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  • THS Wrestling SystemSynergy 2010*Tahoma Style Wrestling: Family and Community , Student, Team,Athlete , Champions1. Seven baseskills of wrestling2.Five Keys to wrestling offence and defense3. Power of PRESSURE- we are gonna out work em boys!4. Heart
  • Our system of wrestling is build of 3 key factors:Tahoma Style Wrestling on and off the mat*The 7 base skills of THS wrestling:Position, motion, level change, penetration, heist step, lifting & landing, pummeling with hand, arm and headSuperior physical training
  • *The 5 keys to scoringHead up, hips in, back straight, knees off the mat, constant pressure* Tahoma Style Scoring- The Grind..aka constant PRESSURE
  • The 5 keys to defenseHands, head, arms, hips, tricks and PRESSURE
  • We have to out work em boys! Our style of wrestling requires you to be in top physical condition!What are you doing on your own? Every “good” wrestler is going to practice each day and working hard so how are you going to set yourself apart?
  • Synergy-leadership- personal desire= a championship season but how high is to be determinedTeam Goals??? Be ready to discuss as a team on Friday nightHeart"On the plains of hesitation lay the blackened bones of millions, who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died." Adlai Stevenson
  • Operation Domination 2009 W Pics

    1. 1. Tahoma Style WrestlingSynergy 2010 <br />The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual.<br />
    2. 2. The Rock!<br />Our system of wrestling is built on 3 key factors:<br />
    3. 3. On the Attack!The 5 Keys to Scoring<br />
    4. 4. I shoot I score, he shoots I score!<br />
    5. 5. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!!!360 seconds of no-pause wrestling <br />Most men stop when they begin to tire. Good men go until they think they are going to collapse. But the very best know the mind tires before the body and push themselves further and further, beyond all limits. Only when these limits are shattered can the unattainable be reached. <br /> --Dan Gable<br />
    6. 6. Road to the Dome- you’re in the drivers seat.<br />&quot;On the plains of hesitation lay the blackened bones of millions, who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.&quot; Adlai Stevenson<br />
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