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CCRI Case Statement 110909

  1. 1. WPYR 1380 AM Catholic Community Radio, Inc. Catholic radio for your community Lord, We Prepare Your Reign! Campaign 2009
  2. 2. WPYR 1380 AM Breaking the Baton Rouge “sound barrier” “As you work in Catholic radio stations, you are at the service of the Word. The words that you broadcast each day are an echo of that eternal Word which became flesh.” – Pope Benedict XVI C atholic Community Radio, Inc. (CCRI) began broadcasting on KKAY 1590 AM in Donaldsonville, Louisiana during Fall 2007. Through the leadership and tireless efforts of CCRI founders David Dawson, John L. Hebert and Mike Norwood, Pope Benedict xvi encourages strong support and KKAY-AM was the first local radio station to financial backing for catholic media. broadcast Catholic programming to the Greater Baton Rouge area. The format included regular discussion programs about the Church’s teachings on religious and social issues, as well as features to foster unity and spiritual growth within the local Catholic and Baton Rouge communities. However, the Catholic programs aired during a very limited time-frame: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday through Friday. In addition, KKAY’s 1000-watt signal sporadically covered only a portion of metropolitan Baton Rouge. While the experiences gained from working at KKAY-AM were invaluable, Dawson, Hebert and Norwood soon realized that the Baton Rouge Catholic ccri founders david dawson (l) and john hebert (r) at st. Joseph cathedral’s annual blue mass community needed stronger, more continuous radio service. On October 15, 2008 they became aware2 Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009
  3. 3. Section info@brcatholicradio.comWPYR-AM, located in Baton Rouge at 8230 Summa Lady of Mercy Church Parish as the ideal completionAvenue, was available for purchase. After a period of date for CCRI’s first fund drive.prayer and discernment, they launched efforts to bringthe first full-time Catholic radio station to the area. Objectives to Meet the GoalsStatement of Community Need $ 17,500 has been placed in escrow and an additional $185,000 has already been raised towards Phase P resently, there is no AM or FM radio station in Baton Rouge serving the needs of or providinga vehicle for local Catholics to evangelize, teach, and I’s $350,000 goal (station purchase). A Development Advisory Committee is being formed to help complete Phase I’s amazing success, as well as to initiate fundinginform, or to provide outreach and coverage of diocesan, for Phase II’s $35,000 goal (startup equipment).parish, school or related events. There are over thirty Prominent area Catholics, community leaders andsecular Baton Rouge radio stations, as well as ten area businesses are being approached, particularly to helpProtestant radio stations. WPYR-AM will provide through individual and family donations and pledges.the missing Catholic connection to listeners who are A Phase II gala is also planned for Spring 2010.isolated, infirmed, or handicapped; to lapsed Catholicswho may be called back to the Church; and to non-Catholics who are attracted to or have questions about Governance Cthe Catholic Faith. CRI is governed by a three-member Board of Directors who share a deep commitment to their Catholic faith: David Dawson who is WPYR-Special Project Campaign Goals AM and CCRI President; John L. Hebert, who is a C CRI’s most urgent goals currently are to raise $350,000 to purchase WPYR-AM fromthe Davidson Media Group (Phase I) and to raise Principal for Environ; and Mike Norwood, who is the Senior Market Consultant for Clear Channel Communications. The Board of Advisors includesan additional $35,000 to convert the station into a Mike Acaldo, Rev. Jeff Bayhi, Don Broussard, Damianreligious non-profit (Phase II). December 8, the Feast Calato, Timothy Dietrich, Rev. Christopher Decker,of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, was targeted Bill Leach, Rev. Matthew Lorrain, Deacon Jodiby well-known EWTN television and radio show host, Moscona, Roy Schnebelen, Pat Shingleton, WilliamJohnnette Benkovic, at a recent local gathering at Our Stegall, and Rev. Miles Walsh. Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009 3
