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G R O W  B Y  L E A R N I N G[3]  January  March 2008
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G R O W B Y L E A R N I N G[3] January March 2008


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Blogger Posts from January thru March 2008

Blogger Posts from January thru March 2008

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. Charles Whisnat February 12, 2010 GROW BY LEARNING
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  • 10. Thursday, January 03, 2008 SHOULDA, COULDA, OR WOULDA Either your past is serving as a springboard to a better tomorrow, or it is the proverbial albatross keeping you from moving forward today." Les Parrott III, The year before our eyesJ.C. Philpot*As your days—so shall your strength be." Deuteronomy 33:25* The year before our eyes may hold in its bosom,events which may deeply concern and affect us.We do not know what is to come. What personal trials, what family trials, what providential trials may await us—we do not know. Every year hitherto has brought its trials in its train; and how can we expect the coming year to be exempt? - Sickness may attack our bodies, death enter our families, difficulties beset our circumstances, trials and temptations exercise our minds, snares entangle our feet, and many dark and gloomy clouds, make our path one of heaviness and sorrow. If, indeed, we are His, whatever our trials may be—His grace will be sufficient for us. - He who has delivered—can and will deliver.And He who has brought us thus far on the road, who has so borne with our crooked manners in the wilderness and never yet forsaken us—though we have so often forsaken Him—will still lead us along; will still guide and guard us, and be our God, our Father and our Friend—not only to the end of the next year, if spared to see it, but the end of our life. - Blessed with His presence—we need fear no evil; favored with His smile—we need dread no foe; upheld by His power—we need shrink from no trial; strengthened by His grace—we need panic at no suffering. - Knowing what we are and have been when left to ourselves—the slips that we have made, the snares that we have been entangled in, the shame and sorrow that we have procured to ourselves—well may we dread to go forth in the coming year alone. -Well may we say, "If Your Presence does not go with us—do not send us up from here!" Exodus 33:15 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:53AM (-06:00) Friday, January 04, 2008 DEFINITIONS OF INTERESTED*1. A Christian is one who has saving faith in the biblical Lord Jesus Christ. True saving faith has hallmarks set forth in Scripture.-2. A true Christian church is a fellowship of individual believers who have saving faith in the biblical Lord Jesus Christ. A true Christian church has certain hallmarks set forth in Scripture.-3. By Scripture, I mean the accepted canon of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, not including the Apocrypha, nor any other writings purported by others to be Scripture.* HETERODOX • Heterodoxy includes "any opinions or doctrines at variance with an official or orthodox position".[1] As an adjective, heterodox is used to describe a subject as "characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards" (status quo). The noun heterodoxy is synonymous with unorthodoxy, while the adjective heterodox is synonymous with dissident. • The term heterodox is occasionally used by some Christians to refer to themselves when they are in disagreement with orthodox understandings, but voice this disagreement while still maintaining the overall value of the tradition. The heterodox Christian therefore remains in the tradition and attempts to stimulate constructive dialog around issues with which they disagree. • Contrary to or differing from some acknowledged standard, especially in church 9
  • 11. doctrine or dogma; unorthodox. Holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines. A movement where any concession to orthodoxy is surprising relief to our ears. • That statement ought to be framed in neon lights. It is precisely what we need to watch in ourselves as we encounter the theology and yes, dialogue, of this movement. • Think dialectic process and you'll see what I mean. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Then we begin all over again. "dialogue with some of the more thoughtful old-line fundamentalists would probably be a thousand times more fruitful for mainstream evangelicals than playing footsie with postmodern fads." A new year where we focus on the race before us, not yestersday victory or loses. charles 3 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:18PM (-06:00) Saturday, January 05, 2008 MAKING 2008 A BETTER YEAR FOR CHRIST As we mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of Jonathan Edwards, let's consider a few of the resolutions that guided Edward's ministry: Being sensible that I am unable to do any thing without God's help, I do humbly intreat him by his grace to enable me to keep these resolutions, so far as they are agreeable to His will, for Christ's sake. 1. Resolved, That I will do whatsoever I think to be most to God's glory, and my own good, profit and pleasure, in the whole of my duration. 2. Resolved to do whatever I think to be my duty, and most for the good and advantage of mankind in general. 3. Resolved to do this, whatever difficulties I meet with, how many and how great soever. 4. Resolved, Never to lose one moment of time, but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can. 5. Resolved, Never to do any thing, which I should be afraid to do, if it were the last hour of my life. 6. Resolved, To be endeavoring to find out fit objects of charity and liberality. 7. Resolved, To maintain the strictest temperance in eating and drinking. 8. Resolved, Never to do any thing, which if I should see in another, I should count a just occasion to despise Him for, or to think any way the more meanly of Him. 9. Resolved, To study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same. 10. Resolved, To strive to my utmost every week to be brought higher in religion, and to a higher excercise of grace, than I was the week before. 11. Resolved, To ask myself at the end of every day, week, month and year, wherein I could possibly in any respect have done better. 10 12. Resolved, Frequently to renew the dedication of myself to God, which was made at
  • 12. my baptism, which I solemnly renewed, when I was received into the communion of the church; and which I have solemnly re-made this twelfth day of January, 1722-3. 13. Resolved, Never hence-forward, till I die, to act as if I were any way my own, but entirely and altogether God's. 14. Resolved, I will act so as I think I shall judge would have been best, and most prudent, when I come into the future world. 15. Resolved, Never to give over, nor in the least to slacken my fight with my corruptions, however unsuccessful I may be. 16. Resolved, After afflictions, to inquire, what I am the better for them, what good I have got by them, and what I might have got by them. Jonathan Edwards was a serious man. He took his faith serious. He wanted Christ to govern his life and ministry. As a young man of 19 he was serious about personal spiritual growth, and physical temperance and matters of atttiude, and happiness of heaven. He set down a addressed ways he would live his life. Edwards was America's greatest theologians and a most devout pastor. Your theology will lead you to your behaviour. 4 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:49AM (-06:00) Sunday, January 06, 2008 WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE WISE? What does it take to be wise? Watching Dr. Phil, reading Brittney Spears mother's book on parenting, or looking into the, or is there another way? In a television commercial for online yellow pages, actor David Carradine plays a guru to a young seeker. (Sorry a side note: Kung Fu 1972, or Kill Bill 2004) When the student asks, "How do I find enlightenment?" the master says, " .. . Everyone is searching for something . . . After all, it is a material world, and with, you just type in what and where." The ad is insightful. Wisdom does involve the practical use of knowledge to get what we are looking for. The commercial is also right in suggesting that wisdom is more accessible than many of us might have thought. - The culture will always be looking for material wisdom to gain more money. Fox News has a network on how to gain knowledge of how to make more money. The world wants knowledge of how to gain the upper hand on Wall Street. - The Christians should seek knowlege on the Christian life, how to become like Christ. is a good place to start. When I was pastor of First Baptist Church in Altoona Kansas, Proverbs was the book I loved to teach the most. I have three three-ring binders of notes from that study. A lot of the material came from my friend Bill Rinehart who I had known from Wooster, Ohio. He had done a complete study of Proverbs and had a great set of notes. - Early in my childhood, mom and dad would read daily with Don and me from the book of Proverbs. We had a dose of Proverbs for years as a youth. There is no better book that you could buy that would do what the book of Proverbs would do. - Proverbs has thirty one chapters, reading a chapter a day 11
  • 13. would keep most Dr.'s away. We seek wisdom for living life by seeking to know God's blueprint for living. Dr. Phil might have some good advice for the secular world, and he does have a desire to help others. But Dr. Phil is not the first resource that we should turn to for handing life's situtation. Notice that those on the program already have the prob;ems. Britney Spears' mother who wrote a book on parenting could have used Proverbs. com. as the main source of instruction for mom's and dad's. But she was too much into making her child desire to have money and a life style like the culture. - We will look into this book of Proverbs this year and see the wisdom that is taught. Stay tuned. - Charles E. Whisnant 5 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:01PM (-06:00) Tuesday, January 08, 2008 WHAT PASTORS NEED TO REMEMBER ^Well, I am not a pastor these days, but still have the pastor's heart. Ray Pritchard sermon had some good comments on things pastors need to remember from Christianity Today. I will also next time, list some things pastors need to remember when you pastor your first church. "NO ONE TOLD ME THIS" ^ Ecclesiastes 7:19-22: "Wisdom makes one wise man more powerful than ten rulers in a city. There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins. Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you--or you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others." Seminary is wonderful but you can't learn everything there. The year I graduated from seminary, Christianity Today published a humorous column called "Things They Didn't Tell You at Your Seminary Graduation." It was subtitled "Some aphorisms for the brand- new pastor." I cut it out and saved it, and after all these years, I still have my copy, faded and worn, because the wisdom it contains seems timeless to me. Here are a few bits of advice from the column (with a few of my personal comments): *If you don't know what you're doing, do it neatly. (Not one of my strong points) *If you can't tell a joke, don't. (A really wise piece of advice) *When you visit the hospital, don't sit on the bed or discuss your operation. *Leave your German shepherd at home when you go to the Sunday School picnic. *Take your German shepherd when you go to the local ministerial association.*Always remember to take the offering before the sermon. *Don't be late for wedding or funerals. (They didn't mention this in seminary) *Fifty-one Sundays of the year, preach so that the youngest child in your congregation can understand you. The fifty-second Sunday, preach so that the Ph.D, the Th.D, the 12 Ed.D, and the M.D. are bewildered, awestruck, or filled with wonderment. (Good advice if
  • 14. you can do it) *If a businessman phones you at 10:30 AM on Wednesday morning and says, "Pastor, I hope I didn't get you out of bed," don't become paranoid. Just answer, "No, you didn't. But come on over anyway after you're dressed and my wife will fix some breakfast for you." (I never used this line, but I wish I had.) *When people comment on your sermon as they're going out the church door, don't take them very seriously. (Very true)*There are limits to participation in community life. You don't need to prove yourself by taking part in the annual rodeo. *Love the teenagers in your congregation and they'll love you. The same is true of young adults, middle-age adults, and elderly adults. *Most old people will love you even when you goof. Maybe more then. (Amen) *Never surprise the chairman of your board. (Double amen) *Remember that being a pastor is like being the lead dog in a team of Alaskan huskies. You're the only one who has a view and can see the horizon. So tell them what's like Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:59AM (-06:00) Thursday, January 10, 2008 CHARITY'S MOTHER LENORA TEMPLE PASSED AWAY Charity's mother Lenora passed away January 09, 2008 Wednesday Evening around 7 p.m. She is with the Lord today, and our hearts are sad, and we hurt for the loss. She was surrounded with her family, her husband, Bob, her children Charity, Debbie and Rob and his wife Ileana. Also Kindra Tumbleson and Lenora's friend Lorene Waters. A special thanks to Jackie White who was the special nurse and friend in Lenora's last hours. Special thanks for Pastor Paul Gibson coming to pray with the family. The funeral will be Saturday at Victory Baptist Church. Lenora was 76 and her birthday was Jan 4.- We had a wonderful Christmas family gathering, all the children, grandchildren were in and we had a wonderful time together. Charity, Debbie and Rob her children; Eric and Leslie, Becky, Chad (Heather) and Kyle Whisnant, and Randy Blevins, and Robbie (Amber) Temple. All the special gifts the kids and grandkids gave Lenora were special to her. She would have a smile on her face.- Lenora was at home this whole last month, she was not on any pain medicine until the last hours of her life. Charity and Debbie and Rob were with their dad and Lenora all day Wednesday. Lenora actually walked with the help of Bob and Rob to the couch on Tuesday. The doctors had given her a month to live, and she passed away in that month time, but she was at home with her husband of fifty-five years.- In this experiences we saw how God's grace gives strength and grace in the time of death. We saw Lenora dying before our eyes, daily she was slowly dying, but during this whole time, she was really at peace. She never complained, even though she must have been in pain with her back. She would want Bob to get her out of bed and into the Living Room couch and she would lay there to visit wiith family and friends.- Charity and Debbie and Rob would make sure Bob and Lenora had something good to eat each evening. The kids (the old kids I might add) have taken good care of their mother in a special way since April.- 13
  • 15. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and concern for Lenora and Bob and the whole family during this time.- La yaCharles and Charity Whisnant- Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:32AM (-06:00) Friday, January 11, 2008 THE FOUR-EPIC BIOGRAPHY-A FOUR-DIMENSIONAL STORY OF THE BELIEVER WHAT I BELIEVE LENORA TEMPLE (CHARITY'S MOTHER) KNOWS KNOW IN HEAVEN TODAY. ^ PART ONE In the case of every believer, there is a four-epic biography, a four-dimensional story, to be told about everyone who belongs in the kingdom of God. The apostle Paul identifies those four great epics in II Thessalonians, chapter 2. Let me read what he says, • “We are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord.” Now, he’s writing to a church, a congregation-we don’t know how large that congregation was- but it was perhaps a hundred, perhaps a little more than that. He’s writing to a group of people and he basically describes their biography and it’s the same. He says, • “Brethren beloved, God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now I know Lenora Temple was a minister's wife. Her husband Bob Temple, Sr. is a Fundamental KJV Baptist, pastor, preacher, minister, and Bible teacher, now for over forty plus years, and her son in law (that's me) is a minister. Today Lenora knows what her husband preached is true. And she will know that her son in law's doctrine of election is true too. So often Lenora would hear Bob and I speak about the wonderful work of God in creation, and in the wonderful gift of His Son Jesus Christ. That before the foundation of the world, God had a plan, 2 Timothy 1:9 "before time began." when there were no angels and there were no humans, God the Father determined to give a love gift. Part two later. Viewing of Lenora will be from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Roger W. Davis Funeral Home in West Portsmouth, Ohio 1310 Third Street. Thanks for all the e mails. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:52AM (-06:00) 14
  • 16. Saturday, January 12, 2008 THE PROCESS OF LOSING A LOVED ONE ^ Lenora Faye Temple of McDermott, Ohio, went to be with the Lord on January 9, 2008 at home. She was born in New Boston, Ohio, on January 4, 1932, a daughter of the late Frank and Leatha Hale Lemaster. Lenora was married to Robert (Bob) Temple on July 2, 1952 at North Moreland Church in Portsmouth Ohio by Minister Alonzo Ferguson She was a charter member of Victory Baptist Church in West Portsmouth, Ohio. In 1968, she and her husband Bob opened La Pizzeria in West Portsmouth (later, the name was changed to Lenora’s Mex-Itali Restaurant.) She was a member of the Southern Ohio Restaurant Association and Ohio State Restaurant Association. Then in 1997, she started Union Mills Confectionery in West Portsmouth. In 2002, they sold the restaurant and retired. Surviving are her husband of 55 years, Robert E. Temple, Sr. of McDermott, OH; daughter, Charity Mucha Whisnant and her husband Charles of Portsmouth; daughter, Debra Temple Blevins of McDermott, OH; and a son, Robert (Rob) E. Temple, Jr. and his wife Ileana, of Lucasville, OH; and her sister, Nelle Sonner and her husband Charles, of Chockawinity, NC; eight grandchildren, Eric Whisnant and his wife, Leslie, of Lexington, KY; Becki Whisnant Robertson of Hutchinson, KS; Randy Blevins of Pickerington, OH; Chad Whisnant of Lexington, KY; Robert (Robby) E. Temple III of McDermott, OH; Kyle Whisnant of Lexington, KY; and Graciela and Carlos Gamboa of Costa Rica; sister-in- law, Pauline Lemaster of Chillicothe, OH; and Brother-in-law, Willard McFarland of Portsmouth, OH. She was preceded in death by her parents; infant sister, Gladys Rosella; her first husband, Lloyd Mucha; sister, Betty Gullett and her husband, George, Brother R. T. Lemaster; and sister Mae McFarland. Funeral Services will be 2:00 PM Saturday January 12, 2008, at Victory Baptist Church in West Portsmouth, OH, with Pastor Paul Gibson officiating. Burial will be in Scioto Burial Park at McDermott, OH. Friends may call at the Roger W. Davis Funeral Home in West Portsmouth, OH, o n Friday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and at the church from 1:00 PM until the funeral hour. Condolences may be sent to ^ Last night the family had another time to remember Lenora Temple (Charity's mother). Tradition has a time for friends and family to gather together to have a time of remembering the loss of one we love, and paying respect to the spouse and family of the one who has died. How often we see folks we haven't seen in years, and we have to catch up with ten or twenty years of news. And often we do not recognize who our friends of twenty years are. Do we change or what? We had a chance last night to visit with old friends and new friends as well. We looked at the flowers and quilts that friends sent to express their love for Lenora and Bob. Of course, I am looking at this from my perspective, which is what we all do. We were able to take pictures which is good, Heather is so good at taking pictures, she has this ability to take pictures while you are not even aware of her doing it. I wish I had the ability to put these picture's on this blog, but I am needing an upgrade to accomplish this feat. I would like to thank Mrs. Davis and Scott and the staff at Roger W. Davis Funeral Home, 15
  • 17. they accomplished a beautiful and wonderful atmosphere for the family. They really have the ability to make the family feel good and comfortable. They did wonderful in preparing Lenora for viewing. They did a nice project with the picture video of Lenora's life. They accomplished a task that sometimes goes unnoticed, but they do it so well. Thanks Roger W. Davis Staff. And this was only yesterday. They have a big task today. Following the visitation time, the family went back to the house, and Mex-i-Itali via Tim and SherriWheeler supplied us with all the food for the evening meal. We are so grateful for Tim and Sherri. They bought the restaurant from Bob and Lenora five years ago, and have really kept the tradition going - good food and a good place to work. And they still support missions. They are both Christians and have a love for the Lord, their church, and our family. The family gathered with Bob at the home, and had a good time of eating, and talking about the life of Lenora. Of course as a son-in-law, I could say a few things, but that would not count. Lenora now knows, I hope, that I am a sinner saved by God's grace alone, and I love her beautiful daughter and grandkids. { Oh, I need to get back to the original purpose of this post. Well later.} Bob told a story on Lenore, that I would like to repeat, but at this time I don't remember it. He said that now that she is in Heaven, she wouldn't get mad if he told it. I might get the other family members to write some stories about Lenora and put them on this blog later. I also want to thank Arlington Baptist College and the Mission for sending out e-mail about Lenora. Charity and I were pleasantly surpised to receive a number of e mails from lost (time) friends. Barbara Wimm, Bonnie Winters, Barbara Wilkins, Larry Wilson, Gene and Jeanie Hutton, and Kent Bird, old friends from Seminary days. Boy, they were the days. Uh guys! You are now on my mailing list..... It's also nice to receive condolence from former young people from our past church ministry (Connersville Ind.) And from friends in our church in Altoona. Friends while Charity I and were in Lexington Ky. And from family who were not able to come. And family who are able to come. Boy this has been nice to hear from all these wonderful friends and we hope to keep up via e mail, at least. Thank you all who have written, and updated us on what you are doing. It's great, thanks, again. Charity and I are deeply touched and blessed at this time to have your prayers. Part two THE FOUR-EPIC BIOGRAPHY-A FOUR-DIMENSIONAL STORY OF THE BELIEVER WHAT I BELIEVE LENORA TEMPLE (CHARITY'S MOTHER) KNOWS KNOW IN HEAVEN TODAY. I will work on after the services this afternoon. The service for Lenora Temple will be today at Victory Baptist Church, in West Portsmouth, Ohio, Pastor Paul Gibson will have the service. And I will address more following the service later this afternoon. Charles/Charity Whisnant 16
  • 18. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:06AM (-06:00) Sunday, January 13, 2008 This poem is dedicated to Lenora Temple. The best Grandma a Grandchild could be blessed with. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank You By: Chad Whisnant I want to take this time to say thank you. If you see tears they are not sad ones but happy thoughts of you. Thank you for loving us as only a Grandma can. Thank you for Christmas and Birthday cards each year from Grandpa and Gram. You and Grandpa gave me my first job. Now look at me all grown up and I have a great job. Thank You for all the endless meals at Lenoras' Mex-Itali. You even named a meal for each of us like Chili Chad and Becky's Basgetti. I know now that you are in a Beautiful Place. Even more beautiful now that it has your face. Most of all I thank you for having the lady who became my Mother Charity Faye. Thank you for showing us the meaning of Faith each and every day. Once again I say thank you for all you and Grandpa have done. Thank you from ALL who love you, and Me your Grandson. In Loving Memory of Lenora Faye Temple Chad Whisnant General Manager Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Downtown Lexington, KY Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:18PM (-06:00) Tuesday, January 15, 2008 The Character of a Family^ Our daughter Becky visited with Lenora on Christmas, she spend several days with us 17
  • 19. and was able to visit with her grandmother. Becky lives in Hutchenson Kansas and has to travel to Kansas City to fly out, then come to Columbus then to Portsmouth. Becky wanted to come back for the funeral, but her mother and I felt it was best for us, with the weather and time schedule and the pressure of getting her back to the airport, etc. that she would just remember the good time she had with Lenora at Christmas. The imortant thing I believe is she was able to visit with Lenora when she was alive. - If I had the ability to sum up the experience of losing a loved one who has died, and the reaction of the family in the process, and how the extended family and community reacted would be a wonder - The Senior Member of this family is Bob Temple, Sr. He is the root and the rock of the Temple clan. When I started Seminary in 1966 Bob had just finished Seminary in 1966. Then in 1969 I married his daughter Charity. So for 38 years I have been in the family. - From our perspective of living life, it is to be lived as a believer in Jesus Christ, and as much as Christ would live. This is called being a Christian. One who lives, breaths, acts, and obeys the Lord Jesus Christ. The focus that we want others to see in us, is a love for the Lord in all we do. We are not all about going to Sunday School and Worship Services on Sunday, Sunday Night and Wednesday Nights. To us its about 24/7 full time Christ- like living. - It’s always been about "growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ." It’s always been "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." For Bob it’s been about family, and it’s been about ministry of preaching, and it’s been about shepherding those whom the Lord has given him. For Bob he would take the family to Philippians 4, and he would have Charity to read verses four to 8. • Rejoice in the Lord always;, and again I say, rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. Be careful for nothing (don’t worry about anything) but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things." In the KJV version always for over forty years. If I am correct, Lenora was at the side of Bob for fifty-five years. Charity and I were in ministry away from Portsmouth for over thirty years. In the thirty-five years they had Mex- Itali and the years they were at Victory Baptist, Portsmouth Baptist, they both were side by side. I have not seen or heard anything about them that would suggest that they have wavered from their love for Christ, family and ministry. So how are they going to respond in a death of a loved one? Just like they have lived in the past fifty-five years. To the glory of the Lord. You are going to react today in the manner that you have become over the time of your life. The Temple clan, the Lemaster clan, the Sonner clan, the Mucha clan, the Whisnant clan, the Gullette clan, seems to be a strong lineage. And they were together when Lenora passed away last week. 18
  • 20. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant, proof read by Charity Whisnant Jan 14, 2008 ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:04AM (-06:00) Wednesday, January 16, 2008 GO REST HIGH ON THE MOUNTAIN^The family arrived at Victory Baptist Church, West Portsmouth, Ohio, for the memorial service for Lenora Temple, Charity's mother, Debbie's and Rob's mom. By the time we arrived, the church was just about full of people. The viewing was for an hour before the service, and many were coming and leaving, because the church was full. By 2 p.m. chairs were being set up for the people to sit.-The tone was set for the entire service with the whole congregation singing together "What A Day That Will Be."Then the reading of Lenora'a family and life. Tim and Jenny Palla sang "It Is Well With My Soul.". They sung two songs. Then Loretta Benner played "When They Ring Those Golden Bells For You And Me." Bob said he was about to get up and lead singing. Pastor Paul Gibson spoke and I am trying to get his outline, because the Lord used him to minister to us, the family and those who were present.-Following the service, as you know folks come by the body and give their last respect. Well this time, one young lady could not resist to hug Bob who was sitting on the front seat, right of Lenora. And following that hug, the whole crowd of people followed suit and came and hugged Bob, Randy, Debbie, Rob, Ily, Charity and myself. (I had two substitutes Eric and Chad). This took some time, since there were some four hundred people in the church. Many folks left, but many came by and hugged Bob, etc.-Then we left the church and went to the Scioto Burial Park. High on the Mountain. Paul Gibson again was very good in his message to us. Lenora's body was laid to rest.-Victory Baptist Church people provided food for the family, and friends, and we are deeply grateful for all the work the members put forth.]-Finally we all came out to the Temple's home, and had a time of fellowship and eating. And Bob was able to tell a few stories that he had kept until Lenora had passed away. "The Driving Down the Golf Cart Path." I might see if I can get this written down. • All the family of Nelle, Lenora's sister, and husband Chuck, their two married children, David and Debbie (Benner) with Jessica and Melanie, and Brenda and her husband Terry Euton, and Nicholas and Nikki, and Ashley) Goodness what a nice family. • Of course our family (Charity's family). Debbie and her son Randy. Rob and his wife Ileana, and son Robby. -&Special thanks again to the Lillian Davis, Scott Davis, T.J. Adkins, Gary Meade, Steve Sowkulech who were so helpful to the family at the Memorial Service.-Charles E. Whisnant, and Charity F. Whisnant- Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:18AM (-06:00) Thursday, January 17, 2008 A LESSON I WOU LD USE AT THE HOME GOING OF A BELIEVER ^ In the case of every believer, there is a four-chronology biography-there is a four- magnitude story to be told about everyone who belongs in the kingdom of God.part one b^Lenora Temple^ ^ A portrait of the redeemed saints in glory doing what God designed for them to do from 19
  • 21. before the foundation of the world and that is to praise and glorify and honor His Son. Now I know that Bob is a fundamentalist, Baptist preacher but he also is one who loves the Word of God --.and one who loves the King James Bible. This might be a little strange to Lenora if she were her alive today, but since she is in Heaven she is having a good time with those who have gone before. I am sure over the years Lenora has heard what I am about to say, Bob and I have from time to time at the dinner table discussed the topic I am about to enter into. There are four great stages in the believer’s life. - 11 Thessalonians 2 vs.11-12 "But we are bound to give thanks, always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning CHOSEN you to SALVATION through SANCTIFICATION of the Spirit and belief in the truth." Whereunto he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the GLORY of our Lord Jesus Christ." The apostle Paul identifies those four great epics in II Thessalonians, chapter 2. Let me read what he says, "We are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord." Now, he’s writing to a church, a congregation-we don’t know how large that congregation was but it was perhaps a hundred, perhaps a little more than that. He’s writing to a group of people and he basically describes their biography and it’s the same. He says, "Brethren beloved, God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ." - Now, there were diverse people in that church with all kinds of different human biographies: each of them would have been different and lived a different life in different circumstances. But, when it came to their spiritual biography, it was identical and so he could speak to them collectively and say, "You’ve all come through the same histories," and here they are: election, justification, sanctification, and glorification. And, in the case of Lenora Temple, in the case of anybody else who belongs to God, glorification is the culmination of God’s redemptive epics. This is not a sad ending; this is the reason why it all began in the first place. - The Thessalonian believers had some concerns: they were worried about what happened to Christians who died. That’s sort of the issue lying behind the letter. And Paul, writing to them, gives a description of the biography of a believer that ultimately answers that question. He says that you don’t have to worry, there is a process going on here. - It begins with election. "God from the beginning chose you." When was the beginning? If you go to Titus, chapter 1, it tells us there that God made this plan "before time began." It says the same thing in II Timothy, chapter 1, verse 9, "…before time began." In the book of Revelation it says the names of believers were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before "the foundation of the world." - This would be a meager attempt to explain……summing up all of Scripture, let me make an attempt at it. When no creation existed, when there were no angels and there were no humans, and there was no universe as we know it and there was no earth as we live on it-when there was only God, Trinitarian God, God the Father determined to give a love gift to the Son. Perfect love results in generosity and perfect giving; the love of the Father sought to be expressed to the Son in a gift. - What would that gift be? By God’s design, He determined before the foundations of the world, before time began, to give to the Son a redeemed humanity. That’s why, in John 6, Jesus said, "All that the Father gives Me will come to Me." That’s why, in the same chapter, He said, "No one comes to the Father, but by Me, and no one comes to Me except the Father draws him." The Father, in an expression of perfect love, said to the 20
  • 22. Son, "I want to show My love to You: I want to give you a redeemed humanity." Why? "I want to give you beings who forever and ever and ever will praise and glorify Your name." The purpose of our birth in the first place, is so God could redeem us, so that we could bring Him praise and glorify His name for ever. - And, by the way, if you ever happen to read the book of Revelation, note chapter four and you get to see to heaven and when you get up there, you meet saints…and what are they saying? "Worthy is the Lamb to receive glory and honor and power" and all the rest. And that’s a portrait of the redeemed saints in glory doing what God designed for them to do from before the foundation of the world. That is to praise and glorify and honor His Son. - There’s another component. It says in I John 3:2 that when we see Him, we shall be like Him." In Romans 8:29, it says that we were chosen, we were elected, we were predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. That is what the verse says, even in the KJV - You can sum up the doctrine of election in a very simple way: God, before the foundation of the world, determined to give a redeemed humanity to His Son, to reflect His glory and to praise Him forever and ever and ever. God had a plan for our birth, and life, in time and in eternity. - What happens in our lives on earth is, in the big picture, slightly incidental. The goal that God had from before the foundation of the world for Lenora, has now entered into its fulfillment. All the rest was really prologue. But, it all started with election. It’s an incredible reality, you know! God not only knew, God chose. - Then there was justification. Once born into the world, the believer must hear the message of salvation, and God’s Spirit then prompts the heart and salvation occurs. Lenora was justified: she was declared righteous. Some of us might think she was declared righteous because she earned it-not true. By the deeds of the law, no flesh is justified. She, like all the rest of us, was a sinner and in need of grace. - Will continue next : Charles E. Whisnant - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:20PM (-06:00) Saturday, January 19, 2008 A LESSON I WOU LD USE AT THE HOME GOING OF A BELIEVER ^ A portrait of the redeemed saints in glory doing what God designed for them to do from before the foundation of the world and that is to praise and glorify and honor His Son.Part Two^Footnote: Thanks for all the e mails, flowers, cards, thanks, visits, phone calls.- Charles & Charity WhisnantP. O. Box 270Lucasville, Ohio 45648^ELECTION TOJUSTIFICATION-11 Thessalonians 2vs.11-12 • "But we are bound to give thanks, always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning CHOSEN you to SALVATION through SANCTIFICATION of the Spirit and belief in the truth." Whereunto he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the GLORY of our Lord Jesus Christ." - Do you understand how justification works? Do you understand what that word means? It is a declared acceptable to God." Obviously, humanly speaking, none of us is qualified. So, at some point, in order that God’s plan founded in election can come to glorification, God has to get down to dealing with the issue of sin. - How does He do it? Well, sin has to be punished and this is the great miracle of the Christian faith: he punished Jesus in our place. Jesus died on the cross, follow this thought, executed by God, as if He had committed every sin ever committed by every person who would ever believe, though, in fact, He committed none of them. If you understand that, you understand the core of the Christian gospel. God treated Jesus on the cross as if He had committed every sin ever committed by every person, who would 21
