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Presentación del Instituto de Computación

Presentación del Instituto de Computación



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Cia Telematic Partners Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Company Profile• Mission • Telematic Technical Institute• Telematic • Telematic offerings target• Our Organization market mapping• Strategic Focus • Organization Strategy• Sinergy -Marketing Strategies• Services Chart • Advantages • Cybercursos• Contacts• Infraestructure • Interactive Education• Business Unit • Consultative Model - Telematic
  • 2. Mission•We believe that our reason of being is theSATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We worktoward surpassing their expectations.•We use leading edge technology to bring the bestservice and always with value added.•We always pretend to lead all activities we begin,knowing it, as a high value for our customers,profitability for our organization, and marketrecognition.
  • 3. Telematic Is an organization dedicated to: Interactive Education in Information Technologies, focalized in entrepreneurial training and System Professional’s Specialization.
  • 4. Our Organization TELEMATIC ORGANIZATION An Organization that worksCONTINENTAL competitively in a nationORGANIZATION wide & international projects expansion.
  • 5. Strategic Focus Professional Systems Training TELEMATIC Institute INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Professional Careers Continental University Professional IT ServicesPROFESSIONAL FORMATION Technical Formation Continental Institute
  • 6. Synergy HUMAN RESOURCES KNOWNLEDGE Qualify Professionals Experience delivering Education Consultants IT Expertise (Training & development) Mission shared Managing skills Compromise with the organization Marketing & Advertising capabilitiesTECHNOLOGICALRESOURCESFirst class Educational InfrastructureTelecommunications Technologies (ISPTelematic Net) ALIANCES / PARTNERS Microsoft Sun Cisco C US TOME RS Novell
  • 7. Services Chart T E L E M A T IC T e le m a tic In s titu te P r o fe s s io n a l IT IT T r a in in g S e r v ic e s CTEC M ic r o s o ft P r o fe s s io n a l C a r e e r S y s te m s & N e tw o r k s S p e c ia liz a tio n R e g u la r S c h e d u le
  • 8. Contacts Fernando Barrios Manager Director Raúl Zavaleta Commercial Manager Patricia Verand Administrative Manager Enrique Meza Technology and Educational Director Angel Huamani IT Professional Services
  • 9. InfraestructureTelematic has one modern building, 14labs, 01 Lab Sun withcomputers Sun Blad Ultra II; 02Lab CISCO with swichts, routers;  05Labs CTEC with computer IBM. Wehave a room of servers with InstitutionalData, Software, Students and trainersdata, Call server. Our labs also, haveaditional Multimedia proyector tofacilitate the classes. Each lab has thebest microcomputers in technology.And 03 theorics labs, cafeteria, parkingplace, green areas.
  • 10. Business Unit Advantage Focused and directed efforts, using the sinergy generated by the other units.
  • 11. Telematic Technical InstituteOffers training in the principle tools andmethodologies of development & architecture forIT Professionals. Training Formation Specialization Certification
  • 12. Telematic offerings target market mapping IT PROFESSIONALS IT USERS Design of precision Systems Manager Chief of Products                 Profiles Graphic Design Administrative  Comunication Administrator Administrator Administrator Administrator Management Multimedia Developers Data Base Financial  Operator Security Network Support InternetFormation level XMLHigh Specialization BTS, CS We b D e ve lo p e r We b E nab le d N e two rk ing TC NSPSpecialized JavaS e rv. T C LE Cisco S u n S e c u rity We b D e s ign e r JS P S u n S o laris S u n Java [C arre ra - [C arre ra - M ó d .5 - 6] M ó d . 3] M S . P ro j c t e D is .G ráfic o [Carrera - [Carrera - T E C , Java2 T e c .O .O . M S . P ro j c t e P ro d . M .M . E xc e l F inanzasEspecific C u rs o s lib re s d e  Mód.4] N.A. N.A. S q lS e rve r2000 Au to c ad 2000  Mód.2] M o d .B .D . M S . Vis io TED I S o lu c .N e go c . p ro gram . MCSE MCD BA M S . Vis io C u rs o s Lib re s M CSD - Computing basic fundamentalGeneric - Netw orking fundamentals N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. - Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)  - Off iceBasic - Internet - Technical English (Basic/Intermediate) Professional Career Módule 1 -  Basic Formation Módule 2 - OperatorN.A.: Don´t Application Módule 3 - Database Administrator Módule 4 - Network Administrator  Módule 5 - Programmer Módule 6 - Systems Analist
  • 13. Telematic Technical InstituteTraining – End User: • Office Productivity:• Windows Office 2000• Business Solution with Windows Office 2000• Excel Integral 2000• Database administering with MS Access 2000• Database Programming with MS Access 2000• Excel for Finanzas• Microsoft Avanced Excel• Microsoft Project • Creative Center:• Graphic Design• Multimedia
  • 14. IT Professionals: Development Tools •Applications Development C/S with Power Builder 7.0 y SQL 7.0 •Building Applications workshop with Power Builder Foundation ClassWEB APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT •Applications Development with JAVA2 •Applications Development with Java Servlets y JSPSYSTEMS METHODOLOGYS •DataBase modeling and database design •Modeling technical of objects (UML) Internet: •Web site development with HTML and Front Page •Dinamics web site development with DHTML y Javascript
  • 15. SpecializationSystems & Networking•Networking Integral Program•Web Enable Integral Program•Web Designer Program•Web Developer Program•TCNSP Telematic Certified Network Security ProfessionalFormation Professional Careers •Professional Career •Computing Technical Specialists •Internet Web designer
  • 16. Telematic Technical InstituteCertification MS Certified Technical Education Center Authorized Sun Education Center Cisco Learning Partner Novell Authorized Education Center
  • 17. Organization Strategy• Our principle business is Education in 4 ways:Formation, Training, Specialization & Certification.• Oriented to Interactive Education delivery. It can be by classroom, webor technology based training (CBT’s, video, teleconferencing).•Constant Innovation in our products & services.•High grade of quality in our trainers, educational methodology & value-added services.•Province development as other Latinoamerican markets.
  • 18. Advantages• We are focused in Information Technologies.• Leadership in training and Professional IT Services.• Our training strategy is based in a just-in-time capacity for the delivery of learning.• Wide variety of program, courses & schedules.• Our methodology is based in the transmission of expertise.
  • 19. Advantages• Province presence.• Cybercursos : Web based training• Latinamerican presence – First Technological Chat – Top IT Training Member – International courses
  • 20. Cybercursos Cybercursos offers to the spanish speakingcomunity the tools & skills of the web based leraning method, offering Microsoft official courses and workshops. The advantages of this way of teaching are the facilities in time and place for the student, and the posibilities of comunicate with their trainers by e-mail, chats and newsgroups.
  • 21. Interactive Education The end user of aplºPresentials sessions DevelopersFacilities On line: Engineer of Support andCybercursos NetworksSelfstudyCBT - Multimedia Beginners Intermediate Certificatíon