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Dyslexia: Time For Talent - The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Children - by author Carolina Frohlich
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Dyslexia: Time For Talent - The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Children - by author Carolina Frohlich

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Carolina Frohlich is an expert in dyslexia, specific learning difficulties, education and self-esteem. She is the author of Dyslexia: Time For Talent (early years to adulthood)

Carolina Frohlich is an expert in dyslexia, specific learning difficulties, education and self-esteem. She is the author of Dyslexia: Time For Talent (early years to adulthood)

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  • 1. Carolina Frohlich
  • 3. Available On www.amazon.com www.amazon.co.uk www.amazon.ca www.amazon.es www.amazon.de www.amazon.at www.amazon.it www.amazon.fr www.amazon.jp
  • 4. The Author’s Biography Carolina Fröhlich Born in London Award-winning author and recipient of multiple 5-star reviews Carolina has dyslexia and is the parent of two children with dyslexia and dyspraxia International Speaker; (SEN) Special Educational Needs Consultant and University Lecturer; Guest Speaker in SEN and High Potential (gifted) underachievers; Qualified Teacher & Cognitive Assessor; Teacher Training Parenting and Learning Coach Passion: advocating for children and adults with learning differences
  • 5. Brief Review Dyslexia: TIME FOR TALENT Guides and empowers parents through dyslexia Addresses dyslexia holistically: academically, emotionally, behaviourally, socially and spiritually Provides learning solutions to dyslexia challenges in the classroom and at home Supports parents by providing step-by-step tables from identifying dyslexia, high potential, reading, spelling, arithmetic, handwriting to raising self-confidence, identifying talents and much more Discusses co-existing characteristics of dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, speech and language, among other learning difficulties
  • 6. Author Research and Training 20 years research into dyslexia and specific learning difficulties Highly qualified specialist teacher and cognitive educational assessor Experience of successfully raising two children with differing characteristics of dyslexia and dyspraxia Uses tried and tested teaching strategies for improving learning Skilled at achieving high levels of success for underperforming children and adults
  • 7. Book Foreword By Bernadette McLean Principal of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre ‘This comprehensive book celebrates the difference in style and learning that people with dyslexia bring to their worlds at home and school. Carolina speaks as a parent and as an educator, as well as offering her own dyslexic perspective. TIME FOR TALENT is accessible, informative and positive. It works right through the age range to adulthood and this journey of support is made credible by the many case studies showing dyslexia alongside co-existing difficulties. Refer to it as a complete book of recipes – some for now, some for later. Or, treat it like the road map that Carolina offers and get on with your journey wherever you are. The comprehensive nature of TIME FOR TALENT means that many holistic approaches are included for those who want to add these to their toolkit.’
  • 8. Reviewed by Teodora Totorean for Readers' Favorite Rating: 5.0 stars The book Dyslexia: Time for Talent by Carolina Fröhlich is written from the perspective of a person with dyslexia, a parent with dyslexic children, and a support teacher for pupils with dyslexia. The author is all of the above and through this book she proves to be a great story teller, a talented writer, and a thorough researcher. The book offers in-depth information about various aspects of what it means to have dyslexia, including the identification of struggles with reading and writing in children, different approaches and learning techniques, getting an assessment, offering children the right support and building up their self-esteem. The main idea of the book is that dyslexia is not a condition that someone needs to be “cured” of, it is only a different way of learning. Through a personalized teaching/learning approach, every child with dyslexia can find his own talent and become a successful adult. Dyslexia: Time for Talent is a well-written and well-documented book, very informative and useful for parents and teachers alike who work with children with dyslexia. Every problem has a solution and this is illustrated through charts and examples from Fröhlich’s own experience as a parent with dyslexic children. The author also emphasises that every dyslexic child is different and parents and teachers should identify what their strengths and weaknesses are so they can adapt the teaching methods accordingly. Learning through art, music, or sports are just a few examples of such methods. But the book doesn’t stop at primary school years; it also offers advice on how to deal with the condition in later years too, from secondary school and further education to learning to drive and getting the relevant career advice. As there are still people that are diagnosed later in life, I found those chapters extremely useful. This is the kind of book that should be in every household with a dyslexic family member, so it can be consulted at any time.
  • 9. Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Rating: 5.0 stars Dyslexia: Time For Talent - The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Children by Carolina Frohlich is an educational guide on dyslexia. The book addresses dyslexia from all angles and covers every aspect of it. There is a lot of information which will be helpful and useful to parents, caregivers, teachers, and others who work with these children. The author has used her experience as a teacher to address the issues faced by people dealing with dyslexic children. There are other disorders that co-exist with dyslexia and the author has covered those topics as well. The author tells readers how the problems faced by dyslexic children can be handled well to make these kids more confident when it comes to facing society. The book is packed with information and tips for those working with dyslexic kids. The author's observations and knowledge about dyslexia is remarkable and it is wonderful that she decided to share this in a book. The author has also shared her experiences as the mother of dyslexic children, as well as many true stories of other parents and children and how these children can be made to feel normal. The book can actually change your perspective on how you look at dyslexic children. This is essential reading for every parent with a dyslexic child.
