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  • 1. Plestravera The Veronaville Feud
  • 2. Introduction Oberon and Titania had been friends ever since they were kids. Many people were surprised at how well they'd turned out, as neither had any parents. The two had never known their parents, and had despite that they only had each other for company they managed to grow up kind and optimistic. The couple would insist they'd turned out this way because they'd never known anyone but each other.
  • 3. With the help of Titania and Oberon the town of Veronaville built an orphanage, and no one was surprised when Titania and Oberon adopted Puck.
  • 4. Puck grew up and made many friends, both Capp and Monty. It'd always been the Summerdreams, after all, that had united the families. No Monty hurt or insulted a Capp at a Summerdream party, and vice-versa.
  • 5. Soon Oberon and Titania adopted a second child, Bottom, and everyone marveled at the Summerdream's benevolence. Veronaville could use more Summerdreams.
  • 6. After all, a feud was starting in Veronaville. Consort Capp had broken a promise to Patrizio Monty, and though before the good friends and business partners had hoped for their children Claudio Monty and Cordelia Capp would get married one day, they now forbid any Capp from being friends with a Monty, and vice versa.
  • 7. So Claudio married Olivia Dottore instead, and had a big, beautiful wedding. Everyone in town was invited- that is, besides the Capps.
  • 8. Isabella had baked the wedding cake, and found a passion for baking. She considered opening a bakery, but thought better of it. Back then, Veronaville had been very old-fashioned, and though women could bake, they didn't run or own businesses.
  • 9. The Capps were forgotten, but then Claudio and Olivia were killed, leaving Patrizio in charge of his grandsons Mercutio and Romeo and a new found anger at the Capps.
  • 10. The Capp family heiress Cordelia had found love, too, with Caliban Gale.
  • 11. The two had three children together, Tybalt, Juliette, and Hermia.
  • 12. Before Claudio, Olivia, Cordelia, and Caliban were killed, the five children had met at school. Though Tybalt quickly took on the Capp-Monty feud, Juliette was happy to play with Romeo and Hermia contented herself with daydreams. Even when their four parents mysteriously died, Juliette and Hermia stayed neutral, though Tybalt's attitude towards Montys grew worse.
  • 13. Summerdream
  • 14. It had taken many summers of courting Titania for her to agree to Oberon's proposal, and she'd agreed on one condition; that he took her last name. It was a tradition for Titania's family, and for the Capp family too. Oberon agreed, of course. He thought Oberon Summerdream sounded better than Oberon Gossamer, anyway.
  • 15. At Puck's suggestion Titania got rid of her crown, Oberon got new clothes, and the two washed off their face-paint and black lipstick. The two decided they liked the feeling of natural skin, anyway, and the tiara and Oberon's old clothes had been itchy.
  • 16. Titania also got Bottom to get a more feminine haircut, and she got some new clothes, too. When the Summerdreams had adopted Bottom, Titania had hoped for a darling little girl, but Bottom was something else entirely.
  • 17. Titania did love her, though her reckless behavior was nerve-racking.
  • 18. Still, there were ways to keep her still and occupied, at least temporarily, especially if she got something out of it, like money to buy new toys.
  • 19. But there were bigger worries on Titania's mind. “ You know as well as I do it has to be stopped,” Titania looked at Oberon in a way that said not to contradict her. “ Of course. But how? Consort Capp and Patrizio Monty will stop at nothing to destroy each other, and are hell-bent on dragging all their family members in with them. Hate is a powerful emotion, Titania.” “ Ah, but love can conquer hate, Oberon.”
  • 20. “ Go on, Titania. How do you plan to have love conquer this hatred?” Titania laughed. “Come, I'll show you.”
  • 21. After leading Oberon to the small table she used for fortune-telling, she slipped into a trance. This was how she told fortunes, not with the ornamental crystal ball. “ Oberon Summerdream,” Titania hissed in an other-wordly voice. “What is your question?” “ How can love conquer the hate of the Capp-Monty Feud?” Oberon tried not to let his nervousness show. No matter how many times Titania did this, it still freaked him out.