  4. 4. Transmitting Christ SHARING CHRIST’S MISSION SHARING HOPE C atholic Community Radio, Inc., (CCRI) a Father Gerry Young, retired WPYR-AM will provide rector of the Cathedral of non-profit organization, is part of the mission programs consisting of a Saint Joseph, and CCRI radio of Christ and His church to evangelize and share the mixture of local, live radio host, David Dawson, discuss programs like the Morning “Good News” of salvation in a spirit of truth and love. daily life of the Church in Catholic Carpool. Coverage Programs are delivered in a compelling, modern, of diocesan events, parish Baton Rouge, Louisiana. educational, entertaining and uplifting manner and events, and papal liturgies in full communion with the teachings of the Catholic will also be featured. Church. PROFESSIONAL STAFFING W PYR-AM will have one key paid employee, David Dawson, who is a founder of CCRI and WPYR-AM. David will serve as station manager for daily operations, general maintenance of the studio and station, as well as FCC compliance. He will also be responsible for program production. Key volunteers include: Fund-raising Chairman, Mike Norwood; Webmaster, Fr. Chris Decker; Broadcasting Engineering, Richard Petty; and many local Catholic leaders and personalities.4 Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009
  5. 5. Section Catholic Station Growth in US 160 140 120 100 # of Stations 80 60 40 Catholic vs Protestant Radio Stations in U.S. in 2005 20 2141 Protestant 94 Catholic Stations Stations (12%) (1%) 0 15,132 Non- 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 Religious Licenses (87%) YearGROWTH FAVORABLE WHY CATHOLIC RADIO? CATHOLIC RADIO 2005According to its Catholic Radio is effective because it is: In 2005, 94 Catholic Radiodemographics and culture, stations made up only 1% ofBaton Rouge, which is • Available – everyone can listen the broadcast licenses issuedpredominantly Catholic, is • Personal – It touches people personally by the FCC. 2141 Protestantideally suited to match the stations comprised market success seen • Continuous – Always available, at all times 87% of the licenses grantedin other metropolitan areas, • Immediate – Direct to you without filtering went to 15,132 non-religioussuch as Las Vegas, Chicago, stations.Omaha, Tampa, and San • Timely – Covers events as they happen - Source: Catholic Radio AssociationDiego. • Efficacious – It builds up other efforts • Cost-Effective – costs less than other mediums; it reaches people in less time for less money with less staff. Planning and Evaluation A detailed business plan has been developed for WPYR-AM and strategic planning and evaluation. Indicators of progress evaluation measures are included. The strategic plan and indicators of progress will be monitored quarterly and revised annually. The plan includes program goals and objectives, as well as fund-raising goals and objectives. Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009 5
  6. 6. MORNING FAVORITES: Straight Talk with Fr. John Corapi The powerful witness of Fr. John Corapi is heard every weekday! You’ll hear straight and timely talk about the faith, the Church and the world we live in. Women of Grace Johnnette Benkovic hosts this LIVE program of special interest to women. She and her guests inform, instruct and inspire listeners with the truth of the Catholic faith! MORNING LINEUP Programs and Services Holy Mass W Join us for the daily Mass from Our Lady of PYR-AM will provide programms consisting of a mixture of local, live the Angels Monastery in Irondale, Alabama, with the Franciscan Missionaries of the radio programs like the Morning Catholic Carpool and nationally Eternal Word. syndicated programs from providers such as Relevant Radio™, EWTN Radio, and Ave Maria Radio. WPYR-AM will also provide coverage of diocesan events, parish events, and papal liturgies. Broadcasting at 5,000 watts, the station will be one of the strongest AM signals on the dial. Our programming will address real issues that face believers in their daily walk with Christ, as well as outreach to those who have not encountered Catholicism or those who are looking for a way back to the Faith. The Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet Pray the Rosary with the Body of Christ twice daily; Divine Mercy Chaplet follows on NATIONAL CATHOLIC RADIO (NCR) QUOTES: Wednesday afternoons. “You guys are great! You’re a main reason why I converted. Keep up the good work!” -- David H. (San Francisco, CA) “Thank you for your wonderful programs. I listen on the internet and this is my only means of getting catholic radio, proper teaching in the Catholic faith and to learn to defend my faith. God bless you for all your great work.” -- M.L.K. (Norway) Morning Catholic Carpool (LIVE) Stay current with timely topics and faith- filled features with area and national guests.6 Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009
  7. 7. Section info@brcatholicradio.comAFTERNOON FAVORITES: The Doctor Is InDr. Ray Guarendi and Dr. Coleen Mastdeal with relationships, marital situations,vocational discernment, and variousparenting issues during this LIVE show. Life Is Worth Living Weekdays 1 PMEnjoy these timeless recordings by oneof the most famous preachers of the 20thcentury! AFTERNOON AND EVENING LINEUPS A Closer WalkFather Jeff Bayhi of Baton Rouge, Louisianareflects on the challenges and joys of livingthe Catholic faith in modern culture. The Way HomeFather Chris Decker tackles some of thetoughest challenges facing the Churchtoday in a refreshing, dynamic and thought-provoking manner. Catholic AnswersHear from and talk with some of the leadingapologists and theologians in the Churchtoday during this LIVE weekday call-inprogram. Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009 7
