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  • 1. Plestravera Fresh Starts
  • 2. “ I'm so glad they let you in!” Angela squeeled as she hugged Dustin. They'd been worried his grades wouldn't be good enough for Sim City College, but luckily they'd accepted his application.
  • 3. “ Well, Dustin? Are you going to ask me to marry you or not?” Angela asked as she grabbed on to his hands.
  • 4. Dustin pulled his hands away and blushed. “Well I do have a ring but I just didn't want to rush things...”
  • 5. Then he dropped down onto one knee and pulled out the box he'd hid in his pocket. “Angela, will you marry me?”
  • 6. “ Yes!” Angela jumped into his arms. In the back of her mind she was smirking. “Yet another thing I've beaten Angela on.”
  • 7. It was getting late, and they headed up to their bedroom. Angela leaned forward to kiss Dustin, and he knew what she wanted. “ Are you sure?” he whispered. Angela nodded.
  • 8. Getting engaged wouldn't be the only thing she'd beat Lillith to tonight...
  • 9. Lillith and Dirk were in the Pleasantview house too, since there was room and she was hoping Alex could pay for the house with the Goth fortune so she could save her grant and scholarship money for other things. Lillith didn't like that it meant sharing a house with Angela for a couple more years, but she was willing to play nice if Angela was.
  • 10. Lillith and Dirk had no intentions of getting engaged anytime soon, but they both knew that they would eventually. They couldn't imagine a future without the other.
  • 11. Just because they were holding off getting engaged didn't mean they had to hold off other things, too...
  • 12. “ If we weren't using protection and I got pregnant, this would be exactly what my mom predicted.”
  • 13. Outside Alexander and Lucy were having their own reunion.
  • 14. Alexander had been raised solely by his father Mortimer for most of his life, and even when Dina came into the picture Mortimer was the one with the biggest influence. So Alexander wasted no time showing Lucy the ring he'd bought her.
  • 15. “ Of course I'll marry you, Alexander! But you didn't have to buy me a ring this expensive,” she said as she looked at the huge diamond that now adorned her finger. “ If you don't like it I can return it,” Alexander said, a worried look in his eyes. “ No, I love it!” Lucy said hurriedly.
  • 16. Lucy still couldn't believe she was marrying the heir to the Goth fortune. Well, there was Cassandra, but the two siblings had agreed to share the fortune and house when Mortimer died, and even half the Goth fortune was still a lot.
  • 17. Finally, the last two residents of the Pleasantview house arrived. “ Hi, I'm Adriana. I've never seen you around, so I'm guessing you aren't from Pleasantview.” “ Yeah, I'm from Veronaville. By the way, my name's Claudio.”
  • 18. “ Veronaville? Wasn't there a feud going on there?” Adriana asked, not realizing she'd taken a step forward. “ There was, but last time I checked they made peace. But I'm thinking of moving to Pleasantview just in case. My mom was a Monty and my dad's a Capp, and if the feud starts up again it could be bad for me.” “ That and the fact that there's only two females in Veronaville not related to me, and only one that's also available.”
  • 19. “ Well I'm sure you'll love it here!” Adriana went on to tell him about the others in the house. She could tell she was babbling, but she couldn't help it. She babbled when she was nervous, and she got nervous around guys.
  • 20. Adriana took a step back. “Well, I guess I'll see you later,” she said as she turned to leave.
  • 21. “ Why do I have to be so shy around boys?” Adriana thought as she walked up the steps. Her mom and dad were both flirty and outgoing, why wasn't she? Well Adriana was outgoing, but she clammed up if she was talking to a guy.
  • 22. While Adriana went inside, Claudio found his way in back to the hot tub. “ Hi, I'm Angela,” greeted the redhead in the pool. “ I'm Claudio,” he said as he got in. Claudio tried to remember what Adriana had said about her- something about having a twin maybe? If only he hadn't been so distracted.
  • 23. Wait, and hadn't she said Angela was the “good” twin and that she had a boyfriend? Claudio was sure that's what Adriana had said, but then why was Angela wrapping her arms around him?
  • 24. Well if Angela wanted to have an affair, who was Claudio to say no? As the saying goes, you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth...
  • 25. ...especially when the gift horse is a hot girl...
  • 26. … and she's willing.
  • 27. Meanwhile at the Veronaville house, Romeo and Miranda were getting reacquainted.
  • 28. Romeo let out a whistle. “Miranda, looking hot as always!” “ Right back at ya, Romeo,” Miranda laughed.
  • 29. “ You know if you weren't my brother's girlfriend I'd be taking advantage of the fact that Juliette's not around.” “ Why should Mercutio stop you?”
