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Lynn Legacy 3.2.1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Lynn Legacy 3.2.1
  • 2. Chrysanthemum looked up at the house. The shade of pink was sickening, but Chrysi promised herself she could buy some paint and repaint it later, maybe even making it look like bricks or stones.
  • 3. She started unpacking, taking out the golden robot Otieno had made for her. “ Beep. Servo unit initiating. Gender?” a mechanical voice spoke as the servo unfolded itself from its cramped position. “ Female,” Chrysi answered. “ Name?” Chrysi thought for a minute. “Cactus.”
  • 4. There was one more thing to do before the party. “ Yes, I want to buy Ani's Blossoms. Great, thanks!” With that settled, Chrysi made one more call.
  • 5. “A suit?” Chrysanthmum laughed. “I'm going to need to wear a suit for the wedding anyway, why not now?” Ocean smiled. “I'm not getting married to you if you're going to be wearing that suit. Now go change, I bought you some clothes.”
  • 6. Oh Never find a love like this Oh Never find a love like this
  • 7. We go back so far, swinging in your back yard, all the things that we used to do We were cool back in high school ooh I really liked you, must have been your attitude.
  • 8. That's why you keep on running in and out of my mind.
  • 9. As the years they'll roll by, Baby, now I know why
  • 10. I keep coming back to you. You're the only one that knows me,
  • 11. love it when you hold me, never find a love like this
  • 12. Let me hear you say now I'll never be lonely,
  • 13. look at what you've shown me, never find a love like this
  • 14. Well this life tried to keep us apart you keep calling me back to your heart
  • 15. Let me hear you say I'm so glad you found me,
  • 16. wrap your world around me, never find a love like this.
  • 17. Aria sipped her instant-meal. It'd be too easy to spy on the Lynns. Unlike most people around these parts they didn't mind party-crashers, and when the welcome wagon had come to greet them and stayed for the wedding Chrysanthemum hadn't minded.
  • 18. The welcome wagon was a dull one. There was an old man from Belltown, who'd lived in a nice apartment before they'd kicked him out so they'd have room for a family to live there instead.
  • 19. The other welcome wagon member had been Nery Turner. His house was small and he had twin toddlers to go back to, but he didn't seem to mind.
  • 20. Ocean and Chrysanthemum had dissapeared upstairs after cake, and Aria suspected generation 4 would be on its way soon.
  • 21. Unlike their parents, or was it their grandparents?- Aria had done some research but didn't bother to remember the insignificant details like who missed their honeymoon and who didn't- the newlyweds made it down in time to get in the limo.
  • 22. Ocean got a job in the military soon afterwards, and it seemed the predictions of good fortune for the family were right.
  • 23. Cactus was quickly learning all that Chrysi hadn't been able to program into her- parenting, fire safety, couples counseling, and some others. Then she'd work on the badges Chrysi couldn't program into her either.
  • 24. Ocean worked on the paintings for Cactus and Chrysi, and his skills in general.
  • 25. And Chyrsi started puking her guts out.
  • 26. A lot. The pregnancy was hard on her, and no toilet was safe from her morning sickness- or afternoon sickness or evening sickness for that matter.
  • 27. On the up side, she got her dream job as a criminal.
  • 28. It meant she'd be Cactus's boss at work, but Cactus didn't mind.
  • 29. And Chrysanthemum started showing shortly after taking the job.
  • 30. She went anyway, though.
  • 31. Chrysanthemum spent a lot of time resting at home by some snapdragons, whether it be on the bed with a good book or in front of the TV. She was getting near to her due date.
  • 32. Finally it came, and Daisy was born. Daisies stand for gentleness, innocence, and loyal love.
  • 33. And because it turned out Chrysi had been pregnant with twins, Rosemarie was born, too. Rosemaries stand for constancy, fidelity and loyalty. Ocean raised his eyebrows slightly at the names- not because they were flowers and all that, but because their meanings both had to do with loyaly. He figured it was a not-so-subtle hint to him.
  • 34. Not that anything was wrong with their relationship anymore. In fact, Daisy and Rosemary could be getting a little sibling soon.