  • 23. ever believe. Though, in fact, He committed none of them. He died in our place. - This question is: why did He have to come and live for thirty-three years? And we don’t even know anything about those thirty-three years. What was Jesus like as a little boy? Have you ever wondered about that? Did His father work real hard in the carpenter’s shop to make a table and He came in and said, "Table!" What was He like, God in human flesh? It doesn’t tell us. All we have is one small. tiny glimpse at the age of twelve when he was asking questions in Jerusalem of those religious authorities. Why thirty-three years? Why thirty years of absolute anonymity? Nobody really understood who He was. He didn’t make any great divine display, if you will, in the city of Nazareth or the village of Nazareth. Why all those years? Why seventy-six for Lenora? - Well, I think it’s really summed up when He was baptized and John the Baptist said, "Well, why do you want to be baptized?" And He said, "In order that I might fulfill all righteousness." This is a great truth and it must be understood. Jesus needed to live a perfect life, a full and perfect life, so that it could be imputed to us. Let me sum it up this way. On the cross Jesus was without sin. He was spotless, He was sinless, harmless, holy, undefiled, separate from sin…Hebrews says. On the cross He was sinless; God treated Him as if He was a sinner. Let me tell you something. You’re not righteous and I’m not either but God treats us as if we were. He executed Jesus as if He lived your life so He could treat you as if you lived His. That’s the doctrine of substitution. That’s what justification does. There was a day in the life of Lenora when God, in His marvelous grace, moved that elective purpose one step further into justification. She heard the gospel, she believed the gospel, and God imputed the righteousness of Christ to her and her sin to the Savior who died on the cross, and she was saved. - JUSTIFICATION TO SANCTIFICATION-That wasn’t the end, because there’s a next step in the unfolding of this. Election: He "chose you for salvation," that’s justification, "through sanctification by the Spirit." The third great journal in the life of a believer is sanctification. What is that? It’s tied into belief, it’s tied into obedience……it’s just that progressive unfolding of a believer’s life lived in obedience to God." - Bob, Rob, Debbie, Charity lived with Lenora through that great journal. How old was she when she was saved, be it seven or twenty one. Well, we saw the growth of her sanctification! And, for thirty-eight years, I was there with Charity, often at a distance, and nevertheless she was growing in the Image of Christ, and in those last months of her life we all saw that image of Christ take form. - Her biography’s no different than any of yours if you know Christ. You’re living through this time of gradually being evermore separated from sin. - FROM ELECTION TO JUSTIFICATION TO SANCTIFICATION- That’s not the end. He says, in verse 14, "……to which He called you." He called you to this justification. He called you to this sanctification. He called you to "the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ." That is incredible. That’s glorification, from election to justification through sanctification to glorification that is simply a statement that says that a believer in the end obtains, that is, participates in, the very glory of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. - FROM ELECTION TO JUSTIFICATION TO SANCTIFICTION TO GLORIFICATION- She entered into that glory last Wednesday. Now he has no more sin; she is sinless. She reflects the glory of Christ. She was predestined to be conformed to the image of God’s Son: she is now bearing that image. She is not God, she is not deity, but she is as holy as God. Isn’t that an amazing thought-because it’s an absolute holiness. For this she was born. For this she was saved. For this she lived. And, this is her shining moment. - & AND FOR ALL OF US WHO BELONG TO GOD, THE BIOGRAPHY IS THE SAME.- Now, I don’t want to minimize her uniqueness, but I do need to say that from God’s standpoint, she is one of the chosen to belong to the heavenly hallelujah chorus who forever will reflect the glory of Christ and worship and praise His name. - We do not fear as those who have no hope. We, who love Christ, are just waiting for the 22
  • 24. reunion. People always ask me, "Well, will she be waiting for us?" Well, she’s in a world with no time. If you don’t have time, you don’t have waiting. Besides, there’s plenty to keep her occupied without worrying about us. For the first time, she will be free from that. - And this benediction: verse 16, "May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting comfort and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work." I don’t know about you, but I’m greatly comforted in this truth. This is not an aberration. This isn’t something that went wrong. This is something that went perfectly right…perfectly right. - And this is very personal, this verse, "May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting comfort and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work." 1. Don’t shake. 2. Don’t be afraid. 3. Don’t waver. 4. Stand fast, 5. hang on to the truth, the traditions you were taught -- hold onto everything she ever taught. - It would be a great tragedy and I say this to the family in particular, it would be a great tragedy were we not to stand fast in the truth that she lived for. I mean that would be the ultimate tragedy, were we not to be faithful "in every good word and work." It would almost seem as if all that she did would be wasted. - Stand fast, hold the traditions you were taught, receive the personal comfort of Christ and God Himself, and be established "in every good word and work." This is our biography. And we’ll all be there……we’ll all be there if we know Him. - This could be said of Bob Temple, Sr. who for 55 years lived with Lenora a life that was lived in the manner of the Lord Jesus Christ. He as well as Lenora has lived a life as an example for their family. May we all live in the manner as they have. - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:37AM (-06:00) Sunday, January 20, 2008 We All Error In Bible Interpretation, But . . . Quoting William Plumer ^ "The knowledge of God possessed by angels and by the spirits of just men made perfect in heaven, is very different in degree from that possessed by even good and able men on earth. Here all men are liable to err, and all men do err.-No man on this earth is without some wrong view, or some ignorance, which mars his knowledge.-This is no reason for sloth or discouragement; but is a good reason why we should be humble and careful and teachable, and pray for divine light and guidance.-It is far different in heaven. There they do always hold the face of God. Matthew 18:10. They do not hope for anything, for they already possess all good. Romans 8:24. "Now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Corinthians 13:12.-Knowledge without any mixture of error belongs only to the heavenly state. And yet a great part of the knowledge which the inhabitants of heaven have - concerns the very things which good men are learning in this world. Those above know perfectly what we know in parcels only. "^ There are those who would say: "This is the reason we must embrace mystery, and try not to be so arrogant as to think that any of us has the truth cornered." - William Plumer on the other hand, was a theologian who believed that the truth could be known and understood, and if you thoroughly studied 23
  • 25. your Bible, and you earnestly seeking truth, the Holy Spirit just might give it to you. - We don't need to shy away from doctrine because we are slow of learning. There is no reason we should be slack in learning the Word. - Its not arrogants to say we are studying theology to know the knowledge of God.^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:45AM (-06:00) Sunday, January 20, 2008 This is my youngest son Kyle and his mother, my wife, Charity at the burial of Charity's mother Lenora Temple. ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:44PM (-06:00) Sunday, January 20, 2008 Charles and Charity Whisnant at Charity mother's Funeral January 12th 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:49PM (-06:00) Sunday, January 20, 2008 Charles E. Whisnant, and my son Chad ^ Robby Temple, 111, Eric C. Whisnant Bob Temple, Sr. ,Chad R. Whisnant, and Kyle E. Whisnant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:06PM (-06:00) 24
  • 26. Monday, January 21, 2008 THIS IS CHARITY'S MOTHERLENORA TEMPLETHIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN ABOUT A YEAR AGO ON LENORA 75TH BIRTHDAY She will be missed, but not forgotten by family and friends, and even her son-in-law. 1. What is your only comfort in life and in death? That I, with body and soul, both in life and in death,[1] am not my own,[2] but belong to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ,[3] who with His precious blood[4] has fully satisfied for all my sins,[5] and redeemed me from all the power of the devil;[6] and so preserves me[7] that without the will of my Father in heaven not a hair can fall from my head;[8] indeed, that all things must work together for my salvation.[9] Wherefore, by His Holy Spirit, He also assures me of eternal life,[10] and makes me heartily willing and ready from now on to live unto Him.[11] [1] Rom 14:7-9; [2] 1 Cor 6:19-20; [3] 1 Cor 3:23; Tit 2:14; [4] 1 Pt 1:18-19; [5] 1 Jn 1:7; 2:2; [6] Jn 8:34-36; Heb 2:14-15; 1 Jn 3:8; [7] Jn 6:39-40, 10:27-30; 2 Thes 3:3; 1 Pt 1:5; [8] Mt 10:29-31; Lk 21:16- ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:18AM (-06:00) 25
  • 27. Monday, January 21, 2008 ERIC, BECKY, CHARITY, CHARLES, CHADKYLELESLIE, BRITTNEY, HEATHER CHRISTMAS AT THE TEMPLE 2007 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:17PM (-06:00) Monday, January 21, 2008 THIS IS MY DAUGHTER BECKY Becky lives in Hutchinson Kansas Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:13PM (-06:00) Monday, January 21, 2008 HEREIN IS THE ANSWER TO KNOWING HOW TO GET TO HEAVEN^11 Thessalonians 2 vs.11-12 "But we are bound to give thanks, always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning CHOSEN you to SALVATION through SANCTIFICATION of the Spirit and belief in the truth." Whereunto he called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the GLORY of our Lord Jesus Christ."&Updated Tuesday&If you will scroll down a few posts and past the pictures you willsee the lesson on this verse about oursalvation. (There are two parts)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -&While glancing through Philip Schaff's "History of the Christian Church, Volume 1," I came across the following wonderful quote. I share it with you for your enjoyment and pondering. May God grant His people a renewed love and reverence for His Word^ "In these inspired writings we have, not indeed an equivalent, but a reliable substitute for the personal presence and the oral instruction of Christ and His apostles. The written Word differs from the spoken only in form; the substance is the same, and has therefore the same authority and quickening power for us as it had for those who heard it first. 26 Although these books were called forth apparently by special and accidental occasions,
  • 28. and were primarily addressed to particular circles of readers and adapted to particular circumstances, yet, as they present the eternal and unchangeable truth in living forms, they suit all circumstances and conditions. Tracts for the times, they are tracts for all times; intended for Jews and Greeks of the first century, they have the same interest for Englishmen and Americans of the nineteenth century [and of the 21st!]. They are to this day not only the sole reliable and pure fountain of primitive Christianity, but also the infallible rule of Christian faith and practice. From this fountain the church has drunk the water of life for more than fifty generations, and will drink it until the end of time. In this rule she has a perpetual corrective for all her faults, and a protective against all error. Theological systems come and go, and draw from that treasury their larger or smaller additions to the stock of our knowledge of the truth; but they can never equal that infallible Word of God, wich abideth forever."^FOOTNOTE Charity's father and mother, would daily set at the breakfast table and read the Bible. The Bible was as much a part of their lives as breathing.They tried to live the principles of the Bible.Often Bob would read through the Bible twice in one year.Bob at 75 years old, is as fresh in His spirit for Christ as he was when he was 33 years old, fresh out of Bible Baptist Seminaryand Lenora was by his side the whole timeIn business and in church.Last night Bob Temple, Sr. taught a Bible Lessonto the Senior Citizens^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:34PM (-06:00) Tuesday, January 22, 2008 October 2003 Richard Lemaster gave me his Gateway Computer with a printer and with 98 Windows and Corel Word Perfect and a printer. And went on AOL November 2003. Today January 2008, I still have this Gateway Computer, and six printers later and still with AOL Daily for the last four years sitting at my desk, with a cup of coffee, pen and paper and Corel WordPerfect , and a bible at hand, studying 1000's of articles, from Theology to Church Ministry from many websites. Downloading those articles and neatly placing in a three ring binder. ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:38PM (-06:00) Tuesday, January 22, 2008 Scripture is very clear and consistent in its teaching that we were all born into a state of sinfulness, guilt, and spiritual death. When we truly comprehend our fallenness, we can immediately see that our own sin is a moral and spiritual dilemma from which we are utterly unable to loosen ourselves. 27
  • 29. • Paul told the Ephesian believers: "[You] were dead in trespasses and sins: wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others" (Ephesians 2:1-3). • Look closely at what he says there: Every unregenerate person is spiritually dead, walking in accord with Satan, by nature a child of wrath. We are born into this world as thorough going sinners—not merely tainted a little bit by sin, but completely, hopelessly in bondage to it. Every aspect of our being—mind, emotions, desires, and even our physical constitution—is corrupted, controlled, and disfigured by sin and its effects. No one escapes from that verdict. We are totally depraved. What does this mean ? Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:40PM (-06:00) Wednesday, January 23, 2008 ROBERT TEMPLE, SR. ROBERT TEMPLE, III ANDROBERT TEMPLE 11 and his wife Ily (alvarado_ileana) CHARITY'S DAD, AND BROTHER ROB 11 ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:35PM (-06:00) 28
  • 30. Thursday, January 24, 2008 HERE IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR A GREAT TIME OF WHAT IS CALLED HUNTING AND FISHING AND JUST A GREAT TIME IN THE OUTDOORS. ^ KURT NUNNENKAMP He and MICHELE has been our friends since the 1980's when I was pastor/teacher at Altoona Kansas. Charity and I could not have two better friends.&-MIKE and Nancy Nunnenkamp, Kurt's brother has been a friend as long. The Nunnenkamp family, Allen and Cec their dad and mom has been a long time friends. Cec was the "world's best church secretary".You need to check out a great website...........&- learning how to upload pictures is sure wonderful. Be sure to take a view of Kurt's website. Enjoy. I am already home sick for the outdoors of Altoona, Kansas. What was I thinking when I left.- Charles^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:13AM (-06:00) 29
  • 31. Thursday, January 24, 2008 REFINEDRefined - showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience; "his polished manner was outstanding."-I am working on my Passioned, Personality Disorder. - I am working:To become free of impurities. To acquire polish or elegance. To use precise distinctions and subtlety in thought or speech.- This might take a while.cultivated, polished, polite, courteous, civilized, courtly, genteel, elegant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:11PM (-06:00) Friday, January 25, 2008 TIGER WOODSEnough said.......^HERE WE GO AGAIN^Buick Invitationalafter two rounds67 and 65a four stroke lead2008^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:08PM (-06:00) Saturday, January 26, 2008 JESUS ON THE CROSS FOR THE REDEMPTION OF THOSE WHO HE DIED FOR. I was born and raised into a Baptist, Indpendent Baptist home. I was saved in a Baptist Church. My dad was a Baptist preacher. I went to a Baptist Seminary. I have pastor and worked and taught in Baptist Churches. (A little back ground) - Back in February 2004 I was asked by Frank Tallerico. pastor of Bigelow Church to teach the Discipleship Hour Adult class for a few weeks. My topic was: - "THE STUDY OF THE DOCTRINE OF GRACE" ^ And I plan to post some of that study - What was the reason Jesus died on the Cross?The Crucifixion of Christ and How was our salvation made possible? ^ 30
  • 32. from the curse of the fall to total inability to the redemption at the cross to the adoption of underserving sinners. ^ from the work of a Sovereign God in ELECTION to the work of Jesus on the cross in ATONEMENT to the work of the Holy Spirit in the REGENERATION ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:34AM (-06:00) Saturday, January 26, 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:17PM (- 06:00) Saturday, January 26, 2008 POINT AND SHOOT BUICK INVITATION 2008 Tiger Woods has an eight-shot lead after shooting a 66 in Round 3. Stewart Cink (69) is his closest competitor . Woods was at 18-under 198, tying the 54- hole record at Torrey Pines set by Woody Blackburn in 1985. Woods also shattered tournament records for 54-hole lead (five shots), and appears well on his way to capturing the Buick Invitational for the fourth straight year, and sixth time in his career. Tiger is one short of 62 victories to tie Arnold Palmer. - 31
  • 33. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:40PM (-06:00) Sunday, January 27, 2008 TIGER WOODS WINS BUICK INVITATIONAL BY 8 STROKES IN 2008 DEBUT Tiger Woods opened his season with a fourth straight win at the Buick Invitational, an eight-stroke victory that ties him with Arnold Palmer for fourth place in U.S. PGA Tour history with 62 golf tournament titles. Woods, the world's No. 1 ranked golfer, entered the final round with an eight-stroke advantage and shot a 1-under-par 71 today at windy Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla, California. Woods has won the last four PGA Tour events he's entered dating back to last season, when he completed the year by capturing the first FedEx Cup title, and trails only Sam Snead (82), Jack Nicklaus (73) and Ben Hogan (64) in career victories. ARNOLD PALMER HAS ALWAYS BEING MY #ONE GOLFER. 1954 -1973 PGA 62 WINS AND TEN SENIOR TOUR PGA WINS. 734 events 62-38-27 TIGER WOODS 1991 -2008 11 Years 62 PGA wins. 20 other tour wins worldwide. Tiger Woods opened his season with a fourth straight win at the Buick Invitational, an eight-stroke victory that ties him with Arnold Palmer for fourth place in U.S. PGA Tour history with 62 golf tournament titles. Woods, the world's No. 1 ranked golfer, entered the final round with an eight-stroke advantage and shot a 1-under-par 71 today at windy Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla, California. 18 under par. 67-65-66-71 269 32
  • 34. Woods has won the last four PGA Tour events he's entered dating back to last season, when he completed the year by capturing the first FedEx Cup title, and trails only Sam Snead (82), Jack Nicklaus (73) and Ben Hogan (64) in career victories. - TigerWoodsofficial site had the banner at the top of this post. PGA tour had the 62 win poster. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:55PM (-06:00) Monday, January 28, 2008 THE PREEMINENCE OF GOD OVER HISTORY Jesus is not a "doll." Several years ago, a Christian company in Florida began marketing "Jesus the Doll," a doll the makers claim will "help children discover Jesus." For $29.95, the doll promises to "provide solace for the elderly and the infirm, for those in recovery programs, and those in emotional duress. The real Lord is just too ethereal, "it's hard to hug air" the company notes.- Maybe some people who are not Christians need to take "Effexor XR", but Christians do not, nor do they need a "Jesus the Doll." Christians do not need to rely on "venlafaxine hydrochloride" the extended release capsule. But a continued release of the Holy Spirit in our spirit. Christians need to understand the theology of God and His work and words. - Christians do not necessarily need drugs for strength, for encouragment, for solace, for recovery from hurt, disappointment, death, and daily living. They need to grasp the knowlege of who God, Jesus Christ is and what he is doing in the world today.- I am afraid that too many people in America have forgotten the sovereign power of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is abounding in love and mercy, but not in "hugs." He is too big to hug. And those in the Bible who saw God, men like Moses and Isaiah in Isaiah six, wanted to run from God. They didn't want to hug Him. They said, "Woe is me, I am ruined!" Even angels who minister before God's throne would not even dare to look God in the face, but cover their eyes and feet and cry out, "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY" Our God, our Lord Jesus Christ, is a consuming fire, not a rag doll. And God is sovereign and there is really no need to fear... HE IS IN CONTROL. The time-extended-release capsules we need is not found in hugging a doll but reading the verses in the BIBLE. The Spirit will release His strength in us hourly. • Psalms 103:19 "The Lord hath prepared His throne in the heavens, and His 33
  • 35. kingdom ruleth over all." • Romans 8:28 "And we know that all works together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called to His purpose." • Ephesians 1:11 "In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who worketh all things afer the counsel of His own will." I suggest that you spend $ for a Bible, like the John MacArthur, Jr, Study Bible (or Charity would get the Charles Stanley "Life Principles" Bible). Or get a hug from Charlie Bond or Ray McCoy. That is far better than hugging a doll. Get a call from Sharan McCoy, get an email from a friend, get a card from Allen and Toni Barnhart, including their children and grandkids. Or share a new blonde joke with Melody. If you need a spiritual therapist, Rick Warner has been a blessing to me. Of course I could continue to give illustration, but it would take pages. If you need strength, or you have emotional trouble, or you need a lift, you need the time- released power of Jesus Christ, via the Holy Spirit. And sometimes Christ will use us to encourage others. I think therefor I BLOG. - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:10AM (-06:00) Monday, January 28, 2008 SHOULD YOU MARK IN YOUR BIBLEandBLANK SHEETS IN YOUR BIBLE FOR NOTES Should you mark in your Bible? You are asking me? I have marked in my bible for fifty years. I was surprise to read over at Experiencing Reformation: "Building A Blank Bible" He is makeing a blank Bible for his dad. Goodness. Over at "Writing In Your Bible." This idea of writing in your Bible, or having a Bible where there are blank pages. Also over had this project of the blank Bible. They are at least sixty years late. has Jonathan Edwards sermon on "The Blank Bible". My dad had a loose leaf Bible, by Riverside Book & Bible House over fifty years ago, you could have a blank page or pages wherever you wanted. I had one myself with hundreds of extra pages with my sermon notes. I have a three ring Bible. You can put a complete sermon anytime in this Bible. Highlighting markers is a normal part of reading, underlining verses is normal. In some of my Bibles, there is not a page that has not been marked up with notes. 34 The Bible is God’s word and it is meant to be used, pencil, pen, markers, should be used
  • 36. to high light a text. Its not sinful to put notes in your bible, its better than a flower to press. Of course if you have a MacArthur, Jr Study Bible, the notes of verses are already on the page. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:53PM (-06:00) Tuesday, January 29, 2008 PRAYING IS GENUINELY A VERY THOUGHTFUL RESPONSIBLITY Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:09PM (- 06:00) Wednesday, January 30, 2008 THE PREEMINENCE OF GOD OVER HISTORY GOD HAS ORDAINED EVERYTHING IN HISTORY ^ Ephesians 1:11 tells us this: "God, from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of His own will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass." In Him we were predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will. R.C. Sproul said this: • Were there one maverick molecule out there somewhere apart from the plan of God, we would have no reason to hope in God. That one maverick molecule could be the one detail that defeats God's eternal purpose. " This is hard to get a grasp of: God is all-powerful, and all of history is merely the 35
  • 37. outworking of His eternal plan. God not merely created the world, but His eternal power sustains it and continues its existence by the sheer exertion of His will - were God to blink, all would come to an end. God is the First Cause that lies behind all secondary causes. Out of all the billions of ways that God could have planned history, this is the plan Goid chose. God's invisible hand is secretly at work controlling all things. 1. God controls all of nature: Psa 135:6-7, Mt 5:45 and 6:25-30 2. God controls angels and Satan: Psa. 103:20-21 and Job 1:12 3. God controls nations: Ps 47:7-8, Daniel 2:20-21 and 4:34-35 4. God controls human beings: I Sam 2:6-7 and Gal 1:15-16 5. God controls animals: Psa 104:21-30 6. God controls accidents: Proverbs 16:33 and Jonah 1:7 and Matthew 10:29 7. God controls free acts of men: Exodus 3:21, 12-25-36 8. God controls sinfuls acts of men and satan: Acts 2:23, 4:27-28 THIS IS A REALLY HARD TO GET A HANDLED ON: • The key biblical principle that gives an insight into God's sovereignty is called concurrence. People have plans, which may be good or may be evil, and people are really responsible for the plans they make. • God also has a plan, a plan which overruless all other plans. • God eternal purposeand humanity's purpose s concur - in other words they take place at the same time. • J.I Packer said this: "God's control is absolute in the sense that men do only that which He has ordained that they should do, yet they are truly free agents in the sense that their decisions are their own, and they are morally responsible for them" Some times it appears that our motives may be impure, even our attempts to thwart God's eternal plan is fact only serve to further it. God's purpose and men's action concer atthe same time. • In Acts 1:23 and 4:27-28: God plans the muirder of Jesus, the worst sin in history. God tells us that Christ's murderers were working out His eternal plan, then goes on to say that they will be judged for their actions. • In Genesis 45:5 and 50:20, God plans the attempted murder and enslavement of Joseph so that God could eventually rescue millions of people from famine. Joseph tells his brothers that their plan was meant for evil -- "You inteneded to harm me." But God's plan trumped their plan, Joseph explains "But God inteneded it for good to accompllish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. God allows even evil, and the suffering that follows from living in a sin-sickened world. I know this seems ironic, since God hates sin and forbids people from sinning. God hates death too - Jesus even wept at the sight of death. But God also ordains death - - it's His curse on all of us for the sins of our first parents (Genesis 3). God ordains sin and suffering, even though He despises them. Here in then is the mystery of concurrence. This does not make human beings simply "puppets" - - puppets do not have desires or wills, or do not make choces. People do made their choices. God is the invisible hand at work in, behind and through the plans of mice and men, always accomplishing His eternal and unchaning purpose. Okay if your mother or father, or child is suffering, are you yourself, don't tell me, that God 36
  • 38. has nothing to do with their suffering. All the suffering has some significance with God! God ordains every disappointment, suffering, lost and sorrow, just as surly as He ordains every joy and happiness. We want to believe that God is their with us every step of the way. Didn't Job say, "The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away." What did Job then say, "May the name of the LORD be praised." God has a PURPOSE and while most of the time we have no clue, nor can't understand it. Our sufferings and disppointment, hurts, saddness, losses, and even our sins have significance greater than themselves. For most people this idea is hard to take, to believe. Our culture today wants to believe they have personal self determination. Their personal choice is viewed over God as the most important. Some pray that God's will be accomplished in their lives. Others believe they made their own choices, to which God is not involved. As a result of this personal self determination, and conclusion, its hard to teach the doctrine of predestination because at the heart of men is this rebellion. Ephesians 1:11 "In Him, (Christ) we were chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will. -Who decides? God or man! Well both. But its God who overrules.Don't many of us, you who are believers, pray daily that God will direct our going and coming, our thoughts and behavior. I certainly do. I want God to just set in anytime He desires. (Notes from a lesson at First Baptist Church, Altoona, Kansas) - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:18PM (-06:00) Thursday, January 31, 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:26PM (-06:00) Thursday, January 31, 2008 This is a first for me I usually never post a cat and a mouse. But what a day I have had. This picture came from an e mail from my friend Randy Webb. I hope its okay to post this picture. 37
  • 39. Also my sister Ellen has been working on my new website. She loves me. Think of that. A Few Quotes: "What a man needs is a brother to draw close, minister to him, and help him mature. He needs somebody to demonstrate to him another way to live, modeling a godly marriage, biblical parenthood, and the love of Christ." Steve Sonderman,Effective Men's Ministry "We cannot control what others do, but we can be renewed each day in our confidence of God's faithful love and care for us and in his unfailing commitment to meet our needs according to his redemptive plan. " "You prepare a table (of provisions) before me in the presence of my enemies." - Psalm 23:5 Don Loy Whisnant- Well this is short tonight, but some good thoughts. A Cat and mouses! Who would have thought - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:32PM (-06:00) Friday, February 01, 2008 FINALLY NEW CHANGES ON THE BLOG ^ As you can see there are some new features on this blog today for the first time. We want to made this Blogger more resourceful for our guests and friends to view.- Since August 2006 we have posted 358 articles and posts. Who is going to view those one at a time? Of course if you want to know Charles/Charity's ministry you could get a good idea if you view the first fifty posts. -SUBJECT LABELS OF EACH POST 38
  • 40. • The next best idea is to view posts by subjects. Blogger has provided the means whereby you can do that. I started labeling each post in 2007 andwill need to go back and work on the posts in 2006. There is a list of subject labels on the sidebar. You click on a subject of interest and you will be directed to all posts on that subject. How good is that? Blogger has done well with this. It's I who has taken this long to figure out how to get that list on the side bar. Never give up folks, you can learn at sixty if you never give up. You might be white haired before you can get it, but I like my white hair. You know Stephen is right! (Ellen's smart son ) ARCHIVES: • I hope I have made it easier to view the posts. I have on the side bar a list of the last month's articles. You can view and click on any article and Blogger will take you directly to the article. LINKS TO OTHER BLOOGERS AND WEBSITES • I am going to work on specific links (websites) that I like very much and will have those listed on the side bar as well soon. LIST OF BOOKS FOR RESOURCE MATERIAL • Also I have listed a series of books that I have read or am reading, and they will be listed at the end of each post. You will need to click on the time listed at the end of each posts, and you will be directed to that single blog. At the end of the page will be that list of books I read. COMMENTS • Comments on Blogger is a little hard, they require that you have a blog or fill out a form. To many that is a little too much for a comment. Thus, the comments I get are from e mail. I receive a number of e mails. I really like that method the best. My e mail can be found on my profile page. Blogger offers several more features that I have not used but in the future I hope to begin using them.-The idea of GROW BY LEARNING BLOG is to provide as much resource as possible for the guests and friends of ours. There are 1000's of people who have blogs, many are just wonderful websites. • One example of being helpful without knowing it at the time. Someone googled my name (that is really shocking) and found our BLOGGER and found the article about Charity's mother Lenora passing away. She didn't know that until she read our post. ADDITIONAL WEB SITE IN THE MAKING • My lovely sister Ellen Samples is learning this Blogger too. Her daughter April Williams has already just about mastered this .com business. Well, Ellen had the idea that a .com site would be good to have. So she found a website host, and decided to craft her brother a website. She did all the work putting together the art work and found the templates and Ellen designed the site. Then she turned the web over to me. Now how did she do this? That is the question? I will post the address 39
  • 41. later. E MAILS • I have discovered that I can automatically have each post I write e mailed to an individual, how scary is that! What I generally do, is e mail a list of friends giving them a heads up what the post I have just written is about. Some like this better. I proved a direct link to our blogger, which makes it easier to click and read. Sometimes I write articles on the email that I have not yet or might not post on the Blogger. THERE YOU HAVE THE NEW UPDATES FOR 2008. WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE WE WILL BE LEARNING THIS YEAR. MAY YOU PRAY THOUGHTFULLY, MAY YOU THINK BIBLICALLY DAILY.-Please remember when reading any article or viewing any post, that you keep in mind, that I love the Lord, I love my wife, I love ministry, and I love my friends, and some of my detractors. I want to be helpful, and Christ-like in what I post.-Pray for Charity and me when you read these posts. Pray that the Lord will open the doors for ministry in a local church in 2008. Pray for Charity and me as we work in the workplace that we might be a light in a dark world, and that we can be an encouragement to those who need to be encouraged.-- Charles E. Whisnant, proof read by Charity finally Feb 2 - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:41AM (-06:00) Sunday, February 03, 2008 PASTORAL ELDERS AND CHURCH ELDERS: LEADERSHIP RETREATS^ This pictures of a cabin comes from ExpositoryThoughs. (I think its one on our camp grounds in Perrysville, Ohio, we had several retreats there.) I visit this this site weekly. Its design for pastors and preachers. I am going to address the question that Paul Lamey ask on expositoryThoughts... - "I’m getting out of town this afternoon (through Saturday) with my fellow elders for our annual leadership retreat. I would be interested to hear if some of you do similar things with your leadership and if so what do you do? For fun? For ministry? " – Paul Lamey-Question asked: • I’d love to hear of the agenda/schedule from your time together. Paul commented: • In a nutshell (in no particular order here) we discuss every ministry that our church is involved with in order to assess strengths/weaknesses/needs (women’’s ministry, children, missions, etc.). We spend a lot of time on how we are taking care of the congregation as shepherds (physical needs, spiritual needs). We discuss particular families and situations that need attention. We brain storm and think a lot about future plans and goals and what it will take to 40 accomplish such ideas.