  • 22. “ The secret lies with Romeo and Juliette,” Titania hissed. She was always somewhat vague, because as she said, it made people more likely to remember her answers and follow her advice once they understand what she said. Oberon nodded. This, at least, he could understand. Romeo and Juliette loved each other, the only Capp and Monty to start a secret relationship, though Oberon knew at least three other Capp-Monty couples in the younger generation that didn't start only because of the feud.
  • 23. Titania snapped out of her trance. “Do you understand what we must do?” “ I think I do. But which Monty and which Capp?” “ Bianca and Kent, but there are some others in the younger generation who we'll have Puck deal with while he's at college. The Monty and Capp clans will either have to stop the feud, or find their numbers dwindling as they have to disown more and more Montys and Capps. Hopefully they'll do the right thing.” “ I see. So, shall we do it at this afternoon's party?”
  • 24. “ Kent, long time no see! What's up?” Titania said, trying to get a conversation going. “ Oh, you know, the usual. Dad yelling at me to get married and have kids, Goneril and Regan itching for me to get out of the house,” Kent laughed. “ What about you, Bianca?” “ Pretty much the same story. Since Antonio left and Claudio died and Romeo is disowned, I'm their only chance for a grandchild.”
  • 25. “ What about Mercutio?” “ They don't like that he's living with Capps in college. Besides, he doesn't care about the feud, and they're still hoping for a grandchild who will be as caught up in it as they are.”
  • 26. “ Tell me about it. They don't even remember what it started over, and yet they continue insisting that every Capp and every Monty must hate each other.”
  • 27. Titania and Oberon got ought, muttering something about making sure there's still enough food and maybe eating something. .
  • 28. Bianca and Kent were too engrossed to notice, though.
  • 29. Later on Bianca sought Titania's advice. “ Titania, I don't know what to do. I really like Kent, but my parents would disown me. I'm the only family they have left...” “ Bianca, a new age is dawning in Veronaville. Patrizio, Isabella, and Consort are the only ones who truly hate the other side of the feud. Many may say they don't like the Montys or Capps, but I'm sure they'll see the light and eventually. If you want to be with Kent, there's nothing stopping you.”
  • 30. At this moment Kent was talking with Oberon. “ I don't know what to do. Besides Miranda, Hermia and Juliette none of us have turned our backs on this feud and made peace with the Montys. And Miranda, Hermia and Juliette are young!” “ Ariel, Hal, and Desdmona might make peace with the Montys, too. And if you do, too, maybe Consort, Goneril, and Regan will let go of this feud.”
  • 31. Comforted by the words of the Summerdreams, Bianca and Kent found each other. “ Hey, Bianca.” “ Hi, Kent. I, uh, just...”
  • 32. At a loss for the right words to say in this situation, Bianca nervously kissed Kent. It was her first kiss, though she wouldn't tell anyone that.
  • 33. Titania smiled. Mission accomplished.
  • 34. Titania soon had another reason to be happy; she was pregnant! She loved Bottom and Puck, but to have a little her running around... She couldn't have been more thrilled!
  • 35. And it wasn't long before she was getting bigger.
  • 36. Finally the day came, and Titania's son, Elvin Summerdream, was born.
  • 37. Bottom grew up, and Titania was glad she had a baby now that her children were all growing up.
  • 38. Either way, Bottom had certainly grown up well.
  • 39. Monty
  • 40. Bianca kissed Kent in the cover of darkness. She felt fifteen again, sneaking around her parents.
  • 41. Kent suddenly got down on one knee. “Bianca, I once thought I'd never get married, but now I can't imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?”
  • 42. “ Of course!” Bianca cried happily.
  • 43. They went inside and found a private place, and things got passionate quickly.
  • 44. “ Should we tell our parents?” Kent looked at Bianca. Bianca's face fell. “Yeah, I guess. But what if they separate us?” “ We'll find a way, even if we have to run away like Antonio did,” Kent sounded more sure than he felt.
  • 45. “ Bianca, why is there a Capp in my house?” Patrizio glared at Kent. Bianca swallowed nervously. Bianca and Kent had agreed to tell her parents this morning, and had gotten married before as a precaution. “ Dad, this is my husband, Kent. He's, uh, moving in.”
