Lynn Legacy 4.1.2

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  • 1. Lynn Legacy 4.1.2
  • 2. “ Hello, I'd like to apply for a greek house charter... thanks!”
  • 3. Yes, the Lynn Greek House is officially reastablished! I say reastiblished because back in the old neighborhood they had a greek house, too. If only there was an I, I could've spelled out Ani! Or maybe I could have an A and an I, for Ani and Ina. Or an F, so I could've made Ani's initials. An L and F for Lynn and Flynn? So many things I could've done... Oh well.
  • 4. The Lynn Greek House was quickly gaining in popularity. Daisy got her fiance JJ to become a pledge...
  • 5. Rosemary did likewise, and Ethan became a pledge, too.
  • 6. Tristessa would've convinced Ronan Darga, the streaker and her boyfriend, to pledge, but he'd already graduated college, and with her fiance, Randy, already a member, it wouldn't have worked well. _____ It wasn't until I started rounding up pledges that I realized Ronan was an adult >.<
  • 7. The other Flynns and Lynns joined, including Peacock...
  • 8. Bluebird...
  • 9. Mockingbird...
  • 10. And Chickadee! The pledges spent most of their pledge time outside, meeting the members and making friends.
  • 11. Lyndsay pledged too, making 15 members once the pledging was done. With fifteen members, the eight members that lived at the greek house found their popularity rising, and most found themselves suddenly a big man- or woman- on campus. Also, the greek house quickly became level 6.
  • 12. There were some who didn't consider themselves big man/woman on campus yet, though.
  • 13. They made some more friends, and joined the ranks of their fellow greek house members.
  • 14. Imagine their surprise to find out their new friends were secret society members! Once those three became members of the secret society, the rest of the greek house quickly followed.
  • 15. Tristessa found an added benefit in her new friends that two of them were male.
  • 16. Tristessa didn't even bother changing into her everyday clothes to greet the second one, though at least she put her swimsuit back on- only to take it off again a couple seconds later.
  • 17. She and Fir had discovered they both were notorious cheaters, and so she called over the one girl she befriended for his sake.
  • 18. Fir was happy with his new girlfriend... _____ Yes, I chose ugly people. Why? So the pretty people could marry future Lynns and Flynns without me having to think of them as one of Fir or Tristessa's affairs. This is why I normally use NPCs for affairs, since they're rarely married in.
  • 19. Even though it took two days before he got her in the hot tub.
  • 20. Tristessa finally found her fifth love with the mailman.
  • 21. Fir got his fifth love, to, and became a big man on campus.
  • 22. The pizza girl was like him in the sense that she was also just in it for fun, and didn't want a serious relationship.
  • 23. Plus, she was more outgoing, so it wasn't long before they decided to head for the hot tub.
  • 24. With all the friends being made, it was decided that the Lynn Greek House needed an area for parties. They built a deck around the hot tub, and got a bubble blower, bar, a keg, and a buffet*. _____ *the keg and buffet are to the left of the hot tub, and were added later. It would've been cut off in this picture anyway, though.
  • 25. When they weren't partying, Fir worked on his flower badge. Yes, life at the greek house was good.
  • 26. Aria looked down at her belly. It'd grown, of course, and now she was starting to have to wear maternity clothes.
  • 27. “ Fir, can you come over?” Aria tried to make her voice sound urgent and worried. That was what someone else in her position would sound like, after all. “ Sure,” Fir replied worriedly. What was the matter?
  • 28. Aria greeted Fir the usual way when he arrived.
  • 29. “ Wow, you're... pregnant,” Fir said as he rubbed the belly. “Is it mine?” “ Yes,” Aria said. “And call me old-fashioned, but I don't want the baby to be born out of wedlock.”
  • 30. Fir suddenly stood up. “Aria, I'm, uh, already engaged. But I'll help you out with the baby.” “ Break up with her,” Aria frowned. She'd been worried this would happen.
  • 31. “ No, Aria! Anyway, you know I'm heir. I couldn't marry you even if I wanted to break up with Lyndsay.”
  • 32. “ You marry or else- wait, you can't marry me as heir?”