  • 42. I typically lead our men through a study with a focus on our leadership but also with the idea that the study itself further instructs the men ""how"" to study scripture. This year I will teach through Philemon. We will have two or three sessions on this. – Paul Lamey I asked Paul: "Pastoral Elders and Church elders, how do you view them in relationship to leadership? How often do you meet?" Charles, • The only distinction we make among our elders is between vocational/non- vocational or compensated/non-compensated (1 Tim. 5:17). While not all the elders are gifted in the same way or to the same degree we are all equal as leaders among the flock and equally qualified (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1ff). • We also have the responsibility to train-up other qualified men (2 Tim. 2:2) so that the church is always under the leadership of faithful men. • Our full elder session meets once a month for a time of instruction, prayer and to discuss congregational issues (both administrative and spiritual). We also meet informally in the intervening times for special meetings where we may need to counsel someone or address a particular issue that doesn’t require the full session. We meet once a year for our retreat and plan to take our wives every other year. • I hope this helps. Thanks for the questions. ----Paul Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:32AM (-06:00) Sunday, February 03, 2008 WOODS WINS DUBAI DESERT CLASSIC FOR FIFTH TOURNAMENT WIN IN A ROW ^ Woods wins Dubai Desert Classic for fifth tournament win in a row- This is the third time he has started a season with two straight victories, and it was another sign that the world's No. 1 player could be headed for a big year. Woods now has won his last four official tournaments, and six of his last seven dating to the Bridgestone Invitational in early August. - He also won his unofficial Target World Challenge by seven shots in December. - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Sports Network) - Different country, different tour. Same result.- Tiger Woods fired a seven-under 65 on Sunday to win the European Tour's Dubai Desert Classic for the second time in three years, posting six birdies on the back nine to overcome a four-stroke deficit. - After rolling to an eight-shot victory at last week's Buick Invitational -- his 62nd on the PGA Tour -- Woods beat Germany's Martin Kaymer by just one stroke at 14-under 274. - 41
  • 43. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:49PM (-06:00) Monday, February 04, 2008 SUPER BOWL PARTY ^ Charity thought having a party would be nice. Girls are like that. So after I went to church last night with Bob we came back to watch the second half of the game. Charity, Debbie, Kindra and Ily provided a good super bowl meal.-Giants 17, Patriots 14stunner Simply a Super stunner^ Giants derail Patriots' perfect season^Did the girls watch the game..... no they watch Dave Ramsey on Fox.- Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:18AM (- 06:00) Monday, February 04, 2008 -ELLEN SAMPLES IS A WONDERFUL CHRISTIAN LADY AND MY SISTER ^ Ellen provided me with a website, she is my weblady. This has been a fun projected working on this new site, both of us now have a site. Both are up and running in its beginning stages. We both have a mission. ^ This is my new site GROW BY LEARNING ^ This is Ellen's. - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:03AM (-06:00) Monday, February 04, 2008 STEROIDS IN BASEBALL AND SPORTS STEROIDS IN BASEBALL AND SPORTSPart One ^ Anabolic steroids 2000-2008 was not the beginning of the use of anabolic steroids The first time anabolic performance enhancement had been 42 attempted. As far back as the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece, athletes
  • 44. ingested various herbs and foods with the hopes of improving their performance. The big winner in the 480 B.C. Olympic Games said he ate nothing but meat for 10 months prior to the Games. Now we know that meat is especially high in B vitamins and Creatine, both of which can enhance performance. Early attempts to increase Testosterone were documented as early as 776 BC andagain, by Olympic athletes ´ ingested sheep ´s testicles, which they knew to be a source of Testosterone production (3). Although it might seem extreme to us now, to eat meat for ten straight months (or to ingest sheep testicles), this was a small price to pay for the prize money that was offered back then & up to 1,200 days pay for winning an event was common. There were no participation medals; they did not compete for the love of the game, to give it their best shot, or even for pride. They competed for money and prestige, end of story . And that is why they sought out performance enhancers. - If that story sounds familiar, like perhaps one you´ve heard on TV or in magazines concerning modern-day steroid use in sports, it should. Athletes´ today- especially professional athletes- have very lucrative contracts and sponsorship deals, and steroids are known to enhance performance, reduce and repair injuries, and lengthen careers. So it should be no surprise to most people that when Dr.Ziegler returned from the World Weightlifting Championships, he immediately began researching testosterone and trying to develop something better for his Athletes. The story of steroid use in sports began just before the World Weightlifting Championships of 1954. • I was watching CBS Sunday Morning: one of the stories was on Steroids. Its in the news daily. Is steroids wrong! And why now does the culture deside that these building up of the body now is wrong? • Did Mark McGuire use steroids? Would you vote for him for the Hall of Baseball? • Did Roger Clements use steroids? And! • Has our culture caused athletics to use of body building drugs so athletics can get the edge in sports today? What is the Christian Point of view of the Worldview on Drugs in Sports?- Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 11:33AM (-06:00) Tuesday, February 05, 2008 WHAT SHOULD BE THE CHRISTIAN VIEW POINT OF STEROIDS IN SPORTS?* LOOKING AT PRO WRESTLING/ & WEIGHTLIFTING What is the Christian Pointof viewof the Worldview onDrugs in Sports?- Yes, I wrestled in high school, and lifted weights, played basketball, football and boxed, baseball and gymnastics. - 43
  • 45. I remember well when I was a youth in Roanoke, Virginia in the 1950's and 60's, going to watch wrestling. My dad would take us to watch Haystack Calhoun. He was one of the original farm boys and one of the most beloved big men in the history of professional wrestling. His immense popularity helped to carry several regions during his time. The men looked like regular men who were trying to wrestle each other. I really enjoyed wrestling, and my brother and I would try to copy what we saw. It’s almost comical now to look back at those days of wrestling. Haystack Calhoun was my very favorite wrestler - I went to Seminary in Arlington, Texas in the late 60's and loved watching Fritz Von Erich and his sons. (The story of the Von Erich’s was unfortunate tragedy.). While I was a dedicated. student of the Bible, truly I was, I still had this enjoyment of watching wrestling. I took all kinds of abuse for liking watching wrestling.. * Even in the 1980's when we were in Altoona, Kansas, my son Eric and I would go to Coffeyville, Kansas to watch wrestling. We saw Rick Flair wrestle.. They still looked like regular men. They were just wrestling each other in the manner that I wrestled in high school. I loved seeing Rick Flair and Harley Race. We drove to Wichita, Kansas, to watch Rick Flair and Sting, and Junkyard Dog. - I pastored FBC in Altoona, Kansas and I loved pro wrestling. I also worked in a Nursing Home for ten years, and each Saturday for years, we would watch wrestling on TV, and Eric would go with me to cut the lawn and then watch TV. Wrestling was so much fun, clean fun, family fun. Really. I would watch wrestling on TV at home at 10 p.m. and get up on Sunday and preach. Really. Okay, it was as good as watching Gunsmoke. * Something happened in the 1990's. The wrestlers were getting bigger in body build. They began to take on the look of bodybuilders, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And wrestling took on another look and another form of entertainment and we moved away from wrestling. - Arnold Schwarzenegger came to America in 1968 at 21. In 1970 and won the competition making him the youngest Mr. Olympia in history at just 23 years of age, a record he still holds to this day. - 44
  • 46. He has admitted to using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids while they were legal, writing in 1977 that "steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest. I did not use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle maintenance when cutting up." Schwarzenegger has called the drugs "tissue building." It has been alleged that Schwarzenegger won his first of seven Mr. Olympia titles in 1970 using just three Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) per day. - THE STORY OF STEROID USE IN SPORT - The story of steroid use in sports began just before t h e W o r l d Weightlifting Championships of 1954. The Soviets had made their Olympic debut in Helsinki in 1952, and made quite an impact, but nothing compared to the show they put on in 1954. That year, the Soviets easily dominated most of the weight classes. As the story goes, John Ziegler (team physician for the United States) questioned the Soviet team ´s doctor after the medals were given out, and the Soviet doctor said that his team had been receiving testosterone injections. That, in all probability, was the first time anyone had ever used anabolic steroids to enhance performance in an athletic event. According to some unconfirmed sources, testosterone preparations were used by Germany’s Olympic team in 1936 for the Berlin Olympics. At that time, there were rumors that an Olympic medal winner had previously used oral Testosterone preparations, but the benefit to be had from them (due to the technology at the time regarding oral testosterone) would have been minor. In the case of the Soviets, however, rumors of discarded syringes in their dressing rooms made it clear that they were not using oral steroids, they were using something different. And everyone wanted to know what it was.-Culture is the habits of society. Sports often reflect the thinking of our society, and society reflects the trends of sports athletes. What athlete does not want to be as good as Tiger Woods, or Mark McGuire, or Hulk Hogan? What are they willing to do to be like them? Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:48PM (-06:00) Thursday, February 07, 2008 Anabolic steroids WHAT SHOULD BE THE CHRISTIAN VIEW POINT OF STEROIDS IN SPORTS?- POP CULTURE ROLL IN TODAY SPORTS CULTURE 45
  • 47. - Popular culture (or pop culture) can be deemed as what is popular within the social context - that of which is most strongly represented by what is perceived to be popularly accepted among society. Otherwise, popular culture is also suggested to be the widespread cultural elements in any given society that are perpetuated through that society's vernacular language or lingua franca. It comprises the daily interactions, needs and desires and cultural 'moments' that make up the everyday lives of the mainstream. It can include any number of practices, including those pertaining to cooking, clothing, consumption, mass media and the many facets of entertainment such as sports and literature. - Culture is the habits of society. Sports often reflect the thinking of our society, and society reflects the trends of sports athletes - Later today, I will address part three of this article. - Charles Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:19AM (-06:00) Thursday, February 07, 2008 WHAT SHOULD BE THE CHRISTIAN VIEW POINT OF STEROIDS IN SPORTS? Part three Sylvester Stallone, 61, has stated publicly that he took human growth hormone and 46
  • 48. testosterone, substances that supposedly promote a lean, muscular body. (USA Today February 2008) A new movie RAMBO coming this month. But doctors and scientists who study these potent hormones say Stallone may be playing with more fire power than even John James RAMBO can handle. or Rocky Balboa • In popular culture, the name Rambo has become an eponym for a tactic of military aggression or, alternatively, a person demonstrating heroism through extreme violence, especially when outnumbered. However, the term can also be used somewhat derogatorily to describe someone who thoughtlessly charges into a fight with no rregard for personal safety or careful planning. This term is commonly referred to as "Going Rambo"ular culture (or pop culture) can be deemed as what is popular within the social context - that of which is most strongly represented by what is perceived to be popularly accepted among society Within the Christian community, we live within the society that surrounds us. Often what society deems popular becomes the norm for Christians. Think for a moment what society was doing twenty years ago, that they no longer deem popular to do? Think again for a moment and ask, what do Christians do today that is deemed wrong twenty or thirty years ago, but is okay today? Then ask yourselves, did society set the standards, or did Christains set the standards or is there bibical gounds for the standards? • For example: Today in our society, men can wear ear rings (again) Generally our society doesn't even thinking about this. Women can percies their skin in just about any place and place a ring there. Today divorce is no longer looked as a major factor in our lives. Marriage seems less important than a few years ago. Attending a local church seems less importance. The list could continue. The Biblical Worldview is even different from the Christian worldview. A Christian today has many viewpoints different from one another. Even the difinition of the term Christian has changed. - Worldviews embrace the world as it exists in one's time, but only in relation to how the world is pictured by this or that person, this or that community or institution, tainted by possible agenda. A religious worldview can not only describe the beliefs and agenda of a group, but the style and tone of that worldview can reflect a general emotional state of those who speak for that group. - Now this leads me finally to the subject of steroids in sports in this post today. -- As we have shown in the last several post, often people set the viewpoint about a certain view. In our subject the use of steroids in sports, in the entertainment field, etc. 47
  • 49. - Popular culture (or pop culture) can be deemed as what is popular within the social context - that which is most strongly represented by what is perceived to be popularly accepted among society. • Otherwise, popular culture is also suggested to be the widespread cultural elements in any given society that are perpetuated through that society's vernacular language or lingua franca. • It comprises the daily interactions, needs and desires and cultural 'moments' that make up the everyday lives of the mainstream. It can include any number of practices, including those pertaining to cooking, clothing, consumption, mass media and the many facets of entertainment such as sports and literature. (Compare meme.) • Popular culture often contrasts with a more exclusive, even elitist "high culture," that is, the culture of ruling social groups. The earliest use of "popular" in English was during the fifteenth century in law and politics, meaning "low", "base", "vulgar", and "of the common people" till the late eighteenth century by which time it began to mean "widespread" and gain in positive connotation. (Williams 1985) As I said in yesterday’s post, wrestling has shown the pop culture of our day. When Eric (my oldest son) and I went to pro wrestling in the early 80's in Coffeyville, Kansas, in a Jr Hi gym, there was no cussing, and no vulgar language, no drinking. Later in the late 80's there was an amazing change. The wrestlers were getting bigger and the crowds were getting vulgar in their language. Athletes and bodybuilders were getting bigger ^ Growth hormone stimulates growth and cell reproduction. It is produced in the pituitary glands, the pea-sized "master gland" that sits at the base of the brain. It has been popular in recent years with bodybuilders (as we have stated) and athletes because they believe it will increase muscle mass, decrease fat and allow them to more quickly recuperate after punishing workouts. - What was first a useful drug, now has been abused: How? - What Dr. Ziegler developed, with the help of the Ciba pharmaceutical company was called "Methandrostenolone" or Dianabol. This was the creation of the first anabolic steroid that wasn’t simply testosterone. That was late in 1956. By the time the early 1960s rolled around, Ziegler’s weightlifters were dominating American weightlifting. And since then, many different steroids, each with their own different set of characteristics, have been developed - Of course, there have been other documented instances of athletes taking various drugs and other substances in an attempt to enhance their performance. Thomas Hicks, an American marathoner in the 1904 Olympics, had to be revived after he drank Brandy laced with cocaine and strychnine. He won the gold medal, although I believe the Brandy/Cocaine/Strychnine cocktail never really took off in popularity among his fellow athletes. His fellow runners, the sprinters attempted to use nitroglycerine a couple of 48
  • 50. decades later, to dilate (expand) their coronary arteries; they later switched to experimenting with Benzidrine, an amphetamine. • So what am I saying, to attempt to enhance performance didn’t just happen in the last twenty years. And it’s been known for more than fifty years. So why are we just now beginning to say it’s wrong? • Many such compounds had been used, but none are as powerful or provided such rapid increases in strength and powerful as anabolic steroids. For this reason, after its invention by Dr.Ziegler, Dianabol was quickly made available to anyone looking for an extra edge. It helped many bodybuilders, weightlifters, football players, and Olympic athletes train harder, longer, and more efficiently. As all steroids can do, it enhanced protein synthesis and allowed new muscle to be built at a rate that was much more rapid than would otherwise be possible. And that increased muscle power and strength translated into financial rewards for the athletes who were taking them - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:45PM (-06:00) Saturday, February 09, 2008 FAITH IN THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN - Thus far in the presidential campaign we have heard more about religion and politics than ever before. An entire CNN program, Mitt Romney’s Texas speech, individual interviews, campaign-trail confessions, and more . . . and more. But has anything new come from it? Are we more enlightened now about religion and the qualifications of the candidates to serve as president? FAITH AND THE PRESIDENCEY Over the last 40-50 years, competition over the right to define America’s cultural foundations has intensified. When John F. Kennedy gave his now famous Texas speech, he and most Americans were agreed on the simple formula of "separation of church and state." Once Kennedy assured voters that the Roman Catholic Church would not interfere in his presidential decisions, he was off and running. Today, however, after Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement, Roe v Wade, Jimmy Carter’s evangelicalism, the rise of the Religious Right, the decline of the Protestant mainline, the explosion of home schooling, the faith-based initiative, and more, voters are much more concerned than in 1960 about where the candidates are coming from culturally, morally, 49
  • 51. and religiously. A pledge of allegiance to separation is not enough. - While Romney’s speech restated much of Kennedy’s argument, it tried to do more by drawing on a theme from those American Founders who emphasized religion’’s political importance. A self-governing people, Washington and Adams believed, must be a moral people and morality depends on religion. Their appeal to religion was largely for political and public moral purposes not for ecclesiastical reasons. Thus, for all of Romney’s confession of personal faith in Jesus Christ as "the Son of God and the Savior of mankind," what was central in his December 6 speech was this: "It is important to recognize that while differences in theology exist between the churches in America, we share a common creed of moral convictions.. . . Perhaps the most important question to ask a person of faith who seeks a political office, is this: does he share these American values: the equality of human kind, the obligation to serve one another, and a steadfast commitment to liberty?" = The religious affirmation in Romney’s speech is quite thin, the values claim general, and the political relevance indirect and largely unhelpful. Yet the gist of Romney’s presentation is essentially the same as that of the other candidates. Reference to one’s faith shows voters that one values religion. And the most important value of one’s religion—whatever it is—is the support it provides for American values. Even Mike Huckabee, who wants to amend the Constitution to comply with God’s moral standards on unborn life and marriage, and who says that his faith does not merely "influence my decisions, it drives them," concludes his web-site statement in this vague way: "Our nation was birthed in a spirit of faith—not a prescriptive one telling us whether to believe, but one acknowledging that a providence pervades our world." - Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards have also told their stories of personal Christian faith, and each story leads in the same direction—to faith in America and its promise. In that regard, the concluding words of John McCain’s New Hampshire victory speech are the most fulsome of all in civil-religious fervor: "For me that greater cause [to which to give oneself] has always been my country, which I have served imperfectly for many years, but have loved without any reservation every day of my life. . . America is our cause—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Her greatness is our hope; her strength is our protection; her ideals our greatest treasure; her prosperity the promise we keep to our children; her goodness the hope of mankind." - There is an added ingredient, to be sure, in Huckabee’s approach—a kind of postmodern identity politics. He is direct in urging Evangelicals to vote for him because he is one of them. He is not a Mormon; he is neither black nor female; he is neither a businessman nor a lawyer. He is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. - What does all of this confessing and posturing tell us? Eventually—rather quickly, in fact—we and the candidates must get back to the war and the economy, to health care and immigration, to climate change and education. Yet not much has been achieved by means of the religious rhetoric to illuminate these political realities because the candidates have offered only vintage, if intensified, American moral rhetoric when talking about faith. Separation of church and state is boilerplate. To express personal faith as a mode of character-witness and as a motivation for service is no longer unusual. To locate one’s faith within America’s civil religion is obligatory. But after that it is a quick and disconnected flight to most public policy issues. - What we have, then, in the campaign rhetoric is civil religion as ground for moral values 50
  • 52. and morality as ground for self-government. Yet as we know, the policy proposals offered by the candidates are as diverse as what liberal Democrats, conservative Republicans, and those in the middle have always offered. The common values of liberty, equality, and service open onto the familiar disputes about how much (or how little) government the self-governing people want. - What is missing from the candidates’ professions of Christian (and Mormon) faith is a philosophy of the political community that clarifies the responsibilities of government in relation to the responsibilities that belong to all the other institutions, organizations, and relationships of human society. What we need is a Christian public philosophy that connects directly to office holding, policy formulation, and governing. Americanism and the liberal political tradition do not generate such a philosophy, and that is why we have what we have. - James W. Skillen, PresidentCenter for Public Justice Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:50AM (-06:00) Saturday, February 09, 2008 McCHURCH FRANCHISING CONGREGATIONS "Just like a Chick-fil-A, or McDonalds my church is a 'franchise,' and I proudly serve as the local owner/operator." said Eddie Johnson*Just thinking before I go to Lexington, Kentuckyto visit Eric and Leslie, Chad and Heatherand Kyleand attend Ashland Ave Baptist Church in their new building.Charles* Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:18AM (-06:00) Sunday, February 10, 2008 DON'T SHAKE, DON'T BE AFRAID, DON'T WAVER, STAND FAST IN THE LORD^ If you were to see my office at home, you would see over one hundred three ring notebooks that I have filled with articles and notes from my studies of theology, Bible, church growth, sermons, church ministry (children, young adults, Christian education, etc) leadership, church fathers, church history, and down loading books,and sermons by Piper, Edwards, MacArthur, Spurgeon, and Pink, and Puritan writers, and many articles downloaded from many websites and bloggers. And this has 51
  • 53. happened over the last few years. (2003-07). My father in law said my problem is, I study so much and have no outlet to give it out to others, and the others don't want to hear what I have to say. Bob just might have a point. . Nevertheless......I refuse to go to bed and sleep. I refuse to stay the same. I refuse to quit learning. I refuse to stay down for the count of ten. I refuse to believe the Lord has called back his calling upon my life at sixty. . Now don't think I think I am a Jeremiah, the prophet, "Lord how long do I have to preach and no one is listening." Most people have no idea what in the world I am talking about here, and really that is good. You don't want to let people know you're discouraged, and hurt, and disappointed. We are proud. We want people to have the impression: everything is just fine. . You go into denial that anything is wrong and before long you are just about dead spiritually. And for this very reason is why you hear preachers drop off the face of the ministry. his is the reason why men will just quit the ministry, drop out of church, and go into the public life, where there is a much better chance to succeed. . What is the verse, 2 Corinthians 13:4 for He was crucified through weakness, yet He liveth through the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him through the power of God toward you. I believe this verse speaks to all believers,” that we are armed with the irresistible power of the risen, glorified Christ”(MacArthur’s study notes) And it’s in this power of Christ that we move and think and move . And as I blogged this last week: And this is very personal, this verse, 2 Thess. 2:16 says, "May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting comfort and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work." . • Don’t shake. • Don’t be afraid. • Don’t waver. • Stand fast. • Hang on to the truth, the traditions you were taught -- • Hold onto everything ever taught. ^GROW BY EXPERIENCE, GROW IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING BY EACH DAY'S EVENTS.Charles E. Whisnant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:35AM (-06:00) Sunday, February 10, 2008 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC AND BECKY (I) . We were in the cold winter, deep in snow in the town of Wooster, the state of Ohio. Charity and I were in the Wooster Baptist Temple, where I was the Youth Pastor of the Teenagers, and Charity taught the Jr. High Class. We were temporarty living in a home provided by a church member John and Marie Williams while they were Arizona. The snow was coming down, and the driveway was snow covered about a foot or two. Eric was ready to be born and Charity was ready to deliver and I was ready to be a dad. Okay where is the car, oh get the keys, and how about the snow, can we get to the hospital? We arrived at the hospital. I was told that this might be a long process, so I had brought six books to read. Who told 52 me that? Charity was taken to the labor room, and I read books. Six hours later Eric was
  • 54. born at 6:06 a.m. Now that was fast. folks. Eric weighed in at 9lbs. 8ozs! . We came home from the hospital, and we stayed with Richard and Elizabeth Clark, until Charity's mother came from West Porstmouth Ohio. Mrs. Clark told me that children grow up so fast. That night I could not sleep. I just kept looking at Eric, afraid I would miss something. Bob and Lenora Temple were glad to be grandparents for the first time. They arrived on Sunday afternoon, and Eric was the star attraction. In March when Eric was a month old, we took a trip to Danville, Virginia, to visit my mother Pauline Whisnant. This trip was one to remember for a life time. It snowed most of the way from northern Ohio and across the West Virginia Turnpike. Our car had old slick tires; only the Lord's care got us there. Mom was so glad to see her first grandchild! In April 1971 I resigned the church and we moved to West Portsmouth, and by June 1971 I was pastor of Madison Missionary Baptist Church in Minford, Ohio. I remember taking Eric to church in his little baby seat and put him on the front pew while I preached on Wednesday night and Charity was working for her aunt Betty Gullett. Then four years later we moved from Minford to West Portsmouth, where we were Youth Pastor at Victory Baptist Church for a year. Then we moved to Grapevine Texas. I was Minister of Christian Education in the First Baptist Church of Haltom City, in Fort Worth, Texas, I was also working full time for Mesco Metal Building, and full time at AlCOA, Dallas Airport. Charity was staying home taking care of Eric, and was on pregnancy leave from Goodyear Atomic Corporation. Now it's February 10, 1976, the weather was clear and nice. And Charity was ready to deliver our second child, Becky Faith. She was born at 8:44 a.m. I can't remember where I was in the hospital, but I didn't take any books this time. 6lbs. and 9 ozs. She was so little, but her birth was such a big event that it got her Grandma Lenora Temple on an airplane for the first time! Becky was six months old when we moved to Perrysville Ohio, where I was camp director for Pleasant Valley Ranch and Mansfield Baptist Temple. Becky's first home was in the camp's multi-purpose building. We lived in the rooms upstairs over the camp's kitchen. And the Camp was on three hundred acres of beautful land. . We were snowed in for weeks as one of the biggest snow blizzards in history came in 1977. We had finally moved into a house, and the natural gas line froze and the weather was old. I can remember Charity and I , Becky and Eric getting in bed, we were going to wait the storm out. Right! No heat, wind blowing, it was below freezing! We were rescued by a family, and for about a week we lived with them. What a wonderful life. Then we moved to Mansfied, Ohio, I was teaching the College and Career Class and 53
  • 55. working with Adam Geiss putting up aluminum siding. Eric started kindgarden and first grade in Mansfied at Temple Christian School. Then we moved to Connervislle, Indiana, in 1978 where I was the Youth Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. Eric was in the second grade. Then we moved to Cedar Lake, Indiana near Hammond, Indiana, and Eric was in the third grade in Hammond Christian Schools. I attended the Hyles-Anderson College. Finally we moved to Altoona, Kansas, in March 1980 where we stayed sixteen plus years as pastor/Teacher of the First Baptist Church. Eric finished school, and Becky was able to start and finish school there in Altoona. Eric went to Florida and graduated from Penacola Christian College. That's some of the early history of Eric and Becky Whisnant. ^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC AND BECKY!!!^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 12:18PM (-06:00) Monday, February 11, 2008 Have You Wondered Why Your People Do Not Invite Other People To Attend Your Church? . Let me ask this question: How do people see your church? The one on the left or one on the right? Are members more likely to invite people to the church on the left or one on the right? . "Why do the members attending your church not invite other people to come to the worship and preaching time? They come. They’re faithful. They give and support, but they don’t invite other people. If people in your church are not inviting people, they are not inviting people on purpose. We think they are scared, but they are not. They know very well how to invite people to great stuff. They do it all the time..." . You take an average person who goes to a great concert; or a great movie, it’s very easy for that person to invite someone to the next one. He went and had a great experience. He was moved, he was touched, it was a great value, and it was worth the time and the effort. He knows that his friend is going to benefit from it and he’s going to thank him afterward. So he invites him enthusiastically. They make the date, they plan, they spend the money, they anticipate. We’re really good at inviting people to places that we love going and knowing there’s a benefit at the end. So is there a scientific data that would help us as Church leaders to understand the process of getting members of our 54 church to get engage in the Great Commission?
  • 56. • So at the end of the day, maybe what you should be more focused on is helping your people love to come and to understand the benefit that others may have who come after them. Maybe people aren’t inviting people to your church because they aren’t that enthusiastic about it either. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:09PM (-06:00) Tuesday, February 12, 2008 HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY MEMBERS DO NOT INVITE OTHER PEOPLE TO ATTEND THEIR CHURCH? pt 2 ^ Of course this is not true in some churches, but in many churches members may go for years and never invite another person to come with them to visit their church.. Why do some churches have a difficult time seeing visitors come, and if they do come, they don't say very long? There is a sample of some responses to this problem: - A survey of responses to this questions were: 1. Its pretty simple. If people love being there then they will invite others to share that experience. If they are only there because they feel the have to be there even though they hate being there then it makes no sense at all to invite others. 2. maybe it’s to hun drum and do not want to bore other people, or no one wants to invite anyone to a troubled church, or they are just plain lazy, if the works of god is going on in a church you could not keep people away. there would be standing room only. hey no power no people, if it is just a form of godliness but they are denying the power there of , what do you really expect. if a church is full you can believe the works of god is going on or they are making a lot of people feel good about how they live, 3. For starters, I generally won’t invite someone if I know they’re already attending another church; the main exception would be if I know they have a particular need that isn’t being addressed there and is likely to be (better) addressed at a different church. 4. If I’m going to invite someone to church, I want to be sure that is the right "next step" for them; I don’t want to give the impression that the church will meet their needs, but rather that it is a relationship with God that is ultimately needed. Relationships with His people are vitally important, but secondary nonetheless. . 5. Final point: we should never be afraid to invite someone to a church other than ours. My church may not be the best fit for Joe, but if he needs to plug in somewhere, I want to be able to refer him to another church that will be a better fit. 55
  • 57. That means I need to do some homework about other churches in the area. . 6. Part of this is of course laziness, or church irrelevance. But let me question the analogy of the concert a little bit. Whether or not outsiders are invited to ‘church’ is a function of what we think the Sunday service is. If it’s primarily an ‘event’, then yes, properly orchestrated, it should cause members to invite others. . 7. But if it is primarily a gathering of believers, the fact that non-believers aren’t systematically invited may be a sign of health. We don’t invite nonbelievers to take communion, because it presupposes the appropriate response to God’s invitation to become a part of his people has already been taken (viz. baptism). . 8. It’s of course possible that ‘church’ is a little bit of both (event AND gathering of believers), but lack of clarity on this point will mean regular attenders will be wary of inviting outsiders. I also want to suggest that if church services are taken to be the gathering of believers, then ‘outreach’ needs to happen in a different manner. I’ll let you imagine just what that might look like…… ashamed would be the biggest issue!! . 9. I agree with you. Not to be too cynical, but I think churches that lack excellence in their services tend to make excuses more than adjustments. Too often when something is called less than great, the accusation is attacked rather than heard and examined. . 10. I don’t think that every critique needs to be taken to heart, but if it is coming from an involved, invested, and committed individual, than it needs to be prodded for more detail. If more churches did this, there would be a better dialogue on how to be more effective and visitor friendly at our services, and more effective at making an impact spiritually when people are there. . 11. I will probably get some grief for this comment, but one of the things that often makes it difficult to invite friends to church is the quality of music that is presented…… for me, bad music is embarrassing is all…… more often than not, the bad music comes as a result of a worship team (aka "a worship band") trying to present music that is beyond its level of expertise… 12. . 13. if i, as a regular attendee, feel "on edge" or nervous because i am just not sure what sounds will emanate from the singers or instrumentalists who are leading me, i just have second thoughts before i would subject my unchurched friends to the same… "special music" can be even worse, but we don’t have to go there just now…… that being said, having myself been involved in leading worship and presenting music, without intending to, i may have become overly critical or overly analytical… i recognize that (including myself) every worshiper brings his/her own attitude to the service, and that attitude affects how the worshiper feels about the experience…… additionally, i would say that about 50-60 % of worshipers don’t even notice "bad music", so for them, it is a non-issue…… all in all, it seems to me that worship music "style"" is less important to many participants than the "quality"… (what i mean by that is that although i prefer modern or contemporary worship music, i personally would choose old hymns "done well", over contemporary music "done mediocrely")… if worship teams and bands would stick to what they are able to do well, i personally 56
  • 58. would find it easier to invite unchurched friends to the service…… 14. The Lord has many ways in which He can be worshipped, but it really starts with God, working through us, to express Himself in us. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:09PM (-06:00) Wednesday, February 13, 2008 ATTRIBUTES OF A BIBLICAL CHURCH - Are you tired of churches trying so hard to "entertain the lost" in their worship services that they’re forgetting to "feed the sheep?" Are you tired of churches whose agendas and traditions trump the Word of God? Maybe you’re looking for a church that is striving to be what God told us to be, and that is “The Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth" (1 Timothy 3:15). If the latter describes you, then this Baptist Church might just be what you’re looking for! "Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and heard, there a church of God exists, even if it swarms with many faults."- John Calvin 1. The Bible is inerrant and infallible: "All Scripture is breathed out by God" 2 Timothy 3:16 That is the Bible is true 100%. God can be known! Truth can be known. 2. The Bible is the guide for all faith and practice. "and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17. 3. God has called each Christian to share the Bible and God's teachings (evangelize) "God therefore and made disciples....Matthew 28:19-20. Every Christian is called to share with others the Gospel with others. 4. Jesus Christ is God in human flesh. "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1 5. All people are eternally lost; salvation is by faith alone, by Jesus Christ alone, by God's grace alone. Ephesians 2:8-9 6. The glory of God is the motive of the church ministry. I Corinthians 10:31 HERE IS A PRACTICAL APPLICATION TO WHAT I BELIEVE WOULD BE A BIBICAL CHURCH'S DESIRE. A focus on people. . 57
  • 59. When God speaks through song, sermon or prayer we want us to stop……and pray, repent and seek reconciliation to God and others. We want people sitting and praying with one another after a service or crying together in joy or pain to be a standard picture of how much we care for one another. We want to pray for the sick, doubting, confused, depressed or tired. We desperately need to provide avenues for people to partake of the graces of God, not just hear about them. People hear about the compassion of Jesus every week, but how many experience it through the ministry of the local church? People hear that God longs to connect to them and teach them but how many hear from God through godly counsel? It is our job as a local church to see this happen and to build a team of experienced, caring people to care for the family of God. . I believe this kind of desire for a church fellowship would cause members to share the gospel with others and invite them to come to their church. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:19PM (-06:00) Thursday, February 14, 2008 WHAT DOES SCRIPTURE MEAN BY "BEING BORN AGAIN?"^ "Born Again" Christians Just As Likely to BE LIKE and DO As Non-Christians^The Barna group made this survey: . "(Ventura, CA) - Recent legislation, lawsuits and public demonstrations over the legality of gay marriage are just one battlefront regarding the institution of marriage. A new study released by The Barna Group, of Ventura, California, shows that the likelihood of married adults getting divorced is identical among born again Christians and those who are not born again. The study also cited attitudinal data showing that most Americans reject the notion that divorce is a sin. " . The study identified those who had been divorced; the age at which they were divorced; how many divorces they have experienced; and the age at which the born again Christians had accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Comparing the ages when divorced adults had accepted Christ and when they underwent their divorce, the researchers were able to determine both the impact of one’s faith commitment on the resilience of the marriage and whether the divorce occurred before or after their born again commitment. The survey also examined whether people believe that divorce is a sin in situations where adultery is not involved.. Although Bible scholars and teachers point out that Jesus taught that divorce was a sin unless adultery was involved, few Americans buy that notion. . Now my point is not divorce, but the term used "born again." What did the Barna Group mean by the term "born again?" • "Born again Christians" were defined in these surveys as people who said they have made "a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today" and who also indicated they believe that when they die they will go to Heaven because they had confessed their sins and had accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Respondents were not asked to describe themselves as "born again." Being classified as "born again" is not dependent upon church or denominational affiliation or involvement. The same kind of statistics are given by Ron Sider in his book The Scandal of the 58 Evangelical Conscience: Why Are Christians Living Just Like the Rest of the World? and
  • 60. by Mark Regnerus in his book Forbidden Fruit: Sex and Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers. What I am picking up on here is precisely the term "born again." The Barna Group in particular uses it in reporting their research. So that report is titled "Born Again Christians • Just As Likely to Divorce As Are Non-Christians." Sider uses the word "evangelicals" but points out the same kind of thing: "Only 9 percent of evangelicals tithe. Of 12,000 teenagers who took the pledge to wait for marriage, 80% had sex outside marriage in the next 7 years. Twenty-six percent of traditional evangelicals do not think premarital sex is wrong. White evangelicals are more likely than Catholics and mainline Protestants to object to having black neighbors." In other words, the evangelical, the Christians, (of all branches) church as a whole in America is seemingly not very dissimilar to the world. It goes to church on Sunday and has a enamel of religion, but its religion is basically an add-on to the same way of life the world lives, not a radically transforming power. . A Profound Mistake . Now I want to say blaring and clear that when the Barna Group uses term "born again" to characterize American church-goers whose lives are interchangeable from the world, and who sin as much as the world, and sacrifice for others as little as the world, and incorporate injustice as readily as the world, and covet things as greedily as the world, and enjoy God-ignoring entertainment as enthusiastically as the world—when the term "born again" is used to describe these professing Christians, the Barna Group is making a profound mistake. • It is using the biblical term "born again" in a way that would make it unrecognizable by Jesus and the biblical writers. Note the definition that the researcher use for those who are said to be "born again." • In other words, in this research the term "born again" refers to people who say things. They say, "I have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. It’s important to me." They say, "I believe that I will go to heaven when I die. I have confessed my sins and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior." • Then the Barna Group takes them at their word, ascribes to them the infinitely important reality of the new birth, and then blasphemes that precious biblical reality by saying that regenerate hearts have no more victory over sin than unregenerate hearts. For years in my preaching/teaching, I have said, those who are born again, have a different point of view then those who are not born again. Yes Christians, born again people do get a divorce. By point in this series of articles is: ARE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS JUST LIKE THOSE WHO ARE NOT CHRISTIANS IN THEIR BEHAVIOR AND ATTTITUDE? . How does the Scripture describe a "born again" person? 59
  • 61. . I’m not saying their research is wrong. It appears to be right. I am not saying that the church is not as worldly as they say it is. . . I am saying that the writers of the New Testament think in exactly the opposite direction about being born again. Instead of moving from a profession of faith, to the label "born again," to the worldliness of these so-called born again people, to the conclusion that the new birth does not radically change people, the New Testament moves the other direction. It moves from the absolute certainty that the new birth radically changes people, to the observation that many professing Christians are indeed (as the Barna Group says) not radically changed, to the conclusion that they are not born again. The New Testament, unlike the Barna Group, does not defile the new birth with the worldliness of unregenerate, professing American Christians. . We will review what the New Testament means by "born again." Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:58PM (-06:00) Friday, February 15, 2008 ALL OF A SUDDEN "GOOD" PEOPLE COMMIT THE WORST OF CRIMES ! ! What does it mean when your are "BORN AGAIN"? Pt 2 ^ Do you ever wonder why 'good people' in the community are the very ones who commit the worst of crimes? How often have you said "it seems impossible that they would have done that awful crime?" You didn’t see it coming. They gave no outward evidences that they were capable of doing those things. Sometimes we will say, it must have been the medical drugs they were on. It must be the alcohol they started drinking. Have you noticed that people will often defend their behavior as odd, and they were not themselves, or there was something that caused them to act in such a deleterious and harmful way? People can tell you stories how much they were nice and helpful to others, how they went to church, how they were caring to their dog. They will say they were under a lot of pressure at work, or at home or had been going through a number of failures. 60 Don’t we wonder how those young people who have all the money in the world, and
  • 62. fame, and fans of the world’s crowd, how they can be so self destructive? How often have we seen those young people self destruct and often leads to death. And the medical report will usually report, they died of an accidental overdose of medical drugs. Recently we learned of a sixteen year old boy who shot his parents and brother and sister. The authority could find no clue as to why he did it. Apparently he just went off and without warning killed his family as if there was no apparent cause. Why "all of a sudden" we think, will people do the worst of crimes? Five times in the last week, someone has gone into a school or college and shot someone, and then shot themselves? 10 students have been killed. Why? There are NO good people on the face of the earth. We are all sinners, we are all bad, and we are all deserve HELL. We need to be "born again." There are moments that I would say to my self, "Could I do that?" Could I get so mad that I would shoot my wife, and stab her multiple times? Could I get so desperate that I would rob a bank? Could I start using alcohol or overdose on medical drugs? Would I divorce my wife? The answer: 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a new (born again) creature old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new." That is regeneration. That is what God does in the life of one whom he has saved. The series of articles I am doing "What Does It Mean To Be Born Again" i.e. what does it mean when we say some one is a Biblical Christian, or what does been saved mean. What happens to a person who has been saved? Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:31AM (-06:00) 61
  • 63. JOHN NEWTON AMAZING GRACE Saturday, February 16, 2008 . TIM AND SHERRI WHEELER, OWNERS OF MEX-ITALI RESTAURANT . "AMAZING GRACE (HOW SWEET THE SOUND) THAT SAV'DA WRETCH LIKE ME! I ONCE WAS LOST, BUT NOW .AM FOUND, WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I SEE." Newton . Tim Wheeler I were talking about salvation and he brought up John Newton. John Newton wrote "Amazing Grace." For it is by grace that God saves anyone of us. Its an amazing story how God by His grace reaching down and opens our minds and spirit to bring us to salvation. . Our topic has been this week: WHAT IS THE BIBLE'S MEANING OF BEING BORN AGAIN" As Jesus said to Nicodemlus in John chapter 3 Ye Must Be Born Again." . A BRIEF STORY ABOUT JOHN NEWTON. • Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..." So begins one of the most beloved hymns of all times, a staple in the hymnals of many denominations, New Britain or "45 on the top" in Sacred Harp. The author of the words was John Newton, the self- proclaimed wretch who once was lost but then was found, saved by amazing grace. Newton was born in London July 24, 1725, the son of a commander of a merchant ship which sailed the Mediterranean. When John was eleven, he went to sea with his father and made six voyages with him before the elder Newton retired. In 1744 John was impressed into service on a man-of-war, the H. M. S. Harwich. Finding conditions on board intolerable, he deserted but was soon recaptured and publicly flogged and demoted from midshipman to common seaman. . Finally at his own request he was exchanged into service on a slave ship, which took him to the coast of Sierra Leone. He then became the servant of a slave trader and was brutally abused. Early in 1748 he was rescued by a sea captain who had known John's father. John Newton ultimately became captain of his own ship, one which plied the slave trade. . Although he had had some early religious instruction from his mother, who had died when he was a child, he had long since given up any religious convictions. However, on a homeward voyage, while he was attempting to steer the ship through a violent storm, he experienced what he was to refer to later as his "great deliverance." He 62
  • 64. recorded in his journal that when all seemed lost and the ship would surely sink, he exclaimed, "Lord, have mercy upon us." Later in his cabin he reflected on what he had said and began to believe that God had addressed him through the storm and that grace had begun to work for him. . For the rest of his life he observed the anniversary of May 10, 1748 as the day of his conversion, a day of humiliation in which he subjected his will to a higher power. "Thro’ many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; ’tis grace has bro’t me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home." He continued in the slave trade for a time after his conversion; however, he saw to it that the slaves under his care were treated humanely. . In 1750 he married Mary Catlett, with whom he had been in love for many years. By 1755, after a serious illness, he had given up seafaring forever. During his days as a sailor he had begun to educate himself, teaching himself Latin, among other subjects. From 1755 to 1760 Newton was surveyor of tides at Liverpool, where he came to know George Whitefield, deacon in the Church of England, evangelistic preacher, and leader of the Calvinistic Methodist Church. Newton became Whitefield’s enthusiastic disciple. During this period Newton also met and came to admire John Wesley, founder of Methodism. Newton’s self-education continued, and he learned Greek and Hebrew. . He decided to become a minister and applied to the Archbishop of York for ordination. The Archbishop refused his request, but Newton persisted in his goal, and he was subsequently ordained by the Bishop of Lincoln and accepted the curacy of Olney, Buckinghamshire. Newton’’s church became so crowded during services that it had to be enlarged. He preached not only in Olney but in other parts of the country. In 1767 the poet William Cowper settled at Olney, and he and Newton became friends. Ephesians 2:4-9 But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. • Charles E. Whisnant Note my page Articles . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:12AM (-06:00) Sunday, February 17, 2008 On the final lap, RYAN NEWMAN captialized on a critical drafting push from teammate Kurt Bush, swept past Tony Stwart on the outside of Turn three and houng on for his 13th career victory. And Roger Penske first victory in 23 tries atthe legnedary NASCAR race: DODGE WINS Dale Earnhardt Sr. pictured here (as if that is needed) Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:14PM (-06:00) 63
  • 65. Monday, February 18, 2008 READING BOOKS AND SERMONS, AND ARTICLES I love reading, let me be clear, I love reading in order to gain knoweldge , understanding, and wisdom. I don't like reading for fun, or to relax. I like Charity to read out loud on trips. She will read an enjoyable book she likes. Charity likes to read for the enjoyment of the 64 story she is reading. She will read a book almost every night.
