2012 orientation night


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Sister Esther's Back to School Night Notes

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2012 orientation night

  1. 1. Welcome to Back to School NightI am looking forward to a rewarding and enjoyable year with your children.This school year promises to besuccessful and learning filled experience for all of us.Youwill find your child involved in challenging situations that require critical thinking and cooperative skills. GoalsThe fifth graders are on their way toward advancement educationally, socially, and spiritually. As they maturethroughout this year, my goals will be to help each child works toward becoming a responsible individual who isable to continue in the development of self- discipline and the setting of personal goals.
  2. 2. Then I will integrate cooperative learning in all subjects in order to help students successfully accomplish tasks and to use skills necessary for success.School WorkStudents will be held accountable for their school work as well as their behavior. Since the major academic focus at holy Angels school is to provide an opportunity for each student to achieve his/ her educational potential, specific expectations as stressed by the school will help to ensure each child’s maximum learning.
  3. 3. Student Learning ExpectationThe SLE are the focus of Holy Angels schoolare posted throughout the school and each classroom. The school based the profile of its student on a comprehensive understanding of curriculum which includes the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological and physical experiences of all students. This statement represents what we consider the important characteristics of The school an ideal student.1. Be Like Jesus2. Be the Best You Can Be3. Be Responsible Citizens
  4. 4. CurriculumThe curriculum that will be teaching your child are: Religion - Faith First (text book) has 4 units We Believe, We Worship, We live, We Pray Language Arts English ( Macmillan)It helps the students to use language effectively and creatively in oral and written communication Writing ( Writers Express) This book helps the student improve their ability to write, to think creatively, logically, and clearly through the process of writing. Reading( Houghton Mifflin) This text integrates all the Language Arts by focusing on literature, fiction. and non fiction reading/ writing, and poetry.
  5. 5. Spelling ( Steck-Vaughn) It builds students; spelling power, links spelling to word meaning, connects spelling to the underlying purpose for learning it,and develops students’ ability to write.Handwriting is based on Scripture Verses. It teaches students’ the correct formation of letters and the message of the Scripture verses that are presented to be copied correctly. Social Studies ( America Will Be)The students will be learning US history from Native American Cultures to the Civil war.
  6. 6. Math( Houghton Mifflin Mathematics) Science and HealthFine Arts-PE-Computer-Dance-
  7. 7. Your child’s teachers this year are:Homeroom, Religion and Language Arts- Sr. EstherMathematics- Mrs. Laura NordmanSocial Studies and Fine Arts- Mrs. CordanoHealth and Science, PE - Mr. CalmaComputer- Mrs. FuerteDance-Special Needs-
  8. 8. Safe and Caring SchoolHoly Angels school is using the Safe and Caring School program. The school -wide program promotes student learning and well- being by targeting skills in self- awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision making.Basic to the program is the use of variety of activities that give students’ creative opportunities to advance their learning ability in ways that result in productive and rewarding relationships.
  9. 9. HomeworkHomework is an integral part in the educational process in the life of a student.It is an extension of the learning experiences children have during the instructional day.Homework is designed to aid the students in achieving classroom and school goals and should not be to punish or keep a child busy.Homework is approximately 50 to 60 minutes.If your child is spending more than this amount of time on homework, we explore the reasons for the excessive time and discuss ways to improve the situation.
  10. 10. Work PacketA folder containing your child’s work will be sent home every two weeks.This will help you awarewhich area he/she progresses or needs help. Please take time to read the contents and affix your signature after you are done checking your child’s work.
  11. 11. Reasons why homework is given: To develop responsibility To strengthen skills To develop good study habits To practice and drill for mastering the skillsHomework When Student Misses SchoolIf your child is ill, but able to do homework, I will be happy to make assignments that do not require teacher instruction.Please call the school in advance to make these arrangement. The work may be picked up after three p.m.
  12. 12. Incomplete or No Homework:• No recess• Child’s letter to parents explaining the reason of not doing his/her homework and return to the teacher with parents’ signature• Send to the officeBook Report: Each student is required to submit 4 book reports. Type written or hand writtenBook report due:October 15December 10February 25May 20
  13. 13. TestSpelling- 25 words - FridayVocabulary - 20 words- ThursdayReligion - A check up test is done after learning a new lesson, either oral or written.Grades are based on different areas:• Oral and written test• Class Participation• Projects• Homework
  14. 14. • Grading ScalesA 96-100 F- 59A- 93- 95B+ 91-92B 87-90B- 84-86C+ 83- 81C 74-80C- 70-73D+ 67- 69D 63-66D- 60 -62
  15. 15. Co- Curricular CodeP- Participate NP -Does not participateComment Code+ - Area of StrengthNo Mark- Meets Expectations= Needs improvementBehavioral/ learning skills code1- Exceeds expectation 2- Meets expectations3- Improvement needed 4- Unsatisfactory
  16. 16. Three Parts of Classroom Discipline Plan1. Classroom Rules that must be followed at all times2. Positive Recognition3. Consequences that result when rules are not followed
  17. 17. Classroom Rules Listen carefully Respect others Work and play safely Follow directionsConsequences Warning- Time out for ten min.-1 check No small recess- 2 checks No big recess- 3 checks Send to office- 4 checks Call parents- 5 checks
  18. 18. Positive Recognition1. A certificate of praise from the teacher2. No homework pass3. Call parentsWays To help Your Child Talk with your children about school work. See that your child gets plenty of sleep. Encourage exercise and good nutrition. Encourage doing homework as early in the afternoon. Take an active interest in your child’s school work. Provide learning experiences out side of school. Parks, museums, libraries, zoos. Historical sites and family games offer
  19. 19. Good learning experiences. Try to limit TV watching and computer play Be aware of numerous study strategies Provide a quiet, well lit study area for your child. Communicate that education is important and encourage to do well in school Be supportive Praise your child for completing homework Promote good discipline
  20. 20. Birthday celebrationBirthdays are celebrated on the FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH for those who like to celebrate here in school.Parents may coordinate with other parents whose child’s birthday falls on the same month.Kindly inform me by note or call me at least two days days before the celebration.
  21. 21. Thank you for the privilege of being part ofyour child’s growth this year. I welcomeyour questions and comments. You canreach me through the school office toschedule a conference or call me at theconvent (650)755-2712 between 7:00 -8:00in the evening.