  • 10. Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite Rating: 5.0 stars Dyslexia: Time For Talent: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Children by Carolina Frohlich is a helpful guide for parents who have children with dyslexia. The guide helps parents to work with dyslexia and shows how they can work with their children from the time they are young through to adulthood. It takes a holistic perspective to the problem and addresses emotional, behavioral, social, spiritual, and academic points. I got this book to read so I could help a friend with her child who has dyslexia and other learning disabilities. She (and I) are of a core belief that it takes a village of support and since I spend a great deal of time with her and her daughter I felt it good to study up as well. Carolina Frohlich has created a great read here that is very informative with lessons that are going to go so far in helping my friend's daughter. The points are well written, well organized, and more than expressive. I came away from reading this feeling empowered and well educated. I love how it shows you new ways to find talents and create self esteem without seeming like it is coming from an obligatory fake place. I have read so many books that offer well meaning advice, but it sounds like it comes from one of those motivational posters you see in offices. While those posters are nice, they are not 'one size fits all.' Dyslexia: Time for Talent is a breath of fresh air with fresh ideas. I gladly recommended this one as a read for my friend and would do the same for any parent who has a child with dyslexia.
  • 11. Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite Rating: 5.0 stars Carolina Frohlich, author of Dyslexia, Time For Talent: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Children, has come up with a book that not only teaches us how to deal with this special learning condition, but also changes our general understanding of dyslexia. Combining the academic and holistic approach, the book starts with a chapter on Personal and Children’s Stories that make parents with dyslexic children feel that they are not completely alone in the world. She continues by giving a clear definition of dyslexia and by discussing the holistic needs of these special children. The next chapters include Our Children’s Education, Supporting Your Child’s Learning and Your Young Adult. As these titles suggest, this book is a great help in dealing with dyslexic children as they blossom into successful adults. Dyslexia, Time For Talent is designed to guide parents and teachers in nurturing dyslexic children so that they can achieve their full potential. Surprisingly easy to read, this is a book that seemingly contains all the answers in dealing with this special condition. Stressing the importance of an early assessment, the book certainly helps us understand a dyslexic mind. A dyslexic herself and with children coping with similar conditions, Frohlich is proof that nothing should stop a child with dyslexia from succeeding in any field that he or she chooses. This is especially true if parents and teachers follow this comprehensive guide. In the end, it makes me realize that dyslexia should not be a diagnosis to fear but is simply a special condition that calls for a special understanding. This book is an informative and interesting read!
  • 12. Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite Rating: 5.0 stars “Understanding our children’s frustrations and giving them the tools to blossom will give them the confidence to reach their true potential,” says Carolina Fröhlich in Dyslexia: Time for Talent. That is precisely what her book does. Not only is it a book which informs and encourages the special skills and talents of dyslexic learners, but it is also a definitive reference guide for those who need it for everyday use. This book is filled with personal stories which show how many families and learners have struggled with and adapted to the challenges offered by dyslexia. Readers gain an understanding of what dyslexia is and what its probable causes are. There is a deeper discussion of the holistic needs of a dyslexic child and how their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being is tied up in understanding their special skills and talents in order to continually boost their self-confidence as they progress. Supporting the child’s education and encouraging art, music, and athletic skills along with the numerous methods for giving aid in the academic classroom is not only the job of the instructors, but should be monitored and adapted through parental involvement. As the student progresses into young adulthood, there are new methods and techniques for meeting the challenges of driving, higher education and obtaining career advice. Through each of these stages of growth and development, Carolina’s guide is supported by numerous charts and tables which help illustrate the information that she is presenting. There are also numerous appendices for further reference and information for quick reference. Dyslexia: Time for Talent is a complete guide to defining, supporting, and encouraging a dyslexic child as the struggle to maintain self-confidence and self-worth is continually bombarded by traditional learning models. Through this guide, teachers and parents alike can easily implement techniques that will boost the learning, performance, and special skills of the dyslexic learner. Practical, informative and encouraging, Dyslexia: Time for Talent is essential not only for parents and instructors who work with dyslexic children on a daily basis, but also to encourage those who have dyslexia and help them to realize that they see the world in a special light and bring a special talent to be shared with those around them.