  • 66. Reading is good. Understanding what you are reading is better. Knowing how to read a book is best. How to read a book is not all that easy. You might not read the Bible the same way you would read Elwell's Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. When I am John MacArthur, Jr.'s book Faith Works, or The Gospel According to Jesus verses reading Jerry Falwell's Autobiography, or even Charles Spurgeon's biography "Spurgeon & Son" they would be different reading styles. When I read most books, I can't read without marking, and unlining key thoughts. For example: Walter C. Kaiser, Jr, "Toward An Exegetical Theology, Biblical Exegesis for preaching and teaching. This book is marked, written in, highlighted, and read and read read, and even outlined. Any of Watchman Nee's books are read, slowly, a little at a time. the books are marked up a lot. So would reading Wayne C. Booth's book "The Craft of Research" slow, learning, put into practice and so forth. I am still reading it. The principles in this book takes practice, and practice. I buy books when the need comes about. For example in 2007 when I was for a brief time the Christian Educational director at a church last year, I bought books on the Children's Ministry. I used those books as research for ministry. For example: George Barna's "Revolutionary Parenting". Along with about ten others books. I bought Alexander Strauch's book " A Christian Leader's Guide to Leading With Love." and also the study guide. Then I down loaded "The Mentor's Guide to Bibical Eldership: Twelve lessons for Mentoring Elders" by Strauch and Richard Swartley. 150 pages by the way. . When Charity and I were in Lynchburg, Virginia, the beautiful mountains of Virginia, my birth place, and home for eighteen years, last year, we were at the Thomas Road Baptist Church, visited with Jerry and Macel Falwell, Macel gave me "Building Dynamic Faith" by Jerry. Outstanding book to read. . Then I also download books and papers from the web: • Christ-Centered Preaching: Preparation and Delivery of Sermons: Bryan Chapell & Covenant Theology Seminary: over one hundred pages. • Why I Am A Premillennialist: Pulpit Mazazine Blog: over one hundred pages • Dispensational Hermeneutics: Thomas Ice • Dispensationalism, The Church and The New Covenant: series of papers • The New covenant by John MacArthur • The Shepherd Conferences 2007 all sessions. Over one hundred pages • John Pipers's weekly sermons. All his sermons in 2007 • John MacArthur, Jr. sermons. Over thirty sermons • Ray Pritcher's weekly sermons. • Apostolic Hermeneutics: many resources: • John Piper's The Future of Justification. Fifty pages • Vern Poythress's New Testament Worldview. Twenty five pages • The For the Gospel Conference. All the sessions. Then there is the reading the bloggers of Bloggers and WordPress. The weblog number in the hundreds. . 65
  • 67. As by father in law Bob Temple, Sr. says, "Charles your problem is, you learn and read so much, and you don't have an outlet to give it out, and that you get discouraged." And few want to hear it. People are not into Biblical language around here. As an updated having visited Pulpit Magazine Blog • What is so interested I just took out this book from my library today, and posted the book on my blog. It was in 1983 when I was at the Shepherd Conference when there were only 300 men there. And the book I bought was “Toward An Exegetical Theology.” I flew out of LA X and was stranted in the Denver Airport for eight hours and I read this 265 pages book I was so mad, because I had graduated from BBS in Bible, but I had never read such a book on preaching. So I went back home and begin developing the principles I recieved from the Shepherd’s Conference and John MacArthur, and this book by Kaiser. For the next thirteen years I begin to learn how to use the principles in this book. And in those thirteen years taught the Scriptures from a exegetical theological and build the sermon based on the scriptural text I liked the opening remarks Kaiser said about Tenney, “I first learned the analytical method of exegesis and who instilled in me an insatiable love for the Scriptures and the idea of applying the rudiments of this method to Hebrew.” Along with John MacArthur who helped me put into practice this method of knowing the Scripture and applying the prinicples when preaching. Learning to preach that is totally Biblical in that it is guided by God’s Word in its origins, productive and proclamation. By far the best book I have read on how to learn to preach. . This has been good to put down. I will address more later. check out my Web site Charles Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:19AM (-06:00) 66
  • 68. Monday, February 18, 2008 A WEDDING CAKE TO BEHOLDUnion Mills Bakery Charity and I were married in 1969, and are wedding cake, well was made by Charity's mother as I recall. This was before Lenora started the bakery. . The wedding cake shown here was made by Union Mills, "The Castle Cake." I am sure we could not have paid for such a beautiful cake. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:26PM (-06:00) Monday, February 18, 2008 TEN YEARS AGO TODAY: DALE EARNHARDT SR. THE INTIMIDATOR. WON THE DAYTONA 500 SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY DALE LOST HIS LIFE ON THE FINAL LAP OF THE FINAL TURN OF THE RACE. Remembering No. 3: Dale Earnhardt Sr., the winningest driver at Daytona International Speedway with 34 victories, nabbed his only Daytona 500 in 1998 in his 20th attempt. During Sunday's race, Sprint Cup members of the team he founded, Dale Earnhardt Inc., stood on the pit wall on Lap 3, holding up three fingers to honor the 10th anniversary of his win. We were living in Lexington, KY in 1998 and was watching the 500 when Dale won. Talking about being exicited, that was an understatement. I wanted to call Allen Barnhart in Altoona Kansas who was a fan too. But he recorded the race and went to work and after the evening church services would go and watch the race. So I had towait to call Allen. We were living in Lexington KY, in 2001 and following the morning service, a group of us went over to a members home and we watched the 500. We left that day we did not know Dale was killed. It was only that evening when we returned to our house and was watching the news that we learned that Dale and been killed in the wreck. 67
  • 69. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:36PM (-06:00) Tuesday, February 19, 2008 WHAT WE LEARN ABOUT THIS MATTER OF THE NEW BIRTH, BORN AGAIN Part Three There are several important questions we will be asking. One is: What is the new birth? That is, what actually happens? What is it like? What changes? What comes into being that wasn’t there before? Another question is: How does it relate to other things that the Bible says God does to bring us to himself and save us? For example, how does being born again relate to • God’s effectual calling ("Those whom he called he justified" Romans 8:30), . • The new creation ("If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation," 2 Corinthians 5:17), . • God’s drawing us to Christ ("No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him," John 6:44), . • God’s giving people to his Son ("All that the Father gives me will come to me," John 6:37), . • God’s opening our hearts ("The Lord opened her heart to pay attention to what was said by Paul," Acts 16:14) • God’s illumining our hearts ("God. . . has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ," 2 Corinthians 4:6), . • God’s taking the heart of stone out and giving us a heart of flesh ("I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh," Ezekiel 36:26), . • God’s making us alive ("even when we were dead in our trespasses, [God] made us alive together with Christ," Ephesians 2:5), . • God’s adopting us into his family ("You have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry,‘‘Abba! Father!’" Romans 8:15). How does God’s act of regeneration relate to all these wonderful ways of describing what happened to us when God saved us? Another question we will ask is: Why is the new birth necessary? Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:7, "You must be born again." 68
  • 70. Another question we will tackle is how the new birth happens. If it is the work of God, which it is, how do I experience it? Is there anything I can do to make it happen? . And a final question we must deal with is: What are the effects of being born again? What changes? What is it like to live as a born-again person? . Millions in Church have not been Born Again. If the same as the Barna Group's. . I am going to adopt this study from my research that I have gain from reading from John MacArthur, Sr. & John Piper, & John Calvin & Arthur Pink & Jonathan Edwards, and some Purtains preachers. And a few years of preaching on this subject. I seem to keep learning.. One of the most intense study I have had is this subject of salvation. The purpose hasn't been because I have doubt about my salvation, far from it, but to give a clear understanding of what the Bible means when it says "Ye Must Be Born Again." The more you learn about what God has done in this matter of our salvation the more you will know of how great this salvation is. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:37PM (-06:00) Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Why Every Calvinist Should Be a Premillennialist, Part 1 [Discusses Sovereign Election, Israel, and Eschatology] 90- 334 John MacArthur, Jr. So I say, leave amillennialism to those kinds of people who do not believe in the sovereign unilateral irrevocable divine electing power of God. Leave it to the semi-Pelagians and Pelagians who go in and out of salvation. It makes sense for their theology. Israel sinned, you’re out. Israel sinned, the promises cancelled. Israel disobeyed the Law, you’re done. Israel crucifies the Messiah, that’s it. You forfeit everything and God gives it to somebody else, namely the church. And we hope the church can do better than Israel or the church will forfeit it all as well. So this is a classic perfect fit for Arminian theology. . But for those who get it, for those who understand it, for those who embrace God’s sovereignty that He is the only one who can determine who will be saved and blessed and He is the only one who can save and bless, then saying that He cancelled promises to Israel because they didn’’t believe is completely inconsistent. How could they believe unless He caused them to believe? How could He hold them responsible for not believing? How could He hold any of us in one sense, responsible for not believing...we are responsible for our sin, but in the end we believe because He moves on us. 69
  • 71. . Now why am I making a case for this? Because when you understand God’s purpose for Israel, you now have the foundation for all eschatology...all eschatology. You get your eschatology right when you get Israel right. You get Israel right when you get the Old Testament covenants and promises with Israel right. You get the Old Testament covenants and promises right when you get the interpretation of Scripture right. You get the interpretation of Scripture right when you’’re faithful to valid rules of interpretation. So you interpret it right and that will allow you to understand the meaning of the Covenants and the future of Israel, and God’s integrity is at stake. Over 200 times in the Bible God is called the God of Israel. Over two hundred times the God of Israel. There are over two thousand references to Israel in Scripture. Not one of them means anything but Israel. So if you say the promises of the Old Testament that refer to Israel really meant the church, you have no precedent for such an interpretation. Not one reference anywhere in Scripture and there are over two thousand, referring to Israel means anything other than Israel. There are 73 references in the New Testament, each of them refers to Israel. . So here’s how to get the foundation for a good sound eschatology. Get election right. Get Israel right. You got it. Cause what that means is God does know the future, God has set the future and the future involves not only the glory of His church but the fulfillment of His elect people Israel with regard to everything that He promised that nation. And there are a lot of people who get the first one right, they get election right, and they don’t get Israel right and they are lost when it comes to eschatology. And I’m confident that God didn’t reveal prophetic truth in so much detail to hide anything, to obscure the truth, but to reveal it for our blessing, our motivation, and His glory. So my words to you are really very simple foundational words. I say this, if you want to understand what the Bible says about the future, get these two things right...the sovereignty of God in election, and the promises of that sovereign electing God to those people to whom He has elected...His redeemed church and Israel. Return the sovereignty of God in election to its rightful place, return the nation Israel to its rightful place, and your eschatology will unfold in beautiful clarity. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:43PM (-06:00) Thursday, February 21, 2008 Tiger Woods rallies to avoid Match Play stunner Last Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:05 PM ET The Associated Press Tiger Woods produced another incredible comeback in the desert Wednesday, playing the final five holes in five-under par to turn what looked like certain defeat into an unlikely victory in the Accenture Match Play Championship in Marana, Ariz. Woods fell behind J.B. Holmes on the first hole when his tee shot sailed into the desert and out of play, and he was three holes down with five to play after taking another penalty shot from the desert. But he turned it around quickly, winning the next four holes, capped by a 35-foot eagle putt on the 17th. He escaped with a one-up victory on the 18th when Holmes missed an eight-foot birdie putt. 70 "I just kept telling myself, even when I was three down, there's still a chance to win in
  • 72. regulation," Woods said. "I was just going to have to start playing a hell of a lot better. Then all of a sudden, putts started falling in from everywhere." It started with a 15-foot birdie on the 14th, followed by a meaningless 18-foot birdie on the 15th, when he only needed two putts to win the hole. The first overhand fist pump came at the 16th when he made a third straight birdie from just over 20 feet to square it for the first time since they shook hands on the tee to start the match. The loudest roar came on the par-five 17th, which Woods reached in two with a five- wood from the rough. He holed his long eagle putt for his first lead of the match, then held on to avoid what would have been a shocking departure. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:09AM (-06:00) Thursday, February 21, 2008 . Portsmouth, Ohio.Psalms 8:3-4"When I consider Your heavens, thework of Your fingers,the MOON and the STARSwhich You have ordained'What is man that You are mindful of him?and the Son of man , that you visited him?"Amen.http://hstrial- . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:18AM (-06:00) Thursday, February 21, 2008 TIM AND SHERRI WHEELER OWNERS OF MEX-ITALI RESTAURANT Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:27PM (-06:00) 71
  • 73. Thursday, February 21, 2008 . FEBRUARY 20, 1966 EVERETTE T. WHISNANT, MY DAD DIED AT 62. ^ I wish I could put a picture of my dad on this blog. Maybe when I can get the right equipment I can. Forty-two years ago in Roanoke, Virgiana dad died of several heart attacks. He was the pastor of the same church in Roanoke since 1950. Orange Ave, Williamsroad, Victory, then Roanoke Baptist Temple. Plus he was pastoring several others churches that was out in other areas. . . Later I will write more about dad, I need to get some of the facts. Ellen is helping me do this to Ellen is working on Dad's and Momministry background. . My brother Don e mail me tonight to affirm the date dad died. This led me to the google search. I end on the Raymond Whisnant'S Whisnant Surname Center. The search was on again. I had done this last year. . This time I was looking for information about dad. His dad Lloyd Polycarp Whisnant, and mom Minnie Caroline Abernethy, our grandparents. Dad had two brothers, William Murphy Whisnant who passed away, and Uncle Joe E. Whisnant, who is living in Maryville, TN, and a sister Nellie Whisnant who passed away in 1997, she was 88. . Nellie had a daughter June. I wanted to track her down, as it were. So I search the web. Scarry that you can do that. I was able to find her married name and found the phone number and called her. Well I had never talked to her, ever, she is 82 years old. Isn't that sad. She and her husband live in TN. In our talk she said she had visited Joe Whisnant, this week. 72
  • 74. . So I hung up and found Uncle Joe number and called him. Uncle Joe is 82 years old but sounds like he is 50. We had a very nice visit on the phone. He and Jean have five children. Dwight, Lewis, Linda, Carol and Glen. Whom I haven't seen in forty years. Isn't that sad. When we were young kids we had come good times at the Whisnant / Abernethy dinners. Charity and I did visit Uncle Joe in Maryville, years ago. Goodness, that is really sad. But Uncle Joe keeps up with us by sending us his yearly Christmas Cards. I still remember th Christmas gifts he sent when we were babies. . There are good number of Whisnant's in this country, and the sad reality I don't see or know only a hand full of them. Thanks to Raymond, we are able to at least keep up with them by his web site. . I would love to link up with them via the Web or E mail. It would be nice to have a web site with email's, web sites, blogs, address, of the Whisnant's family. . Hope you and your family are doing well. If any of the Whisnant's would like to give me their e mail I would love to write you a note. . The picture of dad years before he died. I am not sure how old he was! . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:06PM (-06:00) Friday, February 22, 2008 UNION MILLS CONFECTIONERY West Portsmouth, Ohio Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:09PM (-06:00) 73
  • 75. Saturday, February 23, 2008 ERIC AND LESLIE WHISNANT Eric and Leslie have been married for two years and are living in Lexington, KY Eric is my oldest son. Leslie's family live in Somerset KY ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:25AM (-06:00) Monday, February 25, 2008 Bob Tempe, Sr. and Frankie Dawkins (Bob's niece) (Charity's dad) . WHAT DOES SCRIPTURE MEAN BY "BEING BORN AGAIN?" Born Again" Christians Just As Likely to BE LIKE and DO As Non-Christians . Part 4 & WHY ALL HUMANITY NEEDS TO BE BORN AGAIN. Or WHY IS THERE A REQUIREMENT FOR A NEW BIRTH ENCOUNTER^ Almost all groups of people in the world believe in a "god" that they in some fashion worship. For every group of people there is a different idea of how they worship. Most groups believe there is an after-life and some place they will go when they die. And there are as many reasons and requirements to obtain a place in the after life as there are people groups. . In American society today we see a number of different people groups, those from different countries, China, India, Russia, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Iraq. These groups have 74
  • 76. their own belief about "god" and how that "god" is to be worshiped and prayed to. They have their belief what that "god" requires them to be and do in order to obtain life in the hereafter. . Today we are faced with the need more than ever in America to address this issue of who is this God that Christians worship, and His requirements for all mankind. . With all these beliefs today we are seeing more people become confused, and having misgivings about what Christianity’s position is on what the Bible says about what is God’s requirement for a person to obtain Heaven. . "Born Again Christians Just As Likely to ____________ As Are Non-Christians" Barna Group. Ron Sider’s book said the same thing. This seems to be saying the evangelical church as a whole in America is seemingly not very unlike the world. What seems to be happening is that people go to church on Sunday and now Saturday and have an overlay of religion or Christianity but its religion is basically an add-on to the same way of life the world exists, not a radically revolutionizing power. . The question is,.can the term ‘born-again Christian’ refer to or describe an American church-goer whose lives are interchangeable with the lifestyle of the world? Whose sin is as much as the world, and whose behavior instinctively is as the general behavior of the world, they covet things as greedily as the world, and they are entertained by the same movies and TV and games as the world is. They engage in the activities of the world as anyone else does. Put them side by side and they look like the same personality and behavior. They both might go to the same church. They both say they "made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, and it’s still important in their lives today."And they believe when they die they will go to heaven. They say they are a Christan, they say Jesus Christ is important to them. . The Barna Group takes them at their words, and say they are born again, and then this group will then say the reality is that these regenerated hearts have no more victory over sin than unregenerated hearts. In other words "Lordship Salvation" (a term John MacArthur uses) is not necessary for one to be described as born again) . Here is what I am saying about the Barna Group’s report. They are right in what they discovered, they are wrong in the idea that they are born again Christians. I would say the church today is as worldly as the culture. What I am saying is Paul and James, and Peter and John think is precisely the antithesis about someone who is born again. They say those who have been born again will have a radical change in their lives. . Yes we all sin, and yes it seems we all do things that our neighbors do, but it is not the lifestyle of the believer. There is going to be a radical change in the life of one who has been changed by the power of Jesus Christ. . Note these verses I John 2:29 I John 3:9 I John 4:7 I John 5:4 I John 5:18 . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:57AM (-06:00) Monday, February 25, 2008 FAMILY PICTURE OF EVERETTE T. WHISNANT 1948. This picture of my brother Don and my self and Mom and Dad was taken in 1948. I am on the left. Don on the right. I believe Dad was pastoring in Lynchburg, Virginia. Those days I don't remember. My sister Ellen is researching some of the history in those days. . I am finally learning how to use the Kodak M753 that my kids gave us for my 60th 75
  • 77. birthday. It occured to me last night to take some pictures of Dad and Mom and then post them on the blog. This was a challenge but as you can see I have accomplish this task. This could be good. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 12:11PM (-06:00) Monday, February 25, 2008 PAULINE GREENE WHISNANT AND EVERETTE THOMAS WHISNANT . My mother will be 86 the Lord's willing in April 08 Dad would be 105, but he died in 1966 Mom and Dad were married for 22 years. You as a child view life from a child's mind. As I view my parents in those seventeen years, they were parents that I loved. How I view my Dad and Mom is a view point that I have. I believed they were nearly perfect. But having children, can cause you as parents not to be so perfect. . Dad from the time I was born until he died was pastoring churches. He preached all the time, we went to fellowship meetings all the time, he was always personally involved with people in the church and outside the church. He loved preachers, even preachers who were abused by other churches. He was loved by so many. People in the church loved him. I believed that all preachers were just like Dad, which they all should be. But few are. Dad has a story before I was ever born, since he was 44 when I was born. That story is for another day. But I knew my Dad as the most wonderful husband, father to us, preacher, and friend. Dad died after several heart attacks in 1966. . Mom was playing the piano, organ, guitar, xylophone, etc. Mom was a great mother, she was a stay at home mother, i.e. she had the house always perfect. She had three meals a day for us. Also, she was the most wonderful Bible teacher for children ever. When I preached from the Bible I can envision in my mind those flannelgraph Bible stories. I still can hear Mom playing the piano. She loved Dad; she helped him all the time. Mom helped me spell "Indians." But I must admit we drove Mom nearly crazy at times. When Dad died in 1966, Mom was 42 years old and never had a public job while married. But in the next 42 years she has done remarkablly well. She chose not to remarry, breaking several men's hearts. She now lives with my sister Ellen and while her health is not so good, she is still sharp in her mind and loves us all very much. . And most of all the Loved the Lord Jesus Christ. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:06PM (-06:00) 76
  • 78. Tuesday, February 26, 2008 WHAT DOES IT MEAN BY THE TERM 'BORN AGAIN' OR THE NEW BIRTH? part five^ We are not going to talk about the perfect Christian life or the legalistic living of some fundamentalist groups or even deal realistically with the failures of genuine Christians. But let’s deal with the claim by Barna that they who live indistinguishably from the culture are indeed born again. . The report has done a good job in finding out the church is saturated by people who are not truly regenerated, saved, born again believers. . THE TERM "BORN AGAIN." . FIRST let’s look into this term "born again." Another word for "born again" I used in the last sentence. You could add to your terminology about one who has been saved is regeneration. The idea here is to say this: Can we ascribe the Barna Group term "born again" as the kind of "born again" as the Scriptures use the term? . Of course all of us have heard a number of people being "born again" in the wrong sense. Billie Jean King has been "born again,’ describing her new knee surgery. The west end of Portsmouth, Ohio has been born again. . But what did the Scriptures intend when they used the term "born again?" . What I would like to do is show just how glorious being born again really is. I want to show what really happens to those who have been saved, born again. and to show that it’s not man’s work that brings about the new birth. We do not make it happen. God makes it happen. It happens to us, not by us. • But it always happens through the preaching of the Word of God. 1 Peter 1:23. • BEING BORN AGAIN TAKES PLACE THROUGH THE GOSPEL 1 Peter 1:23. If I ever tried to bring anything to the folks I preached to for twenty years it was to teach them what happens when one becomes born again. . 1. When you are truly saved, regenerated, born again, in the grace and knowledge of what the Lord has done for you, your fellowship with God will be pleasing and your assurance that He is your Heavenly Father will be rich. 2. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be better when we see the real deal of radical love and sacrifice and courage from the church and not all these counterfeit Christian that live just like the world. 3. If you know what really happens to you in your salvation, you will appreciate God and His Spirit and His Son and His Word more exceedingly than you ever have. And He will be glorified. If I ever had a theme while preaching it was showing people what happens when there occurs salvation, a new birth. If you want to know what a counterfeit dollar looks like, know what a real dollar looks like. . So how does God’s act of regeneration work itself out? What are the effects of being born 77
  • 79. again? . What changes? What is it like to live as a born-again person? ^ WHAT TAKE PLACE IN THE NEW BIRTH • ^ John 3:1-10 "Jesus said to Nicodemus in John 3:3 "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God" Here is what this mean: We will not be saved; we will not be apart of God’s family, and not go to heaven, but instead will go to hell, when we are not born again. • Jesus didn’t have kind words about the religious Jewish leaders the Pharisees. Matthew 23:15 and 33. Eternity hangs in the balance when we are talking about this idea of being born again. "Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God". . YOU MIGHT BE ASKING, WHY ARE YOU DEALING WITH THE SUBJECT: AREN’T WE SAVED BY SIMPLY ASKING GOD TO COME INTO OUR HEARTS? • . • Lordship salvation is confronting. When Jesus taught about this new birth He was confronting us with our despairing spiritual and moral and legal condition apart from God’s regeneration grace. Before we are born again. We are born again because first, we were spiritually dead. Secondly we were morally self-centered and defiant. Thirdly we were legally guilty before God’s law and under His wrath. You tell a person: "Jesus said you must be born again if you are going to see the kingdom of heaven, and you are unresponsive, corrupt, and guilty." That is rather comforting, wouldn’t you say. Quite unsettling. . • And in reality we can’t do anything about this condition that all men have. It’s not something we can do ourselves but something that is done to us. John 1:13 "who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God". And Peter says the same, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to HIS great mercy, He has caused us to be born again." I Peter 1:3. We do not produce in us this new birth. Here it is: God causes the new birth. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:53PM (-06:00) Wednesday, February 27, 2008 I BROWSE THE INTERNET WHILE SITTING AT MY DESK AND WATCHING OPARAH WITH CHARITY After a wonderful supper, Charity has made, after working all day at Unon Mills, and I have put in four hours at Mex-Itali. We 78 sit down and I am on my Gateway. First I review my website http://hstrial-
  • 80. I add some material and do some research for the site. Then I review this blog, this morning I posted part five of the series on Being Born Again. What does it mean to be a Biblical Christian. . I am browsing and I hit several regular sites. Tonight I hit Jack Hammer. And his post was "Christian Whirledview: Viewing the World through Wordly Eyes." Dave Mallinak posted this article. He refers to Christopher Hitchens. As I will do, I googled Hitchens. He said that CHRISTIANITY IS BAD FOR THE WORLD. • Hitchen is an outspoken atheist and antitheist. He has written a book "God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, a massively best-selling book. I then went to, and read Dwayne Booth review with Hitchesn on the "Essential Stupiduity of Religion." • Hitchens describes himself as a believer in the Enlightenment values of secularism, humanism, and reason. Now that lead me to search the difinition of those terms. I will give you later. . So while I am glancing at Oprah. I am listening to all the different people and subjects she has on the show. . And I am researching the terms that Christopher Hitchens describes himself. . HUMANISM: • Humanism :is a category of ethical philosophies that affirm the dignity and worth of all people, based on the ability to determine right and wrong by appeal to universal human qualities —— particularly rationality.[1][2] It is a component of a variety of more specific philosophical systems and is incorporated into several religious schools of thought. • Humanism entails a commitment to the search for truth and morality through human means in support of human interests. In focusing on the capacity for self- determination, humanism rejects the validity of transcendental justifications, such as a dependence on belief without reason, the supernatural, or texts of allegedly divine origin. Humanists endorse universal morality based on the commonality of the human condition, suggesting that solutions to human social and cultural problems cannot be parochial 79
  • 81. SECULARISM • Secularism is generally the assertion that certain practices or institutions should exist separately from religion or religious belief. Alternatively, it is a principle of promoting secular ideas or values in either public or private settings. It may also be a synonym for "secularist movement". In the extreme, it is an ideology that holds that religion has no place in public life. • In one sense, secularism may assert the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, and freedom from the government imposition of religion upon the people, within a state that is neutral on matters of belief, and gives no state privileges or subsidies to religions. ) • In another sense, it refers to a belief that human activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be based on evidence and fact rather than religious influence. • Secularism is not an argument against Christianity, it is one independent of it. It does not question the pretensions of Christianity; it advances others. Secularism does not say there is no light or guidance elsewhere, but maintains that there is light and guidance in secular truth, whose conditions and sanctions exist independently, and act forever. Secular knowledge is manifestly that kind of knowledge which is founded in this life, which relates to the conduct of this life, conduces to the welfare of this life, and is capable of being tested by the experience of this life. The term "secularism" was first used by the British writer George Holyoake in 1846. Although the term was new, the general notions of freethought on which it was based had existed throughout history. REASON • In western philosophy, reason has had a twofold history. On the one hand, it has been taken to be objective and so to be fixed and discoverable by dialectic, analysis or study I watched Kansas U. win tonight, then watched Kentucky Wildcats lose a 23 point lead and finally won. . Talked to Eric and finally got to bed. . Good night Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:22PM (-06:00) Thursday, February 28, 2008 OFFICE AT WORK - Doctrine of Grace Since October 2003 I have worked from this Gateway Computer and this desk in this room.. First Baptist Church in Altoona first bought me a 40MH Memagitronic in 1985. And I still have this on my other desk. Many hours of typing sermons and lessons have been spend on this early computer. Many hours Charity would see my back typing notes when we 80 moved to Portsmouth..Since 2003 on this Gateway AOL Window 98 I have research from
  • 82. many websites having filled many hours of study. Many hours typing on Corel WordPerfect put down thoughts and notes in studying the Word of God. Filling a number of three ring binders. Pictured is one of three bookcases of binders. . I love to read books, but so many of the books are now on the web. And the best articles are graciously put on some wonderful web sites like The Highway, A Puritansmind, and CRTA. My very best study was on the Doctrines of Grace. From there were over 255 articles on 1. Total Inability/Total Depravity 2. Unconditional Election 3. Particular Redemption/Definte Atonement 4. Irresistable Grace 5. Perseverance of the Saints . Just How Deep Did Adam's Race Fall? • We cannot know God's purposes in His Grace unless we know how far we have fallen. It is essential to know the Scriptural truth about our deadness, helplessness and rebellion if weare to understand how and why He saves us. • Our study showed that scriptures affirm authoritatively that nothing can reverse the human condition save the crucifixing of God in our nature. The cure reveals the seriousness of the "disease." Man is not fit to judge and diagnose his own case. Left to his reasoning, man will fail to assess his condition. Without an accurate diagnosis, men will settle for an ineffective cure. • By nature man believes that there is something he can do to recover himself. Grace is not grace unless it is sovereign and free. • God has used the "bulldozer" of His Law to remove any possibility of human merit from the face of the planet. • The message is clear of man's moral inability is actually conducive to a sense of urgency in seeking God. • And one's view of man's depravity is inseparable from one's view of God's grace. A dear lady said to me this morning, "Its important that we do good, if we are going to get to heaven." We get to heaven on our merit of goodness? We are then most damned! So there is a need to learn what Scriptures speaks to this subject of Salvation. Be sure to read and study the articles on "What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?" Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:20PM (-06:00) 81
  • 83. Friday, February 29, 2008 SOVEREIGN, SUPREME CONTROL OVER ALL EVENTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES . "There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. He same to see Jesus by night, and said to Jesus: Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God, for no man can do these miracles that He does, except God be with Him." Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews, a Pharisee. He knew that Jesus was not a ordinary man, but a man from God. Nicodemus was a very religious man and leader. Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Verily, verily, I say unto you: "Except a man by born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3 . "And God placed all things under His feet and appointed Him to be head over everything," Ephesians 1:22 . How vast, how numerous, how complicated are the various events and circumstances which attend the Christian here below, as he travels onward to his heavenly home! But if all things are put under Jesus' feet, there cannot be a single circumstance over which He has not supreme control. Everything in providence and everything in grace are alike subject to His disposal. There is not . . .a trial, a temptation, an affliction of body or soul, a loss,a cross, a painful bereavement,a vexation, a grief, a disappointment, a case, state or condition, which is not put under Jesus' feet. He has sovereign, supreme disposal over all events and circumstances. As possessed of infinite knowledge He sees them; as possessed of infinite wisdom He can manage them; and as possessed of infinite power He can dispose and direct them for our good and His own glory.How much trouble and anxiety would we save ourselves, could we firmly believe, realize, and act on this! If we could see by the eye of faith that . . .every foe and every fear,every difficulty and perplexity,every trying or painful circumstance,every looked for or unlooked for event,every source of care, whether at present or in prospect are all at His sovereign disposal, what a load of anxiety and care would be often taken off our shoulders! J.C. Philpot. • The story is told about a small town in the south. For many years, this town had been "dry" in that no alcohol was ever sold or served there. But one day a businessman in the area decided to build a tavern. In response to this new tavern, a group of Christians from a local church became concerned and planned an all-night prayer meeting to ask God to intervene. Shortly after the prayer meeting that night, lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground. In the aftermath of the fire, the owner of the tavern sued the church, claiming that the prayers of the congregation were responsible for his loss. But the church hired a lawyer to argue in court that 82 they were not responsible. After his initial review of the case the presiding judge
