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Key Decision Challenges: Perspectives from Stakeholders
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Key Decision Challenges: Perspectives from Stakeholders


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Presentation by S Srinivsan, IKSL at the CCAFS Workshop on Institutions and Policies to Scale out Climate Smart Agriculture held between 2-5 December 2013, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Presentation by S Srinivsan, IKSL at the CCAFS Workshop on Institutions and Policies to Scale out Climate Smart Agriculture held between 2-5 December 2013, in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Key Decision Challenges: Perspectives from Stakeholders“IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited, India“ by S.Srinivasan Institutions and Policies for Scaling Out Climate Smart Agriculture Colombo, Sri Lanka December 2, 2013
  • 2. INDIAN FARMERS FERTILISER COOPERATIVE LIMITED • Owned by 40,000 plus member cooperatives • Strives to improve agricultural productivity and welfare of farmers • Largest producer and distributor of chemical fertilisers in India • Well known for promotional and extension activities in rural India Nurturing Mother Earth’s Bounty
  • 3. Efforts at ‘Climate Smart Industry’ • Adopting State-of-the-art technology for the betterment of operations to decrease energy consumption • Launching new mitigation technologies through retrofits and availing benefits under Kyoto Protocol’s CDM, wherever feasible • Complying with the Statutory requirements on gaseous and liquid effluents from the production facilities • Promoting adoption of Fertilizer Best Management Practices (BMP); • Manufacture of    Slow release fertilisers Water Soluble Fertilisers Micronutrients & micronutrient incorporated fertilisers
  • 4. Industry’s contribution to Climate Smart Agriculture CSR Activities • Afforestation, Watershed Management, Conservation of Water, Land reclamation etc. Promotional Activities • Enabling & ensuring that farmers use fertiliser appropriately • Enhancing input use efficiency - minimising GHG emissions, • Conservation Agriculture - zero tillage, Laser levelling etc. • Promotion of Bio-fertilisers/ composting/ Green manuring • Promotion of weather based crop insurance Promoting institutions to realise specific objectives     IFFDC (Afforestation), ITGI (Crop Insurance), CORDET (Training & Capacity Building), IKSL (Information Dissemination)
  • 5. IKSL : Joint Venture Partners • Serving rural India since 1967 • World's largest Coop. in Fertilizer Sector • Around 40,000 Coop. societies, • 55 million members, Objectives • Provide additional services to enhance farmer productivity • Build closer bonding with members • 330 million indirect dependents • Largest GSM & integrated telecom player in India. • Enhance penetration amongst Low Income Rural Household • World’s 3rd largest • 192 million Subscribers in India. • Build Stickiness with the Brand • 275 million customers in 20 countries • Pan India footprint, 0.45 m towns & villages • Pioneer in rural telephony • Dissemination of content through mobile phones
  • 6. Mission • To empower Indian farmers with pertinent information by leveraging mobile phone • To improve informed decision making by farmers which could result in    reduction in costs, improvement in quality, increase in income and enhanced opportunities for livelihoods • To strengthen cooperative network
  • 7. Overview of IKSL Services • Free Voice/ Text messages , Helpline Services • Focused service to Communities • Soya bean growers of ADM, Fishermen of Odhisa • 18 States, 107 agro climatic zones, 2.5 million Subscribers • Tie-up with right institutions for Content enrichment • Managing GoI ‘s toll-free call centre services for Farmers  Monthly landed calls range from 0.4 to 0.6 million  SMS summary sent to farmers after answering calls • IKSL has partnership with CCAFS – Karnal & Vaishali
  • 8. Information dissemination in Climate Smart Villages • Project sponsored by CIMMYT, India office • IKSL is Content Partner • Four villages each in Vaishali (Bihar) and Karnal (Haryana) district • Daily 2 messages to 500 farmers in each district • Covering Rice, Maize and Wheat
  • 9. Challenges in Information Dissemination • Providing customised Voice/ Text Messages to farmers • Sourcing Content that is relevant and critical • Location specific information and advisories, especially in respect of weather & Market rates • Penetrating into areas where Telecom network is not effective (low revenue/ low usage areas) • Availability of specific information on climate change to farmers
  • 10. Providing weather forecast advisories • Farmers need accurate, relevant & localised forecasts • Interpreted weather forecast to be combined with agroadvisory • Agro Met Field Units of SAUs create the actionable advisories • Contextual district-wise weather based agro-advisories by IKSL • Desirable to have advisories at village level • Necessary Infrastructure has to be put in place
  • 11. Summary Fertiliser Production • Fertilisers are essential to increase production on existing land • Enhanced yields help prevent further deforestation • Increasing efficiency of fertiliser manufacture as well as its use is critical to keep overall emissions as low as possible Information Dissemination • Farmers prefer Voice messages over text messages • Farmers also need information on subjects other than Agriculture • Weather & market information has to be more granular • Farmers may not be prepared to pay for information but do not hesitate to pay when there is a problem to be resolved • Affordable smart phones/ 3G or 4G tariffs in future may allow information dissemination through images & videos
  • 12. Thank You