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Lynn Legacy 4.1.3

Lynn Legacy 4.1.3






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    Lynn Legacy 4.1.3 Lynn Legacy 4.1.3 Presentation Transcript

    • Lynn Legacy 4.1.3
    • The Lynn Greek House had gone over a small renovation. A grill, pool table, and radio were added to the party area, along with a toy-making bench and some other things. Buffet is not shown (it's in Rosemary's inventory so it won't spoil), and neither is the toy-making bench. Halfway through, I rearranged everything to make room for snapdragons, but I don't have a picture of that, either.
    • Even though her mom owned a toy shop, not a robot shop (a shop which has never been visited- oops. When Opal moves back, I'll have to fix that), Opal started building robots. She made two servoes- one which she gave to Talin, who gave it to Keiko.
    • Tristessa was busy, too. And even though her family had a robot business, not a toy business, she made toys. She got a gold badge, too, and so did Fir who made ten snapdragons for the greek house.
    • This is a normal day at the greek house- the pool table and hot tub are both in use, bubbles are being blown, and there's a stalkery couple. They're only two bolts, too, not three! I think ACR has made all of my couples somewhat stalkery when left alone, though.
    • Oh, and meet Tara Shaw, the newest pledge. She's not a member yet, but will be by the end of senior year- at least I hope so, because she's the only pledge or member that's not playable or engaged to a playable, and we need a placeholder.
    • Speaking of placeholders, meet Jade Stratton. She's moving in to the spare house, and will eventually be a greek house member, too.
    • About now I realized none of the girls had any makeup! I'd forgotten to give them some when they grew up! First was Peacock, who has maybe the most original makeup of the group.
    • Chickadee went for style #1b.
    • #2- similar to Chrysi's makeup, actually
    • #2 again
    • #1a
    • #2
    • #1a Why do most of them have similar styles? Because I didn't feel like giving each one an individual style, so after Peacock I just went with the same style, or if they had weird colored skin another style.
    • I also updated the house a bit, adding a pool table, radio, and recoloring the bubble blower! The cushions are even blue to match! Okay, now turn the page, and read the story!
    • Peacock leaned back against the bar as she sipped her coffee. The bar wasn't getting much use these days, since Peacock as now wary of alcohol and no longer made her special drink. Even if no one else seemed to remember the party, Peacock remembered.
    • She wasn't the only one who remembered. Tristessa and Fir came to “visit” often- it seemed the times Randy had class weren't enough for the two.
    • They also often brought friends. “Hey, Peacock,” Opal purred, confident she'd won her prize. “Opal, I want to make sure we're clear on something,' Peacock replied. “The other day? That was a mistake.” Opal was stunned. She'd been so sure that Peacock would from now on be willing.
    • “ Fine! But Peaock, you'll regret it if you make an enemy out of me,” Opal said angrily as she turned to walk away.
    • “ What was she thinking, seducing an engaged woman?” Peacock said furiously after Opal left. Yet she couldn't help but think how hot Opal was. “Stop that! You're engaged!” she thought to herself.
    • “ Peacock, you shouldn't have made an enemy of Opal!” I told the computer screen, tears forming in my eyes. “Geez, get a hold of yourself,” as I wiped away the tears. “She's not dead yet.”
    • I went inside to get a swimsuit, thinking a dip in the pool would ease my mind, and found the sun had set, and Robi already swimming. Robi instantly knew something was bothering me. “ What's the matter?” he asked as he swam by me. I sighed. “It's Opal. She wants to kill Tristessa, Keiko, Lyndsay, Peacock... and if she finds out Talin is engaged to Keiko, he'll be added to the list.”
    • “ As long as Fir, Daisy, or Rosemary stay alive and have a spouse the legacy can continue though, right?” Robi said. “Just go in CAS and build some bodyguards.” Robi knew all about my powers as the creator, but he was still learning the rules. “Lyndsay's a townie, I have no control over her. Daisy and Rosemary's fiancees are townies, too, and the legacy spouse has to be a townie anyway. Also, there's no room for anyone in the greek house, and even if there was the bodyguard would have to pledge first.”