  8. 8. Where is the Money Needed? • Purchase of the Station and FCC License: • $350,000 • Prime opportunity - currently far below market value! • Equipment Needs: • $35,000 • Operation and Maintenance: • $300,000 (initial two years) Finances C ompared to other means, radio reaches more people, in less time, for less money, with less staff, with greater effect. The Catholic Radio Association shows that most stations operate, on average, for approximately $100,000 per year or less, even in major US cities WPYR-AM will take advantage of the well-produced Catholic programs, which are made available free-of-charge from its providers. Because CCRI will be 100% donor supported as a non-profit venture, a three-phase fundraising strategy has been developed in a detailed business plan and will be implemented over the next two years. NCR QUOTE: “I am a Baptist Preacher and I did not know that Catholics studied or preached the Word of God until my wife and I started listening to Catholic Radio. We have been so inspired at what we have heard it has given us a great hunger to know more…It is the only station I listen to now, and it has led us to join RCIA.” --B.G.(Midland, TX)8 Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009
  9. 9. Section info@brcatholicradio.comHelp Our Radio Family Prepare His Reign! The Catholic Community Radio Family welcomes you, and thanks you for helping WPYR-AM break the Baton Rouge “sound barrier!” There are two chief ways in which you can help. The first is by your prayer. The second is by your financial gift. Gifts of any amount welcome you as a member into our Community Radio Family! If you are unable to provide a monetary gift, your pledge of prayer support will also qualify you as a Family member. Gifts can be made over time or in lump-sum amounts.P lease select your gift by check-marking the appropriate box. Then complete your contact information, cut out the form and mail it to Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio. I am happy to become a member of the Catholic Community Radio Family and help WPYR-AM breakthe Baton Rouge “sound barrier.” Lord, We Prepare Your Reign! Please accept my gift for WPYR’s CapitalCampaign 2009 of: I pledge to pray for Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio. Bishop Stanley Ott Circle: $10,000 - $20,000 St. Luke Society: $6,000 - $9,999.99 The Archangel Society: $1,000 - $5,999.99 Specify amount: $_________________Name: ________________________________________________________________________________Address: ______________________________________________________________________________City: _ ________________________________ State:_ __________________ Zip: _ ___________________Email: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Make checks payable to: Catholic Community Radio Mail to: Catholic Community Radio P.O. Box 87051 Baton Rouge, LA 70879 or donate online at ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please cut out on the dotted line & mail in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Thanks for the additional gift of your postage! Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009 9
  10. 10. Contact Information F or more information about scheduling radio air-time, on-site coverage of an event, or to make a donation, please contact: NCR QUOTE: “I was baptized Catholic but knew nothing of the faith. David Dawson, President Because I had no understanding, it had no meaning for me WPYR 1380 AM and I didn’t go to church for many years… But then, this 8230 Summa Avenue wonderful station came to our area…When I learned about Baton Rouge, LA 70809 the Real Presence, everything else just fell into place… God P.O. Box 87051 used you to find me, His lost sheep. I was lost and now I’m Baton Rouge, LA 70879 found.” Phone: 225.268.2487 -- M.D., (Reno, NV) B y using these helps (the media) will experience no harm and, like salt and light, they will give savor to the earth and brighten the world. Moreover, the Synod invites all men of good will, especially those who have charge of (the) media, to strive to turn them solely to the good of society, whose fate depends more and more on their proper use. Thus, as was the case with ancient works of art, the name of the Lord may be glorified by these new discoveries in accordance with those words of the Apostle: “Jesus Christ, yesterday and today, and the same forever.” - Decree On The Media Of Social Communications, Inter Mirifica, Pope Paul VI, December 4, 196310 Lord , We Prepare Your R eign, Campaign 2009