  • 46. “ WHAT!?!” Patrizio shouted. “YOU MARRIED A CAPP!?!” “ Patrizio, may I speak to you privately for a minute?” Isabella said sternly.
  • 47. “ Patrizio, I'm not going to let you alienate the last family member we have left! You made Antonio run away, and you refuse to make peace with Romeo and Mercutio, and now this? Patrizio, if you kick her out I'm afraid you'll die alone, because I'm not going to stay either!” “ But... Isabella... Consort broke his promise...” Patrizio tried to argue.
  • 48. “ Kent is not his father, Patrizio, and don't you make a mistake about that.” “ Fine, she can stay. But I don't have to like it, and Kent can't.” “ Patrizio!” “Fine, Kent can stay. But I'm talking to his father.”
  • 49. “ Just talking, Patrizio. No fighting today.” “ I make no promises, but I'll only fight if provoked.”
  • 50. “ Consort. So you sent your son to seduce my poor, naïve daughter,” Patrizio eyed his old enemy coldly. “ I did no such thing! You sent your daughter to seduce my son!” Consort yelled. “ How dare you accuse me of such things!”
  • 51. “ Patrizio! I told you no fighting!” Isabella cried, but she couldn't make herself be heard over the punches.
  • 52. “ Patrizio? Patrizio, answer me!” Isabella sobbed as the dust settled to reveal her husband's lifeless form.
  • 53. “ You! You did this!” Isabella cried.
  • 54. “ You killed my husband!” Isabella screamed as she attacked Consort.
  • 55. The dust finally settled again. Consort's body lay lifeless on the pavement, and Isabella realized what she'd done.
  • 56. “ Oh my god, I killed him,” Isabella whispered.
  • 57. Isabella was depressed. She spent many days sobbing over Patrizio's grave, crying, “Why, Patrizio, why?”
  • 58. Then she felt a cold chill go down her shoulder. “ Patrizio,” she whispered. “I can see you.”
  • 59. Here Lies Isabella Monty. May Montys and Capps alike heed her words and stop this bloody feud.
  • 60. Life went on, and Bianca realized she was pregnant.
  • 61. As Bianca grew bigger they realized they had to stop the feud for good. Otherwise, their baby would be in danger, as the only Monty-Capp.
  • 62. Finally, the day came for the baby to be born.
  • 63. Bianca would say the new era of friendship, or at least tolerance, between the Capps and Montys was born with the birth of Claudio Capp. But she still worried for her baby boy.
  • 64. Bianca sighed as she sat down besides Kent after putting Claudio in his crib. “ Do you think he'll be fine?” Bianca asked. “ Of course. The feud died with Patrizio and Consort,” Kent replied. Another thing they said but only half believed, but it was exactly what Bianca needed to hear.
  • 65. Capp
  • 66. Saturday night found the three Capp children- all the others had been disowned- talking about the recent death of their grandfather Consort. “ Why did they even hate each other?” Ariel, the youngest, questioned. “ Patrizio Monty said Grandpa broke a promise or something,” Desdemona replied. “ Why couldn't they have forgiven each other?” Hal shrugged. “I dunno.”
  • 67. “ Do you guys think the Montys are as bad as mom and Aunt Regan say they are?” Ariel chimed in again. The idea of a feud still seemed silly to the innocent young girl. “ I'm not sure. Beatrice and Benedick are nice, and they're Montys. Besides, if they're that bad why'd Uncle Kent marry one?” Desdemona answered. “ Yeah, he wouldn't marry someone who was bad,” Hal echoed his twin's thoughts.
  • 68. “ So... they're not all bad,” Ariel said as the twins nodded in agreement. “Because Uncle Kent wouldn't have married Aunt Bianca if she was bad, and Beatrice and Benedick are nice.” “ And Romeo and Mercutio must be nice, because Miranda, Hermia, Juliette, and Tybalt are living with them,” Desdemona added. “ Yeah, it was probably just Patrizio, because he accused Grandpa, and Isabella, because she killed Grandpa,” Hal finished their summary.