  • 84. began the trial with an official statement. He said: "No matter how this case comes out, one thing is clear: the tavern owner believes in prayer, and the Christians do not." . We either believe like the tavern owner or like many Christians in this church. God is sovereign over all things or He is not in control of anything. Either we believe that God by His grace is the sole provider of salvation or you believe that He is not in control of who is going to be in the kingdom of God. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:17PM (-06:00) Saturday, March 01, 2008 CHARITY IN 1968 IN ARLINGTON TEXASERIC IN 1971 IN WOOSTER OHIOBECKY IN 1976 IN GRAPEVINE TEXAS. Looking back over the last forty years, and viewing these family pictures, brings back good memories. Meeting Charity while in Arlington Texas, and working with Dr. George Norris at Gideon Baptist Church was such a wonderful time. After we were married in June of 1969 and were living in Wooster Ohio, working at Wooster Baptist Temple, Eric was born in February 1971. Looking back, those were some good times. Perhaps one of the best group of teenagers that we have had. Moving forward five years to the day February 10, 1976 we were living in Grapevine Texas. I was working two full time jobs, while serving as Educational Director at FBC of Haltom City, in Fort Worth Texas. M.M. Mostley was the pastor. We had a wonderful time at the church. Eric was five and Becky was born on his birthday. . While in both cases, after Eric was born we moved to Minford Ohio to pastor the Madison Baptist Church, and with Becky we moved to Perrysville, Ohio to be the Pleasant Valley Youth Camp Director in the Mansfield Baptist Temple, under Tommy Leatherwood. . From 1971 to 1980 we were in a number of churches. Then in March 1980 we landed in Altoona, Kansas, and were the pastor/teacher of the First Baptist Church, until June 1996. . Eric and Becky did survive. As you can see in the picture above, they are doing okay. . Eric and Becky are half of the family. Next Chad and Kyle... that is for another day. . Isn't it interesting, I remember from my perspective, and Charity has a perspective too. And of course Eric and Becky would have their perspective. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:52PM (-06:00) 83
  • 85. Sunday, March 02, 2008 GROW BY LEARNING.COM BY LEARNING WEB SITE This web site will not take place of my Blogger only to complement it.YOU DO GROW BY LEARNINGFIVE SECTIONS TO VIEW:. Home page - Welcome, brief thoughts personal, notes. My Mission - What I am doing and have done. Resources - Addresses of websites of favorites. Testimonals - Comments from readers. Articles - Articles. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 12:37PM (-06:00) Monday, March 03, 2008 THE WRITTEN WORDSPosted by Charles E. Whisnant at 10:03AM (-06:00) 84
  • 86. Monday, March 03, 2008 WHAT MAKES ANYTHING I SAY OF ANY IMPORTANCES AT ALL? So why would you listen to what I would say versus what Marianne Williamson would say? Or any of the people on the Oprah Winfrey Show? . The term I looked up this afternoon was "illuminate". Marianne Williamson was on Oprah February 29, 2008. She has written several books. One is ILLUMINATA A RETURN TO PRAYER. And she is renown for her talks on "A Course in Miracles" a step-by-step method for choosing love over fear. As most of the guests on Oprah, she has a humanist approach to the spiritual. After all Oprah audience are made up of women who are a mix of our culture’s women. Her audience is not the First Baptist Church, USA. Williamson was the guest today, and she was addressing how women over fifty could take control over their minds and live and life. . The need for change as we get older ­an emotional pressure for one phase of our lives to transition into another ­is a human phenomenon, neither male nor female. There simply comes a time in our lives ­not fundamentally different from the way puberty separates childhood from adulthood ­when it’s time for one part of ourselves to die and for something new to be born. . The purpose of this book by best-selling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson is to psychologically and spiritually reframe this transition so that it leads to a wonderful sense of joy and awakening.In our ability to rethink our lives lies our greatest power to change them. . What we have called "middle age" need not be seen as a turning point toward death. It can be viewed as a magical turning point toward life as we’ve never known it, if we allow ourselves the power of an independent imagination ­thought-forms that don’t flow in a perfunctory manner from ancient assumptions merely handed down to us, but rather flower into new archetypal images of a humanity just getting started at 45 or 50. What we’ve learned by that time, from both our failures as well as our successes, tends to have humbled us into purity. . When we were young, we had energy but we were clueless about what to do with it. Today, we have less energy, perhaps, but we have far more understanding of what each breath of life is for. And now at last, we have a destiny to fulfill ­not a destiny of a life that’s simply over, but rather a destiny of a life that is finally truly lived.Midlife is not a crisis; it’s a time of rebirth. It’s not a time to accept your death; it’s a time to accept your life ­and to finally, truly live it, as you and you alone know deep in your heart it was meant to be lived. . Key words:New books, aging, ageing, longevity, gerontology, gerontological, geriatrics, geriatric, senescence, anti-aging, anti-ageing, rejuvenation, life-extension, immortality, 85
  • 87. . I like google, don’t you? I googled Marianne Williamson. Who is this lady who we are to listen to about becoming older? Why should we listen to her? . It’s always been my policy when reading any article or book to check out the author of the book or article. First and foremost before reading and accepting any author is to learn where they are coming from and where they are going to take us. Then I know how to read what they are saying. . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . I like Wikipedia as much as I like GOGGLE SEARCH . Biography . • Marianne hails from Houston, Texas, and was raised in a Jewish household. As a rebellious child of the '60s, she has openly admitted to have delved in drugs and alcohol, as well as having a string of broken relationships. She sought spiritual awakening and discovered "A Course in Miracles," a self-study system written by a Columbia University professor who believed Jesus had dictated the words to her. Though initially turned off by the heavy emphasis on Christianity, she was able to reconcile it with her Jewish faith and popularized the course in her 1992 best-seller, A Return to Love. Williamson served as head pastor of Renaissance Unity Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship before she resigned as a result of a controversial attempt to dissolve the church's formal ties to the Association of Unity Churches. • The Renaissance was so called because it was a "rebirth" of certain classical ideas that had long been lost to Europe . • As Randolph Starn has put it, "Rather than a period with definitive beginnings and endings and consistent content in between, the Renaissance can be (and occasionally has been) seen as a movement of practices and ideas to which specific groups and identifiable persons variously responded in different times and places. It would be in this sense a network of diverse, sometimes converging, sometimes conflicting cultures, not a single, time-bound culture. • Williamson describes herself as "a mix" who does not fit a particular mold: "I'm a provocateur. I come into a situation where I don't particularly relate to any of the institutionalized boxes. I'm not a minister, I'm not a rabbi, but I'm totally excited by God and Jesus. So you get this Jewish girl talking about Jesus -- it's going to get attention. It's a juxtaposition that is perhaps interesting. It's similar to what I say about politics in The Healing of America. It's the same with religion. One group says it's this way, another group says it's that way, and a lot of people are feeling that, you know, 'deep in my heart I don't feel it's either way.' Well, neither do I." • She is a former jazz nightclub singer and is a single mother of a daughter. . Philosophy • A minister in the Unity Church, the driving force behind Williamson's philosophy is to offer a New Thought approach to spirituality. • She addresses both established Christianity and Judaism in statements such as "You've committed no sins, just mistakes." Her earliest renown was for her talks on A Course in Miracles, a step-by-step method for choosing love over fear. 86
  • 88. . MARIANNE WILLIAMSON WROTE THIS BOOK: ILLUMINATA A RETURN TO PRAYER & As I like to do I looked up"illuminate" educate Synonyms: better, clarify, clear up, construe, define, dramatize, edify, elucidate, enlighten, explain, expound, express, finish, give insight, gloss, illustrate, improve, instruct, interpret, perfect, polish, uplight verb Definition: explain Synonyms answer for, clarify, elucidate, explain, illuminate, justify, rationalize, resolve Antonyms: complicate, confuse, obscure, perplex ^ SO I ask again, Do you want to listen to what she has to say from her point of view? Christian Worldview vs. Worldview . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:28PM (-06:00) JOHN NEWTON Tuesday, March 04, 2008 "I'm not what I ought to be, I'm not what I wish to be, but through Christ, I'm not what I was" !!! John Newton Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:08PM (-06:00) Wednesday, March 05, 2008 HUCKABEE DROPS OUT OF PRESIDENTIAL RACE 2008 . Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ended his U.S. presidential bid on Tuesday after voting in four more state contests made it clear his rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain, would be the Republical candidate in the November election.. HE RAN HIS WHITE HOUSE BID ON A WING AND A PRAYER^Well Mike Huckabee shock up the Republican Party establishment with an improbable run for its presidential nomination that energized the party's evangelical Christian base but failed to attract moderates beyond it. His team of 30 workers did the 87
  • 89. improbable didn't they. Mike an eloquent speaker with a sharp sense of humor, he wooed crowds by cracking jokes, playing bass guitar and bantering on stage with martial arts guru Chuck Norris. He was a staunch oppostion of abortion rights and gay marriage. And had a fondness for hunting and fishing. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:32AM (-06:00) Wednesday, March 05, 2008 "MAN-LAW". MANHOOD? ARE YOU CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT IS MASCULINITY? POPULAR CULTURE ^ "It does not take great intellectual sophistication to see that we are in a period of widespread gender confusion. As with so many other developments of our times, our evolving language betrays more substantial shifts in the culture." "Whoa, dude, this man is not acting like a man." What's up! men? I mean how to act like a man is a humdinger of an issue if you are one! Or is it?. . Once the role of a man was described as a role of father/protector/provider, today it seems it is not considered as necessary or deniable as it once was. . I haven't made a study of society's view of men in a while. I didn't really understand "man law." Remember the beer TV add. Man words, now that is different for me. Sometimes men's words that are coined are used to describe men behaving like women. .Men once were not to act like a woman. They are not to worry about cancer, receive alimony, or get Brazilian waxes. Now manogram and manimony and manzilian are created. Can you believe this? Here are some man-words. The word "man" used to refer to everyone. The Bible will use "men" to generally refer to everyone. Example 'man-eater" which dates from 1600 and originally meant a cannibal, not a femme boys. Here is a rare coinages: man-angel (man- angel (1711) man-devil (1600), man-dinner (1832) man-dog (1884) man-flesh )1812) man-nurse (1530) man-plague (1649) man-seed (1934) man-smell (1905) man-sphinx (1864) and man-witch (1886) From the Oxford English Dictionary traces these coinages.."Guyliner" has been coined for the rock singers who use eye liner.. I read that "Seinfeld" used a lot of neologisms. Since I don't watch Seinfeld or any of those other shows that are of that style, using the terms "part woman, or man-bag." is not something I really understand. With all these "man" words coming up in our words today prompted by the male insecurity as the root of the current slew of words. Thecultural anxiety over issues like gay marriage and partner benefits, etc. How do man identify themselves today to a 88 changing culture? .
  • 90. Those who are in the know, and I am not one in the know, those who are good observers of language, understand well that these linguistic innovations indicate confusion.. Today our culture has made an issue of manhood and masculinity. The role of a man seems to be changing in our society. BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE: Can I say, if we as men look outside the Biblical perspective, where manhood is defined we are going to be confused. When the understanding of masculinity and manhood is not based upon the role and responsibilities that are set forth in the Bible we should not expect to be comfortable.. Scripture defines manhood in terms of who he is and what he does in obedience to God. And when society rejects or sidelines these roles and responsibilities that do not honor fatherhood and parenthood it will sow seeds of disastrous confusion. The damage to our language is among the least of our problems.Can I also say, that the normative expectation of a man in the Scripture is that a young man will mature to take on the role of "father/protector/provider." • · Yet today it has been correctly observed by Mark Peters who writes that the proliferation of "man" terms indicates this confusion over manhood and masculinity. And that "the role of "father/protector/provider" is seen today "as not considered as necessary or desirable as it once was" within the secular culture. Herein is a deeper issue. And as Albert Mohler states, "Those men who are faithfully living out these responsibilities are not likely to be too concerned about finding true masculinity. They are living it." Men look at your role as a man in the role that is clearly set forth in the Scripture. When the focus shifts from family to fashion accessories we are in trouble. We lie to ourselves if we believe that we can hold onto a healthy masculinity without honoring true manhood" Al Mohler says. & Posted by Charles E. Whisnant on GROW BY LEARNING.BLOGSPOT.COM AND WILL BE ON GROW BY LEARNING .COM Proof check by Charity March 6th 2008 & . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:38PM (-06:00) Thursday, March 06, 2008 HOW SHOULD CHRSITIANS LISTEN TO OPRAH WINFREY? 89
  • 91. Preachers don't want to admit that their Christian membership folks watch Oprah Winfrey. Preachers don't want to admit their members are watching and listening to Binn Hinn, Paula White, Joel Osteen, TNN. Preachers want you to think few in their churches are watching Talk shows and Religious TV services. But can I say to you, THEY ARE. Preachers in the circles I know, would rather their membership would not listen to anyone but them. So preachers would be shocked to know just how many of their members are really viewing these programs. IS IT WRONG FOR CHRISTIANS TO WATCH OPRAH OR BINN HINN, OR THE LATE JERRY FALWELL, OR JOEL OSTEEN? My personal opinion? No it is not wrong for believers to watch these shows. But watch with discernment! Know the subject before you accept what they are saying. Dr. Oz is good. Bob Greene is good. Bill Cosby is good. Dr. Phil was good. . BUT A POINT OF CONCERN ABOUT WHAT OPRAH IS DOING WITH THIS ONLINE CLASS ROOM STUDY WITH ECKHART TOLLE. Monday night's webcast was one of the largest single online events in the history of the Internet. More than 500,000 of you simultaneously logged on to watch live. They watch Oprah and Tolle talk about his new book THE NEW EARTH. WHO IS THIS ECKHART TOLLE? • Spiritual Teacher and author was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada • Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening 90
  • 92. that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet. • This information comes from Eckhart Tolle's own website. Eckhart Tolle claims to have attained enlightenment at the age of 29 after suffering long periods of depression. Tolle's non-fiction bestseller, The Power of Now, emphasizes the importance of being aware of the present moment as a way of not being lost in thought. In Tolle's view, the present is the gateway to a heightened sense of peace. "Being in the now" also brings about an awareness that is beyond the mind. This awareness helps in transcending "the pain-body" that is created by the identification of the mind and ego with the body. His later book, A New Earth, further claims to explore the structure of the human ego and how this acts to distract people from their present experience of the world. His other works include Stillness Speaks, a book that modernises the ancient sutra form. The work of Eckhart Teachings is in response to the urgent need of our times: the transformation of consciousness and the arising of a more enlightened humanity. We organize Eckhart Tolle's Talks, Intensives and Retreats throughout the world. We also record, license, publish and distribute CDs and DVDs of his teaching events. In addition to supporting Eckhart Tolle and the dissemination of his teaching, we are committed and dedicated to serving the new consciousness and awakening of all humans on the planet. Behind the external form of what we do, and behind the business structure, lies the company's and our true purpose: the union with the Divine • Enlightenment may refer to: · Enlightenment is a concept in mysticism, philosophy, and psychology. . Should you enroll in this NEW EARTH program? You decide! . Now should we stop watching the Oprah show? That is the choice you need to make. But watch with discernment. . Watching any program, any movie, listening to any preacher on TV, radio or in your own church, be in discernment in your mind. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:47PM (-06:00) Friday, March 07, 2008 QUESTION: HOW MUCH DO PASTORS MAKE? ^ PASTOR'S SALARY 91
  • 93. • A: On average, an ordained Protestant pastor serving a small congregation received a median salary and housing package of $31,234, according to a study by sociologist Jackson Carroll. But there is a wide disparity in compensation between Protestant pastors serving small congregations and those serving medium and large congregations. For example, a Protestant pastor serving a congregation of more than 1,000 members received a median salary and housing package of $81,923. Considering that the vast majority of churches in the United States are small, the overall compensation package for Protestant pastors is low when compared with teachers and social workers. Roman Catholic priests earned less than Protestant pastors, in part because they have no family to support. Depending on the size of the parish, the median salary for Catholic priests runs between $21,000 and $26,095. Jewish rabbis earn more than Roman Catholic and Protestant pastors combined. . PERSONAL SALARY AND TOTAL PACKAGE: • I served in 1971-73 in Minford Ohio as pastor of a church. Salary and housing: $1,820 that is per year. ($35 per week in 1973) In 1980 my first year at FBC in Altoona Kansas, salary: $2600 plus a house. In 1996 my last year at FBC: $15,600 total package. In 2001 my last church, brief stay, $24,000 total package. (Membership was 450). Last church I was asso pastor total package $10,400 in 2003. Last church I worked in for a real brief time: pay: none. In all these churches I worked just as hard as if I were getting the biggest salary. I worked full time in the ministry. • And Charity and I raised Eric, Becky, Chad and Kyle. While in Altoona, for sixteen years, Charity didn't work outside the home. I did have a full time job working as a supervisor at at Nursing Home for ten years ($260 in 1996). And I put in over forty hours in the ministry of the church. ($300). PURPOSE OF THIS REPORT: • The purpose of this article is not to address what preachers should get paid. Preachers should be paid. Personally I don't believe preachers should have another job. Sometimes its necessary. Personally I don't believe preachers should every think they are working for the Lord part time. • I often hear at Fellowship Meetings, the comment is: "Will all the "full time preachers/pastors stand up." What they mean is those who work only for the church? Every pastor should be full time in the ministry. Even when you have 92
  • 94. another secular job, you should give yourself to the ministry. My personal opinion. • Since there is really no biblical guidelines on salary for pastors and staff its up the the church to make that decision. What I am saying and have practice for all my ministry is do it unto the Lord. Every church has a responsibility to take care of the pastor and his family, they should have no needs that the church is not willing to take care of. FBC in Altoona, always it seemed took good care of us for sixteen years. . A CHURCH STAFF POSITION: • As for being on a church staff, my experience has been good and bad. Few churches that I have been the Youth Pastor, etc. has been a pleasant experience with the Pastor. Pastors generally want someone they can control. Most pastors it seems that I have worked with, want us to look like them, talk like them, be like them, and never be better then them. • One pastor said to me "Who gave you that authority to change those chairs around in the class room?" I said "my position!" He didn't like that. Another time, I took some Deacon coats that was haning up on a rack for over two years, down, changed the coat handers, and the pastor came almost unglued. He felt he had lost control of the coat hangers. I really could tell you a number of times where the pastor wanted control over the place the bus or van was to be parted. Preachers are funny. And worse of all, when the membership begin to like you, you know you are on your way out the door of the church. MY MOTHERS COMMENT TO ME ABOUT WORKING IN A CHURCH • I mother said to me way back in 1968, "Charles if you are successful at the church, the pastor will have you out the door and painting his houses." And that was the truth, and still is today. In 1968 or 2008 its still the same. ATTITUDE YOU PERSONALLY MUST TAKE IN MINISTRY. • What personally the pastor or churches does to you, just or unjust, you must be able to say at the end of the day, or your time at the church, "I have done with all my being, the best I could do, for the glory of the Lord. And I will continue to serve the Lord with that spirit." Remember this ministry is a ministry that God has called us to. Often its not what you expected about ministry, but its what God has called us to do. & DON'T QUIT. DON'T JUMP THE SHIP. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:55AM (-06:00) Saturday, March 08, 2008 SHEPHERDS CONFERENCES 2008 I DIDN'T MAKE IT Having attended two Shepherd Conferences back in the days when only 300 attended. But I am glad more can come now. With today blogging, live blogging no less, its almost like being there. Well at least you can get the notes. Over at Pulpit Magazine Nathan has graciously written about each of the sessions. Also the photo above are from that sign. Also Evers Ding has done liveblogging at his sight and has done marvelous in given a description of the sessions.I first heard John MacArthur, Jr in 1973, his tape was from Ephesians 4:12. That message 93
  • 95. changed my ministry. In 1983 my first trip to the Shepherd Conference changed my ministry for ever. Those men who taught in that conference changed my understanding of ministry in a local church, and how a pastor/teacher should preach and minister in a church.What I learned that first trip to Grace and the Conference was not what I h a d learned at the Hyles Pastor's School. Both were good, but the SC was more about the minister and his preaching. Not about how to grow a church but how to know the Scriptures. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:36PM (-06:00) Sunday, March 09, 2008 WHILE THE LOVELY WHITE SNOW FALL: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS ^ While the lovely white snow ( six inches) came down over Porstmouth, we missed the heavy snow (nineteen inches) that Columbus received, Charity and I were enjoying our day off from our jobs. . So after my regular visit to PYROMANIACS AND PULPIT MAGAZINE, reading the articles from the Shepherd's Conference 2008, I cut off the Gateway. For the next few hours I worked with my HOT WHEELS DIE CAST COLLECTION. . HOT WHEELS DIECAST COLLECTION.I believe I started a collection of Hot Wheels in 1996. Before 1996 I had never bought a Hot Wheel Diecast in my life, nor did I have any. My collection was sports cards. (You can check my blog on that story.) Then NASCAR die cast 1/24 and 1/64 cars became an interest in 1996. Following Dale Earnhardt, Sr.'s death in 2001, I lost interest in the collection. Then for some reason I began a collection of the first edition of the 1998 Hot 94 Wheels Collection. . Followed by the 1999 and 2000 first editions. What really became of
  • 96. interest was the variations of the cars. I was able to pick up a few variations in flea markets. Then in 2006 after a visit with my nephew Stephen Sigmon, my sister Ellen's son, I really became interested in going to Wal Mart, K Mart, and Target to search for variations. "The Hunt" is really what is fun. Stephen was gracious enough to find me several nice variations. That really started this search. . Then of late, over the last year, I have really found a lot of variations of Hot Wheels. So I began to display these variations. I had about twenty cars with variations. Then all of a sudden I found myself with over fifty cars with two variations. Then there were the three car variations, then four, and now several cars with five variations first in 2007. Now I have over sixty cars with variations. . I have never really liked real cars and don't know a Dodge from a Ford. I can pump gas, but never have changed the oil in a car. So why do I like collecting cars? Go figure! . I thought, " I will collect all 1/64 cars." So I started looking for the 1931 Doozie, '32 Ford Coupe '32 Ford '32 Bugatti Type 50, '33 Ford Road, '35 Cadillac, '36 Cord, '40 Ford Coupe'41 Willie, and '47 Chevy. This gets worse. '50 Chevy, Plymouth, '60 Lincoln, T-Bird '70's Dodge Charger, Plymouth Barracuda, Pontiac Firebird. . Oh, then the Jaguar, Corvette, Porsche, Mustang, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes and my favorite -- the Mercucy Cougar. (The best real car we have owned.) . • My son Eric really likes riding his "bike". So guess what, I look for motorcycles. I have a very nice collection of bikes (about 40 different ones). And a very nice display of them in my room. And since he is a Lexington Firefigher, guess what -- I look for fire engines . Then I like, for some odd reason, to display out of the box, the yellow cars. I have a very nice display of these cars (over fifty). Then there are the buses, goodness, sad isn't it? . Earlier last month, I made a very nice display of over sixty cars with two variations. . So yesterday during the blizzard, I spent several pleasant hours checking out all my Hot Wheels. I discovered there are a number of cars that I could fit into one of the catagorgies I have listed. I noticed that Hot Wheels makes the same cars over and over. For example they make the Phaeton Car over and over. . This could go on and on, but really it's not a big time killer for me. Though, it's fun for sure. Who said you couldn't still have fun at sixty. .NASCAR, WHEETIES, POSTERS, SPORTS CARDS, MAGAZINES, USA SPORTS SECTIONS . I enjoy displaying my collection of NASCAR, the Dale Earnhardt Sr. collection, and the Jeff Gordon collection. Today my collection is in our upstairs room. You can find a nice display of Wheatie boxes, a Tiger Woods collection, A Lexmark 1/64 diecast cars 95
  • 97. (provided by nephew Brian Williams), and collection of Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordon, and a display of old baseball cards. And there is a nice display of sports binders of cards collected over the last few years. . Also, I have a nice display of Starting Lineup Players. Then there are the posters of Earnhart, Griffey, Pippen, Jordon and the Chicago Bulls. Today I collect very little of these I have mentioned. . I started collecting baseball, basketball, football, hockey, NASCAR cards again in 1993 until 2001 with regularity. Couldn't go into a store or flee market without buying cards. Today I have some 150,000 cards. Isn't that really great! Buying cards was rather cheap. Today I only pick up a pack and look that them. . What was really fun was going on trips. We would go to Sam's, and as Eric got older, he would buy a box of baseball cards, and we would split them half and half. When we would leave Kansas to come to Porstmouth, Ohio, to visit family, we would stop in Pittsburg, Kan at a Flea Market and get a box of 500 old cards for $5, and that entertained us for the whole trip. In Altoona, I would go with Eric and Chad to card shops, and get cards. That was always great to do, and they would know what to get me for my birthday and Christmas. As a matter of fact, Chad picked up six or seven packs of cards over Christmas and gave them to me. That was really neat! Chad has a good collection of cards, and so does Eric. In the first years of our marriage, while Charity shopped I would sit out in the car reading my Bible. When I became interested in sports cards around 1993, I would go in with Charity and shop for bargains, too. My spirituality slipped! .HERE IS THE ADDIDICTION . From 1996-2003 I was not pastoring a church, and my interest changed. From 2002-03 I was studying church ministry, and then I lost my job at the church. From 2003 to 2007 I didn't have employment at a church or secular place. My interest changed to studying over the Internet. For the next years I spend as much as eight hours a day studying the Doctrines of the Bible. There were a few attempts of seeking a place to serve in a church, but there was little interest from those churches. In 2007 I spent the whole year in research and study for a ministry that I believed I was going to have in a church. This was a wonderful time to get back into ministry, but at the end of 2007 I no longer had the positon. In August 2006 I discovered Bloggers. They have a free website that you can have your own blog. That is, you can write your thoughts on a daily basis or how many times you want to. This was a really wonderful thing for me. I have spent many hours studying and writing "posts" for my "Grow By Learning" site. Today there are over 400 posts. Then in Febuary 2008 my sister Ellen, was gracious enough to get me a web site. GROWBYLEARNING.COM. She is my websister. Now this is another avenue in which I have to express myself in ministry. Finally, I went back to work at a secular job, Mex-Itali (the business Charity's mom and dad owned and operated for thirty-four years.) My good friends Tim and Sherri Wheeler were nice enough to give me a job for four hours a day in October 2007. THE PURPOSE OF LIVING My family, Eric, Becky, Chad and Kyle are living their own lives, and doing rather well, I might say. So that part of my life is not as involved as it was. Ministry in a church at the moment has not materialized. There seems to be this idea that my service is not needed at the moment in a local church. I have to express in some way the ministry that the Lord has called me to do. While I would love to express my love for teaching in a local church, the opportunity has not occured. I still have this spiritual need to express my love for the Lord and love for people. So there is now a mix of ministry, one 'GROW BY LEARNING' Two, at Mex-Itali, Tim introduces me as the resident chaplain. Three, my e-mail ministry as well, and my study 96
  • 98. over the Internet. Then in those moments to relax, I love to get into my collections. Spring is coming and I love the outdoors. Lawn mowing is what I really enjoy doing. Soon Union Mills, Mex-Itali and our place will be ready for me to get out the old lawn mower. I also love walking about three to four miles a day (at least 30 minutes of that time is with Charity.) Then there is hitting the old golf balls! I gathered over 300 golf balls from the wooded trails surrounding the resort at Lake Cumberland last August! Proofread by Charity, and some added remarks. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:09AM (-05:00) Monday, March 10, 2008 pyromaniacs • Pyromaniacs is the website that I daily visit. Those boys do a good service for our Christian community. Phil Johnson, Dan Phillips and Frank Turk. ----------------------------------- SCHEDULE OF THE MORNING: WHAT IS NEW TODAY? RANDOM THOUGHTS ^ Each morning when I awake, my mind seems to be directed toward the direction of the day. These days I am not pastoring/teaching, which was a part of my life for over thirty years, I had a specific direction for each day of the week. My schedule was set to do certain activities. I generally knew daily what the schedule would be. These days I generally don't know how the Lord will direct my activity or thoughts. But in the few moments before I get out of bed, ideas will come to my mind. Then I will generally make the coffee, sit down and ponder those thoughts I had. Read the Word, talk to the Lord. Later in the morning I will awake Charity, with a hot cup of coffee, and then I will turn on the Gateway. AOL is ready to be of service for the Internet. I will click on the CorelWordPerfect and view the articles from yesterday. I will note the e-mails. Then I will visit some of my favorite bloggers and websites. Following this practice, I will begin to think about what I am going to blog, what is the topic today? I may be working on a series, or some topic will jump out at me, as a result of looking at other blogs, or a book I am reading, or something that came to my mind before I got out of bed. GROW BY LEARNING This is a true statement, learning is growing. Even after living for sixty years, you are ever growing in knowledge. For example today, I finally learned how Blogger uses the LINK to link to websites. Now there are about a dozen other features that Blogger has that I need to learn to use. I note that many other bloggers and .com use the video. Well, that is down the line for me. I would rather record my words in print at the moment. My Blog is my enjoyment at the moment. My sister as you know introduced me to my GROW BY LEARNING WEBSITE. And as a 97
  • 99. result of this we have communicated quite a bit over the last month, via e mail. She has added several websites herself. . INTERNET IS QUICKLY BECOMING THE EVANGELISM OF THE DAY. BUT BEFORE INTERNET AND AOL ............ (another post) EVANGELISM BACK IN MY YOUTH DAYS: • Back in our early days, we could go door to door without any suspision from those who would answer our door knock. We would spend hours knocking on doors, asking people about church and their relationship with the church and the Lord. As a teenager when I was a Youth Director at my fathers church, the Roanoke Baptist Temple, often I would be invited in for a nice cup of coffee. My first paying job in 1967 at Southall Baptist Church in Danville, Va. I would go out daily and do a survey, who went to church and who didn't. • On one of those surveys, I experienced an out-of-the-body, no body will believe, and I don't often talk about experience. I am scared of dogs, Big Time, then and now. One day as I was walking from house to house, I came upon a big big dog. This dog came rushing toward me, and I froze. At the near point of contact with the dog, I said, "LORD!?" And at that moment the dog in mid-air, stopped. I was rather stunned. The dog dropped and ran the opposite direction. And I went on to the next house to ask if they went to church. To continue later.......... What is being born again Note Article page. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:07AM (-05:00) Tuesday, March 11, 2008 NEW LINKS HAVE BEING ADDED TO GrowByLearning Blog. . I have added come websites and blogs on the sidebar, scroll down past the subjects of my posts, past the list of this months posts, pasted the old posts, and finally you come to the LINKS. I will be adding others, but now I have listed several of the ones I like. • My sister's website, and her daughter April Williams blog you need to check both out. • John MacArthur, Jr. of course is the model of my preaching/church ministry for over thirty years. The link is to Grace Community Church, and also the link to Grace To You Radio. • The link to my website GROWBYLEARNING.COM. is listed as well. Check them out if you like. I will add another post later today. 98 .
