Learning Event No. 10, Session: Meybeck. ARDD2012 Rio


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Presentation by Alexandre Meybeck, Senior Policy Officer on Agriculture, Environment and Climate Change, FAO, at the 2012 Agriculture and Rural Development Day (ARDD) in Rio de Janiero, Learning Event No. 10, Session 4: Food losses and Waste : causes and solutions. http://www.agricultureday.org

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Learning Event No. 10, Session: Meybeck. ARDD2012 Rio

  1. 1. Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste reduction Alexandre Meybeck FAOAgriculture and Rural Development DayRio de Janeiro 18th June 2012
  2. 2. 60% Global Food Losses Consumption50% Distribution Processing40% Postharvest30% Agriculture20%10%0% cereals roots & oilseeds & fruits & meat fish & dairy tubers pulses vegetables seafood products FAO, 2011
  3. 3. Differences per regionsCEREALS
  4. 4. Differences per regionsFRUITS & VEGETABLES
  5. 5. Differences per regionsDAIRY PRODUCTS
  6. 6. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wasteIn developing countries foodgets lost due to:- Poor production planning- Production problems- Premature harvestingPrevention:- Organizing small farmers- Diversifying and upscaling production and marketing Improving the efficiency of the food supply chains
  7. 7. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wastePoor storage facilities, packaging and lack of infrastructurecause postharvest food losses in developing countries. Prevention: investment in infrastructure, packaging and transportation.
  8. 8. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wasteUnsafe food is not fit for human consumption and is lost. Prevention: develop knowledge and capacity of food chain operators to apply safe food handling practices.
  9. 9. Causes and Prevention of food losses and waste Lack of processing facilities causes high food losses in developing countries.Prevention: improve investment climate for agro-industrydevelop contract farming linkages between processors and farmer
  10. 10. Causes and Prevention of food losses and waste- Large quantities on display and a wide range in industrialized countries.- Inadequate market systems in developing countries. Prevention: Marketing cooperatives and improved market facilities.
  11. 11. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wasteSmall and medium scale food industryin developing countries has no accessto good quality packaging materialsand technology Prevention: - Pre-packing and contract packing - Use of reconditioned 2nd hand packaging machinery
  12. 12. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wasteIn industrialized countries food gets lost when productionexceeds demand. Prevention: Communication and cooperation between farmers.
  13. 13. Causes and Prevention of food losses and wasteHigh ‘appearance quality standards’ from supermarkets forfresh products lead to food waste. Prevention: - Consumer surveys by supermarkets. - Sales closer to consumers.
  14. 14. Causes and Prevention of food losses and waste Abundance and consumer attitudes lead to high food waste in industrialized countries.Prevention:Public awarenessRestore value of food
  15. 15. Save Food-AFood systems perspective, with a Supply chainapproach- It requires- to assess causes and their specific impacts in a specificsituation-to assess all costs and consequences of changes-Viable business case for change- This has to be done with all concerned stakeholders-Partnerships
  16. 16. Global Initiative on Food Losses andWaste Reduction – SAVE FOODPARTNERSHIPS Interpack/ Messe Düsseldorf Consortium of companies and institutions in the food packaging industry FAO / Save Food welcomes partners to join the initiative www.save-food.org www.fao.org/save-food
  17. 17. Internal Collaboration and PartnershipsINTERESTED PARTNERS/ PARTIESInternational Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)World Food Programme (WFP)African Development Bank (AfDB)African Postharvest Losses Information System - APHLIS (Natural Resources Institute,EU Joint Research Centre)Donor countries – Germany, Switzerland, NorwayInternational Trade Centre (ITC)AndinaPack – South AmericaBBC World ServiceWageningen University & Research Centre (WUR)European Packaging Summit (World Trade Group)Sustainable Packaging Coalition (GreenBlue)World Water Forum / World Water Week (SIWI)Global FoodBanking Network
  18. 18. Thank you