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Green Presentation Arjan Green Presentation Arjan Presentation Transcript

  • Weather Of Wolverhampton 7 Day Diary By Arjan Sidhu
  • Purpose? I have been assigned to keep a 7 day record of the weather in Wolverhampton. In this data, I will try to show rainfall, the average temperature, cloud cover and pressure given out. I hope to discover any extremes of weather in Wolverhamton and also any random weather given out. All photographs taken are by myself. Also, most of the weather information obtained was from and cloud information was gathered from
  • Friday 12th September 2008
  • Only half the day has been analyzed. Coming back from the Perton area huge clouds called low-level clouds seem to be moving north-east towards Tettenhall. At around 7.45pm, it had rained extremely heavily until around 8.05pm. After that, the rain turned into showers for a few minutes and then had stopped. Unfortunately, I couldn’t gather more details about the amount of rainfall that had fallen.
  • Saturday 13th September 2008
  • Unfortunately, I had spent this day in Birmingham and so couldn’t record the weather in Wolverhampton so instead, I had analyzed the weather in Birmingham (Smethwick). The weather started with the sky being extremely gloomy and the temperature at 9.00pm was recorded at 7 degrees centigrade and the actual weather condition was foggy. The weather actually stayed in that condition until around 2.55pm in which the sun had appeared. It had came through a medium cloud called the ‘Altostratus’ as the sky was originally dark and it allowed the sun to appear through it improving visibility in the area. The peak temperature reached was at 16 degrees centigrade.
  • Saturday 13th September 2008 Images The two pictures show morning and night taken by myself. It was surprising how such a gloomy morning turned out to be a glorious day!
  • Records! Here I have listed a few records from the past for the weather in Wolverhampton. Weather Station Highs and Lows (so far) this year: Highest Temperature: +27.1°C (81.0°F) 11:05 25th June Lowest Temperature: -6.7°C (20°F) 06:48 17th February Lowest Air Pressure (sea level) reading: 958mb at 13:26 on 10th March Hottest April day recorded was in Wolverhampton at 27.3C on the 16 th April since 1949. Reference –
  • Sunday 14th September 2008
  • Today started off extremely chilly at around 8.45am. It was frosty and foggy in the center of Wolverhampton. As the day progressed, the sun didn’t appear and a low cloud type called ‘Stratocumulus’ stayed fixed in its position all day. Although there was no sun, this didn’t mean heat wasn’t available. The air was thick and humid and the day recorded its max temperature of 17 Celsius. As I write, its currently 10.04pm and the recent check of weather says its partly cloudy at 13 Celsius with the wind blowing east at 6mph. This wind temperature has been consistent all day. The minimum temperature said for the night is 10 Celsius. Today's visibility would be said as very poor from morning but as I have just checked the weather, the visibility is said to have cleared up and is now said to be good. Today's atmospheric pressure is 1025 mB and rising through the night. Overall it has been a very dark day in Wolverhampton throughout and if the Altostratus cloud appears which may happen because of today's weather, we will expect heavy rain.
  • Monday 15th September 2008
  • This morning, I woke up at around 6.40am and the sky was extremely dull just like the previous days as it was in Birmingham also. It is now 7.45am and remains cloudy with the temperature at 10 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity is 89% and current atmospheric pressure is at 1024 and falling. At 11.31am today at school, the sun had appeared and there is an image of it on the next page. At 2.20pm the sun had returned and a small amount of mid-level clouds had appeared but it was the first time I had seen blue skies currently all work. Unfortunately, it didn’t last all day and at around 4.00pm-4.15pm small sprinkles of rain had appeared but after a few minutes they were gone. I was wrong for yesterdays prediction a I thought rain would be heavy because of the appearance of the Altostratus cloud but I was wrong. Now, at 8.57pm, its cloudy at 16 degrees Celsius and the wind is blowing south east at 3mph. Yesterday the wind force was stronger around this this time at 6mph. Visibility is good compared to BBC’s prediction of it being very poor as I feel its been quite a good day. The peak temperature was at 15 degrees Celsius and tonight we are expecting temperatures at 10 degrees Celsius. Humidity has been at 62% whilst pressure has been at 1023 mB and falling compared to yesterdays 1025 mB. In my view, this day has gone well, especially now that the sun had appeared.
