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Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet
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Year 8 Flood Investigation Task And Planning Sheet


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  • 1. Year 8 Flood Investigation Geography Department Name: Class: Date you start investigation: My target level is: A learning target from my last piece of work was to: Objectives for this sequence of lessons: Be able to (level 6) • DESCRIBE what happened during a flood. • ANALYSE some causes and effects of flooding. • DESCRIBE some methods used to control and manage floods. • Suggest questions and understand how to sequence an investigation into a flood. • Use a range of geographical key words related to flooding. Lesson Outcomes: What will it look like? • Planned for an investigation into a flooding event. • Thought about independently and suggested questions about the flood. • Completed independent research using ICT. • Made decisions about how to present your findings. • Created a final investigation write up. *This work booklet will be used for lesson activities and homework, use it to record all your ideas. Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 1 CG Nov 2009
  • 2. Think of 20 Questions! What would you ask if you had to investigate this? Write your questions around the photo Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 2 CG Nov 2009
  • 3. PHOTO MYSTERY What do you think is the link between the two photos? Write down ALL your ideas around the photos Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 3 CG Nov 2009
  • 4. Finding out about the flood Introduced by teacher, TV and radio Write down all your notes below…. Think! 5 W’s? Any interesting facts? Location details? Important facts? Current situation? Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 4 CG Nov 2009
  • 5. Over to YOU! Following an investigation and questioning Your task is to investigate the Cumbria Flood 2009 and then present your findings. Your teacher has talked to you about the flood and you have made some initial notes. On this page: 1. Think about how you would complete an investigation – describe each step in the process 2. Think of questions to follow e.g. What should I try to find out? Ideas here….lots of them please! Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 5 CG Nov 2009
  • 6. Over to YOU! Final Planning – INVESTIGATION SEQUENCE • Write down the final sequence of your investigation here. • Write down your main enquiry questions next to each part of the sequence. • You will use this as your plan for ICT lessons and homework. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Year 8 Rivers & Flooding 6 CG Nov 2009