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BostInno Advertising

  1. 1. BostInnovation The view from inside Boston
  2. 2. Media has changed… Traditional media is dead , and newspapers are no longer how people consume news . 18.9 million Decline in daily circulation of print newspapers from 1990 to 2010.
  3. 3. Media has changed… Yet consumption is up , and people are now spending more time with their news than ever before . 2010 The first year in history that more people consumed news online than on paper 13 min. Average min. per day spent reading news in 2010, up from 10 min./day
  4. 4. BostInno is the future of news… Driven by a fast , edgy and opinionated editorial team, combined with contributions from Boston’ s top thought leaders across industries, BostInno provides you the view from inside Boston ’ s most important issues . … robust hub of information about what’ s new in Boston. ” Voted #1 Startup in Boston $1.3 million Seed funding closed in June 2011 from top area investors CEO Chase Garbarino named “ Top Tech Player ” of 2011
  5. 5. BostInno is growing… Fast… BostInno is the fastest growing news property in New England with a connected and intelligent audience. BostInno unique visitors in November to surpass 500K. 60 % Male 70 % aged 21-39 Median income $100K - $150K 1/11 48K 6/11 156K
  6. 6. Our content… We provide the view from inside Boston for this city's community of innovators . Technology Startups Business Venture Higher Ed City News Sports
  7. 7. Our philosophy on advertising… Consumers online expect dialogue , so pairing your brand with relevant and passion-driven topics is one of the best ways to ensure that you are engaged with key audiences … Given that brands are all about voice , meaning , values , and point of view , having the skills of a conversational publisher is critical to success . It’ s not enough to buy engagement ads, have a Facebook page, or man a twitter handle. You also need to add value to the independent web, so you have things to share on those dependent web services and platforms. - John Battelle Online Media visionary
  8. 8. Your company needs to join the conversation.
  9. 9. Our advertising opportunities… Streetwise’ s Channel product provides companies , brands and organizations a direct opportunity to join the conversation . Clients can publish an unlimited amount of editorial-approved content directly to the BostInno platform. <ul><li>Packages: </li></ul><ul><li>Annual package </li></ul><ul><li>Quarterly package </li></ul><ul><li>Weekly package </li></ul>
  10. 10. Our launch partner channels include… Join the conversation of the city’ s top organizations. The AdClub – MassChallenge - Allen & Gerritsen – NEVCA – Holland-Mark - MITX In process: The Capital Network
  11. 11. Section & content sponsorship opportunities… a b c d <ul><li>Content Sections: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Tech/Biz/Startups </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>City News </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Higher Ed </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Sports </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Packages: </li></ul><ul><li>Weekly & Monthly </li></ul>
  12. 12. Newsletter sponsorship opportunities… <ul><li>Ad Placements </li></ul><ul><li>Featured banner </li></ul><ul><li>Featured Footer </li></ul><ul><li>Featured Link </li></ul>1 2 3 Our newsletter reaches the inboxes of 8,000 connected people , twice every week.
  13. 13. Event sponsorship opportunities… Partner with us on amazing events, featuring participants and audiences comprised of leaders from Boston’ s best companies and organizations . Quarterly Pillar Events: - Insiders Gala: February - Higher Ed Forum: April - Summer Bash: July - Digital Showcase: October - Monthly Community Meet Ups - Multiple Sponsor Events Annual Sponsorship: - All events, passes, branding, and posts For custom sponsorships and one-time opportunities, contact us for more info.
  14. 14. Our sponsors and advertisers include…
  15. 15. Contact: [email_address] Thank You. The view from inside Boston