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Lynn Legacy 3.2.3 Lynn Legacy 3.2.3 Presentation Transcript

  • Lynn Legacy 3.2.3
  • “ I'm hawt!” Daisy eyed her new curves. “Come on Rosie, hurry up!”
  • “ A lime green shirt, are you kidding me? And the jean skirt looks weird with your skin color.” “ Oh, shush. You're wearing a dog collar, you shouldn't be talking.”
  • The two sisters wasted no time getting to college, anxious to meet new people, learn new things, and, of course, get new clothes.
  • Since the sisters had left with not-so-many skill points (only 20 a piece, which is crummy for my sims) and girls tended to be the heirs anyway, Fir was allowed to play with those toys in the backyard.
  • Basically, he got a childhood.
  • Unfortunately, it was short-lasting. He soon became a teen himself.
  • And was quick to dash out of the house to college. Oh boy, he rolled romance. This should be fun.
  • Meanwhile, Ocean finally got promoted!
  • And with max skills he's now working on his other bookcase skills- parenting, fire safety, etc.
  • But first, a trip to the family store! Finally!
  • This tiny little shack is what Chrysi bought. I say it'll be expanded next chapter after we've earned a bit of a profit.
  • Ocean started working towards a gold sales badge.
  • And Cactus worked on getting a lot of gold stars for the store.
  • It quickly became level 1.
  • And Ocean got his bronze sales badge!
  • Level 2...
  • Oooh. Added to my bad-customars-who-give-negative-stars list is miss blonde pigtail over there.
  • Silver badge! Woot!
  • Don't be fooled, Chrysi is selling, too. Just Ocean needs his gold badge, the servo won't have to worry as much about energy drop from dazzling, and there's not enough room for three salespeople. She did help out Otieno, though. I know you're asking about restocking and cashier. I have some automated ones- don't worry, I still have to pay for the restocked flowers, which are all from the buy mode, and therefore I don't consider it cheating.
  • Level 3!
  • White dress over there is now on “the list”.
  • We got the gold, baby! Get ready to be dazzled!
  • Level 4!
  • James- A.K.A. Remake of Ani's father- is on “the list”, too.
  • Despite all that, we got to level five, and I figured that's enough. Next time we can train someone to be a manager and get it to level 10. By the way, you might wonder how I can do this all in one visit. One word: energizers! Oh, and snapdragons and servoes who can dazzle are helpful, too. With enough of those three things you can get it to level 10 in one visit, but I was ready to take a break from the shop.
  • Keiko grew up, a largely unnoticed event because something much more important was happening downstairs.
  • Tristessa was a teen, now. And it was time she took on the family responsibility of protecting the Lynns. No one had told Tristessa this, though, what exactly that meant.
  • “ Hold still, Tristessa. This won't hurt,” Otieno told his eldest.
  • Tristessa started freaking out in her mind as she was blasted into the air.
  • “ What did you do that for?!” Tristessa yelled after changing into her old clothes and taking off the stupid witch hat. “ You know why already. We have to protect the Lynns.”
  • “ Besides, being a witch isn't all that bad. It's easy to hide if you want to, and the power is incredible. You can do all sorts of things.” “ Like what?”
  • “ Save people from death, make people more friendly, clean up, stop fires, and give someone a better mood. I gave you some regeants I think you'll need, and a cauldron, and a spell book. Now go learn some of the spells.” “ Okay.”
  • Tristessa quickly learned the spells now that she'd gotten over her little freak-out, and before long knew as much as her dad about witchcraft.
  • She also spent time with her boyfriend, Randy, who would be going to college with Tristessa.
  • Finally, it was time to leave. And so Tristessa packed up her stuff and got in the taxi. Little did she know what would happen while she was at college.
  • Meanwhile, Talin had grown up.
  • Followed by his sister Opal.
  • Gina knew it was pointless, but she got changed before anyway.
  • Talin had gotten a haircut, too.
  • Finally Opal felt a tingling sensation in her body.
  • It was done. She was a witch.
  • She studied diligently, learning all the spells she needed to know for her plan. She was ready.
  • “ Before you go, take these. I cooked up these regeants for you, and I think they'll serve you well.”
  • “ Thanks, Mom,” Opal pulled Gina into a tight embrace.
