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Forchuteck 3 D Profile

  1. 1. Region to merge 3D and Multimedia into Learning: E-learning enhancing the learning experience. Visual impact study is often recognized as the ultimate tool to present the property you are about to sell. With the help of the realistic renderings of visuals, particularly in outline of the images, you can represent the locale & topography of the property. This will permit the client to observe the fair deal with the surroundings of the property, which he/she intends to buy. We deploy designs with the cutting-edge software technologies to re-gather the best details, so that your clients will get an understanding about the project after Achieve much more than what you can achieve traditionally. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us here. ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc. 2455 Silverado trail Grand Prairie TX 75052 (TEL) Atlanta 678 222 1774 Dallas 214 432 8475 Fax 972 522 1830 Name: Charles Forchu Email: URL:
  2. 2. Region to merge 3D and Multimedia into Learning: E-learning ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc. enhancing the learning experience About Us ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc. is a leading enterprise and collaborative solutions provider . Headquartered in Atlanta, USA, we provide solutions to enable our customers maintain their competitive advantage in the global markets, to control costs and cultivate growth.We enable business enterprises to better utilize their IT investments and to enhance their Return on Investment (ROI) without foregoing the advantage of maintaining leading-edge technologies. We are an ISO 9001:2000 organization, certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) of Netherlands. We are on our way for implementing SEI iCMM practices for our global delivery operations. At ForchuTeck, our 3D (3 Dimensional) visualization service provides customers with the realistic approach. ForchuTeck have a pool of highly skilled 3D animators who are capable of transforming any of your idea into reality. We can generate interactive character animation system that allows a custom character, mascot or logo to be designed and brought to quot;lifequot;. ForchuTeck can work with you to get the exact style in which you wish to present your character. Our process is completely customizable, and extensible architecture allows for Delivers high quality, absolute artistic freedom. Using high end systems and the latest technology, we are custom built 3D graphics able to animate all objects, camera and light settings, backgrounds, fire, and animation for all platforms. Our services water and even clouds and fog in the atmosphere. range from art consulting and content creation to Creating Characters which full project design and have appeal, through attention development. to who the audience is and careful proportioning, the artist Our objective is to assist can sculpt compelling developers and characters. publishers in creating Character Modeling ground breaking content combining efficient use of client's technologies We can help deliver a show-stopping Objects may be organic or with superior experience to your audiences by craftsmanship. promoting your message with the familiar mechanical, and there is really character and allow your production more no limitation to the variety of freedom, creativity, and innovation. objects an artist can model. Modeling techniques vary from the use of polygonal modeling We have experience with every part of the production process and are able to take our tasks from (often used for games) for start to finish with minimal interruption to your busy schedule. realtime models, spline based modeling, and NURBS modeling. Animation is the art of breathing life into objects and characters.The excellence of our content has enabled our multimedia software to be distributed world-wide. © 2008 reserved by ForchuTeck.
  3. 3. Region to merge 3D and Multimedia into Learning: E-learning ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc. enhancing the learning experience Architectural renderings Architectural rendering is the most effective way of giving your clients a better picture of the property they intent to buy. The days are passed now when simple sketches were made that used to serve the purpose. The class-conscious buyers want to be sure for each petite detail of the property they are looking at. With the help of latest softwares, our architect designers present the eye-catching architectural renderings by highlighting each vivid detail like color and design patterns, the constructional details and many more. In short we will portray the perfect replica to fulfill your expectations that will surely satisfy your prospective clients. Our designers utilize the cutting edge 3D animation tools to design 3 dimensional models that can be used to present products with extensive details like shape, color, shades and much more than that. This covers a broad spectrum ranging from impressive accurate detail in 3D construction and the highest quality of texturing to simple, block- oriented abstractions, as required for city modelling. Architectural Our specialists know walkthroughs that the resolution Architectural and size of the model flythrough and vary according to walkthroughs specification and are the best customer possible way to requirement. For this present the reason we offer you construction to modelling prospective alternatives in varying clients. levels of abstraction and detail. simply High-quality take advantage of our rendering. video animation service. We'll put your wishes into action. Home Decor Interior With the 4 dimensional architectural flythrough and walkthroughs services, business house can 3d animation present every minutest details including the materials to be used, interior, natural lighting 3D animation is a splendid method of creating and presenting models with life like options, and so on. With the walkthrough, a show off the exact mock-up of the property so that precision. While 2 dimensional pictures hardly give an idea of the shape and exact your clients will able to make a smart decision. Our services range from architects, real estate, finish of the product, a 3 dimensional model presents the subject in its actual form. developers, facility owners, city planners, interior designers to landscape designers all over the If used diligently the 3D animation software can produce models that are true to world. believe as real and give an exact feel of the object. © 2008 reserved by ForchuTeck.