Causes of the cold war
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Causes of the cold war






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    Causes of the cold war Causes of the cold war Presentation Transcript

    • The Cold War A whole lot of nothing. -or- The closest humans have ever come to extinction.
    • “ Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush our enemies.” Mao Tse-tung
    • A shadow has fallen upon the scene so lately lighted by the Allied victory… An iron curtain has descended across the continent. Winston Churchill
    • What was the Cold War?
      • Hostility without fighting
      • US & USSR try to spread political & economic influence
      • Both form military alliances, carry on an arms race and support opposing sides in civil wars
    • What was the Truman Doctrine? $$$$
      • Truman’s attempt to limit the spread of Communism
      • US provides dollars to nations where poverty makes Communism look good
      • $$$$ makes the US more influential than any other before
    • What was the goal of the Marshall Plan?
      • Provided $$$$ in aid for rebuilding
      • USSR & its satellites refused aid
      • Western Europe rebuilds and does not become communist
    • If the US stayed out of alliances for 150 years, why did it join NATO?
      • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
      • Reaction to the Soviet goal of spreading communist revolution
      • NATO protected members from communist aggression
      • USSR & satellites formed the Warsaw Pact
    • How did the end of WWII intensify US/USSR tensions?
      • USSR occupied Baltic nations
      • Militarization of Eastern Europe
      • Soviets don’t leave Berlin or East Germany due to “instability”
      • Berlin Blockade
    • What impact did the Communist takeover of China have on the US?
    • What impact did the Communist takeover of China have on the US?
      • Asia became one more place the US had to fight communism
      • Was seen as proof that communists were trying to take over the world
    • What events in Korea set it up for future problems?
      • Occupied by the Japanese from 1910-1945
      • Jointly occupied by the US & USSR, until elections
      • Democratic elections in the South
      • North becomes Communist
      • Both claim to be the only real Korea