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  • 1. Mobile Marketing &1 Communications Mobile Happens NOW
  • 2. How Successful Do You Want YourBusiness To Be… What if you could instantly advertise without extensive pre-planning?!?  In a world of ever changing technology, it is difficult to keep up with the latest product and ever changing means of communication.  We can help; we offer full service mobile marketing services to help bring your business up to its full potential. 2
  • 3. What is SMS? It is ‘Short Message Service’ and is used on mobile and cellular devices. SMS is text messaging in bulk It is text messaging for businesses, organizations, churches, schools and more! Large Fortune 500 Companies have been using Bulk Text Messaging (SMS) for years  Successfullyattracting new customers and succeeded their expectations. 3
  • 4. Why choose sms for your marketing? 98% of text messages are read in 3 minutes or less! SMS is the quickest way for your business to attract and GET THE ATTENTION of customers Now SMS has become affordable for businesses of all sizes. 4
  • 5. Why Mobile Marketing? You can advertise instantly knowing your message will be received by a welcoming ‘permission based’ audience. Text messages are opened 99% of the time within 5 minutes! Nothing else compares..... Reach out to your customers when you need to fill open time, empty tables and more..... No waiting for printers, mail delivery or worrying about getting trapped in the SPAM folder! 5 Instant marketing / Instant results
  • 6. How can YOU use mobile marketing?Text message your customers:  Mobile coupons  Appointment reminders  How-to videos  QR codes  Daily specials, weekly specials  When new shipments arrive  Instant message your customers  Send out personalized e-cards for birthdays, special events, holidays and more  Send out messages to only certain customers 6
  • 7. How do I use Mobile with SMS? We set you up with a Short Code (72727) or a Long Code and the keyword of your choice.  Example: Text ‘wine glass’ to 72727 to receive text alerts from ‘your business’. Once your customer texts your keyword to your Short or Long Code, they will automatically be opted into your distribution list (aka mobile contact list). All distribution lists are 100% user opt-in and text messages are not spam. 7
  • 8. What if you could contact acustomer within 1 minute? You can with mobile marketing; send out coupons, specials and more in a moment’s notice You can be more modern in today’s competitive market by going mobile  No more spending weeks pre-planning your traditional marketing campaigns, with mobile marketing you can send out a text message to everyone in your contact list within 1 minute!  No boring marketing campaigns using SMS A quick fact: people aged 42 and younger text more than talk. 54% of individuals "Opting In" to a texting program agreed to receive offers. The single most used feature of a mobile phone is texting.  Source: Moblico Solutions, LLC 2010Mobile is the only channel that allows a brand to reach target 8customers for the 18 hours a day it is in their pocket or purse. Peoplestop what they are doing to deal with incoming messages and alerts.
  • 9. When you work with us you get: Account and Keyword Set-Up Your First QR Code A Total Marketing Package Including Flyers / Table Tents, Counter Stands, Package Inserts, Buttons and more.... Your Own Account Manager 9
  • 10. Call us today! We Have Local Mobile Marketing ConsultantsAvailable to Answer Any and All of Your Questions. 1 866 894.9942 516 741.2431 10