  • 35. Cactus got to work on those badges, starting with flowers- she already had a bronze flower badge, but she wanted gold.
  • 36. Chrysanthemum's second pregnancy wasn't nearly as bad as the first, and she was thankful for that.
  • 37. Finally it was time for the two eldest to grow up, and the usual group came over to celebrate.
  • 38. First was Rosemary, who grew up beautifully.
  • 39. Dad's eyes and nose, Mom's mouth. I'm pretty that's what she got.
  • 40. Next was Daisy.
  • 41. She grew up cute!
  • 42. See? Though I should've taken a better picture. I can't tell her genetics from this angle and this zoomed out. Oh, and I'm not a fan of this hair, either. Why I downloaded a toddler version is beyond me. I think she looks like her sister though. Just a second... Phew! They have different personalities, so it's not the first-born syndrome.
  • 43. And during the party Chrysi started showing! _____ Yes, that's the crystal ball back there. I won't use it for anything other then writing down names for possible matches though, promise.
  • 44. Chrysi and Ocean started working on Daisy and Rosemary's skills.
  • 45. T alking was first, with Chrysi teaching Daisy and Ocean teaching Rosemary.
  • 46. Meanwhile, Cactus finished her flower badge! And she already had a gold robot badge- only one more to go before she started working on business-related ones at the shop.
  • 47. After teaching the twins to talk, they started with walking.
  • 48. For this one they switched toddlers so they could've teached each one something.
  • 49. Chrysi was in her second trimester now.
  • 50. And soon she gave birth to a beatiful baby boy, Fir, meaning “clarity, achievement, and energy”. _____ I forgot to take a pic, so you'll have to wait to see the youngest Lynn!
  • 51. The last skill to teach the girls was toddler-training... They haven't succeeded yet.
  • 52. Otieno's House
  • 53. Tosha and Otieno got married shortly after moving in.
  • 54. Good thing, too, because she became pregnant shortly after they moved in, too.
  • 55. Otieno quickly topped his career. Tosha didn't have a career- they had enough money as it was, and all she wanted to do in life was be married to someone she loved (A.K.A. Otieno) for the rest of her life so she didn't need one.
  • 56. And as a family sim, she'd love taking care of Tristessa.
  • 57. Tristessa quickly captured the hearts of both of her parents.
  • 58. “ Do you want to have another?” “ Another?” Otieno blinked at Tosha. “ Yeah, another baby.” Otieno hadn't even really considered it an option. Besides him, no descendent of Ani had ever had a sibling, and he'd only had one because she'd been adopted. He was lucky. Tosha wasn't going to die on him, and he could have more than one kid. “ Maybe, but not right now. We can wait, then decide.”
  • 59. “ Yeah, can I buy Ina's Gadgets? Thanks!” Otieno had heard of Chrysi's business (which she had yet to finish getting ready for her opening day) and had decided to buy one of his own.
  • 60. But as he helped Tristessa grow older his mind returned to the conversation he'd had with Tosha.
  • 61. Should he have another kid?
  • 62. Gina's House
  • 63. Gina slipped the ring on Jaiden's finger. She felt no attraction to Jaiden- no repulsion, but no attraction either.
  • 64. She didn't think Jaiden did, either. Jaiden wasn't a romance sim, and yet when she thought Gina wouldn't notice she'd sneak a few stolen kisses with some professor from the university.
  • 65. And Gina had come home from work some days to Jaiden and her professor going the whole way,
  • 66. Luckily, Gina had gotten what she'd needed from Jaiden- a baby. Jaiden could stay around to care for the baby and bring in money, but otherwise she was now useless.
  • 67. Opal would finally complete all that she hadn't been able to do. Like Gina, Opal would have witch powers. Unlike Gina, Opal would also have a plan- a well-thought, fool-proof one- before going to college. And Unlike Gina, Opal would have no competition from another witch or warlock. Otieno's family's days were numbered.
  • 68. “ I'm still surprised this happened! You're positive it's mine?” “ Of course. I want a biological child by my wife, I'm going to have one. You should know nothing silly like what's scientifically possible would stop me,” Gina replied.
  • 69. Opal grew quickly.
  • 70. She would succeed, Gina promised herself.