  • 33. “ I thought you knew. Legacy heirs and heiresses aren't supposed to marry playable sims.” “ Then how come where I come from everyone marries sims from other legacies?”
  • 34. “ I don't know. Either the creator found a way around that, or ignored that rule.” “ Well then, we can find a way around that here, too, right?”
  • 35. “ Probably. But I'm still not breaking up with Lyndsay.” “ Fine,” Aria hissed. “Then get out of my house!”
  • 36. Aria sobbed. Her plans were failing again. She'd gotten pregnant for nothing.
  • 37. She wiped away her tears. She could find a way to get around this, too.
  • 38. Another plan came to mind, and Aria smiled. If Fir didn't want to break up with Lyndsay, well, that was fine. There were other ways to end their engagement.
  • 39. But before that, she'd have to fix this problem about not being legacy legal. “ Creator? You there?” Aria felt foolish calling out to some invisible figure, but she heard the creator did sometimes speak to people when they called out. Aria, you are not marrying in and that is final.
  • 40. “ I'm pretty, I have a baby on the way already, Fir loves me... why not?” Because you're playable, and I plan on enforcing that rule, especially in your case. And because you're pregnant I don't think it'd be safe to turn you into a townie even if I wanted to. If you're good, maybe I'll give you your own challenge. Something quicker than a legacy and not published, maybe a black widow challenge.
  • 41. “ I should probably warn Fir... Who knows what Aria will do.”
  • 42. “ Fir? It's the creator.” “ You have a phone? And know my number? And can call me?” “ Well, I can't call you, but I can call you, if that makes any sense.” “ Nope.” “ I'm not really the creator, but I represent her, and have all of her powers and knowledge.”
  • 43. “ Anyway, I called to warn you. Aria isn't going to stop trying to get you to marry her, and who knows what she'll do. She's killed before, and Lyndsay's life might be in real danger. Of course, I could be blowing this way out of proportion...” “ Don't worry. I'll be careful.” “ Make sure you are, Fir. Bye.” “ Bye.”
  • 44. I hung up and dialed another number. “Puddinroy, keep a careful eye on Aria. She's up to something.”
  • 45. “ I have a bad feeling about this.” Me too, sim me, me too.
  • 46. Meanwhile Puddinroy was getting to work spying on Aria. “ I don't get why I have to do this. Without being legacy legal she can't marry Fir,” muttered Puddinroy. “What else could she do?”
  • 47. “ And she can't become legacy legal, right?” Puddinroy continued.
  • 48. But Puddinroy didn't know the rules here that well, so she couldn't say for sure. So despite her mutterings she continued to watch Aria.
  • 49. Suddenly Puddinroy stood up. Aria was leaving, and by the looks of it, she was headed to the college. “Spying and tracking? If I'd known this was what would happen when I came to this universe, I'd have stayed in the sim bin.”
  • 50. “ It's a pleasure to meet you, Aria,” Opal greeted the heavily pregnant woman. She'd heard about Aria, and was curious as to why Aria had asked to meet her and Talin. “ Likewise. I've seen what you're family has done, and I think we can work something out to both of our advantages,” Aria answered. “ What did you have in mind?”
  • 51. “ You need a blue-skinned Lynn, and I want to get in the legacy. If you help me get Fir available again, help me become legacy legal, and I marry Fir, you can have my baby.” “ How could we help you?”
  • 52. “ You're a witch, I'm sure you have some spells up your sleeve to make sure Lyndsay won't get in the way. And you've lived in this world your whole life, unlike me. You probably know the rules better than me, and can find a loophole to become legacy legal without the help of your creator,” Aria laughed. Silly girl. But hopefully she'd still prove useful. “ Okay, we'll see what we can do.”
  • 53. After Aria left Opal turned around to face her brother. “ Okay, who's going to look for a loophole in the rules, and who's dealing with Lyndsay?” she asked. “ How about we do it like we're doing with the other jobs, whoever does it first?” Talin replied.
