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This video will teach anyone in any business how to market automatically, systematically an cost effectively with little or not effort.

This video will teach anyone in any business how to market automatically, systematically an cost effectively with little or not effort.

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  • 1. Automated Referral Marketing Introduces A Totally Automatic Referral Generator
  • 2. Why Do People Refer? • Satisfaction with Service • Trust • Confidence • Emotional Attachment • Bonding
  • 3. Relationship Marketing Building Relationships Maintaining Relationships Multiplying Relationships Maintain Relationships
  • 4. The Start Internal Marketing External Marketing MEDIA – MARKET - MESSAGE 1. Easily Targeted 2. Cost Effective 3. Predictable 4. Rapid Employment 5. Relationship Based 6. “Captive Audience” 1. Difficult to Target 2. Costly 3. Unpredictable 4. Long term Employment 5. Non Relational 6. Unknown Audience
  • 5. Four Steps to Creating A Predictable Referral System• Select or Create a Group (Target) • Find or Create a Purpose • Design the Message • Distribute the Message: Frequently, Systematically and Automatically
  • 6. Selecting/Creating a Group • 1500 - Average number of active patients in a typical dental practice • 80 – 20 Rule • Like Refers Like • Purpose Marketing – Target a specific treatment modality (i.e. whitening) • Generalized Marketing – Asking for Referrals
  • 7. Find or Create a Purpose • Unlimited • Birthdays • Holidays • Introduction of New [ Fill In the Blank] • Celebrations • Events
  • 8. Design the Message • Create Your Copy • Keep it Unique • Keep it Humorous • Make It Memorable • Make It Personal • Determine Frequency – 50 plus times a year
  • 9. Now Comes The Fun Part • Systematic – Send Out Cards not Emails • Automatic – You Design the Campaign Once and It Goes On Autopilot!
  • 10. Creating Your First Card • Select a Card (i.e. Birthday) • Create Your Own Bifold, Trifold or Postcard • Editing Your Card Go To Internet
  • 11. How Can I Use This In My Business? • Birthdays • Business Announcements • Sales • Thank You Notes • Holidays • Just Saying Hi
  • 12. Adding Personality What Is PicturePlus? Add inside and outside, personalized signatures to your custom card
  • 13. How Do I Get Started o to http://www.sendoutcards.com/50458 and click on Join Now. elect your SendOutCards PackageAdd Your Contacts dd and Manage Groups etup and Manage
  • 14. Get Started Today • Don’t Wait! • Costs less than buying a card, writing it yourself and then mailing it! • Once it’s set, it runs on its own! • Unlimited Groups and Campaigns • Will work in any business! :// .h t t p w w w s e n d o u t c a r d s . /5 0 4 5 8c o m Th a n k s f o r Lis t e n in g C a r y G a n z D D S SendOutCards Automate Your Business Today!