  • And then she was off. Little did she know what would happen in college.
  • Montage time! I'm guessing you've discovered by now I consider the spares boring this generation. Still, they'll appear at least twice more; in the graduation and wedding montages. To my favorite teacher Who told me never give up To my 5th grade crush
  • Who I thought I really loved To the guys I missed And the girls we kissed Where are you now?
  • To my ex-best friends Don´t know how we grew apart To my favorite band
  • And sing-alongs in my car To the face I see In my memories Where are you now?
  • Where are you now? Cause I´m thinking of you You showed me how
  • How to live like I do If it wasn´t for you I would never be who I am
  • To my first girlfriend I thought for sure was the one To my last girlfriend
  • Sorry that I screwed it up To the ones I loved But didn't show it enough Where are you now?
  • Where are you now? Cause I'm thinking of you You showed me how,
  • how to live like I do If it wasnt for you I would never be who I am.
  • And I'll never see those days again And things will never be that way again But thats just how it goes,
  • People change, But I know I wont forget you
  • To the ones who cared And who were there from the start To the love that left
  • and took a piece of my heart To the few who´d swear I´d never go anywhere Where are you now?
  • Where are you now? Cause I´m thinking of you You showed me how
  • How to live like I do If it wasn´t for you I would never be who I am
  • If it wasn´t for you I would never be who I am
  • If it wasn´t for you
  • I´d be nothing
  • Where are you now?
  • “ Better check up on Tosha,” I muttered to myself as I opened up Sims 2.
  • “ What's this? A taxi pulled up in front of their house... No one asked for one...”
  • “ Are you sure this will work?” Fir glanced apprehensively at the chair. “ Of course it will, now think something or say something to the creator,” Tosha replied.
  • “ Creator? You there? Can you hear me?” … Okay, those are silly questions. Can I hear you?” What the heck do you think you're doing, Fir? “ Um... That I could convince you to make me heir?”
  • You know I can't do that, it has to be a poll. “ You did it for mom.” That was different. She was the only blue one in her generation, and she had plot potential. I had to choose her.
  • “ I have plot potential, too. I'm not naive, Aunt Tosha wants me heir for a reason. And the only way we'll find out why is if you make me heir.” You drive a hard bargain. Fine, you'll be heir. But be careful, Fir. I don't think Tosha means any harm, but there are others who do. Now go join your siblings and cousins at college.
  • “ Huh. So Fir's heir, then. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I'll keep an eye on Tosha and the college houses anyway.”
  • I pulled a cell phone out of my pocket. “ Hey, puddinroy. Come over here ASAP. I've got news.”
  • “ So Fir's heir, and Aria's going to try something soon?” “ Probably. Or at least we might hear word of what they're gonna do next.”
  • “ Well, Fir probably told Tosha he was heir, who would've told Aria. So I'll go check over at Aria, you go on your computer and monitor their emails, phone calls, and Tosha herself. That way everything's covered.” “ Good idea. Let's go, before we waste too much time.”
  • To: A. B. <> From: Tosha <> Mission successful. The heir has been chosen.
  • To: Tosha <> From: A. B. <> Good work. Stay put for now and wait for further instructions.
  • Aria paused to check her reflection in the mirror. She still had it. There was no way this plan wouldn't work.
  • She practiced her old moves for a while, making sure she was still seductive as well as sexy.
  • Satisfied, she went to the kitchen and picked up the phone, frowning at the tacky wallpaper as she waited for someone to answer.
  • She whistled to herself as she walked out of the house.
  • She'd finally realize her dreams. Aria was sure of it.
  • “ She just took a taxi, but no suitcases, so she'll be back. I'll keep an eye out over here, but you should be watching everywhere else.”
  • “ No need to tell me how to do my job, puddinroy. Now I gotta go track her now before she gets too far.”
  • I booted sims 2 up, and found Aria, right clicking her thumbnail as to keep an eye on her. I leaned back and settled in for the long drive.
  • The end! This is my simself, gazing at the screen, feeling an urge to play the maxis premade neighborhoods now that she's done with this chapter. No, wait, a megahood! No, wait, write a story on the megahood! In other words, look out for my new story, and I promise I'll still update the legacy.