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U10 dutch, english & french colonies
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U10 dutch, english & french colonies


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  • 1. Dutch, English & French Colonies
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  • 5. What did the success of Spain & Portugal lead other nations to do?
    • Find their own route to Asia
    • Wanted to find a Northwest Passage
    • Sea route around or through North America to Asia
    • The English, French & Dutch eventually settled for colonies in North America
  • 6. What did the French & Dutch want from colonies?
    • Money from fur trade
    • French colonists established trading posts in Canada
    • The Dutch settled in present day New York
  • 7. How did French desire for trade effect relations with Indians?
    • The French were interested in trade not land
    • Wanted good relations with Indians for trading
    • French traders lived among & interacted with Indians
  • 8. Who was Henry Hudson?
    • Englishman sailing for the Dutch
    • Claimed the Hudson River Valley & Hudson Bay for the Dutch
    • The Dutch established the colony of New Netherland
  • 9. What were the first two English Colonies in N. America?
  • 10. What were the first two English Colonies in N. America?
    • Roanoke: founded by Sir. Walter Raleigh, but disappeared
    • Jamestown, Virginia 1607
      • First permanent English colony in N.A.
      • Founded by the London Company
      • Goal of the colony was to find gold
  • 11. What types of problems did the Jamestown colony have?
    • Lack of food
    • Lack of labor
    • No Gold
    • Eventually survived by growing & selling Tobacco
  • 12. How did the Jamestown Colony attempt to solve their labor problems?
    • Indentured Servitude
      • Provided free passage to the new world in exchange for 4 to 7 years of work
    • Encouraging women & whole families to move
    • Importation of slaves from Africa
  • 13. How were England’s southern colonies different from the French & Dutch?
    • English colonies focused on plantation farming, not trade
    • English colonies made their money from cash crops
    • Required the settlement of large tracts of land by English colonists
  • 14. What crops did England’s southern colonies grow?
    • Virginia: tobacco
    • NC: naval stores (tar, lumber) for ship building
    • SC: rice & indigo
    • Georgia: established as a prison colony and a buffer from Spanish Florida
  • 15. Why did English settlers settle in New England?
    • Southern colonies were settled for wealth from cash crops
    • New England colonies were settled for religious freedom
    • Colonists came to escape religious persecution
  • 16. What were the first two English colonies settled for religious freedom?
    • Plymouth Colony settled by the Pilgrims 1620
    • Massachusetts Bay Colony settled by Puritans 1630
    • Both colonies allowed religious freedom for Puritans only
  • 17. What did religious intolerance in Massachusetts lead to?
    • More New England colonies
    • Connecticut was founded as an escape from strict Puritan rule
    • Roger Williams formed Rhode Island after being kicked out of Mass.
    • Rhode Island allowed religious toleration for all
  • 18. What other New England colonies were founded on religious freedom?
    • 1630’s, Maryland founded as a refuge for Catholics by Cecil Calvert
    • 1680’s, Pennsylvania founded by Quaker leader William Penn