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Opening Plenary - Prof. Nigel Shadbolt
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Opening Plenary - Prof. Nigel Shadbolt


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Open Data: 
New Opportunities New Challenges
 Professor Nigel Shadbolt
 Web and Internet Science Group Chairman and Co-Founder Open Data Institute @Nigel_Shadbolt
  • 2. The Power of Open…
  • 3. The Power of Open…
  • 4. The Power of Open…
 Open Licences Open Open Source Standards Open Open Data Participation
  • 5. Open Data: What’s the use…
  • 6. Open Data: What’s the use…
  • 7. Open Data: What’s the use…
  • 8. The Power of Open…
 Open Licences Open Open Source Standards Open Open Data Participation
  • 9. What is Open Data1. it is made accessible online2. it is published in an open machine readable format3. it is licensed to allow others to re- use it.
  • 10. open the data…
  • 11. and the applications follow…
  • 12. at all scales…
  • 13. around the world…
  • 14. Open Data and Governance
  • 15. Open Data and Crime
  • 16. Open Data and Transport
  • 17. Open Data and the Environment
  • 18. Open Data and Health
  • 19. Open Data and Science
  • 20. Open Data and Charities
  • 21. Open Data and Charities
  • 22. Open Data and Charities
  • 23. The Power of the Results Political Economic Social •  Transparency •  Efficiency •  Inclusion •  Accountability •  Innovation •  Poverty •  Participation •  Growth •  Diversity Research Media Data •  Dissemination •  Data •  Engagement •  Innovation Journalism •  Improvement •  Data Literacy •  Acquisition
  • 24. Why Open Data for Charities?•  Driving policy •  Impact evaluation formation and planning •  Improving fundraising•  Joining up responses and communication and supporting •  Mediating local, collaboration regional and national•  Providing more •  Making commissioning integrated services more efficient•  Supporting advocacy •  Harnessing volunteer and campaigning and private sector innovation and effort
  • 25. Will it work for you?
  • 26. The Role of the ODI
  • 27. Big Open Data e.g. Prescribing The NHS could have savedAnalytics ~£200 million p.a. through increasing prescriptions of generic rather than proprietary statins
  • 28. Open Data ChallengesInfrastructureQualityInterpretationSecurity and PrivacyOpen Data 2.0 …
  • 29. Conclusions•  Charities will need to understand this new landscape•  Open Data can help bridge the information sharing gap•  Invest in capacity building•  Develop good information processing practices•  Look for the Networks effects and Open Innovation
  • 30. Thank you