  • 69. “ So then shouldn't the feud be over?” Ariel asked, still confused. “And shouldn't Uncle Kent, Miranda, Juliette, and Tybalt have not been disowned?” “ Yeah. Either the Montys really are all bad, or Grandpa, mom, dad, Aunt Regan and Uncle Cornwall are wrong and shouldn't have disowned them,” Hal said. “ If we went to college and lived with Benedick and Beatrice wouldn't we be disowned, too?” Desdemona inquired. “ Yeah, but they wouldn't do that,” Ariel said. “We're all that's left.”
  • 70. “ And then they'd have to reown everyone else, because they can't play favorites,” Desdemona said. “ Yeah, and then the feud would end!” Hal's eyes lit up. “Are you thinking what I'm thinking?” “ We should do it! I miss Miranda and if the feud ended Miranda could come back and visit again like she used to,” said Desdemona. The three continued their plotting and imagining
  • 71. “ I can't believe he's dead,” Regan sobbed on Cornwall's shoulder. It was like when they'd killed Cordelia and Caliban all over again. But the Capp and Monty numbers were falling; Consort had disowned Juliette, Hermia, and Tybalt before his death, and Goneril had disowned Miranda. That left seven Capps. On the Monty side, it seemed all but Bianca had been disowned, and she was now married to Kent. On the Monty side, there was no one left who cared about the feud.
  • 72. “ Do you think the feud was wrong?” Regan hesitantly asked her husband. “I mean, if Ariel, Hal, and Desdemona don't want to fight the feud, that would leave only you, me, Goneril and Albany. Not even any Montys want to fight anymore.” Cornwall looked at Regan. “But Regan, Ariel, Hal, and Desdemona will of course want to fight this feud and avenge their grandfather's death. And after that, the others will surely see the error of their ways.”
  • 73. Regan felt... she didn't know how to describe it. Sick? Empty? She pushed Cornwall away and got up. “ Where are you going, Regan?” Cornwall called after his wife. “ To visit Titania,” Regan answered. She needed to talk to someone who was neither Capp nor Monty, but knew the feud and all that it had caused well enough to say whether it was wrong.
  • 74. “ Thanks for coming, Titania. I wanted to talk about the feud...” Regan nervously fingered the hem of her dress. “Do you think it was wrong?” “ Yes. It is tearing apart your family, and it almost tore apart the Monty family. Four have been killed by others because of this feud, and three killed themselves.” “ Killed themselves? What are you talking about? And my math may be bad, but four plus three is seven. Didn't eight die?” “ No. Olivia Monty died because her third child proved too much for her.”
  • 75. “ What about the killing-themselves part?” “ Cordelia started a kitchen fire and killed herself because the feud prevented her from being with Claudio. Claudio stabbed himself with a knife for the same reason. And Caliban starved himself when he realized Cordelia had killed herself, and had wanted to be with Claudio this whole time.” “ But Cordelia always said she hated Claudio...” “ An act. She was really meeting with Claudio in secret the whole time.”
  • 76. “ Why didn't she tell me?” “ She was worried what you'd think. Of all the Monty-Capp lovers, only Juliette ever had a confidant when their relationship was a secret, and she only did that because Hermia didn't like the feud, either.” “ What do you mean all the Monty-Capp lovers?” “ Bianca and Kent, Juliette and Romeo, Mercutio and Miranda, and don't tell me you haven't noticed the liking Hal and Desdemona have taken to the Monty twins.”
  • 77. “ There is not a single Monty left living who isn't in love with, or in Beatrice and Benedick's case doesn't have a crush on, a Capp besides Bianca's son Claudio, and he's still too young. And with the Capps Hermia and Ariel want nothing to do with the feud, Tybalt is slowly beginning to tolerate the Montys for his sisters' sake, and just about everyone else is in love with or has a crush on a Capp. Regan, only you, your husband, your sister, and your brother-in-law are against this new movement of peace.”
  • 78. “ No. Only my husband, Goneril, and Albany. And I'll try and change their minds. I can't rightfully be okay with feud knowing all this.” “ Regan, this is a brave decision you're making.” “ I know.” “ A new era is coming, Regan. One of peace rather than war in Veronaville. Be ready.” “ I will be.”
  • 79. Titania left, leaving Regan alone to contemplate everything. “ If you'd just told me, Cordelia, If you'd just told me...”
  • 80. “ Maybe you wouldn't have killed yourself.”