    • “ So what are you going to do then?” Robi asked. “Nothing,” I sighed again. “I promised myself I wouldn't intervene, and I'm already pushing it considering how many sims big me has talked to. It's up to Talin to save them, I guess.”
    • “ Will I get simself powers if we get married?” Robi asked. “No, only our children,” I said as I started swimming again. Robi stayed there for a while, contemplating this information. There had to be a way to ensure the legacy's safety...
    • Meanwhile, at the Flynn house, Otieno's eyes had gone milky white. In a deeper voice than normal, he spoke. “ All will be lost if you don't heed my words, The seed shall live, despite what will be heard. New life must come from earth and fire, Or the river will be drained of its power.”
    • Otieno's eyes returned to their normal hue, and he looked around the room. Everyone was staring at him. “Call over the others,” said Almond. “We need to discuss this.”
    • Soon everyone was seated. Chrysanthemum, Ocean, Poplar, and Lainey had been invited, leaving out the second cousins and their spouses. They talked amongst themselves, waiting to hear why they'd been asked to come over.
    • Almond started speaking, and the room went silent. “I invited you all here because Otieno just made a prophecy. He said 'All will be lost if you don't heed my words/The seed shall live, despite what will be heard/new life must come from earth and fire/or the river will be drained of its power'.”
    • Chrysanthemum spoke up first. “'New life must come'? Sounds like the prophecy calls for a baby.”
    • “ Yes, but what does 'earth and fire' mean? I'd think it'd mean Tynan and Anina, but then Otieno would've fulfilled that part of the prophecy.”
    • “ Maybe. For that matter, who's the seed? It sounds like there's a possibility they won't live, but they will in the end,” Ocean said.
    • “ And 'despite what will be heard' could mean that everyone will think the seed is dead,” added Poplar.
    • Everyone turned to Otieno. “What do you think, Otieno?” Lainey said. “There's really not much more I can say. But I don't think it'll happen immediately. The one thing we're sure of is that the prophecy probably involves a baby or two, and our kids are still in college. As for earth and fire, we're too old to have babies, our kids are already engaged so we can't try to get fire and earth together if they're in that generation. I don't think there's anything we can do.”
    • Tosha didn't bother to correct her husband. Their kids could have babies on the way already- at least, the boys could. In fact, Fir did have a baby on the way. Was Aria's baby connected to the prophecy?
    • Aria looked down at her ever-growing baby. If everything went as planned, this baby would be in the hands of Opal and Talin Lynn, and Aria would be spreading word of her miscarriage. Opal would say she'd adopted the little one, and no one would make the connection.
    • Of course before any of that happened Aria needed her end of the bargain. Lyndsay could not live. She waddled over to the phone to call Opal.
    • Before she could get to phone she stopped. “The baby just kicked, that's all,” she told herself as she reached for the phone.
    • She felt water trickling down her legs, and she clutched her stomach. It wasn't just a kick she'd felt earlier; the baby was coming. “It's too early,” Aria thought to herself. “I'm not supposed to have the baby yet!”
    • After it was over Aria looked down at her baby. She called for an ambulance, hoping the baby could survive till it came. As she waited she named her little girl. “Venus,” Aria whispered. It was perfect. Venus was the goddess of love, and Venus was a love child of two people found of love. Venus could also stand for Venus fly trap, so her name would fit among the names of the other Lynns. And Venus was a planet, and blue skin seemed very other-worldly. Yes. It was the perfect name.
    • “ They don't understand the prophecy as much as they should... What a waste of the one prophecy I'll allow. Hopefully they'll understand in time...” I muttered to myself.
    • “ And Venus is already born... I better make sure Puddinroy checks on that...” More muttering. I seemed to do a lot of that these days.