  • 54. “ With Lyndsay that'll do. But you know what, you have to find the loophole. Oh, and we don't have to get Fir unconcious anymore!” “ Fine,” Talin grumbled a bit, but he was relieved. He knew what his sister probably had in mind for Lyndsay, and maybe he could find a way to save her and Keiko and still stay on Opal's good side. That'd be worth finding a loophole for her. Opal laughed and turned around to go downstairs.
  • 55. “ Any help here, creator?” You can't please everyone, Talin. “ I meant about the loopholes. Any ideas about what I should tell her?”
  • 56. Talin, there's nothing you can tell her about the rules that won't either make her mad or be used against the legacy. “ What are the rules?” Well...
  • 57. It works like this, Talin. There are different kinds of sims. There are only three you normally need to worry about; the townies, like Randy used to be, the important legacy sims, like Tristessa, and the less important spares, like Keiko. “ Hey!” Sorry.
  • 58. There's also the imported sims, and they have special rules. Sims from other legacies, like Aria, can't be affected by hacks and cheats- that's why I can't abort Aria's pregnancy. That, and she's too heavily pregnant by now. And I don't dare tell her, but I couldn't make her a townie even if I wanted too.
  • 59. Then there's also imported simselves. They can use cheats and hacks too, but can't do anything to my sims. If they have some sims in my neighborhood, though, they do have control over them.
  • 60. The last group that you'll ever need to know or meet someone of is my group. It's just me, so it's not much of a group, but it's still important. Because I control nearly everything; my sims, the immigration process for sims and simselves from other legacies, and more. I try not to abuse my power, but that doesn't mean I don't have a lot of it.
  • 61. “ So, let me get this right... The only way Aria could be legacy legal is if her simself came here and made her a townie?” Yep. And until Fir and Lyndsay are happily married, she's not coming in my game.
  • 62. You can tell her about the simself thing, by the way. Just don't mention I can say no to any new immigrants. “ Got it. Thanks.”
  • 63. Anytime. When'd you get in the hot tub? “ While you were babbling about sims and rules.”
  • 64. Okay, that makes sense. Maybe I'll talk to you later, Talin. Stay safe. “ I'll try my best.”
  • 65. “ Big me, what if Opal and Aria succeed and Lyndsay, Keiko, or Tristessa die? What if all three of them die?” I start worrying. I'd managed to sound confident around Talin, but that was all just a front. It seemed the legacy depended on Talin keeping Lyndsay and the Flynn girls alive- but could he do it?
  • 66. “ I just know something bad will happen. Can I intervene just this once? Give Lyndsay immortality or something? Strip Opal of her witchy powers?” I continued, knowing perfectly well that an intervention was out of the question.
  • 67. “ Okay, I can do this. Deep breath. Lyndsay and at least one Flynn besides Mockingbird will survive. Talin will save them. Hooo... You know, I think I'll check on Almond and Pao. I haven't played them in a while, and they're generally plot-free. Nice and relaxing,” I finally stopped babbling to myself and loaded up Almond and Pao's hippie mansion.
  • 68. “ I can't believe our grandchildren are in college already!” Almond exclaimed. Unfortunately for the elder heiress, she and Pao were last in the Lynn and Flynn family grapevine. If they were a little more in the know they would've been discussing the engagements, and if they were really in the loop the topic would've been Aria's pregnancy.
  • 69. Suddenly, Almond felt a weird sensation. “We need to go see Otieno,” she said in a voice that leaves no room for arguments.
  • 70. “ Plot free! I wanted plot free! Argh. I guess I have to follow them to Otieno's house, though,” Simme muttered as she went back to her mouse-clicking.
  • 71. “ Auntie Almond! Good to see you again What brings you here?” Otieno greeted Almond.
  • 72. “ I... I just felt like I had to come here. Otieno-” suddenly Almond stopped.
  • 73. Otieno's eyes had turned a milky white, and he opened his mouth to speak...
  • 74. Meanwhile, Peacock had decided to throw a party. There were tons of parties at the Lynn Greek House, but hardly ever any at the Spare House. She invited over the entire Lynn Greek House, got out plenty of drinks, and got ready for some fun. This was one party they'd never forget.