  • Monday 15th September 2008 Images Here is an image of the sun peeping out clouds and next to it on the left is the sky image at 4.06pm.
  • Tuesday 16th September 2008
  • This morning seems to be going good as for the first time in the week, the sun has appeared. Its. 8.10am and there is few clouds but not much blue sky. It seems like the sun is appearing from a high-level cloud. The latest observation data gathered is that its currently 10 degrees Celsius which is similar to yesterdays temperature. Relative humidity is at 90% and wind direction is blowing east at 2mph. Also, we are having 1023 mB of atmospheric pressure but its dropping and visibility is better than previous days as the sun has made an appearance. Its now currently 6.49pm and here are the conditions compared to the morning. Its currently cloudy with a temperature at 15 degrees Celsius. The wind is blowing in the south direction at 5mph. The relative humidity is now at 62% compared to the morning in which we had 90% of atmospheric humidity and this gives us a 28 percentage difference. The pressure is currently at 1022 mB but still falling and visibility is good. The maximum temperature has been at 16 degrees Celsius today and tonight we are expected to have a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. I was quite surprised on the outcome of this day as in the morning for the first time all week, blue skies had appeared with the sun creeping out and I thought it would be at a constant well-heated day. Blue skies dint remain and the majority of the day was left with gray skies but the temperature was at a humid state which wasn’t bad either.
  • Wednesday 17th September 2008
  • Today's day started like the majority of the week, with a gray sky surrounded with low-level clouds. There was no rain until around 12.20pm in which the air was still humid with small showers. Its quite similar to yesterdays weather in a way as the sun has appeared slightly from a huge amount of clouds which have covered the sky for the majority of the day. Currently its 8.00pm and here are the following observations lately for today. Visibility is now moderate but in the morning it was classed as poor. Its still 15 degrees Celsius outside with wind blowing east at 3mph. The relative humidity is at 64% whilst the pressure is at 1022mB and still falling. At around 4.00pm-5.00pm, the sun started to creep back into the clouds and these pictures have been captured on the next page. Overall, the day has been quite gloomy with small amounts of sunshine.
  • Thursday 18th September 2008
  • The sun rose today at 6.48am exactly. The first thing visible to me was blue skies but few minutes later the sky became partly cloudy once again like the other days. Even though it was cloudy, the weather was telling me that today would be a good day and they were correct. Whilst at school at around 1.00pm, blue skies had covered all the sky meaning for the first time in the week, possibly most of the month, visibility was perfect and the temperature peaked today at 18 degrees Celsius. It had stayed consist all day. At the moment its now 9.21pm and temperature is 12 degrees Celsius with winds blowing south at 2mph. The relative humidity is set at 78% with atmospheric pressure at 1024 mB and rising and the visibility remains good. Tonight we can expect temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius and winds of 5-10 mph. I feel that the last day of my weather diary has by far been the greatest, mainly for the fact that blue skies had finally appeared. I feel that with the temperature being also one of the best, today has been a great day also as theirs been no showers.
  • Conclusion I feel that the last day was the greatest and the worst day recorded for myself was Sunday 14 th September in which I woke with dull skies and went through that atmosphere all day. I feel that I have seen a pattern this week and that was usually waking with the sight of gray sky. This didn’t result in the last day. Also, on days excluding the last, there has usually been a small shower. Overall, the week has shown me the highs and lows of weather and how random weather can possibly be on days. One day its raining and the next its beautiful. I have also tried to show that I have learnt certain cloud types such as the ‘Altostratus’ and this will help me in the future.