    • I punched in Puddinroy's number and waited impatiently for her to pick up. “Puddinroy? Aria had her baby,” I said. “I know it's too early. You need to go check on her, okay? Great, bye.” I put the phone back in my pocket.
    • I slid back into my computer chair. “Now I should probably check on Opal, make sure she's not getting into trouble...”
    • “ No!”
    • “ What are you doing here?” Puddinroy stopped Tosha as she snuck towards the house. She could tell this wasn't a simple passerby. “ Why are you here?” Tosha retorted. “And for that matter, who are you?”
    • “ My name's Puddinroy-” Puddinroy started, but Tosha broke into laughter. “ I'm sorry, it was rude to laugh. Let me guess, you're a simself?” When Aria had told her about simselves and creators so she could pass the information to Fir and get him to speak to the creator she'd learned simselves often went by strange fake names they called usernames.
    • Of course Tosha had never expected to meet a simself or the creator in person, and was dissapointed by how ordinary Puddinroy seemed besides the name and blue skin. “ Yes. And I'm here because Aria just had her baby early. Now why are you here?”
    • “ Because of a prophecy,” Tosha explained. Puddinroy nodded. “The one about the seed and fire and earth?” “ Yes,” answered Tosha. “I got a feeling Aria's baby might be connected to the prophecy.”
    • “ Well, Aria and the baby are headed for the hospital. I can hear the ambulance coming right now. Come on, I bet we can sneak a ride!” Puddinroy said, the blaring of a siren in the background.
    • “ Hello? Oh, hi Aria. Why? Okay, bye,” Opal put down her phone. She'd snuck to the front yard for “less background noise” when she saw on the caller ID that it was Aria, and Talin had followed her.
    • “ It's time,” she half-whispered. “We need to kill Lyndsay.”
    • She dialed Lyndsay's number. “Hey Lyndsay, it's Opal. You know, from Fir's greek house? We need you to come over... It's very important.”
    • “ Hey, you guys wanted to see me?” Lyndsay said as she approached Opal and Talin.
    • “ Yes, now Lyndsay if you could just step back to where you were before...” Opal instructed. Neither took note of Keiko, who was about to head to bed, but stopped when she saw Opal, Lyndsay, and Talin.
    • “ Is this better?” Lyndsay asked after taking a few steps back. “What's going on?” she thought to herself.
    • “ Perfect,” Opal grinned.
    • Keiko burst forward, running in front of Lyndsay.
    • She brought forth her wand, and tried to block Opal's spell. This was what she'd been made a witch to do...
    • But it was too late, and the spell hit Keiko.
    • Talin started crying. Keiko was dead, something maybe he could've prevented.
    • “ Ugh! Lyndsay ran off like a scared rabbit, and now that she doesn't trust me I'll never get the oppurtunity to kill her!” Opal complained to Talin. “Wait, are you crying?”
    • Talin whipped out his wand, glaring at Opal. “You killed Keiko,” he hissed.
    • Opal just smirked and took out her own wand.
    • Talin cried out as he faded from the living world. He'd been so stupid... he should've pretended he was still on Opal's side and ressurected Keiko. But now it was too late.
    • Opal laughed. “Enjoy the afterlife with Keiko!” she shouted.
    • “ Well, so what if Lyndsay lives and Talin's dead. Keiko is out of the way, and there's a blue baby just waiting for me!”
    • Before leaving Opal buried the bodies and placed tombstones. She didn't want their rotting corpses stinking up the place, and even though Talin had been a traitor and Keiko had tried to thwart her plans, she figured she might as well give them a proper burial.
    • “ Stupid Talin, making me waste my regents! Now I'll have to brew a new batch if I want to kill again!” she vented.
    • Suddenly she started crying. “Stupid Talin, making me kill him.” _____ Interesting side note: Opal, my “atrociously evil” witch actually has 10 nice points, while my “infallibally good” witch Tristessa has 1. Switched at birth, perhaps? Except they resemble their parents too much for that to be the case. I find it funny that all my legacy sims this generation are mean except for the villain.