  • 13. Parent Testimonials ‘Carolina's knowledge and empathy is evident from all angles. She is a role model for parents who want to preserve confidence and self-esteem in their children.’ Martin, London ‘This book is a comprehensive guide to recognising and understanding dyslexia and to supporting your children right through the educational system. I wish your book had been available when our now 14-year-old was going through hell. If I had had access to this several years ago, the earlier years stuff would have had more impact than anything I found at the time.’ Pam, London ‘I want to congratulate you on your book. It's brilliant. I have just finished reading it. Your book is already making a difference!’ Ophelia, Germany
  • 14. Parent Testimonials ‘Carolina is thorough, professional and communicates in ways that parents can understand. She is able to pull from a wealth of resources and information. We really appreciate all the support she has offered to us and we are now seeing positive results at home and school. We are more confident in being able to manage our little boy appropriately and with less stress.’ Al, Netherlands ‘I love this book. It has already helped us enormously. We understand our son’s struggles, not only educationally, but also at a much deeper level. It’s full of practical solutions. We are now ready to help him at home and school.’ Ann, UK
  • 15. The Author’s Purpose To present parents with facts and solutions on dyslexia and co-existing learning difficulties in 1 book To support parents, children and teachers with successful, practical strategies in the classroom and at home To provide parents with an optimist outlook of their child’s abilities and potential To raise awareness of how children with dyslexia learn best To reduce the stress upon children and parents To boost children’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  • 16. Benefits to Readers Short-cut the arduous journey of finding the right help Raise children’s self-belief, self-confidence and self-esteem Tips and solutions to challenges in and out of the classroom Access emotional support Help parents advocate for their child Identify children’s hidden talents Improve family harmony
  • 17. Book Outline From the author’s teaching and parenting perspective, Carolina Fröhlich provides parents with knowledge about dyslexia at a deep level – and explains what works and what does not work for children in the classroom. Her focus is on children understanding their own strengths and challenges; and teachers/parents capitalising on children’s strengths and talents to enhance their learning experience and achieve success, through: - early identification; educational assessment; checking physiological stability of auditory, vestibular (balance), visual tracking, coordination and primitive reflexes; emotional care; learning support; learning passports/IEPs; identifying talents; identifying Multiple Intelligences, learning preferences and much more…
  • 18. Book Outline cont’d Dyslexia: Time For Talent is a wealth of information packed with support, action plans, practical strategies and solutions for school and at home. Despite expert research and greater awareness of dyslexia, thousands of children with learning difficulties are still not being supported at school and are suffering the debilitating side-effects of low self-esteem. This book empowers parents (and teachers) with a fundamental and systemic understanding of the real implications of having ‘learning difficulties’ and ensures families find the right path of lifelong positive learning, in spite of a perceived learning ‘disability’: ✔ Discover how children can learn successfully ✔ Recognise Multiple Intelligences and Learning Preferences ✔ Learn excellent strategies for home and classroom ✔ Find proven learning solutions ✔ Boost your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem ✔ Raise achievement potential ✔ Access emotional support (parents and children) ✔ Manage behaviour and survive homework time ✔ ‘Get physical’: health, nutrition and exercise
  • 19. Book Contents PART ONE Our Children and Dyslexia Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Personal stories Chapter 3 Children’s stories PART TWO Understanding Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties Chapter 4 What is dyslexia? Chapter 5 What causes dyslexia? Chapter 6 Related learning difficulties and other conditions Chapter 7 Our memory and memory strategies PART THREE Your Child’s Holistic Needs Chapter 8 Emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-esteem Chapter 9 Road to your child’s success – part l: body, mind and soul Chapter 10 Road to your child’s success – part ll: identifying children’s talents PART FOUR Our Children’s Education Chapter 11 Learning preferences and multiple intelligences Chapter 12 Getting support for your child at school Chapter 13 The benefit of having an educational assessment Chapter 14 Choosing the right school PART FIVE Supporting Your Child’s Learning Chapter 15 Learning challenges and solutions at school and home Chapter 16 Literacy skills and tips Chapter 17 Reading with your child at home Chapter 18 Numeracy skills and tips Chapter 19 Art and music Chapter 20 Sport and Exercise Chapter 21 Study skills and homework PART SIX Your Young Adult Chapter 22 Learning how to drive Chapter 23 Further education and careers advice: late teens and young adults Conclusion Message to parents and children Glossary Appendix A Indicators of dyslexia by age Appendix B Dyslexia and learning disabilities associations Appendix C High learning potential and gifted websites Appendix D Speech and language therapists and educational psychologists Appendix E Schools, colleges and universities with SEN/D provision worldwide Appendix F Publishers and suppliers of special education resources Appendix G Revision websites Appendix H Motivation and revision charts References Endnotes Index
  • 20. Carolina is available for speaking events, presentations and training Carolina presents positive and inspiring seminars to businesses, schools, colleges, universities and associations No audience is too big or too small
  • 21. For more information contact Amazon US author profile Amazon UK author profile Facebook – DyslexiaTimeForTalent www.carolinafrohlich.co.uk carolinafrohlich@aol.com www.icanspell.co.uk LinkedIn