Patrizio was in love with. Consort knew that and even though he'd promised that Patrizio's kids could marry three of his kids he found others to marry his daughters off to, and when Patrizio found out he canceled Kent and Bianca's marriage and vowed revenge on the Capps.” “ Thanks, bye.”
  27. 27. “ That didn't really help.”
  28. 28. “ Maybe if I asked someone neutral and unbiased...” “ Hello?” “ Hi Titania, it's Puck. I was wondering about what started the feud.”
  29. 29. “ Consort and Patrizio put up a pretense of being friends, but they were both jealous of each other. Patrizio was jealous because Consort had more land and children and there was more people on his side of the river, and Consort was jealous because Patrizio had Isabella and Consort didn't.” “ Wait, Aunt Goneril said that it was the other way around, and that Patrizio had been in love with Grandma.”
  30. 30. “ That's what Consort would tell everyone, including his children, to disguise his love for Isabella. Anyway being the two most powerful families in Veronaville they arranged for their children to be married when they were older, but neither wanted the marriages, so they both sought out other suitors for their children. Patrizio didn't find any till after Consort did, so most don't know he would've done the same if given the chance, and that neither was as good as some would like to think.” “ Thanks, bye.”
  31. 31. “ Still didn't help that much. There's got to be something I can do...”
  32. 32. Tybalt walked out of the kitchen to find the newspaper had come, and sat down to read it. An ad for anger management classes caught his eye. “ If it helps...” he sighed, pulling out his cell and dialing the number. “It 's worth a shot.”
  33. 33. Tybalt also took up meditation.
  34. 34. “ What are you doing?” Tybalt opened his eyes to see Romeo. “Meditating,” he said, closing his eyes again. “Deep breaths. He's never done anything to me.”
  35. 35. “ So, Miranda's your cousin, right?” “ He's still here?” Tybalt got up. “Yeah.” “ There's no chance of her proposing to me, right?” “ None.”
  36. 36. “ Good. Well I'll let you get back to your meditating thing.” “ Good.”
  37. 37. “ You know, I think this is actually helping.”
  38. 38. “ Hey Tank, I switched majors. I'm going to be a political science major, too.” “ Really?” “ Yeah. I'm going to run against you for mayor.”
  39. 39. “ Well, uh, good luck I guess.” “ You too.”
  40. 40. Johnny went back inside and was greeted by Ophelia. He remembered his tutoring session with his old professor. “I can't be gay,” he told himself. “If I was gay I wouldn't be attracted to Ophelia.”
  41. 41. “ What if I'm bi?” Johnny thought as Ophelia kissed him.