  • 30. Romeo grabbed Miranda and started kissing her passionately.
  • 31. “ You know there's an empty hot tub right there just begging us to break it in, and what Juliette and Mercutio don't know won't hurt them...”
  • 32. “ He's always checking out other girls, and then he denies he was doing it!” Juliette exclaimed. “ I know, Miranda does the same thing, just with guys.”
  • 33. “ Do you think I should break up with him? I don't think he's actually cheated on me yet, but I'm tired of his wandering eye, and I don't feel the same way about him as I used to.”
  • 34. “ I don't know, Juliette. Sometimes you have to trust your gut. If you aren't in love with Romeo anymore, maybe you two should go your separate ways.” “ I guess you're right. Maybe it's for the best if Romeo and I break up. What are you going to do about Miranda?”
  • 35. “ I don't think I'll break up with her. She hasn't actually cheated on me as far as I can tell, and despite her faults I still love her. Besides, if I break up with her there might be some Capps who'll get angry, and I don't want to restart the feud.” “ You mean re-restart it. You and Romeo restarted it when you started going out with Miranda and me, remember?”
  • 36. “ Okay, I don't want to re-restart things. I hope things work out for you, Juliette.” “ You too, Mercutio.”
  • 37. Not all of the people at the Veronaville house were having problems in their relationship. Puck and Hermia still loved each other, and Puck decided to pop the question soon after they got to college. He dropped down on one knee and revealed the box he'd been hiding and the ring inside. “Hermia,” Puck said. “Will you marry me?”
  • 38. Hermia looked at the ring. Too be honest, she hadn't expected this moment to come so... fast. But she'd always been a romantic, and before she and Puck had been going out she'd been jealous of what Juliette and Romeo had. They'd always seemed so in love, and now Hermia finally had a love of her own. This was the moment she'd always dreamed of...
  • 39. “ Yes!” Hermia jumped into Puck's arms.
  • 40. The two went inside and found themselves in their bedroom. The got on the bed, and Puck bent over Hermia to kiss her.
  • 41. Hermia started unbuttoning the buttons of Puck's shirt, and getting the hint he helped her out of her dress.
  • 42. “ Hey Tybalt, I'm back from class. You had something you wanted to ask me?” “ Um, yes,' Tybalt licked his lips nervously. “I wanted to know if...”
  • 43. “ Hold that thought, my phone's ringing.”
  • 44. “ Hello? Oh, hi Hal! Sure, I'd love to! Pick me up at six. Bye!”
  • 45. “ Now what was it you wanted to ask me?” “ Uh, nevermind.” “ Okay then,” Bottom said, then she went inside.
  • 46. “ I should've known she'd already have a boyfriend by now.”
  • 47. The next day Miranda and Romeo met by the hot tub again.
  • 48. Juliette was looking for Romeo, and it was with Miranda that she found him. “ How could you!” she shrieked. “And with my own cousin!” “ Oh come on, if they're not related to me they're related to you! Unless I wanted to woo Bottom or try my luck in Pleasantview or Strangetown, this was the best I could do!”
  • 49. “ What's all the commotion about?” Mercutio said as he came over. He took a look at Juliette, who was still crying, and Romeo and Miranda, and guessed what had happened.
  • 50. “ We're through,” Mercutio poked Miranda in the chest to emphasize his words. “ And you,” he turned to Romeo. “You knew Miranda was my girlfriend! Why couldn't Juliette have been enough for you?”
  • 51. Romeo winced, remembering when he'd first started going out with Juliette. Mercutio had confided in him that he liked her, and had sent Romeo over with flowers to see if she'd go out with Mercutio. But when Juliette saw Romeo and the flowers she assumed it was Romeo who liked her, and Romeo had never corrected her. She was pretty, and at least at the time innocent and naïve enough that Romeo could cheat on her behind her back. He'd thought Mercutio had forgiven him for that when Mercutio and Miranda started going out, but apparently Mercutio never really had.
  • 52. Hal and Desdemona came out of the taxi to be greeted by the Monty twins. “ You made it!” Beatrice said as she hugged Hal.
  • 53. Desdemonda gave Benedick a light kiss. They'd just started dating recently, and things were going well, but they were taking it slowly.
  • 54. Beatrice and Benedick were going out, too.
  • 55. And if Desdemona and Benedick were taking things slow, for Beatrice and Hal things were happening fast.
  • 56. Even if others would think it was too soon, Beatrice and Hal felt ready to take the next step and become engaged.
  • 57. “ Beau! It's so good to see you!” Ariel hugged childhood friend. “ You too, Ariel.”