  • 100. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:47AM (-05:00) Tuesday, March 11, 2008 SIN IS CORRECTED BY THE NEW BIRTH 1 John 3:1-10 • See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. 2 Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. 3 And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure. 4 Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness. 5 You know that he appeared to take away sins, and in him there is no sin. 6 No one who abides in him keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him. 7 Little children, let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous, as he is righteous. 8 Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. 9 No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God. 10 By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother. . You might ask: why would the Gov. of NY (a former attorney general) who knew the laws, and even set up a program that would stop money-laundering; and who also built a career out of prosecuting the very same crimes he is now brought into question about doing himself.. . He enforced a law that banks have a system to check any deposit that came into the bank. A ghost software that checks any deposit of any amount in any account. This software will red flag any account that warrants checking into. It was this very software that most likely caught Gov. Spitzer. • Is it the statement: "Be sure your sins will fine you out." How many times over the years have we seen pastors/preachers/ministers preach what they are against and at the very time they are preaching they are engaged in the very activity. 99
  • 101. "Eliot Spitzer knew how to catch bad guys by following the money. As attorney general, he once broke up a call-girl ring and locked up 18 people on corruption, money-laundering and prostitution charges. But in the end, it appears that Spitzer may have been done in by the same behavior he built a career out of prosecuting. "In fact, it seems he was tripped up by some of the very financial accounting methods he used so successfully against multibillion-dollar Wall Street firms." AP reports. . THIS LEADS ME TO OUR SERIES: Our series we have been working on is: BEING BORN AGAIN: WHAT HAPPENS? (February 26, 2008 last post) As believers, those of us who have experienced the reality of the new birth, have to deal daily with our own sinfulness, as all of us try to live in the full assurance of our salvation. Daily we have to deal with the conflict between the reality of the new birth, on the one hand, and our ongoing sin, on the other hand. So how is it possible for a person who is not a born again believer even have a chance of not yielding to the very activity that he himself hates. If anyone knows the laws of New York it is the former attorney general. He was married for twenty one years and had children. You ask, how can this happen to a successful man in politics? It's called SIN. . I don't like SIN. It's damage is worse on you than the damage from all the sun you are exposed to. It's worse on you than all the red meat you think you could eat. It's worse on you than artificial sweeteners. It's worse on you than all the beer you could drink. SIN is like a really bad germ that is air born and in born and in all the world, and in all people groups. No people group has more SIN in them then any other people group. There is no more SIN in Hollywood than in Portsmouth, Ohio. . The issue before us is "NO ONE BORN OF GOD CONTINUES A PRACTICE OF SINNING." As to how long "continues" is, I can't say. I WANT TO CONTINUE WITH THE LAST POST: . If we do anything that is good, that pleases God, it is the result of the new birth, not a cause of the new birth. People think if we do more good than bad then we are good. . Here is the hard part for people to understand. Salvation is taken out of our hands. It is not in our control. We are totally and absolutely dependent on Someone outside ourselves. . So to even those who are saved, and have really been born again, it’s very unsettling and disturbing to hear that their salvation was not a result of anything they did, or desired, but it was all of God. If any one subject is so confronting to those whom I have taught, it’s this 100
  • 102. subject before us. The New Birth and or Lordship Salvation.. . You mean God has the absolute freedom to bring about the New Birth to whom He desires? . And apart from Him all of us will remain spiritually dead in our self-centeredness and defiance Our deadness to the spiritual reality is so deep that we cannot even detect or even desire the glory of the gospel. 2 Corinthians 4:4. . So the point becomes if we are going to be born again, it will pivot absolutely and finally on God. . God’s decision to make us alive will not be a response to what we as spiritual corpses do, but what we do will be a response to His making us alive. That has certainly annoyed people quite badly and it’s very agitating to them. People have left our church when that is my position. . So I might lose a few of the few readers of this blog. But it’s not my desire to bring about stress. But pray as Ephesians 2:4-5 says • "But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ, by grace you have been saved." It’s my duty as a teacher of the Word of God, to lift up Christ in truth in this matter of His life-giving grace. THAT IS THE INTRODUCTION TO THIS CHAIN OF POSTS SO WHAT TAKES PLACE IN THE NEW BIRTH FOOTNOTE After hearing about the Gov. of NY, and the sinful mess, I wanted to address this issue. The news broke March 7, 2008 I believe. After hearing about the tragic death of Eve Carson, the Sr. student from NC who was killed. Then the young lady at Auburn U who was killed. She was shot once in the head and died. She was eighteen years old My heart broke again. Eighteen-year-old Lauren A. Burk, of Marietta, Ga., was found with a single gunshot wound on Alabama Highway 147, and was transported to East Alabama Medical Center where she died. in March 2008. ^ Why? Do People KILL Other People? ^ The ANSWER is : SIN The Cure is the NEW BIRTH Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:16PM (-05:00) 101
  • 103. Thursday, March 13, 2008 OUR GOD IS A WONDERFUL GOD AND SHEHPHERD OF OUR FAMILY Charity took this picture March 10, 2008. I like the back ground picture of a few years ago and note that black hair, all but gone today. But the kids have really grown up and are doing good. . Psalms 63:6-8OUR GOD IS A WONDERFUL LORD AND SHEPHERD"When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You in the night watches. Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice. My Soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me." My soul follows close behind the Lord. In response to God's repeated invitation to "hold fast" to Him (Deut. 4:4, 10:20) the psalmist clings to God. Our ever unfailing commitment to our Saviour. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:16AM (-05:00) Thursday, March 13, 2008 THE NEW BIRTH IS A SUPERNATURAL HAPPENING THAT HAPPENS TO US ^ part nine (click "labels" on Born Again for the total posts on this series) Nicodemus knew Jesus was an authentic divine person, but that doesn’t save anyone. You can be amazed by all the Binny Hinn, you can have an old heart and be amazed by what you see happen in some of these signs and wonders. It’s possible to be lost and believe miracles are from God. The devil knew that. Jesus said to him, "Ye must still be born again." The key is not saying you agree with what Jesus does, but by experiencing the 102
  • 104. supernatural reality in your own life. Can I say, the new birth, salvation, is not natural, but the supernatural. "That which is born of the flesh, is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." The Spirit is not a part of this earthly world. What happens in the new birth doesn’t happen in the natural realm, but in the supernatural realm. God is God and He is the instantaneous cause of the new birth • The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit. God the Holy Spirit must come upon you and transport new life into existence. Here is the first point of the New Birth. There is a supernatural work by the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual life into being where it did not exist. As Jesus said in John 6:63, "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all." You know Jesus is that life that the Holy Spirit gives. If God gives you spiritual life, that life is Jesus Christ the Lord. Jesus said in John 14:6 "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 6:35, "I am the bread of life." And Acts 20:31 "These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name." Therefore until there is a blending or union, connection with Jesus and a belief, a faith in Him there is no eternal life, no spiritual life. And it’s the Holy Spirt that brings us into indispensable relationship with Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. • From our viewpoint, the way you and I experience this new life is that faith in Jesus Christ is inflamed in our hearts. Thus spiritual life and faith in Jesus Christ comes into being at the same time. This new life makes the faith possible, and since spiritual life always inflames faith and expresses itself in faith, there is no life without faith in Jesus. And from God’s side, we are united to Christ in the new birth. That’s what the Holy Spirit does. From our side, we experience this union by faith in Jesus. A young lady said to me this week. "You say one needs to be elected unto salvation. What if I ask Jesus into my heart, and I am not elected?" Which I thought was a good question. In John 3:6 Jesus said to Nicodemus, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." The flesh, i.e. the person does have a kind of life. Every human person is living flesh. But at the same time every living person does have a spirit, but to be a living spirit, or to have spiritual life, Jesus said, we must be "born of the Spirit." When one is born of the flesh, he has fleshly life, when one is born again by the Spirit he has a second kind of life, one that becomes a spiritual life in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the new life that is put in us at salvation. • Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6. "I am the bread of life." John 6:35. Then Acts 20:31 "These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name." 103
  • 105. Here is what happens at the time of the entrance of the New Birth, or eternal life, there is a relationship with Jesus and a belief in Jesus. But for now I want to say: The New Birth incorporates us to Christ in a living union (Romans 6) Christ is life. We were dead in the spiritual sense. Christ gave us life. John 15 Christ is the vine where life flows. We are the branches. Thus, at the New Birth there is a transcendental or supernatural creation, birth of a new spiritual life, and it is created through a joint connection with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit brings us into an essential attachment with Christ who is the way, the truth and the life. Having been saved, means you have been given new life, and that life is Jesus Christ. And Jesus said, "It is the Spirit who gives life." John 6:63. So the work of the Holy Spirit in us is known as "regeneration". The Spirit is to impart new life to us by joining us to Christ. How does this happen? We made the connection by faith. John 20:31 "These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name." In other words faith connects us with Christ. . Charles E. Whisnant, and proof read by Charity Whisnant. To be continued. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:30PM (-05:00) Friday, March 14, 2008 THE OLD GOSPEL TENT MEETINGS The old gospel tent meetings were a part of my life as a child. My father was holding services in a tent years before I was born in 1947. Dad would go to cities and set up a tent and preach for a month or more, and from those who were saved, a church would be formed. The old picture above is one of dad's tents. My brother and I would spend a lot of hours under these tents. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:09AM (-05:00) Saturday, March 15, 2008 BEING BORN AGAIN GIVES US A NEW NATURE AND OFF WITH THE OLD LIFEpart ten My youngest son Kyle Whisnant 104
  • 106. • Having been saved, means you have been given new life, and that life is Jesus Christ. And Jesus said, "It is the Spirit who gives life." John 6:63. So the work of the Holy Spirit in us is known as "regeneration". The Spirit is to impart new life to us by joining us to Christ. • How does this happen? We made the connection by faith. John 20:31 "These are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name." In other words faith connects us with Christ. A NEW HUMAN NATURE Now what happens in the NEW BIRTH? • We are connected with Christ, we are united with Jesus by faith. Now this new birth is not an improvement of our old human nature. There is an extreme makeover, that is the old nature is torn down We are given a new human nature. The old nature is not made over. The now indwelling Holy Spirit is forming in you a new spiritual nature. • For those born again by the spirit there has been a new spirit put within them. They have been given a new clean heart and a new spirit. When we say that a new spirit, or a new heart, is given to us, we don’t mean that we cease to be the human being, the morally accountable self that we have always been. In other words we are still the same individual human being. This is why there is to be this continuity of cleansing. The old human being was not obliterated, in the new birth, sorry to say. If that had been true, the whole idea of forgiveness and cleansing would be irrelevant. There would be nothing left over as it were from the past to forgive or cleanse. From Romans 6:6 we are told that our old self was crucified, and that we have died with Christ in Colossians 3:3 and we are to reckon ourselves dead in Romans 6:11 and "put off the old self" in Ephesians 4:22. But all these things mean the same human being is not in view throughout life. It means that there was an old nature, an old character, or principle, or bent as it were, that needs to be done away with. Paul said I daily beat my body into subjection. From the human standpoint we are still human, we are still fleshly, we still need to be forgiven and cleansed. Jeremiah 3:8 put it this way, "I will cleanse them from all the guilt of their sin against me, and I will forgive all the guilt of their sin and rebellion against me." 105
  • 107. In a sense we are still the person we have always been, and still daily need forgiven. I John 1:9 tells us that. Yet forgiveness and cleansing is not enough. We need to be new. We need to be transformed. We need life. We need a new way of seeing and thinking and appraising. That is why Ezekiel says "I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit, I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And here is the point, "And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules." I call this, or John MacArthur does, "Lordship Salvation." Ezekiel profoundly proclaims the doctrines of conversion and spiritual life. The heart of stone means the dead heart that was cold-hearted and unresponsive to spiritual reality. It’s true that before you got a new heart, you did have feeling. It could respond with passion and desire for a lot of things. But the heart was cold toward the spiritual truth and the wonderful ideas of Jesus Christ and the glory of God and the path of holiness. And that is what has to change if we are going to see the kingdom of Heaven. So there is a conversion of the old heart, a new birth. God takes out the heart of stone and puts in a heart of flesh. That is, "flesh" means pliable and living and responsive and feeling, instead of being a lifeless rock. In the New Birth, our dead, lifeless, dull, boredom with Christ is exchanged by a heart that feels in the spiritual sense the worth of Jesus Christ as Lord, and as God. "I will put with you...." God puts a living, supernatural, spiritual life in our heart, and that new life, that new spirit, is the working of the Holy Spirit Himself giving form and character to our new heart. Praise the Lord. Picture a person you know who was so hard toward Jesus Christ. His spirit was so dull, and really very untouchable in his heart toward anything you would say about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then one day it seemed it was as if he had a heart transplant. He now has a warm, touchable and agreeable mind toward what you have been trying to tell him about Jesus. The Holy Spirit pushes Himself up into it and gives spiritual, moral shape to it according to His own shape. The Holy Spirit within us, in our heart and mind takes on His character His spirit. Ephesians 4:23. Amen. - - - - - - - - - garrulous GAIR-uh-lus; GAIR-yuh-, adjective: 1. Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative.2. Wordy. This has been twelve pages typed from Corel WordPerfect, posted in ten parts. I know its been a little wordy but I hope not trivial in its content. Proof Checked by Charity Sunday Evening March 2 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:50AM (-05:00) 106
  • 108. Saturday, March 15, 2008 THIS PHOTO IS A VIEW OF THE STAIR LANDING IN OUR HOUSE. First Installment THIS PHOTO IS A VIEW OF MY COLLECTION FROM THE SIDE Kurt Nunnenkamp said once, "Charles you do have an addiction, its preaching and teaching." In sixteen years as pastor/teacher of First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas I taught a Sunday School Class, preached Sunday Morning, and Sunday Evening and then again on Wednesday Evening, and then Fundamental of the Christian Faith class during the week. Studying was an addition for sure. & From 1994 to 1996 Since I didn't hunt, fish, the boys and I collected sports cards. & But I had a second addition, you might say, from 1996 to 2001 when I moved to Lexington Kentucky. I traded one addition for another in those years. From 2001 to presence, I just collect a lot of dust in Porstmouth Ohio. & I really enjoy displaying my collection of paraphernalia. The photo above is a view from the top of the stairs in our house, looking down the stair landing. As you can see, both sides and the wall is filled with three ring binders of sports cards, display of Michael Jordon, Scottie Pippen, Mickey Mantle, and Dale Earnhart, and a display of NASCAR 1/24 cars. On the back wall is a display of my son's. He is a Firefighter, and loves riding bikes. You will note also display of pictures on the wall as well. (Hopefully) What you are unable to see is 100,000 sports cards. - - - - - - - - - - - - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:58PM (-05:00) Sunday, March 16, 2008 NOT EVERY CHRISTIAN IS ALWAYS HAPPY. NOT EVERY MOUSE HAS SUCH A DAY? 107
  • 109. • "Not every Christian is always happy. Perhaps the King of Saints gave you a season of great joy at first because you were a raw recruit and he would not put you into the roughest part of the battle when you had first enlisted. You were a tender plant, and he nursed you in the hot-house till you could stand severe weather. You were a young child, and therefore he wrapped you in furs and clothed you in the softest mantle. But now you have become strong and the case is different. Capuan holidays do not suit Roman soldiers; and they would not agree with Christians. We need clouds and darkness to exercise our faith, to cut off self dependence, and make us put more faith in Christ, and less in evidence, less in experience, less in frames and feelings. The best of God's children I repeat it again for the comfort of those who are suffering depression of spirits have their nights." -Charles Spurgeon Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:40PM (-05:00) Sunday, March 16, 2008 TENT EVANGELISM AND CHURCH PLANTING THE TENT MINISTRY OF EVERETTE T. WHISNANT AS I REMEMBER PREACHING UNDER THE TENT EACH NIGHT FOR A MONTH(S) & Evangelism: I don’t know the history of Tent Evangelism. I need to Google that:(which I did) . I only wish Dad’s experiences in the tent ministry had been recorded or written down. Dad was in Tent Evangelism way before I was born. My brother Don and I grew up with Dad preaching and Mom playing the piano. My understanding of what Dad was doing, was as a youth, who really had little understanding of the ministry. What I remember most was helping get the shavings from the local lumber yard. Dad would get a truck and drive to a lumber yard where they would have shavings from the lumber. I remember getting into the bin with the shavings or chips of 108
  • 110. wood and shoving them into the truck. We did this for hours and then went to the tent site and shoved them onto the ground. When I was younger Dad would store the canvas tent at our house. Once I recall the tent was stretched out flat over the back yard. I would crawl under the canvas from one end to the other end. My hair was totally green by the time I got out from under the canvas. & You have heard the old phrase "THE OLD SAWDUST TRAIL" TENT MEETINGS. I recall the days of the sawdust tent meetings in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, when I was a boy. We would witness times when hundreds of people would come ... You can see in this old sixty-year-old photograph the number of poles needed to hold up this old canvas tent. In the aerial photograph you can see how the center pole steel spikes protrude through the bale rings in the canvas. Tents were both fascinating and effective. I can recall trying as a young boy, to hammer a stake down into the ground. And then trying to help put the rope that would hold up the tent up. I am sure I was more trouble than help. I recall also putting chairs up inside the tent. I recall even sleeping with friends inside the Tent. & One of the best experiences I can remember was when Dad and Mom went to Blackstone, Virginia, and Amelia County, Virginia at the Fairgrounds. This was in the early sixties. Dad was pastor in Roanoke, Virginia, and he knew some folks in Amelia County. They asked him to come to the county and preach. So during the week all of us went, and we stayed, as I remember, in a building that was part of a Virginia Mansion. I understand we could have stayed in the Mansion but Dad didn’t want to. Dad would preach all week, then go back to Roanoke on Sunday, and then back to preach the next several weeks in Amelia County. Dad’s tent meetings were never less than a month. Usually at the end of the meetings, there was always a group of people that would want to start a church in the area, and Dad would help them organize a church. . To be continued However, tent technology has changed.. Most larger, modern tents no longer use only poles and bale rings nor are they constructed of canvas. Larger tents today use "masts" in place of center poles and the ""fabric"" is made of hi-tech vinyl as opposed to canvas. Modern tents are often referred to as "tensile structures". . Proof Read by Charity Whisnant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:20PM (-05:00) Monday, March 17, 2008 TIGER BIRDIES 18 TO RUN STREAK TO 5 ON PGA 109
  • 111. ARNOLD PALMER INVITATIONAL PRESENTED BY MASTER CARD PRESEENTED BY MASTER CARDMARCH 16, 2008 & Tiger Woods holed a remarkable 24-yard putt at the 18th to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill as he continued his six-month winning streak. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:59AM (-05:00) ROANOKE BAPTIST TEMPLE Monday, March 17, 2008 YOUTH DIRECTOR OF ROANOKE BAPTIST TEMPLE, ROANOKE, VIRGINIA December 1963 - February 1966 When I was the Youth Director of Roanoke Baptist Temple from Dec 1963 thru February 1966 in Roanoke, Virginia, our youth group had a wonderful time. Melvin Gray, my assistant, who was saved in our church during a revival meeting, loved helping. Melvin provided transportation for us. He worked at the Bus Station and was able to get us this bus for a youth trip. . While I was still in Jefferson High School dad asked me to be the teacher of the Youth Class. Donnie Taylor the teacher of the class left for the War in 1963. It was a wonderful experience as teacher of this class. For twenty-seven months, until my father died, we really had some wonderful times. While I played football at Jefferson and played basketball and other sports and club activities at the school, I was very involved with the ministry at the church. We were having activities each night with the youth during the 110 school week, and we had a lot of activities during the summer. And I was dating Sandra
  • 112. Richardson for three years. . Those twenty months we had a membership of thirty boys and forty girls. We established a good ministry with the youth. We began the "Team Captains" concept, which was the program we used in each church that we were to go in the future. Of course, after forty five years I cannot remember them all, but some I remember most: Those I have already mentioned above, and others: Jean Cundiff, Linda and Joyce Clay, Margie Pugh (her parents were very active in our church) Bonnie Greer, Sue Crigger, Brenda Williams, Barbara Eakin, Sue Becker, Beverly Dodson, Gary Correll, David Crager. Wayne and Jimmy Sanders who were our best friends. I have a list of over eighty, but these are the ones I really remember the best. I would really love to have a reunion of members of RBT. . Dad always had a local radio program and during this time we were the director of a Youth Program each Sunday Afternoon live on the radio. We had a thirty minute program of music and I would preach. Donald and I would also go to preach in other churches for a Youth Rally. Youth Camp was part of our ministry at RBT. Each year our youth group would travel to North Caroline to camp. Those were some very good days. I only wish I had pictures of those days. Photo One: Charles Whisnant baseball at youth camp. . Photo Two Front Row Ones I can remember: Ellen Whisnant, Elaine Clay, Denny Campbell, Henry Clay, Melvin Gray Sandra Richardson, Algie Myers, Donald Whisnant, Robert Shaver Photo Three: Algie Myers at Youth Camp . Photo Five: Robert Shavor, Myself, and Donald, Sue Crigger, Barbara Campbell, the Bus Driver, and Melvin Gray. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:21PM (-05:00) Tuesday, March 18, 2008 The Origin Of The Saying "Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid" 111
  • 113. In November of 1978, the world was shocked by the suicide deaths of 913 members of the People's Temple cult. Jim Jones, the leader of the group, convinced his followers to move to Jonestown, Guyana, a remote community that Jones carved out of the South American jungle and named after himself. Jones constantly feared losing control of his followers. His paranoia was the main reason he moved the cult to Guyana. The mass suicide occurred after U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan of California and a team of reporters visited the compound to investigate reports of abuse. After some members tried to leave with the congressman’s group, Jim Jones had Ryan and his entourage ambushed at the nearby airstrip. He then ordered his flock to commit suicide by drinking grape-flavored Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide. The mass suicide wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. During the weeks that preceded the dreadful event, Jones had conducted a series of suicide drills, according to survivors. An alarm call would sound and every person in the camp would line up to receive a fatal dosage. These exercises in insanity proved that all of the adults at the compound knew what would be the result of their actions. The People’s Temple did not start off as your average mind-controlling cult. It initially gained much respect as an interracial mission for the sick, homeless and jobless. Jim Jones did not manifest his darker side until near the end. One lasting legacy of the Jonestown tragedy is the saying, "Don’t drink the Kool-Aid." This has come to mean, "Don’t trust any group you find to be a little on the kooky side." Of course, you would have to know of Kool-Aid’s dubious connection to Jim Jones to understand the proverb. Maybe this is why I have come to like the seach engine to "Google" a new term's meaning, I want to research the person, book or idea. And I also have come to like Wikipedia, that gives data on just about anything. You can be sure that there is an open or a hidden agenda that is being set forth in most movements. Don't drink the kool-aid until you have checked the ingredients. And this post is a set up for what I want to address as a Don't Drink the Kool-Aid. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:27PM (-05:00) Wednesday, March 19, 2008 HOW DO YOU SAY YOU BECOME A CHRISTIAN? WHAT’S RIGHT? WHO’S RIGHT? CONTROVERSY, HAVE YOU NOTICED, IS PREVALENT, COMMONPLACE 112 Controversy, fair and balanced points of view?
  • 114. It’s only on FOX News, the Church doesn’t have it. I have heard "hate speech" from preachers on the subject of salvation, as well as "hate speech" from preachers on the KJV only folks. I use the term "hate speech" because they have such harsh words for those who hold the position that is not theirs. There has been no subject that has received such reaction from people as the subject of "HOW DOES A PERSON BECOME A CHRISTIAN?" • One dear saint while I pastored Madison Baptist said, "Pastor, please! I don’t need another heart attack from the discussion of election.". There is no subject that is more rejected from both points of view as to how a person can become a believer in Jesus Christ. • While pastor/teacher at FBC in Altoona, KS. The topic of election was always the hardest for people to understand. • When I taught the discipleship class at Bigelow Church for a month, the topic became a very hot issue at the time. And after that class, I spent the next three years on the study of the Doctrine of Grace. What is your point of view on how you become a Christian? What I am saying is, how do you say you became a Christian? This is the way I became a Christian! This is how I remember how I became a Christian... How has your understanding of becoming a Christian changed since you have been saved? What I understood at seven years old is different now, as to what happened when I was saved.. "Why am I what I am as a Christian? There is only one answer, I have been "highly favored" by the grace of God. I give Him all the glory. "He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord (I Corinthians 1:31). Is this your view of salvation? Are you giving the entire glory to God, or are you reserving a little for yourself? Are you saying that it is your belief that saved you? If so you are detracting from the glory of God. The glory is entirely His - "to the praise of the glory of His grace in which he has highly favored us in the beloved." - Martin Lloyd Jones (from An Exposition of Ephesians) Justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. This is the article by which the church stands or falls. There is no gospel except that Christ’s substitution in our place whereby God attributed to Him our sin and credited to us His righteousness. Because He endured our judgment, we now walk in His grace as those who are forever pardoned, accepted and adopted as God’s children. There is no basis for our acceptance before God except in Christ’s saving work, not in our flag-waving, church devotion or moral decency. The gospel declares what God has done for us in Christ. It is not about what we can do to reach Him. We reaffirm that justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. In justification Christ’s righteousness is assigned to us as the only possible satisfaction of God’s perfect justice. We deny that justification rests on any merit to be found in us, or upon the grounds of an infusion of 113
  • 115. Christ’s righteousness in us, or that an institution claiming to be a church that denies or condemns sola fide can be recognized as a legitimate church. - - - Adopted from the Bible, but in part from the Cambridge Declaration • One said the other day, "I hate that text which says, "Jacob I loved, but Esau have I hated." "Why" said a friend; "what is the difficulty to your mind?" The reply was, "I cannot see why God should hate Esau." "No," said our friend. "I am not at all surprised that God hated Esau, but I am greatly amazed that God loved Jacob." transmute trans-MYOOT; tranz-, transitive verb: 1. To change from one nature, form, substance, or state into another; to transform.2. To undergo transmutation. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:22AM (-05:00) Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ERIC AND LESLIE AND ZIPPY WHISNANT Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:13PM (-05:00) Thursday, March 20, 2008 IN 1947 WE WERE LIVING IN LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA. THE PHOTO IS A POSTCARD THAT WENT OUT TO RADIO LISTENERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. . Dad and Mom had been on the radio for several years before. I have a Newsletter from 1944 in which mom was the Editor. I will try to take a pix. One of these days I hope to get a scanner. . I under stand I was popular with the listeners. I have heard from several people that they had a copy of this postcard. Mom was twenty-four years old I believe, and dad was fourty-two I believe. . Dad was pastor of the Ward Street Baptist Church in Lynchburg, and later the Park Ave Baptist Church in Lynchburg. Mom played the piano, and was a wonderful soloist, I understand. I do know when I got older I thought she was very good. . Everette T. Whisnant, and Pauline Greene Whisnant and Charles E. Whisnant - Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:33AM (-05:00) 114
  • 116. Thursday, March 20, 2008 THIS LITTLE GIRL DAD IS HOLDING HER, AND THEN MOM IS HOLDING HER AND I am STANDING UP (I think), the pictures are rather old, (sorry Ellen) Then I believe Ellen is in her teens. I think. This is really fun. But by pix taking could take a lesson from someone. I wish these pictures were clear but at least you can get a little view of us when we were younger. We were living in Roanoke Virginia. Dad was pastor of the Williamsroad Baptist Church, then Victory Baptist Church and later the Roanoke Baptist Temple. All the churches were of the same membership, we just moved. (I think). . Dad and Mom were daily involved in the ministry of evangelism and the local church, but they were always involved with their children. I owe a lot to my dad, and mom. There are a few stories I would like to tell about Ellen as a child. She was really loved by her ten year older brother. Even if Don and I had her playing the piano, when she couldn't yet sit up, and she fell off the bench. But she has done okay. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:43PM (-05:00) Friday, March 21, 2008 THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST THE MOST IMPORTANT AND SIGNIFICANT EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD WAS THE CRUCIFIXION OF JESUS CHRIST Part One When I was saved! . Most people know that Jesus was crucified almost 2000 years ago in Palestine. Some people even have an idea as to why Jesus was crucified, or at least what Christians say He was crucified. They seem to know that his death on the cross had something to do with ones salvation, and going to Heaven. . When you question folks regarding the biblical, theological significance of Jesus's person and work most people are quite ignorance of God's Word. . Terms like "atonement" and "substitutionary work" and "reconciliation" are unknown to most people today. . I am not sure that as a youth I understood those terms. As a fundamental Baptist those 115
  • 117. terms were way too big. I think I was in college before I heard those terms. Yet the library that dad had was filled with theological books, and Charles Spurgeons books were on the front row. I even read Spurgeon a lot, and used his outlines as study tools to teach the Psalms, and other sermons I would preached. . The word "atonement" is a theological term that is used to describe the substitutionary work of Christ. The word occurs in the KJV in Romans 5:11, and the basic meaning of the term is "reconciliation." (another big word). . The word "atonement" is takes on the meaning of Christ's work of redemption on behalf of His people. From Genesis 3:15 to the New Testament, the theme was about Christ and His need to become the Savior. . THE DEATH OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS. The center of the Christian faith is the death of Christ on the Cross. Its the very heart of our faith. The New Testament writers ascribe the saving efficacy of Christ's work directly to His death, or sometimes used "His blood," even sometimes "His cross." • Romans 3:25 • Romans 5:9 • I Corinthians 10:16 • Ephesians 1:7, 2:13 • Colossians 1:20 • Hebrews 9:12,14 • I Peter 1:2, 19 • 1 John 1:7, 5:6-8 Now this whole topic would take a book or two to fully address. People have a number of ideas as to why Christ died on the Cross. And a number of reasons are giving as to what happen as a result of Christ dying on the Cross. Why was it necessary for Christ to die? Why did God require Himself to die on the Cross? And what did the shedding of his blood have to do with salvation? And many can't figure out all that went on in the Old Testament with the blood, the killing of animals. And why was it necessary to redeem people as a result of what Adam did in the garden? Most of us were saved as a youth, and had no idea of the atonement. Many of us couldn't understand why we would even go to Hell and not to Heaven. Why would God let any of us go to Hell? Why we needed to be "saved?? Saved from what we would ask? And that term "sin", we were "sinners" where did that come from? I knew that I had taken some candy from across the street, but that was'n real bad, besides I got caught and punish by Dad, but I didn't think it would cause me to go to Hell. You know? I had a hard time knowing who Jesus Christ was! Of course I must say I slept a lot in church. Thank goodness Mom was a good Sunday School teacher. But I didn't get a whole lot out of preaching (sorry Dad). But I did learn about sin, and Heaven, and Hell, and the need to "get saved." I knew if I didn't do something I was really in trouble about 116
  • 118. getting to Heaven. I wasn't really ready to go to Heaven at five or seven. Now when Evangelist Bob Obton came to our church, and the preached, the old fashioned way, and he did some really neat stuff to get our attention. He would bend a two penny nail and would get into a bag and have it locked, and we would escape. That was impressive. At the end of his sermon, he would ask, "WHO WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN?" Well of course who wouldn't, right? So I went to the front of the church to see how I could get to Heaven from Roanoke, Virginia. (had to do that,sorry). Here is what I remember: "Charles do you know John 3:16?" "No." I said. "And you are a preachers son and you do not know John 3:16?" I really felt bad about that. So I went back into the back room to learn that verse. Then I believe someone help me to learn the verse and what they believed the verse meant. We are sinners, and need to be saved, and Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave, and if we had faith to believe that by Jesus dying on the cross He made it possible for us to be saved. I believed that for sure. That is about all I remember. Was I saved that Sunday Morning? Good question. I didn't understand the "atonement." I really didn't know why it was necessary for God to have His Son Jesus to be born, and live and die for me in the first place. But you know, something happen in my life that day, that really changed my ability to understand all this about Jesus Christ. And when Mom would teach and Dad would preach, I got it. Of course, not theologically. Looking back, knowing what I know now, theologically, I believe I was saved then. Because of God's grace, He saved me the moment my heart was open to His grace, and the faith to believe was not mind but Christ. Part Two later: Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:37AM (-05:00) Saturday, March 22, 2008 ON THE PHYSICAL DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST 117
  • 119. • Jesus of Nazareth underwent Jewish and Roman trials, was flogged, and was sentenced to death by crucifixion. The scourging produced deep stripelike lacerations and appreciable blood loss, and it probably set the stage for hypovolemic shock as evidenced by the fact that Jesus was too weakened to carry the crossbar (patibulum) to Golgotha. At the site of crucifixion his wrists were nailed to the patibulum, and after the patibulum was lifted onto the upright post, (stipes) his feet were nailed to the stipes. The major pathophysiologic effect of crucifixion was an interference with normal respirations. Accordingly, death resulted primarily from hypovolemic shock and exhaustion asphyxia. Jesus’ death was ensured by the thrust of a soldier’s spear into his side. Modern medical interpretation of the historical evidence indicates that Jesus was dead when taken down from the cross. (JAMA 1986; 255:1455-1463) • Read this article on the Physical Death of Jesus Christ, it is amazing. • Click on the title Jesus was lying in the tomb during the Sabbath, and the Pharisees secured Roman guards to keep watch of the tomb (Matt. 27:61-66; Mark 15:47; Luke 23:55-56). [Harold W. Hoehner, Chronological Aspects of the Life of Christ, 92] The above picture. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:20AM (-05:00) Sunday, March 23, 2008 RRESURRECTION MORNING AT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, ALTOONA, KANSAS^Sunday Morning Sunrise Services were a part of my youth in Roanoke Virginia, then when I was pastor/teacher in FBC in Altoona, those Sunday Morning services at the Nunnenkamp's were the best times of the year..OUR PRAYER IS THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS BECOME LORD OF YOUR LIFE Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:32AM (-05:00) 118
  • 120. Sunday, March 23, 2008 TEMPLETEMPLE BAPITST CHURCH, PORTSMOUTH OHIO EASTER SUNDAY MARCH 23, 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 12:38PM (-05:00) Sunday, March 23, 2008 OUR YOUNGEST SON CAME TO VISIT US SUNDAY Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:49PM (-05:00) Monday, March 24, 2008 OUR SPIRITUALITY IS FOUND IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST NO OPRAH,SORRY ABOUT THAT!^I started this article here. This MONDAY Opray is having her 4th session on the "NEW EARTH>" Anytime 1.8 million people converge for any objective on a regular basis, there’s a story. 119
  • 121. Have you really taken the time to take a look at what this new spiritual enlightenment is all about? Have any of the readers of this blog really though there might be something good about what Opraha is saying? What ever you faith or belief, any new movement such as this with so many members so rapidly increasing warrants analysis. If you know me, I have never taken any book or person at face value, I will always analize what they are saying and why they are staying what they are writing. . During the month of February, you heard on The Oprah Winfrey Show, you heard them ask, "Are You Ready to Be Awakened?" They began an interactive class on the interent. I was beginning to think could this be another cult? So I looked up the word cult. Wikipedia says, the word cult "typically refers to a cohesive social group devoted teo beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture considers outside the mainstream, with a notable postive or negative popular perception." My understanding of the book "New Earth," is clearly the views are not typical mainstream views. My understanding of the material has the concepts presentsed require you to suspend critical thinking and say there is only "the Now." They give such phrases like, "If you are aware, you cannot be totally possessed by the ego, by the thought form or the emotional form." . A seed is planted in your mind, that is very small, and then they seed is watered little at a time, and before you know it, the seed has sprouted up in your mind, and before long it’s a full grown concept that you know believe. . In the book Tolle says, "this book itself is a transformation device that has come out of the arising new conscious. The ideas and concepts presented here may be important, but they are secondary. They are more than signposts pointing toward awakening. As you read, a shift takes place within you." . ROBERT J. LIFTON • In 1961, Robert J. Lifton wrote the definitive book on the subject "THOUGHT REFORM, and the Psychology of Totalism after studying the effects of mind control on American prisoners of war under the Communist Chinese. • One of the factors Robert Lifton describes is the concept of ‘LOADING THE lNGUAGUE." He said: "The group interprets or uses words and phrases in nenew ways so that often the outside world does not understand. This jargon consists of thought-terminating clicki’s which serve to alter members’s thought process to conform to the group’s way of thinking." JAY LIFTON Jay Lifton (born May 16, 1926) is an American psychiatrist and author, chiefly known for his studies of the psychological causes and effects of war and political violence and for his theory of thought reform. He was an early proponent of the techniques of psychohistory. • Lifton's 1961 book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of "Brainwashing" in China was a study of coercive techniques that he labelled thought reform or "brainwashing", though he preferred the former term. Othes have labelled it also as "mind control". Lifton describes in detail eight methods which he says are used to change people's minds without their agreement: 120
  • 122. • Milieu Control -- The control of information and communication. • Mystical Manipulation -- The manipulation of experiences that appear spontaneous but in fact were planned and orchestrated. • Demand for Purity -- The world is viewed as black and white and the members are constantly exhorted to conform to the ideology of the group and strive for perfection. • Confession -- Sins, as defined by the group, are to be confessed either to a personal monitor or publicly to the group. • Sacred Science -- The group's doctrine or ideology is considered to be the ultimate Truth, beyond all questioning or dispute. • Loading the Language -- The group interprets or uses words and phrases in new ways so that often the outside world does not understand. • Doctrine over person -- The member's personal experiences are subordinated to the sacred science and any contrary experiences must be denied or reinterpreted to fit the ideology of the group. • Dispensing of existence -- The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. Contrary to popular notions of "brainwashing", Lifton always maintained that such coercion could only influence short-term behavior or produce general neuroses, not permanently change beliefs or personality. Psychologists like Margaret Singer and Steven Hassan (author of the book Combatting Cult Mind Control), later loosely adapted his theories and applied his terms "totalism" and "thought reform" to the practices of certain religious and other types of groups TOTALISM: THOUGHT REFORM • Totalism, a word first used in Thought Reform, is Lifton's term for the characteristics of ideological movements and organizations that desire total control over human behavior and thought. (Lifton's usage differs from theories of totalitarianism in that it can be applied to the ideology of groups that do not wield governmental power.) In Lifton's opinion, though such attempts always fail, they follow a common pattern and cause predictable types of psychological damage in individuals and societies. He finds two common motives in totalistic movements: the fear and denial of death, channeled into violence against scapegoat groups that are made to represent a metaphorical threat to survival, and a reactionary fear of social change. In his later work, Lifton has focused on defining the type of change to which totalism is opposed, for which he coined the term the protean self. In the book of the same title, he states that the development of a "fluid and many-sided personality" is a positive trend in modern societies, and that mental health now requires "continuous exploration and personal experiment", which reactionary and fundamentalist movements oppose. According to Penguin Publishers, "A NEW EARTH" will be the biggest selling book of all time. Those who have researched Oprah Winfrey, and those who have influenced her, say she is the most powerful woman in the world, and she has made it her mission in her own words, "transform the world." Her "spiritual" evolution and the persistent determination of 121
  • 123. her mission. • She is trying to change South Africa, in the girls home. Then she backed Obama. Oprah said of Obama, "He has an ear for eloquence and a tongue dipped in the unvarnished truth." • So when did she cross over from TV personality to spiritual and political advisor to the masses? It all started ever so slowly years ago........ and isn’t that the way all will go. Charles E. Whisnant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:40PM (-05:00) Tuesday, March 25, 2008 NOW LET'SLOOK AT THISMATTER OFATONEMENT: part two . Here are a few questions we need to answer: . (one bookcase of books in Library). · Did God because of something within His own nature or something intrinsic to man have to save sinners? · Did God's attributes of love, mercy and compassion necessitate or force Him to act? . · Could God have left the whole human race to perish in their sins if He so desired? Here is the answer to these questions: . · The scriptural answer as I understand it: God's decision to save a people for Himself was a free choice that was not determined by any internal or external necessity. > Paul says that God's predestination of the elect to salvation in Christ was "according to the good pleasure of His will" Eph 1:5. "Jesus Christ..gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, Galatians 1:4. In Colossians, Paul said, "it pleased the reconcile all things to Himself by Him."(1:19). These verses I believe clearly show that God's decision to save sinners was a free sovereign choice 122 .
