AgriOER Briefing V2


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AgriOER Briefing V2

  1. 1. AgriOER A collaboration to achieve change in African agriculture education Dr. Christine Geith Assistant Provost, Michigan State University March 31, 2009 FLOSS4Edu
  2. 2. African MScThemes Strategic Challenges MSc graduates do not understand farmer issues Gaps between MSc curriculum, research impact and improvement of farmer livelihood Need for relevant knowledge by all stakeholders in the value chain
  3. 3. AgriOER Key Components Online and Distance Learning Open Educational Resources Community Knowledge Creation & Sharing Students as Agents of Change African Grass Roots Demand Driven
  4. 4. Open Educational Resources
  5. 5. OER business models dual licensing: creative commons & commercial value-added services: teachers & credit student support cc licensed flickr photo by notme2000 C. Geith UCEA Summer Workshop 2007
  6. 6. Mass collaboration and sharing models community created cc licensed flickr photo by notme2000 C. Geith UCEA Summer Workshop 2007
  7. 7. New distribution models unlimited variety targeted searching cc licensed flickr photo by notme2000 C. Geith UCEA Summer Workshop 2007
  8. 8. OER Universities
  9. 9. OER Production and Distribution in Africa
  10. 10. AgriOER Solution
  11. 11. To strengthen MSc agriculture curriculum, resources, teaching methods and impact on farmers To use online open methods and templates that enable customization and scalability, starting with the RUFORUM MSc Research Methods To grow communities of teachers, students, researchers, experts, practitioners and farmers to provide input into university curriculum and to create and use Open Educational Resources To empower students as agents of change
  12. 12. To improve the livelihood of farmers in Africa, through sustainably empowering MSc students & graduates of African institutions to achieve change in agriculture, by leveraging farmer input and African knowledge using OER in universities and the global knowledge pool
  13. 13. AgriOER Collaboration Strategic Themes
  14. 14. AgriOER Goals Farmer Value Wide Sustainable Improve Livelihood Chain Adoption Scalable Student Knowledge of MSc RM Teaching/ Outcomes Learning FLOSS4EDU X X X X RUFORUM X X X X X MSc RM MSU/MAK/ X X X X TNAUVAS WOUGNET X X X
  15. 15. OER Creators and Users FLOSS4EDU RUFORUM MAK/MSU/ MAK/MSU/ MAK/MSU/ WOUGNET Demand- MSc TNAUVAS TNAUVAS TNAUVAS Q/A Driven Research Fact Training Research database of MSc-Level Methods Sheets Materials Data Sets local Modules Modules (video, farmer audio, knowledge print) Use Use Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Students Create/Use Create/Use Use Use Use Use Faculty Create/Use Create/Use Use Use Use Use Experts Use Use Use Use Use Use Learners Use Use Create/Use Farmers Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Create/Use Others
  16. 16. AgriOER Results 4+ communities 3 years $3 million = Successful Template Building a system for curriculum impact Experiential student research Demand-driven mass collaboration Open and scalable curriculum modules
  17. 17. AgriOER