  • 58. “ You decided to take me up on my offer then?” “ Yeah, the Pleasantview house didn't have enough room. Betty's going to live here too, if that's okay.” “ It's fine, but we only have enough beds for eight. We'll just build another bedroom. Conrad keeps complaining he wants his own room, so he'll be happy.”
  • 59. “ Great! Thanks so much, Ariel.” “ No problem!” “ So where will Betty and I be sleeping?” “ The two of you will share a room with me and Elvin.”
  • 60. “ Well I've got to go to class. But after wanna go on a date?” “ Uh, okay,” Ariel said.
  • 61. “ Okay, Ill see you then,” Beau kissed Ariel. Ariel's heart fluttered a bit. She'd never really thought about dating Beau, but now that he'd asked she couldn't wait for their date.
  • 62. “ What are you reading?” a voice came, tearing Elvin away from his book and to the present. “ Simlock Holmes,” Elvin said as he looked up, startled to find a girl he didn't recognize looking back at him. He knew Ariel had invited Beau, but Elvin was sure Ariel had said “he” when talking about Beau, not “she”. “Who are you?”
  • 63. “ Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself,” the girl laughed. “I'm Betty. I'm from Pleasantview, but their house is full and Beau said I could come live here with him. And I've already met everyone else, so you must be Elvin, right?” “ Right. You might as well have lived in the Pleasantview house, you know. You make nine people, so we have to build an attic now. The Pleasantview house would have been able to pay for it better thanks to the rich boy I hear lives there.”
  • 64. Betty plopped herself down beside Elvin. “You don't have to be mean, you know. And actually Alex's dad Mortimer is still in charge of the fortune, and Mortimer doesn't want to spoil Alex anymore so he's not giving him money, which was probably Dina's idea anyway.” “ How could you know it was Dina's idea?' “ Becuase I know everything,” Betty replied with a grin.
  • 65. Elvin rolled his eyes and turned back to his book. “ Hey do you have any more Simlock Holmes books around, and can I borrow one?” “ They're in the bookshelf over there,” Elvin said. “You can help yourself to whichever one you want.” “ Thanks!” Betty said, and she lept up.
  • 66. “ I thought she'd never shut up,” Elvin thought. He had to admit though that she had him curious. After all, Elvin wouldn't have pegged her for a Simlock Holmes fan. Of course she could be one of those girls that changed their interests to match the interests of the guy they liked... did that mean she liked him? “Better not to worry about it,” Elvin turned back to the book.
  • 67. “ Oh, hi! You're Beau, right? Ariel mentioned you might live with us.” “ Yeah, I just came back from my date with her and I was headed to the hot tub.” “ Really? I was going for a dip myself.”
  • 68. “ You know Ariel tends to go to bed early, so I bet she's asleep now. And soaking isn't the only thing you can do in a hot tub...” Beau raised his eyebrows. “Oh really? Why don't you show me...?” “ Desdemona.”
  • 69. “ Hey, Ariel. Have you seen Desdemona?” “ No. Why?” “ No reason,” Benedick frowned. He was starting to wonder why he'd even started dating Desdemona. She was more friend than lover it seemed, and now she was missing in action. He heard splashing and giggling coming from the hot tub. Was that...? No, he was just being paranoid. It was probably just Beatrice and Hal.
  • 70. “ You look all dressed up. Where'd you come from?” “ I went on a date with Beau,” she replied, her face radiant with happiness. Apparently it'd gone well. “ She went out with Beau?” Benedick felt mixed emotions. He wanted her to be happy, but Beau? Somehow he didn't seem like the right guy for Ariel.
  • 71. “ I didn't know we hired a maid,” Conrad said when he saw Kaylynn on their front steps. “ You didn't. I'm here to tell Beau and Betty something...” “ Are you their mom? I didn't know their mom was a maid... If you're not their mom why are you the one delivering the message, not her or Antonio?” “ They're busy, and they asked me to deliver the message during my rounds.”
  • 72. “ They just left for class, but you can wait here till they get back.” “ Thanks.” “ By the way, my name's Elvin.” “ I'm Kaylynn.” “ Do you want to sit down while you wait? There's some chairs and sofas inside, or you could sit out here at the chess table.”
  • 73. Kaylynn chose the chess table and Conrad sat down with her. They talked for a couple hours while they waited.
  • 74. They were so caught up in their conversation they almost didn't notice Betty and Beau coming up the steps.
  • 75. “ Betty, wait a second. Can you call Dustin and ask him to come over? And Beau, can you go get Benedick and Beatrice? I have something I need to tell the five of you.”