  • 124. Have you wondered why the Bible often speaks of salvation, being born again, as a "free gift" from God? So what does this mean? It doesn’t mean that achieving redemption was without cost. I Corinthians 6:20, 7:23 Christians are "bought at a price." Christ redeemed the church with His own precious blood (1 Peter 1:19). So this free gift refers to the fact that God imparts salvation to the elect freely or voluntarily. . God was not obligated to save anyone, but out of His own good pleasure He gave "freely". . God did not have to save anyone! What do you mean by that? But He "freely" did. As Paul said that believers are "justified freely by His grace." Romans 3:24; that God will "freely give us all things," Romans 8:32,; that the Holy Spirit enables us to "know the things that have been freely given to us by God"I Corinthians 2:12. This is what happened when the Holy Spirit enabled me at seven, I believe, to understand what Jesus Christ was freely giving to me, salvation. . God’s free spirit in giving salvation to the elect, (that is a term I have used forever to mean that God elects people unto salvation, He personally brings people unto Himself, not by anything we do but wholly by His own free will), is directly connected with the biblical concept of grace. What do you mean? GRACE as I understand, is that God gives His favor and salvation to those who deserve wrath and hell-fire, to those who hate God and are His enemies. Salvation that is presented in the Bible is never given by obligation or debt. Nor given by God seeing before hand one’s faith, good works, or bloodline, or nationality. Those things have nothing to do with God’s free choice to give as He Himself is glorified. Remember that verse in Romans 9:18 "Therefore He has mercy on whom He will, and whom He will He hardens." . So was this sovereign good pleasure of God just a decision that was done purely arbitrarily. No. This atonement, the means whereby God could bring one to salvation,was by an act that was rooted in His nature. That was ‘love." John 3:16 "For God so loves the world that he gave His own begotten Son." And I John 4:9-11, "In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent His only begotten Son into the World, that we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loves us, we also ought to love one another." Here it is about atonement, the love of God is the spring from which the atonement flows. Jesus’ death was the absolute manifestation of God’s love. "But God" in Romans 5:8, "in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." That is love. . In Romans 8:29 Paul writes that God’s love preceded election. He loved us first, then elected us to Himself. "For whom He foreknew , He also predestinated to be conformed to the image of His Son." "To love before hand." . Why did Jesus come and die? He didn’t have to. We were all His enemies. No one, nobody loved Jesus. He loved us so, that He did come, and die on the cross. . God so loved, that He by His free sovereign choice, freely gave grace to those who by His good pleasure, He chose to bring to Himself. Why He set His love on me, I don’t 123
  • 125. know; but I know it was He who first set His love on me. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:08AM (-05:00) Tuesday, March 25, 2008 THEOLOGICAL LIBRARYBINDERS From 2003 thru 2006 I made a study of the Doctrines of Grace. Through the Internet and my Technical Library Books, studied the major doctrines of the Bible . While I have studied Theology for thirty years, I have just begun to know a little about the theological aspect of the Bible. Understanding Theology in Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington Texas was brief for three years. Dr. George L. Norris was a master of Theology, the time spend on these subject was limited. And taking Libery University of Life Long Learning Master's program was very good as well. But to spend so much time on each topic was just wonderful. The journey is not over yet.. SOME TOPICAL STUDIEs • Arminianism, Semi Pelagianism • Atonement of Jesus Christ Definite • Atonement: Definite • Assurance • Perseverance of Saints • Bad Theology: Synergism, Seeker Sensitive Purpose Driven Model, Antinomianism, No Lordship, Legalism, New Perpective, Open Theism, Religious Pluralism, Relativism, Tolerance, Hyper-Calvinism, Finneyism, Oneness Pentacostalism, Liberal Theology, and Neo-Orthodoxy. • Biblical Theology • Calvinism: Five Points • Church Confessionals • Covenant Theology • Cross/Crucification • Depravity of Man • Election • Eschatology in Reformed: Israel, Amillennialism, Dispensational, Historical Premillennialism, Postmillennialism, Full Preterism, • Fall of Man • Five Solas of the Reformation: 1. Sola Scripture: Scripture 2. Solus Christus: Christ 3. Sola Gratria: Grace 4. Sola Fide: Faith 5. Soli Deo Gloria: Glory to God Alone • Foreknoweldge of God • Free Will: • God's Will 124 • Grace Alone
  • 126. • Grace Key Passage • Holy Spirit's Work • Irresistible Grace • Jesus Christ in Salvation • Justificaiton • Monergism • Ordo Salutis: The order of Salvation • Original Sin • Predestination • Providence of God • Regeneration, New Birth • Reformed Theology: Reformation • Repentance • Redemption • Soteriology/Salvation • Sanctification • Salvation Sermons • Glorification • Heaven • Hell • History and Historical Theology • Structure of Scripture • Apologetics • Critical Thinking • Church Theology • Total Depravity • Sovereignty of God These studies came by researching the topic, downloading the articles from a number of writers, preachers and theologicans. Each topic had as many as 100 articles and some over 200 articles. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:56PM (-05:00) Wednesday, March 26, 2008 JANUARY 15, 2000 - LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER NEW . 125
  • 127. WHEATIES AT KROGERS Charity had picked up a box of Wheaties at Kroger, back in 1999 and at the counter she met Beverly Fortune, staff writer. Beverly made comment about Charity buying a box of Wheaties. Charity said, "My husband collects Wheaties". Beverly said, I am a staff writer for the Lexington Herald, and I am doing a series on Collectors, could I come by and interview your husband about his collection?" Charity said, "Charles would be happy about that." Sure enough, several weeks later, I received a phone call, from Beverly and we set up an appointment. She came to the house and was really in shock when she saw my collection. We spent several hours talking about the collection. Then a few weeks later, the article appeared in the Herald-Leader. Beverely writes "Last night at 12:30 a.m. I went to Kroger's and found a new box of Wheaties," said Whisnant, a Baptist minister who lives on North Ashland Avenue. With each new Wheaties purchase, Whisnant carefully opens the bottom of the box and pulls out the bag of cereal, so he doesn't dent the top." That was it, placed in the center page of the Home & Garden insert of the newspaper. There was a front page picture as shown in the above photo. and two photos on the inside page. This article in the Herald Leader, went out through the Knight-Ridder News Agency all over the United States. Really. Over the next year, I received a number of calls from Chicago, Ill. Ashville, NC. , Mass., Texas, Mich., and a number of letters. One person, sent me a set of pictures of his collection of Wheaties. . 126
  • 128. One person, called and asked if my father's name was Everette Whisnant. She said she and her husband were saved in a Tent meeting in Ashville, NC, and my dad had established a church in Ashville. She said the church is doing good today. She said our family had been to their home many times when I was very young. Amazing. Her husband had passed away a few weeks before she called, and they did not know where we were living the last thirty years. She had seen the article in their local newspaper, and for some reason she read the article. Now that was amazing that she would read it. How she knew that was a Whisnant in the picture I will never know. Charles Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:33AM (-05:00) Thursday, March 27, 2008 THE NAME OF "EASTER" Name of Easter The origins of the word "Easter" are not certain, but probably derive from Estre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring The German word Ostern has the same derivation, but most other languages follow the Greek term used by the early Christians: pascha, from the Hebrew pesach (Passover). In Latin, Easter is Festa Paschalia (plural because it is a seven-day feast), which became the basis for the French Pââques, the Italian Pasqua, and the Spanish Pascua. Also related are the Scottish Pask, the Dutch Paschen, the Danish Paaske, and the Swedish Pask. Date of Easter . The method for determining the date of Easter is complex and has been a matter of controversy (see History of Easter, below). Put as simply as possible, the Western churches (Catholic and Protestant) celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. . But it is actually a bit more complicated than this. The spring equinox is fixed for this purpose as March 21 (in 2004, it actually falls on March 20) and the "full moon" is actually the paschal moon, which is based on 84-year "paschal cycles" established in the sixth century, and rarely corresponds to the astronomical full moon. These complex calculations yield an Easter date of anywhere between March 22 and April 25. . The Eastern churches (Greek, Russian, and other forms of Orthodoxy) use the same calculation, but based on the Julian calendar (on which March 21 is April 3) and a 19- year paschal cycle. Thus the Orthodox Easter sometimes falls on the same day as the western Easter (it does in 2004), but the two celebrations can occur as much as five weeks apart. . In the 20th century, discussions began as to a possible worldwide agreement on a consistent date for the celebration of the central event of Christianity. No resolution has yet been reached. . History of Easter and the Easter Controversy. There is evidence that Christians originally celebrated the resurrection of Christ every Sunday, with observances such as Scripture readings, psalms, the Eucharist, and a prohibition against kneeling in prayer. {6} At some point in the first two centuries, however, it became customary to celebrate the resurrection specially on one day each year. Many of the religious observances of this celebration were taken from the Jewish Passover. . 127
  • 129. The specific day on which the resurrection should be celebrated became a major point of contention within the church. First, should it be on Jewish Passover no matter on what day that falls, or should it always fall on a Sunday? It seems Christians in Asia took the former position, while those everywhere else insisted on the latter. The eminent church fathers Irenaeus and Polycarp were among the Asiatic Christians, and they claimed the authority of St. John the Apostle for their position. Nevertheless, the church majority officially decided that Easter should always be celebrated on a Sunday. Eusebius of Caesarea, our only source on this topic, reports the affair as follows: . A question of no small importance arose at that time [c. 190 AD]. The dioceses of all Asia, as from an older tradition, held that the fourteenth day of the moon, on which day the Jews were commanded to sacrifice the lamb, should always be observed as the feast of the life-giving pasch, contending that the fast ought to end on that day, whatever day of the week it might happen to be. However it was not the custom of the churches in the rest of the world to end it at this point, as they observed the practice, which from Apostolic tradition has prevailed to the present time, of terminating the fast on no other day than on that of the Resurrection of our Saviour. Synods and assemblies of bishops were held on this account, and all with one consent through mutual correspondence drew up an ecclesiastical decree that the mystery of the Resurrection of the Lord should be celebrated on no other day but the Sunday and that we should observe the close of the paschal fast on that day only.With this issue resolved, the next problem was to determine which Sunday to celebrate the resurrection. The Christians in Syria and Mesopotamia held their festival on the Sunday after the Jewish Passover (which itself varied a great deal), but those in Alexandria and other regions held it on the first Sunday after the spring equinox, without regard to the Passover. . This second issue was decided at the Council of Nicea in 325, which decreed that Easter should be celebrated by all on the same Sunday, which Sunday shall be the first following the paschal moon (and the paschal moon must not precede the spring equinox), and that a particular church should determine the date of Easter and communicate it throughout the empire (probably Alexandria, with their skill in astronomical calculations). . The policy was adopted throughout the empire, but Rome adopted an 84-year lunar cycle for determining the date, whereas Alexandria used a 19-year cycle. } Use of these different "paschal cycles" persists to this day and contributes to the disparity between the eastern and western dates of Easter. Catholic Encyclopedia. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:59AM (-05:00) Thursday, March 27, 2008 DEPRESSION: TAKE A BRIEF LOOK: part one Depression has been called "a room in hell," "a howling tempest in the brain.". In 1621, Robert Burton put his finger on it, "They are in great pain and horror of mind, distraction of soul, restlessness, full of continual fears, cares, torment, anxieties, they can neither drink, eat, nor sleep.." His description caputres the experience of million of people who at this very moment that you are reading this struggle with depression. . In the photo on the right: 128
  • 130. • On the Threshold of Eternity. In 1890, Vincent van Gogh painted this picture seen by some as symbolizing the despair and hopelessness felt in depression. Van Gogh himself suffered from depression and committed suicide later that same year. Depression can make the most dedicated friends, family, and ministers feel incompetent because there are times when it seems absolutely resistant to change. But here is what I know, depressed people have an inner spirit like all the rest of us, and they can be renewed by faith even in the midst of the pain. The basic steps to follow with those who have depression, a term that is generally used by society at large. 1. Understand the experience of depression. Understand what people mean by "depression" 2. Make tentative distinctions between physical and spiritual symptions. The need a be physical that can be treated, but it could be spiritual that also needs to be address. 3. This distinction will allow you to focus on heart issues. In doing this if a person is not a Christian, the hope I trully believe is in knowing Christ as LORD. If a person is a Christian than the hope is still in Christ, and a bibically understanding of what that person is suffering can be address. Personally I believe in a believer, the issue could be one of "faith" in the providence and will of God. 4. Its possible and I understand and often happens, that when issues of life is not address, there is pain of emotions. The longer one does not address the issues that is causing the pain, the deeper the problems becomes. 5. Address the issue with some one who is a Christian, who will be willing to address the issue from a biblical point of view. Every Person In Life has to Deal with Living Life Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:07PM (-05:00) 129
  • 131. Friday, March 28, 2008 COMPETENT TO COUNSEL BIBLICALLY Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:52PM (-05:00) Saturday, March 29, 2008 OLIVER B. GREENE, EVANGELIST, TEACHER A office and library to die for. Now "The Gospel Hour" headquarters is the new home for The Jay E. Adams Ministry 130
  • 132. As a boy I grew up listening to Oliver B. Greene on radio in Roanoke Virginia. Dad had most of his books on the Bible. In 1966 I meet him at the Baptist Tabernacle in Danville, VA. • Dr. Oliver B. Greene founded the Gospel Hour, Inc. in 1956 as a Christian outreach using radio, personal appearances, books and audio tapes. The radio program, which began on one station in Georgia, spread through syndication until it reached across the nation. At one time the program was heard on more than 150 stations. The program is currently heard on more than eighty stations in America; on Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, which carries the program throughout the Caribbean area; and worldwide by way of the internet. • Dr. Greene began preaching as an evangelist in the early 1940's and went wherever he was invited to preach. This eventually led to his standard practice of holding revivals in churches and arenas during the winter and holding tent campaigns in the summer. His tents were quite impressive, the largest one being 300 feet long and 150 feet wide. He also travelled extensively overseas, visiting and raising money for missionaries in many different countries. He was truly a "triple threat", spreading the gospel through public speaking, the written word and the medium of radio. His personal ministry ended suddenly on July 26, 1976 when he died of an aneurism in the heart. However, through the prayers and donations of many friends the ministry has continued and reaches thousands daily throughout the world. • The Gospel Hour check this out. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:55AM (-05:00) Saturday, March 29, 2008 OLIVER B. GREENE A MAN THAT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION FOR CHRIST My father really liked Dr. Greene, and we had the radio on each day to listen to him teach verse by verse the Word of God. My heart and mind was stirred to know the Word of God in such manner. ^ Oliver B. Greene1915 - 1976 "See the river of blood that ran from the slit throats of innocent animals through four thousand years of time from Eden to Calvary. See the vast multitude of weary, sin-laden souls as they went to altars of sacrifice with their offerings...But now, see Christ, the Lamb of God...and the offering in His own blood made once for all....Only Jesus could make the announcement, 'It is finished!'""From disgrace to grace" is not our title for one of America's greatly used men of God-that was Oliver Greene's own appraisal of himself. He was born on February 14, 1915 in Greenville, South Carolina. Oliver's youthful life was that of a wastrel, living in wanton wickedness. Drinking, stealing, bootlegging, immorality-he was a veteran of all those vices. But at age twenty, God saved that wayward youth when he attended a revival meeting (solely in an attempt to date a pure country girl) and heard a sermon on "The wages of sin is death." 131
  • 133. That night he was convinced, convicted and converted! He got a mighty good dose of salvation! Five months later God called him to preach. To prepare for this, he attended North Greenville Baptist College but was expelled in his second year because of his reluctance to cooperate with the denominational program. Early in life it was immediately evident Oliver B. Greene was an independent Baptist. Through all of his ministry he carried the honor of being one who "could not be bought." In 1939, the 24-year-old bought a tent, and for 35 years he conducted revivals all across America, until failing health forced him to stop. Carefully kept records reveal that over 200,000 found Christ under his ministry. Perhaps his single greatest campaign was in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, where 7,000 professions of faith were registered. He held his last tent revival in Bel Air, Maryland (this tent was 100 feet by 300 feet). Surely another genius of Greene's labors for Christ was his radio ministry, which grew from one station in 1939 to 180 stations at his death. The Gospel Hour is still heard coast to coast by his taped messages. He prepared these taped messages "to continue on the Gospel Hour hopefully until Christ comes back." Dr. Greene was called Home to be with the Lord on July 26, 1976, but he "being dead, yet speaketh," not only by radio but by his writings. His books, pamphlets, tracts, totaling above 100 titles, are still mailed out by the thousands. Aye, DISGRACE TO GRACE, a fitting appraisal as well as a fitting epitaph for a great man of the Gospel and the greatly used messenger of the Gospel Hour-Oliver B. Greene! Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:43PM (-05:00) Sunday, March 30, 2008 CAKES TO PLEASE EVERY ONE UNION MILLS CONFECTIONERY Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:38PM (-05:00) 132
  • 134. Monday, March 31, 2008 GOD'S GRACE AND GOODNESS IS FAR TOO MUCH FOR US TO CRY OVER EVENTS IN OUR LIFE THAT ARE NOT ALWAYS PLEASANT. . WHEN WE LOOK AT EVENTS FROM THE HUMAN SIDE, OFTEN THEY DO NOT MADE SENSE TO OUR HUMAN, SINFUL, AND LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF GOD'S PROVIDENCE AND SOVEREIGNTY AND HIS GOOD PURPOSES FOR HIMSELF..I may never learn the purposes of God for events in my life, they usually don't happen as I had expected. I didn't expect so great a Salvation, I didn't expect to be married to a wonderful WIFE for thirty nine years..In ministry I never expected the events, the success or disappointment,to turn out as they have..If you are truly willing to be a "slave" for Jesus Christ, you knowHe is LORD, and His purposes are what you desire..I believe the LORD "called" me into ministry to be His "slave" to be yielded to His purposes that He will accomplish..If I have expectations for what I believe should happen, generally I could be disappointed, but in the purposes of Christ they could be exactly what He has Designed.. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:01AM (-05:00) Monday, March 31, 2008 KANSAS HOLDS OFF DAVIDSON TO REACH FINAL FOUR Five years after Roy Williams left Kansas, Jayhawks get their shot Kansas holds off Davidson to reach Final Four Kansas 59, Davidson 57 Kansas’’ cakewalk to the River Walk turned bittersweet on Sunday. 133
  • 135. • You were hard-pressed to find any evidence inside Ford Field that the champion of the Big 12 is superior to the champion of the Southern Conference. Kansas’’ biggest lead was six points, and the boys from the tiny Carolina school of 1,700 students controlled the tempo, the action, from start to finish. With 16.8 seconds left, they had possession and the ball in the hands of the tournament’’s best player, shooting star Stephen Curry Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:59PM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 01, 2008 INTRODUCTION: BIBLICAL COUNSELING ^ I was preaching/teaching years ago, and I said, "God doesn’t need any philosophy, or secular psychology to accomplish His purposes for Believers. Scripture is sufficient for every emotional, spiritual need that Christians have." Of course that sounded pastoral. And I truly believed the statement was true. Any emotional stress or depression that one would have, can be dealt with by the Word of God. Okay! That general statement came back to cause me to prove that statement. Usually a preacher will say, "Well, go read your Bible and you will be transformed, or find a remedy to all your problems in life." Or they will say, "My counsel is in my preaching and teaching, listen." We say all these things because we really don’t have a clue how to deal with people’s problems. Christians don’t need to go to a secular Psychologist. Well, that might be true, but if we say that, then we need to be able to take a person to the Scripture and show them how Christ wants us to deal with life’s problems. After I preached that message, I had the occasion to have a person in our church who asked me to counsel them biblically. Now up to that point, I had no real idea how to do that. TRAINING: 80 and 90's My early seminary training never really addressed biblical counseling, but while I was in Hyles-Anderson, Dr. Joe Combs taught a course on Pastoral Counseling and he used "Competent to Counsel" by Jay E. Adams. I can’t remember how I was introduced to NANC. I knew NASCAR, but not NANC. I couldn’t Google in the 80's and 90's, but doing so would have been good. I can’t remember how I was introduce to "Lifetime Guarantee" Bill Gillham. Charity was most impressed with the Gillham’s. They have the most simple approach to Biblical 134
  • 136. counseling. Their set of tapes, and books were very practical and biblical. Grace Fellowship International with Charles R. Solomon, also is good and a very simple approach to helping people understand their need for God’s grace. One of his books is "Counseling With The Mind of Christ." The Dynamics of Spirtuotherapy. Gary R. Collins is general editor for the series of resources for Christian Counseling. There were thirty two volumes that I studied in the Christian Counselor’s Library Larry Crabb’s books and material are good. He has the biblical approach to healing the deep wounds of the soul. Then I enrolled in the Liberty University Life-Long Learning Master’s Program on Biblical Counseling, Dr. Ronald E. Hawkins, teacher. I enrolled in the NANC , The National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette, IN . For over six months I traveled to Kansas City, KS for training. Also, I had been going to Bill Gothard’s Seminars for years and his approach to counseling good as well. The root causes, the root symptom and the root solutions to problems were addressed. And I had enrolled in John MacArthur’s expository Biblical preaching ministry in 1983. Charity and I went to several seminars where Jay E. Adams was speaking on the subject of biblical counseling. Another book of Adams. "The Language of Counseling" was very helpful. I also appreciate the Master’s College, John MacArthur, Jr. and Wayne A. Mack’s material on Biblical Counseling. "Theological Foundations of Biblical Counseling and "Biblical Counseling and the Local Church." The volume "Introduction to Biblical Counseling" is great. NEWSLETTERS, PUBLICATIONS, AND JOURNALS Before I had Internet, I had Newsletter’s, Publications, and Journals sent to me via the US Mail, think of that. In the 90's: • The Biblical Counselor: from NANC • Christian Counseling Newsletter: Gary Collins • Christian Mental Health For The Professional Therapist: • Lifetime Guarantee: Bill and Anabel Gillham • The Menninger Letter: Topeka, KS • Minirth-Meier Christian Psychology For Today Publication. Paul Meier and Frank Minirth • The Christian Journal of Psychology and Counseling AACC Gary Collins • And the Journal’s Psychology and Theology Now what is interesting here, the above list of works of study were done in a period while I was pastor/teacher at First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas from 1980-1996. I don’t think I had heard a lot, if any, about Christian or Biblical Counseling prior to the 1980's. In my youth, I didn’t know what counseling was by that term. But in the 60's and 70's I spent a lot of time one on one talking to teenagers and adults about their lives as Christians. The Bible was generally my only textbook. I believe for the most part the Bible does work in giving a lot of good advice and solutions, and principles for living life free from depression, and a lot of worry and a lot of hurtful stress. Some depression, discouragement, worry and stress is normal for all Christians. I remember saying, "I schedule worry for thirty minutes a week." PART TWO: PREFACE: THE OBJECTIVE OF BIBLICAL COUNSELING: Wednesday Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:44PM (-05:00) 135
  • 137. Wednesday, April 02, 2008 COMPETENT TO COUNSEL BIBLICALLY PART TWO: PREFACE: THE OBJECTIVE OF BIBLICALCOUNSELING: . You can see from the assorted disciplines of study that I have a variety of points of view as to how to do Biblical counsel. It’s interesting how MacArthur, Adams, Solomon, Gillham, Mack, Crabb, Gothard and Hawkins have the same Bible and same objectives but have different methods of reaching the goal. . Some would say you need many sessions to solve people problem. Some would say a few. Solomon would say, you need about an hour. Some would just use the Bible, others would say read this book. Some would use all Scripture, short and sweet. . PERSONAL COMMENT: • I was in a church for four years, and never once did the pastors want me to do personal counseling at the church. Even when the objective is to train Christians to do biblical counseling. Today, counseling people could bring law suits. If you as a pastor, counsel, you could be held accountable for your counsel. • SOME OBJECTIVES TO BIBLICAL COUNSELING A system of biblical truth that brings together people, their problems, and the living God. With the conviction that: • God’s Word should be our counseling authority • Counseling is a part of the basic discipling ministry of the local church. • God’s people can and should be trained to counsel effectively. Do I need to say: "Jesus Christ is at the center of all true Christian counseling"? You would think not, but in many counseling sessions, problems are addressed as if Christ is not the answer from the Bible. Counseling which does not move from one’s problem to the position of Scripture ceases to be biblical counseling. Scripture is our resource book to discover the direction one could take concerning the counseling of people with personal problems PERSONAL NOTE: • Having come back from the Nouthetic Counseling Seminars, I learned that in any counseling session, the first thing is to address the problems from the biblical point 136 of view. I remember at one session saying, "Are you willing to look at your problems
  • 138. from Scripture?" "Are you willing to discover what your problems are as they are presented from Scripture?" "And are you willing to apply Christ’s solution to your problems?" Let’s discover what your problem is biblically and see if Christ has the answer to that issue in your life. I remember that when they said, "Yes." They really had no clue what was going to be revealed about their problems and the biblical solutions. I know that first couple was not ready to hear what the Word said they could do to solve their problems. • Of course I had to learn what the real problem was. What was the root problem and the root cause? Then learn how to address the issue, and learn how to get those who I was counseling to receive what I was saying.. • Personally, one-on-one counseling and preaching/teaching on Sunday Morning is totally different I believe. Certainly some preaches in preaching will address every problem people have, and every sin that one has. And people will tune them out. Few people listen to a whole sermon. Few people really know how to apply the principles of Scripture. Most people know the secular terms for their problems but do not know the scriptural term for their problems. Many people who have problems will not go to the Word, they will talk to their next door neighbor before they would talk to a believer. Many will seek out some secular person who might be able to help them. Most people know the humanistic or secular terms but not the spiritual terms. Charles E. Whisnant WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE IN GIVING BIBLICAL COUNSEL Next Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 02:48PM (-05:00) Thursday, April 03, 2008 COMPETENT TO COUNSEL BIBLICALLYpart fourFootnote: I like Union Mills Doughnuts...... WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE IN GIVING BIBLICAL COUNSEL So how are we to address our problems and issues and needs in life? The term that is used is "Nouthetic confrontation." Let’s look at the meaning of the term. . All Christians should engage in it. "Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and (for the moment we shall simply transliterate the next word) confronting one another nouthetically." Colossians 3:16. . Paul wrote in Romans 15:14: that all Christians must teach and confront one another in a Nouthetic fashion. "Concerning you, my brethren, I myself also am convinced that you are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able also to confront one another nouthetically." . Here is the point. Paul sees Christians meeting in nouthetic confrontation as normal 137
  • 139. every day activity. If they are filled with goodness and knowledge, they should be qualified and equipped to confront one another nouthetically. So in truth, you don’t need to be a preacher to counsel. The idea is that all Christians should be involved in this counsel. . I also realized that public preaching, confronting people with their problems is a part of the preacher’s activity, but it’s not all he is to be engaging in. Public ministry is important, but so also is private ministry to individuals. While you would like to go home on Sunday Morning and watch NASCAR, or play golf during the week, there needs to be time when you confront individuals one on one. . Note what Paul said about his ministry to the Ephesians: "Remembering that night and day for a period of three years I did not cease to confront each one nouthetically with tears." . It seemed that I was confronting individuals every day in the Word. . A part of ministry is daily, night and day, talking to people biblically about their life. Pastoral work is more than just getting ready for Sunday and Wednesday sermons. It’s that of course, but more it’s being involved in nouthetic activity. It’s the real work of pastoral work to engage in nouthetic activity. . When you read Paul’s letters, you notice that he mentions a number of individuals in whom he invested a number of hours of work with. Paul not only preached on Mars Hill, but he dealt with people as individuals, as groups, and as families, and he confronted them nouthetically. . Proof read by Charity Whisnant Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:39PM (-05:00) Friday, April 04, 2008 IN CHRIST ONLY DO WE HAVEHIS STRENGTH, IN TIMES OF LOSS OF THOSE WE LOVE AND WHO HAVE AFFECTED OUR LIVES SO MUCH. Stephen's (Ellen's son) teacher passed away last week. Stephen is a Senior and is enrolled to attend Libery University in Lynchburg this fall. GOD HAS A PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR MANKIND IN TIME AND FOR ETERNITY. WE SEE TIME AND GOD SEES ETERNITY. WHAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WITH CHRIST OFTEN MAKES NO SENSE WITH MANKIND. EVENTS THAT HAPPEN IN 138
  • 141. WAS A REAL CHRISTIAN TESTIMONY.OUR LIFE IS NOT OUR OWN, WE WERE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE. JESUS CHRIST PAID OUR SIN DEBT AND ADOPTED US AS HIS OWN CHILDREN..IN OUR HUMAN LIFE, WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE EMOTIONS TO HURT AND FEEL THE LOSS OF THOSE WHOM WE LOVE. THE LOSS IS GREAT, OUR SADNESS IS DEEP, AND WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME IN THIS LIFE..I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND WHEN I WAS A CHILD WHY MY DAD WOULD SHED TEARS WHEN HE WOULD TALK ABOUT HIS DAD WHO HAD DIED. BUT AFTER MY DAD DIED WHEN I WAS 18, I UNDERSTOOD. EVEN NOW SOME 40 YEARS LATER, I UNDERSTAND THE TEARS. EVEN IN OUR GRIEF, IN OUR TEARS, IN OUR LOSS, THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN BORN AGAIN, HAVE BEEN GIVEN THIS SWEET INNER PEACE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST, THAT EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT IN OUR FATHER'S HOUSE. ONLY THE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN US CAN GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO MOVE ON IN LIFE UNTIL THE LORD CALLS US HOME. IT'S GRACE THAT SUPPLIES OUR NEED OF STRENGTH IN THIS TIME OF DEEP SORROW. GOD HAS A PURPOSE AND PLAN FOR THOSE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN FOR ALL ETERNITY. FOR US NOW, WE ONLY SEE THE CLOUDED PRESENT, BUT GOD SEES ETERNITY. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:51AM (-05:00) Saturday, April 05, 2008 JESUS, THERE IS NO OTHER NAME, THAT CAN MATCH THE NAME JESUS, OR HIS PERSON. JESUS."Yes! He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved, this my Friend!" Song of Songs 5:16.Christ is the most beautiful Person, and the most fitting Object for your love. There never was, nor will be found any person so lovely, so beautiful, and so every way deserving of your love as the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a matchless, transcendent, and incomparable beauty and excellency in Him!How passionately are some foolish men in love with the external beauty which they see in some women! They love the exact symmetry of parts, and lovely proportion of the body, the amiable features and lovely mixtures of colors in the face, the beauty of the eyes and features, their graceful motions, and amorous glances. How does this ravish the hearts of some foolish men, although the most beautiful woman in the world is no better than a mixture of clay, dirt, and corruption enclosed in a lovely skin; which sickness will cause to look pale and ashen and death will fully mar and spoil! But the amiableness and beauty of Christ is more transcendent and permanent, and therefore, a more fit object for your love. Christ is all fair without any spot; altogether lovely without any blemish or deformity! Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 03:39PM (-05:00) 140
  • 142. Sunday, April 06, 2008 WHAT A TREAT - THERE IS NONE BETTER - SENT BY MY SISTER ELLEN ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 04:09PM (-05:00) Monday, April 07, 2008 GO KANSAS^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:45PM (-05:00) Monday, April 07, 2008 BIBLICAL COUNSELING WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? PART FIVE THIS IS A 12 PAGE REPORT, SO FAR, AND I WILL POST THRU THURSDAY. I AM GOING ON VACATION FRIDAY THRU NEXT WEDNESDAY.. SOME GENERAL REMARKS ABOUT BIBLICAL COUNSELING, ADMONISHING, INSTRUCTING, ETC.& I am going to use some notes that I used while pastor/teacher of First Baptist Church in Altoona, Kansas for sixteen years.. Biblical teaching about the needs of life is very tiring for the mind to bear up under for long. After one hour, one hour sessions, my mind becomes tired. (is it possible for your mind to be tired?) (I need to look up that question). There is at least a strain on my body’s physical functions.. 141
