Targeting Facebook Creativity - By Marty Weintraub


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Targeting Facebook Creativity - By Marty Weintraub

  1. 1. Facebook Creativity @aimClear Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear
  2. 2. Targeting Creativity• What Personal Traits?• Who’s Professional Characteristics?• Which Radically Private Predilections• Concept Transcends Facebook• Inspired By Bottomless Personalities
  3. 3. Literal, Competitive & Aggressive• How Far Are You Willing to Go?• Climb Inside Users’ Psyche• Sugar Cereal Coupons To Pot Smokers?• Bali Vacations to Upper Crust Homosexuals?• Or Vanilla? Tennis Rackets to Tennis Players?
  4. 4. “lit·er·al”• Definition: “adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression.”
  5. 5. Literal Targeting: Very Safe Ethically/Legally• Vanilla of Facebook Ads• Tight Semantic Relationship• Knitting Needles Woman Who Like Knitting• Segment Includes KW in Product Title• Good News: Can Be Focused Like Search• Bad News: Literal Relationships Don’t Always Exist
  6. 6. Literal Targeting• Hockey Sticks to Hockey Players• Jonas Brothers to 13 YO Girls
  7. 7. “com·pe·ti·tion”Wikipedia defines competition as when,“Two or more parties strive for a goal, which cannot be shared.”
  8. 8. Thousands of Vulnerable Brands
  9. 9. Thousands of Vulnerable Brands
  10. 10. Thousands of Vulnerable Brands
  11. 11. Thousands of Vulnerable Brands
  12. 12. Get Inside Customers’ Head!• Qualifiers, Luxury, Gender, Age, Geo, Etc…
  13. 13. Negative Competitors’ Sentiment• Powerful Leads, Unsatisfied Consumers• Could Be Susceptible to Alternatives• “sucks,” “suck,” “hate,” “terrible,”• “horrible,” “f_cuk,” “f_cked,” Expletive
  14. 14. Double Negative: “Like” Bucket + “Sucks” In Keyword = “Hate”
  15. 15. Double Negative: “Like” Bucket + “Sucks” In Keyword = “Hate”
  16. 16. Be Careful. Be Very Careful.• Backlash of [Brand] Lovers• [Brand] Might Sue• Follow The Laws Of Jurisdictions ® © ™• Guided By What You’d Do (Or Not) In Public
  17. 17. Non Branded DislikesGeneral Disdain = Powerful Motivation
  18. 18. Aggressive Targeting• Markets To Deep Personal Predilections• Awesome Opportunity Or Unfair Advantage• So Many Flavors of Extreme People
  19. 19. Market to Classic Human Traits• “Love Junkie, “ Love Addict”• “He’s blinded by [keyword]”• “She Feeds On His Insecurity”• “Slave to [something]”
  20. 20. Conflict & Violence
  21. 21. 14,600 Facebook Users Like “Killing Terrorists,” “Probation Workers” & Like “If Killing Was Legal 7,220 Are 13 years old.
  22. 22. Violent Social Segments = KPI Sitting Ducks• 1,154,140 Woman Like Fighting,• 229,640 55+ years old!• Market divorce attorneys, facelifts• Spa services, senior personals• Vibrators
  23. 23. Medical Targeting• Sell Minivans To Those Who Like “Being Pregnant”• Disposable Diapers to Like “Hate Being Pregnant”
  24. 24. The Incredible Things Users RevealTake Out Pizza to Pot Lovers
  25. 25. Wild AdmissionsSell Skateboards, Planned Parenthood & Church
  26. 26. Occupations & Employment• Huge Part of Identify• Extremely Potent Targeting• LinkedIn = 50 Million US/FB = 3X• Killer For the Right B2b KPI• Pros Are Always Partially On Duty
  27. 27. Like Bucket Occupations & Years of Testing
  28. 28. Places of Employment: Work & Education Tool• Productivity Software, Easy-Upload Video Cameras Magnetic Car Signs• Computers, Snow Plowing, Cars, Phone Service & Restaurants
  29. 29. Real Life Groups: AA• Dating Sites, Quit Smoking Plans, Candy• Energy Drinks, Tweetups Coffee Clubs, Self-Help Books, Any Other “Safer” Addictions
  30. 30. Pesticide Free Foodies• Maine Organic Gardeners Association, Michigan Farm Bureau• Friendly Clothing & Eco-Tourism• Goodness Food Brands• Play On Animal Rights Groups’ Empathy
  31. 31. Religions• 903,800 Catholics, 310,340 Mormons• 77,120 Muslims, 117 Jews• 70,600 Buddhists, 19,720 Hindus• 12,520 Occult, Jesus, Buddha• King-of-the-Jews or L. Ron. Hubbard
  32. 32. Real-World Publications• What Do Our Customers Read?• Sports Lovers Read Sports Illustrated• Entrepreneurs read INC• Upper Crust Travelers Read Condé Nast• Shrewd Marketers Don’t Miss This Level Of Targeting
  33. 33. Don’t Just Be Literal With Magazines• Hunting Readers Don’t Just Like Camo’ & Boots• Pickup Trucks & Snowshoes• Yachting Mag’ Readers Probably Have Money• Sun Care Products, Fish, Water-ski, Deck Cleaning
  34. 34. Travel Books: Frommers, Lonely Planet, & Berlitz• Sell Em’ Cruises, Airfare, Hotel, Guide Service• Noise Cancelling Headphones• Foreign Language Learning Software
  35. 35. Search Is Your Friend
  36. 36. Canadian Sephora Lovers
  37. 37. Targeting Creativity• What Personal Traits?• Who’s Professional Characteristics?• Which Radically Private Predilections• Concept Transcends Facebook• Inspired By Bottomless Personalities
  38. 38. Thank You! @aimClear Marty Weintraub, President, aimClearCOPYRIGHT: aimClear® "Socialize.ppt" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License