  • 76. Over in the Strangetown house Johnny and Ophelia were still going strong.
  • 77. Seeing as they'd been dating for four years already, Johnny saw no point in wasting any time getting engaged.
  • 78. Ophelia couldn't have been happier.
  • 79. Ophelia leaned in and whispered in Johnny's ear, “What do you say we check out the house now, starting with the bedrooms...”
  • 80. The two went upstairs and were thrilled to find double beds.
  • 81. Outside some new arrivals were meeting. “ Hey, you're an alien!” Ripp exclaimed. Venus rolled her eyes. “No duh. And you can call me Venus.” “ 'Kay, Venus. I'm Ripp.”
  • 82. “ Would you like to go out sometime? Like on a date?” Ripp blurted out. “ Uh, sure,” said Venus. There was a moment of akward silence. “ Do you want to go out now?”
  • 83. A couple hours later they arrived back from their first date. They collapsed laughing onto the grass. “ That was a lot of fun,” Venus said. “I'm glad you suggested the carnival.” “ Thanks,” Ripp replied.
  • 84. They lay down on the soft grass, and Ripp took the oppurtunity to put his arm around Venus. It was a starlit night, the perfect romantic setting to end their date in.
  • 85. Venus hadn't expected to find a potential boyfriend this fast, and she certainly hadn't expected it to be Ripp. But she was glad she'd said yes when he asked her out. It'd been a lot of fun, and Ripp was actually a really sweet guy. Maybe this was a relationship that could last...
  • 86. While Ripp had been riding rollar coasters with Venus Tank had been talking to Gundrum. Tank felt he'd finally found someone who could understand him.
  • 87. “ Your father was General Buzz, right?” “ Yeah.” Tank winced at the name of his dead father. Maybe Buzz hadn't been perfect, far from it actually, but nobody was perfect and he'd still been Tank's dad. Besides, he'd cared for Tank, Ripp, and Buck in his own way. Still, without the pressure to go into the military Tank was able to do what he really wanted to do.
  • 88. “ I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have brought that up. Are you going into the military like your dad?” “ Actually I want to run for mayor.” “ Really? Now that you mention it we are mayorless right now. I think you'd make a really great mayor.” “ You think so?” Tank blushed. He wasn't used to getting compliments.
  • 89. “ Hey, I could be your campaign manager! I'm related to practically everyone in Strangetown through Uncle Vidcund and the rest of the Curious family, and Aunt Erin has tons of friends.” “ Great! We could talk about it tomorrow,” Tank blushed again. Had he been too forward? “ It's a date, then!” Gundrum flashed a smile as she turned to leave. “See you tomorrow!”
  • 90. “ 'It's a date'? Did she mean date-date? Did I just ask a girl out on a date and did she say yes?” A smile played at the corner of Tank's mouth. But he tried not to get his hopes up. “She probably didn't mean date-date, and I don't like her like that anyway. Not that she isn't pretty...”
  • 91. “ Tank, I asked everyone and no one else wants to be Strangetown's mayor, so you're bound to get elected.” “ So do I still need to campaign?” Tank asked. “In other words, can I still use that as an excuse to talk to you?” “ Not as much as you usually would, but you probably should, just in case.” Tank nodded.
  • 92. “ But since you don't need to start campaigning till later, why don't we go play a game of pool or something?” “ Sure, that sounds fun.” Tank said as he got up.
  • 93. “ We've spent all this time talking about me, I want to hear about you.” “ Well my parents are Circe and Loki as you probably know. They were scientists, but they quit their jobs to take care of me. Dad still does some expirements sometimes. He had me sit in this chair once and I saw these awful images. Mom was really mad. They're not officially divorced yet, but she moved out and...” Gundrum started crying.
  • 94. Tank put down his pool stick and went over to her. “I'm so sorry. My mom left my dad, too.”
  • 95. Tank brushed a tear off of Gundrum's cheek, and quickly put his hand down while the two blushed. “It's getting late, I think I'll go to bed,” he mumbled. “ Okay,” Gundrum said, hiding her dissapointment. She'd thought for a second maybe he liked her...
  • 96. “ Buck, you're here!” Jill hugged her friend.
  • 97. “ Of course I'm here, where else would I be?” “ I dunno, at home? Still in the taxi because of traffic or some wrong turns or something?” Jill and Buck laughed. “Now's your chance,” Buck thought to himself. “You promised yourself you wouldn't chicken out.” caption
  • 98. “ Um, Jill, I was wondering if you'd, uh, like to go on a date with me?” “ I'd love to!” “ Really?”
  • 99. “ Of course I would.”
  • 100. ...