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The rise of islam
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  • 1. The Rise of Islam
  • 2.  
  • 3. 129) Where did Islam begin?
    • The Arabian Peninsula
    • Mostly desert
    • The southwest corner of the peninsula, Yemen, has fertile land & sea ports
  • 4. 130) How did geography affect Yemen?
    • Fertile soil leads to agriculture
    • Good sea ports lead to trade
    • Trade allowed for the exchange of ideas & culture
  • 5. 131) How did the desert portion of the Peninsula make a living?
    • Herding animals: sheep, goats, cattle
    • Bedouins: Arab herders
    • Traveled Arab Peninsula in search of food & water for livestock
    • Well armed, mobile & accustomed to fighting
  • 6. 132) Who was Muhammad?
    • Born in Mecca 570 AD
    • Establishes Islam
    • The Qu’ran: the holy book of Islam, it records the information revealed to Muhammad by God
  • 7. 133) What are the fundamental ideas behind Islam?
    • There is only one God, Allah
    • Islam, Judaism & Christianity share the same God
    • Muhammad is God’s prophet
  • 8. 134) What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
    • Most important duties expected of Muslims
    • Say the confession of faith
    • Pray five times a day
    • Support the poor through the payment of Alms
  • 9.
    • 4. Fast during the holy month of Ramadan
    • 5. Make the Hajj or “pilgrimage” to Mecca at least once, if possible
  • 10. 135) What conflict did Muhammad’s death cause?
    • Who would be Islam’s new leader
    • ‘ Ali, Muhammad’s cousin or Abu Bakur, Muhammad’s close friend
    • Abu Bakur becomes the first “Caliph”
    • Caliphs are not prophets, just deputies of the prophet