  • 75. It wasn't long before the first round of drinks was gone, and then the second, until Peacock gave up and just told everyone to drink straight from the bottle or make their own drink so she wouldn't have to stir and blend more drinks. _____ By “everyone was drunk” I mean “ACR was on”. None of this would've happened without ACR- ok, I may have clicked some buttons, but ACR got them to fall in love, I just did the rest.
  • 76. With Bluebird and Daisy it'd started as an innocent “family kiss”.
  • 77. But even though they were third cousins, they couldn't deny the insane ammount of chemistry they had, and soon they were making out, and extremely glad Peacock hadn't invited Jeannie and JJ, or they'd be in big trouble.
  • 78. A part of their brain was telling them to stop- they were cheating on their fiancees, and this was too fast, not to mention they were second cousins, though that was technically distant enough to have a relationship. But the rest of their brain, which was thoroughly drunk, just ignored that.
  • 79. Chickadee and Mockingbird were even more drunk, so though they didn't have the chemistry Daisy and Bluebird had, they still went in for the kiss.
  • 80. They also had the benefit of not technically being related. Mockinbird's mom, Brooke, had been adopted, and even if she hadn't been, Ina hadn't been Ani's sister, only her clone, so their descendents weren't really related.
  • 81. Somehow, the rings on their fingers never registered in their minds.
  • 82. Keiko and Talin didn't even blink when Rosemary and Randy came up to them and kissed them.
  • 83. Or at the fact that Randy was Keiko's sister's boyfriend, and Keiko and Talin were cheating on each other right in front of their faces.
  • 84. Things esculated pretty quickly...
  • 85. After all, the two couples had a lot of chemistry.
  • 86. Bluebird and Daisy had left the sofa by now, so Talin and Rosemary seized up the oppurtunity.
  • 87. Kieko and Randy also took advantage of Chickadee and Mockingbird leaving the hot tub.
  • 88. By the time Fir and Tristessa got a turn in the hot tub, it was dark. The hadn't drunk as much, but they were romance sims, and had been looking for an oppurtunity to do this for a while.
  • 89. This had, of course, been inevitable.
  • 90. The hot tub wasn't done being used, though. Keiko and Talin had gone back to stalking each other, so Rosemary and Randy continued the festivies with each other.
  • 91. Anyone watching the party would've wondered what they were drinking. It was a wonder no one came to break it up.
  • 92. The answer: a mixed drink Peacock had invented just for the occasion, and which, after seeing its effects, she'd never make again.
  • 93. Meanwhile, Opal and Peacock found they were the only two not cheating at this party. They were also both lesbians*. Also, the alcohol was wearing off (it was early morning now), and so neither had alcohol as an excuse. Peacock was hesitant, though, and Opal didn't have a girlfriend and didn't know about Peacock's fiancee. _____ You're probably wondering when the heck Opal got a gender preferance, since she hasn't dated yet. Well, I randomized her.
  • 94. Opal was persistent, though, asking for a date the next day- well, a couple hours later when the sun came up.. “ No! I have a fiancee, Opal!” Peacock hung up, extremely annoyed. Opal couldn't take a hint! First the constant flirting, now this? Hopefully she'd stop knowing Peacock was engaged.
  • 95. Peacock was thrilled to find someone had made some of her concotions at the bar, and no one had finished the batch. She had a wicked hangover and knew that this would make it worse by the time she was once again sober, but she went for it anyway.
  • 96. Apparently not. “ What are you doing here?” Peacock said, her speech slurred from her drinks .
  • 97. In response Opal started kissing Peacock passionately.
  • 98. “ Oh my god, what have I done?”
  • 99. “ Someone should've told Peacock I always get what I want.” _____ No more ACR for my sims after this! I've removed the hearts for some of them- those that don't remember. However, I didn't for Opal/Peacock and Fir/Tristessa, and there will be some other effects of the party you'll see later...
  • 100. The end! Instead of talking about the story and being tempted to give something away, instead enjoy this picture of my simself and Robi Charvat! My simself wanted to fall in love, and they had three bolts as you know from last chapter, so I figured why not. And now she wants a baby, so be prepared to see cute baby pics on this page when I get around to that, and pictures of me and Robi meanwhile.