  • 71. Jaiden walked to the house, finally at the top of her career. She had her own plans for Opal.
  • 72. Hummingbird's House
  • 73. Hummingbird smiled at Spencer as they got married.
  • 74. A few minutes later Hummingbird and Spencer were dressed in decent clothes with the jobs they'd always wanted. Hummingbird wasn't used to a life this... perfect.
  • 75. They even had a little kid on the way. Hummingbird. “ What was that?” Oh good, it worked. I gave you a power previously only available to the descendents of Nathan; the power to hear me when I want to be heard. Sometimes even when I don't. I don't normally do this, but you're my favorite spare, so I made an exception.
  • 76. Hummingbird had no time to contemplate that as she gave birth to her daughter Peacock. “ She's... perfect. Everything's so perfect.” Get used to it. You're a spare, you know, and I tend to treat my spares pretty well.
  • 77. See? Perma-plat, nice house, good ammount of money, nice family... I'm not all bad, you know. You didn't even have it that bad locked up. Your room was full of the best skill objects that didn't involve telescopes or career rewards or music, and you had the best single bed, too. You had that hacked coat hook and with that and the mirror you could look however you wanted. I looked out for you. “ Why am I your favorite? … Hello? Voice, you there? … Guess not.”
  • 78. Peacock grew into a cute toddler.
  • 79. She had Mom's coloring, and generally resembled Hummingbird. Hummingbird would've nicknamed her Minime, but decided that Peacock wouldn't appreciate that if it gave her problems later. Besides, as parents weren't they supposed to encourage individuality and all that?
  • 80. Everyone agreed Peacock was adorable.
  • 81. Spencer topped his career, too. “ I could get used to this,” Hummingbird murmered to herself that night. “Having a perfect life isn't all that bad.”
  • 82. Owl's House
  • 83. Owl and Erin had wasted no time getting married.
  • 84. Owl was drunk on freedom. As a kid he'd had five siblings, and in college he'd been in a dorm with seven cousins and friends. Now it was just him and Erin.
  • 85. Well, and the kid on the way.
  • 86. Having completed his life long ambition to be a superhero already Owl didn't mind. Still, something told him he should have traveled the world instead of getting married and having a baby so soon.
  • 87. Not that he'd change anything. He had a son now, Bluebird.
  • 88. And Erin had topped her career, too.
  • 89. Bluebird grew up well.
  • 90. He had both of his parents wrapped around his fingers.
  • 91. Who wouldn't love such a cute little boy?
  • 92. Poplar's House
  • 93. Poplar couldn't believe it.
  • 94. He had a wife who loved him...
  • 95. His dream job...
  • 96. And a baby on the way.
  • 97. He was now the proud father of a baby girl, Chickadee.
  • 98. Of course, as with all the generation 4 kids, Chickadee's parents never seemed to have anything better to do than dote on their new daughter.
  • 99. Especially since they'd both gotten to the top of their career ladders, and were permaplat.
  • 100. Time flew by, and soon Chickadee was joining her cousins- both first and second- in toddlerhood.
  • 101. Everyone agreed she was still adorable!
  • 102. Brooke's House
  • 103. Brooke had thought of having a party, but considering the fact that most people were still recovering from the party Chrysi had thrown for her wedding, she'd decided Drake and she were better off eloping.
  • 104. Drake didn't mind, and Brooke figured she could always throw another party later- some day Chrysi wouldn't be throwing one.
  • 105. Instead she focused on other things. She quickly got promoted in her job, landing her the highest position.
  • 106. And she was going to be a mother any day now.
  • 107. Luckily, Drake had reached the top of his career too, so that was one less thing to worry about.
  • 108. Brooke gave birth to a baby boy, Mockingbird.
  • 109. And of course his parents loved him.
  • 110. He quickly became a toddler.
  • 111. Did you know this makes for the 3 rd boy (versus the 6 girls) and the 6 th family that had nothing bad whatsoever happen in this story? Next time, I'll have to make up for it with loads of drama.
  • 112. But for now, the end, and enjoy the only picture I have with Erin in it post-makeover and not in her work duds. I'm thinking of letting her hair down, though. See ya next time!