Presentazione GstarCAD 2011


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  • GstarCAD has three versions. Standard is the basis version, it’s focus on 2D design, But also support 3D surface and mesh. Professional adds ACIS module based on Standard, used it you can create and edit 3D solid, and can transform 3D to 2D, Acadamic version is specially released for college, university and other education institutes.
  • GstarCAD has thirteen language versions, such as English, France, Spanish, Russian and etc. From 2007, GstarCAD is sold to over seventy countries.
  • GstarCAD uses dwg as drawing format, it is same as AutoCAD. It is fully compatible with AutoCAD. GstarCAD supports dwg and dxf files from 2.5 to 2010. Because Autodesk update DWG format about every three years, so GstarCAD is compatible with AutoCAD 2011 and 2012. Not only the dwg and dxf, template file, fonts file, user interface file, linetypes, hatch patterns, alias command, plot style layer states. Whether you used AutoCAD before, or your paterners are using AutoCAD, there are no obstacles to transfer to GstarCAD.
  • GstarCAD has similar interface and operation method with AutoCAD, it is easy to use. If you used AutoCAD before , you can work immediately.\\
  • GstarCAD is open for application developer, and it’s APIs is similar with AutoCAD, Our many application supports GstarCAD and AutoCAD with same source codes. If you develop some tools in AutoCAD, if it’s easy to transplant to GstarCAD. If the tools write in lisp, even it could be run directly in GstarCAD.
  • GstarCAD has over 95% basis function of AutoCAD, and we developed many tools according to customers special requirement, and added them in GstarCAD as express tools. So GstarCAD provided more express tools than AutoCAD. GstarCAD’s price is much less than AutoCAD, obviously, GstarCAD is more cost-effective. It is the better choice of you.
  • GstarCAD has some distinguishing function. Although some functions is very simple or small, but it is helpful, like the drawing compare which I just show you.
  • Presentazione GstarCAD 2011

    1. 1. GstarCAD 2011 Software CAD veloce, potente e DWG-compatibile
    2. 2. Contenuti GstarCAD Novità in GstarCAD 2011 Funzioni originali di GstarCAD 2011 Soluzioni CAD a 360°
    3. 3. Introduzione
    4. 4. Versioni
    5. 5. Lingue
    6. 6. Piena compatibilità Formati di file compatibili Nessun problema per l’interscambio dei file <ul><li>DWG/DXF file of R2.5-2010 </li></ul><ul><li>Font(*.shx) </li></ul><ul><li>Patterns(*.pat) </li></ul><ul><li>Linetypes (*.lin) </li></ul><ul><li>Template file(*.dwt) </li></ul><ul><li>Alias command (*.pgp) </li></ul><ul><li>Plot style(*.ctb/stb) </li></ul><ul><li>User interface and menu (*.cui 、 *.mnu) </li></ul><ul><li>Layer states (*.las) … … </li></ul>
    7. 7. Interfaccia e metodi operativi simili a quelli di AutoCAD I progettisti possono lavorare immediatamente senza formazione <ul><li>Interfaccia Simile </li></ul><ul><li>Stessi comandi, parametri e metodi operativi </li></ul>Menu, Toolbar, Command line, Graphic window <ul><li>Opzioni Simile, Personalizzazione interfaccia utente </li></ul>Piena compatibilità
    8. 8. Piena Compatibilità Ottime APIs, altamente compatibili con AutoCAD Ambiente aperto per lo sviluppo di Applicazioni Facile porting delle applicazioni
    9. 9. Valore aggiunto e convenienza
    10. 10. Contenuti GstarCAD Novità in GstarCAD 2011 Funzioni originali di GstarCAD 2011 Soluzioni CAD a 360°
    11. 11. Performance migliorate Nuova Interfaccia Ribbon Nuove Quotature Conversione 3D -2D Nuove APIs Nuove Funzioni Novità inGstarCAD 2011
    12. 12. Contenuti GstarCAD Novità in GstarCAD 2011 Funzioni originali di GstarCAD 2011 Soluzioni CAD a 360°
    13. 13. Funzioni originali presenti in GstarCAD ma non in AutoCAD Funzione GstarCAD AutoCAD Descrizione File tab bar √ × Gestione veloce dei file aperti Real-time cutting √ × Visualizzazione della sezione del modello AutoXLSTable √ × Integrazione con Tabelle Excel Form tools √ × Disegno e modifica di Form Drawing compare √ × Confronto tra diversi disegni Drawing lock √ × Gestione Password del dwg Statistics summation √ × Statistiche GstarCAD Toolbox √ × Strumenti per visione assonometrica Spline to line √ × Conversione spline in line Arrange frame automatically √ × Creazione automatica di frame di stampa Batch print √ × Stampa batch Extended text editor √ × Editor testi esteso Print PLT √ × Stampa file PLT
    14. 14. Contenuti GstarCAD Novità di GstarCAD 2011 Funzioni originali di GstarCAD 2011 Soluzioni CAD a 360°
    15. 15. GstarCAD 2011 AEC ( Architecture 、 Engineering & Construction ) MFG ( Manufacturing ) Drainage HVAC Architect Structure Electrical Calculation Wire and Tower Mechanical Die & Mould Stone Grating Drawing& Document Management DM>PDM
    16. 16. Grazie!