Copyrighted Software And A Life Of Freelancer Eng


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Copyrighted Software And A Life Of Freelancer Eng

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Copyrighted Software And A Life Of Freelancer Eng

  1. 1. Copyrighted Software and a life of Freelancer by 9AuM
  2. 2. Past - Working as a web application programmer for one of the biggest Internet agencies in Thailand - Used to be raided for Macromedia software infringement at the office - Used to believe that I’m better than foreigners by using pirated software Who am I ? Present - Working full time for website devoted to indy songs - Writing a blog at about Web Programming - Running more than 90% legal software on the computer
  3. 3. Why am I speaking ? - I don’t want to see Thailand on top list of software piracy - I don’t want Thai people to neglect about this issue - I don’t’ want anyone else to infringe my works
  4. 4. Guess how many pirated software in my computer ?
  5. 5. How I use software as a freelancer - Try to use Freeware as much as possible - Try to use bundled Software at its best - Try to use Trial Software at its best - Buy legal software
  6. 6. When I started to use freeware ... - Accept and adapt to idea behind each freeware - Try to study and use the most out of it - Tell a friend if it works
  7. 7. Freeware / Did you know? We have Antivir as a freeware antivirus (Personal Use) that we can update virus database for a lifetime, why bother use Norton or Nod32 ?
  8. 8. Freeware / Did you know? We have FileZilla as a freeware FTP Client for a lifetime, why bother use CuteFTP ?
  9. 9. Freeware / Did you know? We have Faststone Image Viewer as a freeware for viewing and modifying images, why bother use Acdsee ?
  10. 10. Freeware / Did you know? If you’re not a hardcore office worker, then try OpenOffice and you have enough presentation tool. This presentation also created with Impress .
  11. 11. Freeware / Did you know? If Photoshop is too expensive, we have Paint.NET to use for free.
  12. 12. Did you know ? - You can get free Nero Burning with your new DVD drive - You can get a free data recovery software bundled with CF Card - You can get an image editor software with your new DSLR camera - Same notebook specs but more expensive because they bundled Windows OEM in the package - Have you tried all functions in Windows ? Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten
  13. 13. Rescuepro Software is a free software bundled with Sandisk CF Card to recover the data when you need it. Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten
  14. 14. ThinkPad followers, you can update new software for free more that you will ever need ! Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten
  15. 15. Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten Those expensive Canon DSLRs have bundled Digital Photo Professional to edit images
  16. 16. Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten I have a copy of free Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 because I bought Sanyo camcorder
  17. 17. Bundled software, good stuff that is forgotten I’m using Windows Calendar that was bundled with Windows Vista Business OEM with peace of mind because it can sync with my Nokia 5300 where I planned to buy a copy of Microsoft Outlook.
  18. 18. Try to use trial software at its best - Some software are limited to 3 months, just uninstall it. - Some software are good for a lifetime - We can remove some Registry record and use some of it for free
  19. 19. Trial Software – they have this too If you don’t want to buy Editplus Text Editor , it still allows you to use after 30 days so no need to crack it.
  20. 20. Trial Software – they have this too I love BulletProof FTP but I’ve never bought one and never cracked it because I can remove some registry records and it’s good to go .
  21. 21. Legal software that I purchased Even though I can find most of software I need but I still need to buy some. 1. Compare details of software in the same category 2. Try to forecast its life cycle in the long run 3. Compare the investment Purchased 1. I chose Windows Vista Business OEM, priced Bt. 5,270 as an OS 2. SPORE Creature Creator game , priced Bt. 99 In the future plan 1. Editplus , priced $35 2. Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus , priced $70 3. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 . . . let me think about it ;) ‏
  22. 22. How to earn money to buy legal software My perspective to work 1. For the new works that requires no new skill, it will be calculated from actual manhour 2. If it requires new techniques, it will be discussed with client case-by-case 3. Have a figures in mind. If it’s too low budget, someone has to take it 4. Commit to the deadline 5. Allocate 20 – 40% from the job for Software buying
  23. 23. Once buying a legal Software 1. You can have a peace of mind about copyright 2. You can claim your software costs with client 3. Software developers will be willing to develop local languages Software 4. Help build a better respective community
  24. 24. Thank you 9AuM