Why Hire A Professional Communicator?


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  • Why Hire A Professional Communicator?

    1. 1. Why Bother? Why you will benefit from hiring a professional communicator.<br />By Danielle Knowles of Red Pencil<br />
    2. 2. Top Reasons to Hire a Communications Expert<br />
    3. 3. More Great Reasons…<br />They can help you develop ideas<br />They can identify missing material<br />They can help you maintain a consistent image and message<br />They are familiar with all of the media available to communicate your ideas or message<br />
    4. 4. So, What Exactly Can A Professional Communicator Help You With?<br /><ul><li>Website Content
    5. 5. Social Media Content
    6. 6. Technical Reports
    7. 7. Instruction and Policy Manuals
    8. 8. Press Releases
    9. 9. Brochures and Print Newsletters
    10. 10. E-Newsletters
    11. 11. Newspaper Advertisements
    12. 12. Fundraising Letters
    13. 13. And much more!</li></li></ul><li>But What Will It Cost?<br />Hiring a professional communicator doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Great companies will offer a wide range of services and options to suit different budgets.<br />Average hourly rates in Canada range from $35 to $100 an hour depending on the project.<br />Remember that when you “outsource” your writing and communications needs, it frees you up to make money in your own profession.<br />Think of how much will be accomplished by a professional in an hour.<br />Consider what your time is worth; what will you miss out on by struggling to manage your communications yourself? <br />Remember; you get what you pay for!<br />
    14. 14. What Will You Get Out Of It?<br />Hire a writer if you want it written right.<br />A good professional writer knows how to make words sparkle, and a good editor can catch embarrassing, unprofessional errors before they leave an unfavorable impression on your business's clients or customers.<br />Is there a right way to write? Yes and no. English rules for spelling, grammar, and style are flexible, and always evolving. But it's important to be aware of - and follow! - some long-standing fundamentals in spelling, grammar, and form.<br />A good writer or editor with a working knowledge of reputable style guides can choose a clean, consistent style of writing for your business, based on the type of image you wish to present - be it traditional, casual, scientific, cutting-edge, approachable, or irreverent.<br />Great advice from http://tellitwrite.blogspot.com >>><br />
    15. 15. Calculate Your Own Return On Investment (assess how a writer can reward you and your business so you can decide on your own ROI.)<br />Gain time for selling to and serving clients. Hiring an expert communicator for two hours means two hours extra in your working week - in fact, if you don’t write as fast as a pro, you’ll save more than two hours which you’ll hopefully spend on making money!<br /> Remember that content is king. For web writing, fresh, quality content will result in more links and traffic which ultimately increases your chances of making sales.<br />Sending out a clear message in the first place saves on frustrationand the time it takes to get back on task after any resulting interruptions<br />Polished and professional content builds your image and reputation. A stronger reputation builds your credibility, which will have a long term positive impact on your sales.<br />Brad Sugars, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, author and investor says:<br />“Communication is the lifeblood of business, and when it comes to sales, it’s vital. It has a direct relationship with sales. You see, the better you are at communicating, the better your sales results will be. You can almost measure the one with the other. Let me put it another way. True communication is the response you get. So if you’re not getting the response you want, you’re not communicating properly.”<br />
    16. 16. -from Michelle Lynne Goodfellow<br />“The truth is, if your business depends on written material to attract or keep clients, you can't afford not to hire a professional communicator/writer.”<br />
    17. 17. Can We Help You? <br />We are professional copy writers and editors who specialize in technical documentation, internet content, marketing materials and academic editing. Our assistance will help you deliver your message clearly and quickly and achieve maximum impact on your audience.<br />Getting your message across the way you intended can be a considerable challenge! Let us help you. We will produce polished and professional documents while still maintaining your personal style and voice.<br />Ring 604.855.8028<br />Email info@redpencil.ca<br />Tweet @redpencilca<br />Facebook /redpencilca<br />Surf www.redpencil.ca<br />