3 b. iain pritchard & laura dawson


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  • 3 b. iain pritchard & laura dawson

    1. 1. Evaluating IT – how do you know....?Iain Pritchard - Sayer VincentLaura Dawson - RSPB
    2. 2. Aim for this session• To compare the view from “the bridge” with the view from “the engine room”;• To look at some practical models for evaluating IT; and• To consider ways of evaluating your IT leadership
    3. 3. The view from the bridge...
    4. 4. Some respected truths......?• IT is crucial to organisational strategy• We know what we want from our IT• We know how to manage organisational change• We look to our IT director for more than answers to technical questions• We believe good planning and preparation are key to success• We value opinions of our IT department more than those of suppliers, consultants and other third parties.• We want to be one single coherent organisations• We know what we are doing
    5. 5. Three evaluation models (that tend not to work…)Conventional commercial Keeping up withROI the charity next door Making sure IT s under control
    6. 6. Some evaluation models (that can sometimes work…)• Force fields• Strategic alignment
    7. 7. Model #1 – Force fields InnovationUser need Cost (£)
    8. 8. Model #2 - strategic alignment How we get things done – processes and workflow Roles and people IT systems and software
    9. 9. The view from the engine room...
    10. 10. Lies...... • All you need is the next new CRM and ££££s will roll in. • Spend IT £££ = Big efficiency Gains • Successful procurement is the end of the project. • I have spoken to IT about this......
    11. 11. What hacks off your IT Director• “Please come to the strategy meeting next week...but, first, do you think you could just fix my Blackberry?”• “I think its just a bit too early in our strategy thinking to involve IT”• “We really need to bring in some experts to help us review the options”• “One of the trustees has a nephew who works in IT”• “But I don‟t see why we can‟t just do it all with Gmail and Googledocs...”
    12. 12. No smoke without fire• Do IT staff „look‟ different?• Does your IT Director delegate answering technical questions?• Does your IT Department use 3rd parties for advice and do they believe the advice• Is IT good at cutting costs through cutting services rather than same service, smaller cost.• Does your IT Director manage projects or do they delegate?
    13. 13. What is yours like?
    14. 14. Weights and Measures• CCITDG – Benchmarking• Sayer Vincent – Benchlearning• Gartner CIO Checklists• NCC IT Department Accreditation• Peer to Peer review
    15. 15. A few indicatorsIs your IT Director:-• Meeting with internal peers regularly?• Meeting with external peers, sharing good practice?• Measuring costs?• Measuring benefits?• Using 3rd Parties and trusting the answer
    16. 16. Question....Operational Strategic 1 2 3 4 5Where are you now?Where do you want them to be?Operational = Maintenance, Responsive, Cost-consciousStrategic = Innovation, Proactive, Value-driven
    17. 17. Questions and discussion?
    18. 18. For more information...Laura Dawsonlaura.dawson@rspb.org.ukIain Pritchardiain.pritchard@sayervincent.co.uk