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Fall 2011 Library eNewsletter

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Ms 80x library learning commons e newsletter

  1. 1. MS 80x Library Learning Commons eNewsletter FALL 2011 CHRIS GIBSON,
  2. 2. Contents About the Learning Commons Open access Class visits how-to Online catalog Online database and ebooks Library data Slide show how-to Contact and social
  3. 3. About the Library Learning Commons in room 401…Mission Statement The Library Learning Commons is a space that encourages creativity and discovery, and inspires students and staff to work with information in all formats. We live and work in a digital environment; students need and deserve a 21st century education and learning environment. Our students and teachers are invited to learn the necessary skills to live, work, and thrive in the 21st century. (cont.)Source:
  4. 4. About the Library Learning Commons …(cont.) Here, we embrace these four core values: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Community. Keeping these four core values in mind, we will continuously strive to meet these five challenges: School libraries are knowledge centers, not information places. There will be evidence-based practice here. We will build partnerships and teams. We will engage Web 2.0 tools to develop deep inquiry. We will re-imagine school libraries. (cont.)Source:
  5. 5. About the Library Learning Commons …(cont.) We are social learners. We value social experiences that blend communication and learning. Authentic understanding and knowledge are constructed through personal experience and reflection. This is why the Library Learning Commons aims to be the hub of inquiry. This is the place where the entire school community can learn, create, teach, and network.Source:
  6. 6. Open Access Did you know that periods of student Open Access vary each day? Open Access (OA) times can be viewed each morning by 8:00 on the library calendar at and at!/libraryroom401 You can also check the paper calendar on the door at room 401. Staff have access to the Library anytime I am
  7. 7. Class VisitsTo schedule a class visit for book circulation or for research, you can go to to submit a request. You can also call me at x4013. It’s best to plan in advance!
  8. 8. Online catalogYou can browse the library’s collection 24/7 at click on
  9. 9. Online DatabaseStudents, staff and parents have access to our database for research and information. This year we are continuing our subscription to Infotrac Student Resource Center Junior.Visit me for the
  10. 10. EbooksMS 80x subscribes to digital books for our learning community. All titles are available 24/7 from any computer. We have TumbleReadables, Capstone Interactive Library, and our ever-growing Follett Shelf.All can be found at is on the school library web site. See Ms. Gibson for
  11. 11. Why TumbleReadables? TumbleReadables feature adjustable online text and complete audio narration. Sentences are highlighted as they are being read and the pages turn automatically. This is great for emergent, struggling, and reluctant readers, as well as an excellent tool for ESL. See Ms. Gibson for
  12. 12. Why Capstone? Capstone helps struggling readers gain confidence and achieve success with reading. Capstone Interactive Library™ is a technology-based approach to help preK-grade 8 students practice reading and learn vocabulary and pronunciation skills. See Ms. Gibson for
  13. 13. Why Follett Shelf ebooks? In addition to Capstone and TumbleReadables, our library has Follett Shelf eBooks. You can read full- length fiction and nonfiction titles. Teachers can also find valuable teaching resources to use on interactive white boards. See Ms. Gibson for
  14. 14. Library Data: Book Circulation Sept. 27 – Nov. 29 2011 Total book circulation 901 Grade 6 circulation 304 Grade 7 circulation 220 Grade 8 circulation 352 Staff and parent 25
  15. 15. More Library Data: Patrons Individual library patrons who signed in between Sept. 27 – Nov. 29 2011
  16. 16. More Library Data: Class Visits Sept. 27 – Nov. 29 2011 Class Visits (excluding my teaching program): A total of 23 class visits were logged. Teachers are encouraged to arrange for class visits in
  17. 17. Class Shout-Outs!By grade, these classes borrowed the MOST books: Class 603 borrowed 128 books Class 701 borrowed 137 books Class 803 borrowed 91 books 
  18. 18. Slide Show How-to If you want to create slides to support instruction, I suggest Google Docs. If you want some pointers, I can help! All you need is a gmail account and a flash drive. You might want to create a free account on
  19. 19. ContactChris Gibson, MLSMiddle School 80x149 East Mosholu ParkwayBronx, New York 10467718.405.6300 x 4013cgibson04@gmail.comFind the library social media at