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Alex Ancient Greece Alex Ancient Greece Presentation Transcript

  • Ancient Greece
    Geography, Religion, and more
    By: Alex Dudojc
  • Religion
    The Greeks believed in polytheism.
    Thee Greeks were supposed to honor Zeus the most and those who did not he would punish.
    Zeus is the god of all gods. King of gods. He was married to Hera.
    Hera was the queen of the gods. Which meant she was married to Zeus.
  • Geography
    Ancient Greece was a mountainous area. The Greeks only planted grapes and olives. However since they live so close to the water they could fish all the time. They also became excellent traders.
  • Sports
    Since it was so hot in Ancient Greece they did most of there activities outside such as sports such as, bull jumping and discus.
    The Greeks also had most of there entertainment outside.
  • Entertainment
    As I said in my slide before they use sports to entertain themselves.
    They also would use the mountain side to carve in seats for theaters.
    They would sometimes be fishing and swimming.
  • Daily Life
    Life for men was usually to help farming and go out shopping.
    Since women were not allowed out of the house they would make sure the slaves don’t run away and work on the farm.
    Only boys went to school unless you were a rich girl you would be home schooled.
  • Polis (city)
    A Greek polis would usually be built on a mountain side.
    It was built on a mountain side because the mountain side was good for building a theater and a stadium.
    On the bottom of the polis there would be a marketplace.
  • Theater
    A Greek theater would only have comedies and tragedies.
    Where the theater is that would be where the Olympics would be held.
    The Greeks are very famous for there theater.
  • God and Goddesses
    The Greeks believed in polytheism, which meant they believed in many gods.
    They believed I many gods like many of the other countries around them like Egypt and Mesopotamia.