    • “ Don't worry Venus, they'll take good care of you here,” Aria tried to comfort the crying baby. She was starting to realize she had no idea how to care for a baby.
    • Or maybe she did, because Venus stopped crying.
    • As Aria caught site of the medical equipment she shivered. Venus was so frail, and this equipment seemed so dangerous. But Aria ignored the shivers- this equipment would help Venus live, not kill her.
    • She suddenly became very aware the doctor had left her and the baby, probably to check on another baby. Could she trust a doctor who was so quick to abandon? Once again Aria ignored herself. The doctor was a trained professional, they knew what they were doing.
    • She walked towards the door. “Why am I so worried about the kid? Even if she dies Opal and Talin don't have to know, and they'll kill Lyndsay and I'll marry Fir. That's the reason I had Venus in the first place.”
    • A few minutes later Venus got another visitor.
    • Opal looked at the little baby. She couldn't take her now; Venus needed to stay in the hospital where she could get medical assistance if something went wrong. Opal was just evaluating the security and layout of the hospital.
    • Suddenly the machinery caught her eye. She realized some of this might be useful, but they were too heavy to steal.
    • As she walked out the door she marveled at her luck- no one had asked her why she was there, and there was no doctor in Venus' room, nor any sign of Aria. She hoped her plan would go just as smoothly. She remembered stories of when her great-grandfather tried to kidnap Chrysanthemum. They couldn't watch over her all the time, and when Chrysanthemum's dad Pao found out where she was it was just a matter of timing to get her back.
    • Well, she wouldn't make the same mistakes. She'd always be watching Venus, and no one would come looking. Opal would make sure of that.
    • Venus still wasn't done receiving visitors. Puddinroy and Tosha had bided their time till everyone else was gone, and were finally given the chance to see Venus. “So, what do you think? Does she look like a prophecy baby?” Puddinroy asked. Tosha just rolled her eyes.
    • “ I don't see how she could be related to the prophecy,” Tosha thought to herself.
    • “ Why was Opal here, by the way?” Puddinroy asked, and Tosha turned. “I don't know,” said Tosha.
    • “ Opal couldn't have been up to any good,” thought Puddinroy. “We'll have to keep an eye on her. Of course, we already were doing that...”
    • And then the two exited the room, finally leaving Venus to herself.
    • I want to dedicate the last 8 pages to Talin and Keiko. They were second-thought additions to their families to be honest, but I came to love them and was devestated when it came time to kill them off. In fact if I can't find an excuse to raise them earlier, when the legacy is over the great-great-great-great-grandkid of Opal will reseruct them as zombies with the witch spell. Or I'll remake them with CAS. Or something else like that.
    • I remember what you wore on the first day You came into my life and I thought "Hey, you know, this could be something" 'Cause everything you do and words you say You know that it all takes my breath away And now I'm left with nothing
    • So maybe it's true That I can't live without you And maybe two is better than one But there's so much time To figure out the rest of my life And you've already got me coming undone And I'm thinking two is better than one
    • I remember every look upon your face The way you roll your eyes The way you taste You make it hard for breathing 'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away I think of you and everything's okay I'm finally now believing
    • That maybe it's true That I can't live without you And maybe two is better than one But there's so much time To figure out the rest of my life And you've already got me coming undone And I'm thinking two is better than one
    • I remember what you wore on the first day You came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"
    • Maybe it's true That I can't live without you Maybe two is better than one But there's so much time To figure out the rest of my life
    • And you've already got me coming undone And I'm thinking I can't live without you 'Cause, baby, two is better than one But there's so much time
    • To figure out the rest of my life But I'll figure it out When all is said and done Two is better than one Two is better than one
    • The end! And to balance out the sadness of the deaths of Keiko and Talin, here's some good news; my simself is engaged!