  • 143. I had preached for years, since I was sixteen, so preaching was rather natural for me. I believed that in my preaching I was helping people learn about Jesus Christ and how He would have us to live in a secular world. .My wife (Charity) first encouraged me to learn how to deal with people. Think of that. She felt I had a handle on theological principles but needed some help with dealing one on one with people. So I enrolled in Liberty University School of Life-Long Learning. Believe me it’s a lifelong process! The course was taught by Ron Hawkins, on "INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELING." Class was VCR tapes. .Then for David Miller’s counseling class: "PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT", and I am thinking, what has this to do with biblical admonishing or instruction? Learning personality development is the systematic study of the person as they move through characteristic stages of growth and development. Oh! So we studied from a newborn child thru childhood and adolescence to adults. .This is a whole other topic for a later study. I want to keep on the subject. But to say the need to understand the development of one’s personality does have a direct result on one’s behavior. You cannot ignore one’s upbringing in the process of learning what their problems are. . SOME PRINCIPLES I LEARNED ABOUT BIBLICAL COUNSELING. Compare the person’s experience to the Word of God. When they share a questionable experience that they believe to be true, evaluate it against the Word of God. • Don’t give advice in areas you are not qualified in. i.e. • Legal • Financial investments, etc. • Medical - Do not counsel people about medications prescribed by their doctor. • Recognize the potential for medical problems to be the source of some of the problems. Biblical counseling as we have learned, is addressing every issue in our lives with a biblical perspective. Starting with a mindset that is focused on the teaching of the Scripture. Gather information Define the problem from a biblical perspective Discover its root as to what the scripture would say it is Find the biblical answer. NOW I WANT TO ADDRESS THIS IDEA OF ‘NOUTHETIC CONFRONTATION ." WHAT IS BIBLICAL COUNSELING Discerning thinking and behavior that God wants to change. • You want to view how you think about any issue in life with what God thinks about it. Your problem might be that you don’t agree with what Christ says. Using God’s Word to Change Thinking and behavior • You want to start with Scripture as the means of how you should think about living life. For the benefit of the person and for the glory of God. 142
  • 144. So how do you accomplish this process? • it’s called nouthetic counseling I had to first learn if the person who I am talking to understands that what I do is Biblical consulting. I am not trying to find out what the medical problem is, nor what the secular world would call their problems. I am not trying to give a secular solution but a biblical solution. I had to learn first if they were a believer, if they were willing to address their needs from the biblical point of view. Secondly, we had to discover if they were willing to at least learn what Scripture says about their problems. What they were going to hear from me was what I understand the scripture is saying. • "Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and confronting one another nouthetically." Col. 3:16. • continue next Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:47PM (-05:00) Monday, April 07, 2008 KANSAS MIRACLE WIN IN OVERTIME 75 TO 68. .Eric, Chad, and Kyle were in Lexington KY watching the game at Chad'sBecky was in Hutchinson, Kansas watchingand Charity and I were watching in Porstmouth Ohio ^ Kansas Jayhawks Win NCAA Basketball Championship. In a dramatic overtime thriller, Kansas (37-3) defeated Memphis (38-2), 75-68 to capture the Division I Men's Basketball National Championship on Monday night. Junior Mario Chalmers hit the clutch three-point shot to push the game to overtime, where the Jayhawks never looked back. This marks the fifth national title for the Kansas men's basketball program. . Twenty years after "Danny & The Miracles" won it all at KU, Mario's miracle shot Monday night capped off a comeback for the ages and led the Jayhawks to another national title, as Kansas beat Memphis 75-68 in OT . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 11:01PM (-05:00) 143
  • 145. Tuesday, April 08, 2008 NOW I WANT TO ADDRESS THIS IDEA OF ‘ NOUTHETIC CONFRONTATION ." WHAT IS BIBLICAL COUNSELING^ Discerning thinking and behavior that God wants to change. You want to view how you think about any issue in life with what God thinks about it. Your problem might be that you don’t agree with what Christ says. Using God’s Word to Change Thinking and behavior You want to start with Scripture as the means of how you should think about living life. For the benefit of the person and for the glory of God. So how do you accomplish this process? it’s called nouthetic counseling . Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and confronting one another nouthetically." Col. 3:16.. Paul engaged in teaching the scripture night and day. He didn’t just teach on Sunday, then the rest of the week train to be a Gladiator. He engaged in the process of pastoral work that is necessary to build up individuals in their faith. He engaged individuals one on one on a daily basis. If you read Paul’s letters, you will see they are filled with people. I need to check out how many people are mentioned in his letters that he was personally involved with teaching. . He preached, but Paul dealt with people as individuals, as groups, and as families, and he confronted them nouthetically. . ELEMENTS IN NOUTHETIC confrontation. Usually there is going to be a clash or an argument of points of views. In my experience, those who I am talking to, generally do not agree with a scriptural point of view. • Okay, what do the terms mean to "admonish," "warn," and "teach." A. T. Robertson, of Colossians 1:28, rendered it "put sense into." So what does nouthetic confrontation consist of? There are at least three basic elements according to Jay Adams. 1 "to teach" The term "didasko" does not imply any problem, but simply suggests the communication of data (teaching); making information known, clear, understandable and memorable. 144
  • 146. What I learned early, "to teach" is something that refers to the one who is teaching. The person who you are teaching, may not be at all happy about what you are teaching. They may not even agree with what you are teaching. They generally are not all that excited about hearing your instruction, or teaching on the subject at hand. My experience is that most don’t want to hear biblical teaching, but would rather hear what the other points of view are. Adams points out: "nouthesis" specifically presupposes the need for a change in the person confronted, who may nor may not put up some resistance." But in either case there is a problem in their life that needs to be solved. Some sin, some obstruction, some problem, some difficulty, some need that has to be acknowledged and dealt with. What you are trying to say, is "God wants change." You don’t change by taking a pill. There needs to be an inward personality change, a behavioral change. 2 "to admonish". Here is the idea: the sense of admonishing with blame, and to rebuke. That is never well liked. The idea of "nouthesis" gives the idea, there is going to be some kind of confrontation in which the objective is to effect a character and behavior change in the person you are talking to one on one. Here is what Adams said, • "Nouthetic confrontation, that is one on one, in its bibical usage, aims at straightening out the individual by changing his pattern of behavior to conform to biblical standard." For example, Nathan’s confronting David after his sin with Uriah and Bathsheba. And also, Christ’s restoring Peter after His resurrection. The idea is to confront with the truth of scripture. Nouthetically, means you speak soon enough, strictly enough, and seriously enough to really effect genuine changes in them. Counseling in the first place implies someone has a hindrance, difficulty, dilemma, problem, etc. and you presuppose a blockade that must be overcome.. And what generally happens, you don’t want to confront, challenge, or deal with what you really know to be the real problem. That is not the meaning of nouthetical biblical counsel. "Why did you do that, or why are you doing this?" This is not nouthetical counseling either. One young man when asked why he kept doing what he was doing. He said, "It’s in my blood line." Too much on the "why" will lead to finding some extenuating reasons for excusing conduct which other wise would be described as sinful. Nouthetical biblical counseling is not finding excuses for their bad behavior. It is the task to stop them. The idea is to discuss the WHAT, NOT THE WHY. ^ 145
  • 147. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:55PM (-05:00) Thursday, April 10, 2008 BIBLICAL COUNSELING: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Review: There are at least three basic elements according to Jay Adams. 1 "to teach" The term "didasko" does not imply any problem, but simply suggests the communication of data (teaching); making information known, clear, understandable and memorable. 2 "to admonish". Here is the idea: the sense of admonishing with blame, and to rebuke. That is never well liked. The idea of "nouthesis" gives the idea, there is going to be some kind of confrontation in which the objective is to effect a character and behavior change in the person you are talking to one on one • Here is what Adams said, "Nouthetic confrontation, that is one on one, in its biblical usage, aims at straightening out the individual by changing his pattern of behavior to conform to biblical standard." When I was a Juvenile Probation Officer, when talking with a kid that had just robbed his mother of $100, I didn’t say, "Son, why did you do that?" I knew why. I wanted to deal with the "What" What was done? What must be done to rectify it? "Young man, what you did, was really bad." What are you going to do about it?" So I wanted to deal with the "what" rather than the "why." You know the why? The reason people get in trouble or have trouble, even if they don’t know that they are in trouble with God, is their relationship with God and others because of their sinful nature.. Christians do not have to ask the question "why". They already know why fallen human nature acts sinfully. Many do not see the "what" as sinful behavior. It’s a chemical imbalance or "I don’t see why it’s a problem." By the way, nouthetic counseling doesn’t take weeks to solve, unlike what most psychiatrists are saying is needed -- months and maybe years "What" leads to solutions to problems' "What are you doing?" That is a very good question to ask, rather than "Why did you do that?" Now you might think: Isn’t that what a Christian should do? Yes, but it’s often the last thing we do. We will use the secular points of view. We will say, "I am depressed." "I have 146 a chemical imbalance." "I am bi-polar." etc. Most of the time we will know the secular
  • 148. term and not the biblical term of our problems. All these terms are secular and are not biblical terms. . Can I ask, "What does God say about what you are doing?" And secondly, what can be done about this situation? Many times they don’t like these questions. . HERE IS THE POINT OF NOUTHETIC BIBLICAL COUNSELING CONFRONTING: Biblical counseling seeks to correct sinful behavior patterns by personal confrontation and repentance. "The what you are in to, or what you are doing, by biblical standard is not what Christ would have you to do." And what are you going to do about it? . Until they see and understand the "why" they won’t clearly see why the "what" is wrong. And they want see why the need to change is needed. The "why" of every problem is sin. When we understand the sin problem we will have and idea that the "what" is wrong. . So the point is to try to bring about change of direction in the thinking and behavior that would be beneficial to the person and be glorifying to Christ rather than what is most convenient for the person. . Adams says this: • "Any biblically legitimate verbal means may be employed that will bring about change in the direction of greater conformity to biblical principles and practice." Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:05AM (-05:00) Friday, April 11, 2008 VACATION TIME • Charity and I will take a few days to travel to Lexington KY to visit our boys. Spent the night with Eric and Leslie. On Friday we traveled 434 miles to Southaven Mi s s i s s i p p i. to visit with Susan Lugar. On Satursday we will end up in Midlothian Tx. My sister Ellen and husband and Stephen live there. And my mother who will be 86 on the 15th lives there too. So we are glad to get a change to visit family and friends this weekend weekend and a few days next week. Our trip is just under 2000 miles round trip. • I was pleasantly surprise by my children on Friday, they had bought me a Scanner. Those pictures on the blog were pictures made from the orginials by my digital, so they thought it would be nice to be able to scan the orginial pictures. Now I really can have enjoyment doing it right: as soon as I learn how to use the Scanner. GROW BY LEARNING as I say. DENNIS AND SUSAN LUGAR have a wonderful God blessed ministry here in Southaven. I will give more deal about the ministry as soon as I can. I have taken some wonderful pictures of their new building, and as soon as I can get them on the computer I will post them. We are spending the night with the Lugar's and they are just minutes from the Memphis, Tenn. Memphis, oh the team that KANSAS Jayhawks won to take the 2008 Basketball Championship. Both teams were great this year. No team had won more games than Memphis this year. I learned today from their son Jonathan that FED X mail hub for over night for all the USA comes through Memphis. They have over 240 jets that 147
  • 149. come in and out of Memphis at night. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:11PM (-05:00) Monday, April 14, 2008 VACATION TIME ^ We are in Midlothian Texas, Herschel and Ellen Samples home. My mother lives with them, and Stephen who is a senior and will be going this fall to Liberty U. . We had a great day on Sunday. I went to church with Stephen and then after church made a few stops on the way home to check for good "Hot Wheels". While the girls shops, Becky, Charity and April, I watched the Masters with Mom, and Bry and Herschel put together a outside swing for Mom. And Ellen was at a meeting. And Stephen watched the boys for April and Bry. . The girls returned, and April is the photo girl, so she took some great photo shots of Charity and I and Becky and Mom. We then had a great late supper, just before Mom was about to die of hunger. She wanted to see her 86 birthday on Tuesday. The meal was great, the ice cream was good as well. . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:51AM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 15, 2008 VACATION CONTINUES April 15th, 2007 I know most know this day as IRS day, but today is my Mom's Pauline Whisnant's 86th birthday. She is really doing very well. Charity and I are visiting her for a few days. We are taking a lot of pictures and when I get back to Portsmouth, I am going to post some pictures of our visit with Mom and the family. On this date last year in 2007 Charity and I anda Ellen and Stephen and Mom were in Lynchburg, Virginia visiting with Jerry and Macel Falwell. Jerry passed away one month later on May 15th, 2007. Ellen has talked to Macel several times. Macel sent me some 148
  • 150. pictures she had of Dad and Mom and me, and a picture of her when she was a teenager in Dad's church in Lynchburg. As I have said, Stephen will be going to Liberty U this fall. Thanks to Jerry and Macel Falwell. And thanks also for my Dad and Mom who have been a friend to the Falwell's for all these years. We enjoyed our daughter with us for a few days, here in Midlothian, Texas, and she drove back yesterday evening to Kansas. We enjoyed time with Bryan and April Williams, Ellen's daughter, and their three kids. I realized at 60 I am out of shape playing with pre school kids. But not out of shape drinking a large Braum's milk shake, a tradition I have with Brian. Brian and I were talking about PRAYER: Some people will pray what to do, while sitting when they should be doing, waiting for an answer. Others are doing and praying while they are doing, and helping when they know it's what the answer would be from the Lord if they prayed about it. Some will say, "I will pray about it," others will say, "Yes I will go and help," Sometimes praying for an answer, gets in the way of doing what the Lord has already told us to be ready to do at a moment's notice. Sometimes the Lord has already given the answer to our question in prayer, we just need to do it. Usually I do not hear a voice from God, generally the Lord has already addressed the issues of life in the Word. I need to read as much as I need to pray. I need to obey as much as I would pray. I need to do as much as I need to pray. I would say if we spend time in the Word, and listening to the Gospel, and teaching of the Word, we would have a good idea as to how we should live in obedience of the Lord. We would do more doing and serving than wondering what the Lord would have us to do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. I LOVE YOU Charles and Charity Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:49AM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 10:45AM (-05:00) 149
  • 151. Friday, April 18, 2008 COMPETENT TO COUNSEL BIBLICALLY REVIEW: SOME OBJECTIVES TO BIBLICAL COUNSELING • A system of biblical truth that brings together people, their problems, and the living God. With the conviction that: • God’s Word should be our counseling authority • Counseling is a part of the basic discipling ministry of the local church. • God’s people can and should be trained to counsel effectively. The term that is used is "Nouthetic confrontation." Let’s look at the meaning of the term. 150 All Christians should engage in it. "Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all
  • 152. wisdom teaching and (for the moment we shall simply transliterate the next word) confronting one another nouthetically." Colossians 3:16. . There are at least three basic elements according to Jay Adams. • 1 "to teach" The term "didasko" does not imply any problem, but simply suggests the communication of data (teaching); making information known, clear, understandable and memorable. • "to admonish". Here is the idea: the sense of admonishing with blame, and to rebuke. That is never well liked. The idea of "nouthesis" gives the idea, there is going to be some kind of confrontation in which the objective is to effect a character and behavior change in the person you are talking to one on one. Today: THIRD POINT: 3 "for correction." I Corinthians 4:14. Paul wanted to confront but with care, because you are my beloved children.. He wanted to correct with the intent to benefit the person. Paul would get his point across without screaming at them. He didn’t want to "exasperate" them. He would confront them as a "brother". II Thessalonians 3:15. The third point of nouthetic counseling suggests changing that in his life which hurts the counselee. The idea is not to punish them but to help them. How often have I seen how the "what" they were doing in their life was only hurting them. Their behavior was hurting them, their thinking was hurting them. Their life was a mess. When they came for counseling, they were in trouble. Generally I would counsel those in our church family, those who were our dear friends. I cared for each member of our church family. I was deeply concerned for their well being. Nouthesis is motivated by love and deep concern, in which you are willing to give advice, admonish, warn, do what you could to bring about change of behavior and change of mind. I often had strange ways of doing this very idea. As Paul said in Colossians 1:28, in order that every man may be presented to Christ mature and complete. And the best way that can be done is to apply the principles of Scripture. Scripture in II Timothy is used nouthetically. Reproving, teaching, correcting, and training men in righteousness. I believe scripture can instruct us in the manner that Christ would have us to think, behave, and believe about how to live life. We get into the "what’s" of life because we are not personally confronted with the Scriptures. We get into bad behavior and bad thinking when we are not confronted with Scripture. We get into the "why" when we don’t have a clear understanding of Scripture. 2 Timothy 4:21 "Preach the Word." I heard that a lot. "be ready in season and out of season," in the pulpit, in the foyer, in the class room, in the home, at the ball park, just about anywhere "reprove, rebuke, exhort", but note "with great patience and instruction." (I did have a little trouble with patience, and tactful instruction.). I believe it’s a balance. Some preachers push people to guilt for wrong living and behavior with Scriptural teaching. Others will preach or teach scripture without any confronting. There is a difference between how preachers and preachers versus how John MacArthur 151
  • 153. preaches. Paul thought of bringing God’s word to press upon people’s lives in order to uncover sinful patterns, to remedy what is wrong, and to set new ways of life of which God approves. John MacArthur said, I preach with the authority of Scripture, I want to push people back up against the wall as it were, and confront them with the principles of Scripture and the will of God, and force then to face life in the light of Scripture. Getting them to understand the "what" they are doing, is either right or wrong biblically, and help them know the "why" they are giving is not biblical, nor for their best interest, or for the glory of God. ( a very loose paraphrase of what John was saying) ^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:30AM (-05:00) Saturday, April 19, 2008 VACATION TIME IN 2008^Charity and I had one of the better vacations in Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas this year.Bob Temple, Charity's dad is on a missionary trip, and he said we could use his car, and our gas expenses was provided, and we were set.I will be posting some of the pictures from our vacation over the next few days.If you would like to visit my sister's blog which is about Mom and learn about our vacation in Texas, I believe you would enjoy the articles thatEllen has and view.^Stay turn . Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:09AM (-05:00) Sunday, April 20, 2008 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GIVE PLACE TO THE BIBLE IN THE FOUNDATIONAL ROLE IN THE CHRISTIAN LIFE? WHAT ROLE OF THEOLOGY IN FOSTERING THE CENTRALITY OF SCRIPTURE AMONG THOSE WHO CLAIM ALLEGIANCE TO THE GOD OF THE BIBLE?^When I think of preaching and Biblical preaching, and theological 152
  • 154. teaching of the Word, I think of John MacArthur, Jr. Period. There are a few good preachers and teachers and some are not known as John MacArthur. . You might like the emotions of a John Piper, the style of a Charles Stanley, or David Jeremiah, or even Chuck Swindoll, and I do like them all; but for the pure preaching, teaching of the Word of God, John MacArthur is the best bar none. He may not have the style that will mesmerize you with human emotions, but the teaching of the Word will. . AS I HAVE SAID FOR THIRTY YEARS, IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE AND PREACH AND TEACH THEOLOGICALLY, WITH OUT SHAME, IT'S JOHN MACARTHUR. . Of course I study the Bible for myself, I research the scripture fully as I am able with my little mind. I have always challenged the teaching of John's from the start. I have always viewed the different points of theological positions. I have never been one who just will study my belief, but I will and have read both sides of a theological issue. But at the end of the day, it's clear to me that what I believe is okay. To be sure, no preacher or teacher or theologican is 100 per cent correct in all matters of the Scriptures. . SECONDLY: . There has been no church ministry that I have found better than Grace Community Church, where John is the Senior Pastor for thirty years. If you want to know what I believe and have tried to practice as pastor/teacher you would only have to note the manual of Church ministry of Grace Community Church. . FOOTNOTE: . It's not only good to be a good preacher and teacher but also a good Shepherd. From what I have heard and read, John MacArthur has been a good Shepherd to his flock and staff of elders and ministers at Grace Community Church. Now I have also tried to be a good Shepherd to the sheep that the Lord allowed me to minister to. Those whom the Lord allowed Charity and I to minister to over these forty years we still love. Our greatest sadness was to leave the church where we were ministering. We have been blessed to have been able to keep up with a lot of those folks that we dearly love. * Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 07:27AM (-05:00) Monday, April 21, 2008 WISE COUNSEL FROM THE MASTER: CLICK THAT BUTTON CHARITY^I WAS ASKED TO DEFINE GRACE AND SIN: And I look at terms in the theological, scriptural point of view: . GRACE Grace is a term that has a variety of connotations and nuances. For the purpose of this article its meaning is that of undeserved blessing freely bestowed on man by God. . I was given grace to preach the unfathomable riches of Christ. And, of course, the riches of Christ are connected to the work of Christ and the work of Christ is a cross work by which saving grace is granted to penitent believing sinners. And so doing, Paul says in Ephesians 3 verse 9, God used me to bring to light what is the administration, or the stewardship of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things, in order that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and authorities in the heavenlies. That is an amazing statement. . God showed grace to me in order that I might preach the gospel of grace, in order that the manifold wisdom of God exhibited in grace might be made known through the church which is the product of that saving grace to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places...angels...angels. God allowed sin from the very beginning, planned it in without being responsible for it, so that He could display His grace to the holy angels who would 153
  • 155. otherwise not be able to worship Him fully for who He is, not having any demonstration of the massive significance of grace with all its components, were it not put on display. God then enacts a gracious salvation so that angels can give Him full glory and full expression of worship consistent with all His attributes. . SIN Footnote: . • Sin is not only an act of doing wrong but a state of falling out from God. Sin is much more than the violation of a forbidden or the transgression of an extenral ordiance. • Sin in the mind is a fruit of the same moral defect that produces deeds of sin. When Jesus said hatred carries the same kind of guilt as murder, and lust is the very essence of adultery, He was not suggesting that there is no difference in degree between sin that takes place in the mind and sin that is acted out. Scripture does not teach that all sins are of equal enormity. . That some sins are worse than others is both patently obvious and thoroughly biblical. Scripture plainly teaches this, for example, when it tells us the sin of Judas was greater than the sin of Pilate (John 19:11). . But in His Sermon on the Mount Jesus was pointing out that anger arises from the same moral defect as murder; and the one who lusts suffers from the same character flaw as the adulterer. . Furthermore, those who engage in thought-sins are guilty of violating the same moral precepts as those who commit acts of murder and adultery. . In other words, secret sins of the heart are morally tantamount to the worst kind of evil deeds—even if they are sins of a lesser degree. The lustful person has no right to feel morally superior to a wanton fornicator. The fact that she indulges in lust is proof she is capable of immoral acts as well. The fact that he hates his brother shows that he has murder lurking in his heart. . Christ was teaching us to view our own secret sins with the same moral revulsion we feel for wanton acts of public sin. . Believers need to be aware that secret sins can have the same effects as public sins. . Whereas in unbelievers, they have sin that only grace can change: And sin in their heart will and can lead to action of sinful acts. This morning we read where a young man was accused of plotting to bomb his school. In his mind there is anger, hatred and then there is lurking in his heart murder, the killing of students in his school. ^ 18-year-old S.C. student accused of plotting to bomb school May 20, 2008. COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Students arriving Monday at a small South Carolina high school face newly installed metal detectors and extra police after a student was arrested in what authorities said was a plan to carry out a Columbine-inspired attack. . Bomb-sniffing dogs have already checked the hallways and classrooms at Chesterfield High School, authorities said. Metal detectors were borrowed from a courthouse. . The alleged plotter, Ryan Schallenberger, 18, was arrested Saturday. His parents called police after 10 pounds of ammonium nitrate were delivered to their home in Chesterfield and they discovered a disturbing journal. . "He seemed to hate the world. He hated people different from him — the rich boys with good-looking girlfriends," said the town's police chief, Randall Lear. Schallenberger was one of the top students at the high school of about 580 students and had not caused any serious problems before his arrest, principal Scott Radkin said. .THEREFORE • SIN is the principle that corrupts the mindset of mankind, GRACE is the principle that will produce saving grace. . 154
  • 156. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 09:23AM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 22, 2008 BARACK OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST ! ! ^ If I get one more e-mail or hear another one that says Obama is the Anti-Christ, I am going to write a blog. . Oh please! How little we know about the Scriptures. All the following information is creepy to say the least, but Obama is a Democrat, not the Anti-Christ. Obama may be from Hawaii, but not the Anti-Christ. Obama may be a Muslim, but not the Anti-Christ. Obama may have attended a Catholic school, but he is not the Anti-Christ. Obama may not want to wear the USA pin. That’s okay. I don’t wear a lapel pin either, but he is not the Anti-Christ. He may be black, but he is not the Anti-Christ. His dad may be from Kenya and his mother from Wichita, Kansas, but he is not the Anti-Christ. Obama may be Muslim, but he is not the Anti-Christ. Obama’s middle name may be Hussein, but he is not the Anti-Christ. Obama may say he is a Christian and reads the Koran, but he is NOT the Anti-Christ. Obama may have enrolled in a Wahabi school in Jakarta, but that doesn’t make him the Anti-Christ. Where do people get this idea he is or could be the Anti-Christ? . Of course, I would be glad IF HE WERE the Anti-Christ. That would mean that the return of Christ is just around the corner! . The wife of a Baptist preacher can say he is, but really she knows little about the Bible. . All the above ideas about Obama don’t make him a good candidate for the Anti-Christ (and perhaps not a good candidate for President of the United States either). Sorry, but that is not the description of the Anti-Christ. . I do believe that God is sovereign over all the actions of this nation. I don’t think God is a Democratic candidates or Republican. I think God is going for Ralph Nader. . TEN REASONS I THINK THERE IS NO ANTI CHRIST LIVING TODAYTEN REASONS WHY BARACK OBAMA IS NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST. 1 Those in the Reformed Camp do not believe there will be an Anti-Christ, so therefore Obama couldn’t be the Anti Christ.. 2 In saying you thank Obama could be the Anti-Christ you are saying that there is going to be a Anti-Christ and there is going to be a Tribulation. . 3 An intellectual genius Daniel 7:8 describes him as having "eyes like the eyes of a man" (cf., v. 20). The eye is often a symbol of intelligence. .4 . An outstanding orator Daniel 7:8 says the Antichrist will have "a mouth speaking great things" (cf., v. 20). Effective leadership is predicated on the ability to communicate. 155
  • 157. .5 . A master politician Revelation 6:2 says he will conquer the world having a bow without any arrows. That means he'll conquer peacefully through politics. The world will be looking for someone to bring peace and economic stability. Daniel 11:21 says, "In his estate shall stand up a vile person [the Antichrist], to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom; but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries." .6 . A commercial wizard Daniel 8:25 says, "Through his policy ... he shall cause deceit to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many; he shall stand up against the Prince of princes, but he shall be broken without hand." He will be a wizard at building a world system of economics that feeds his own pocket (cf., Rev. 18). .7 . A military genius According to Daniel 7:23 he "shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." He will be a military leader without equal. He's going to be everything that Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander the Great, the Caesars, and Napoleon Bonaparte were in terms of military ability combined in one individual. Revelation 13:4, 7 says, "They worshiped the beast [the Antichrist], saying, Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?... It was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them; and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." The Antichrist will conquer the world. .8 . A religious leader Second Thessalonians 2:3-4 identifies him as the "man of sin ... the son of perdition, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." He will command the whole world to worship him. .9 I believe the Antichrist will come out of a revived Roman empire because Daniel 9:26 says, "The people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary." The people who destroyed Jerusalem were the Romans in A.D. 70 That implies the Antichrist will be a Gentile from Europe .10 The Antichrist will offer himself as the protector of Israel. He’s not labeled the Antichrist, he’Os a man of peace, a leader, a great world leader of peace. They’re very possibly out of the Roman Catholic system. He comes in, sets up some kind of pact with them, becomes their protector. ^Oh he is not Henry Kissenger :-) Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:21AM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 22, 2008 BECKY, CHARITY, STEPHEN, AND APRIL 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 05:31PM (-05:00) 156
  • 158. Wednesday, April 23, 2008 UBIQUITOUS • ubiquitous yoo-BIK-wih-tuhs, adjective: • Existing or being everywhere, or in all places, at the same time. Now you might say I thought the word was Omnipresent. Well, yes, God is ever present every where, at all times. But at the same time we might say that SIN is ever present in every one, at all times, and in every place in the world, all at the same time. And we could say, that GRACE is ever present, in every place in the world. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:02AM (-05:00) Thursday, April 24, 2008 A PORTRAIT OF THE ANTI CHRIST A It’s not necessarily imperative to know who this person is. The point is not to try to figure out if someone living today is this person. The spirit of antichrist has been and will continue to be in the world until Christ returns. The point is to live the Christian life in view of our loving Savior and Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking upward to the coming of Jesus Christ. • But with that said, I love theology, and I love the Word of God. And if the Word of God speaks on a subject I love to study the subject. • This brief post is that only, brief in nature. Volumes of material have being written on this subject.,There are a number different points of view about the End Times of History. • My personal position on the interpretation of Scripture comes from a progressive revelation of the Bible. A brief understanding of the Progressive Revelation Position: will come in the next post. • God did not reveal all truth at one time, but through out history. The truth that Adam had was not as fully as Moses, etc. It is legitimate to have an investigation in this matter of the term of Antichrist. First we need to understand what the term means. Where do we find the term Antichrist in the Bible? I have heard all my life of 60 years this idea of the Antichrist. I have preached and taught for over 40 of those sixty years. Let us take a look at what the Scriptures teach about this Anti Christ. First the word is found only in John’s Epistles of the many anti-christs who are forerunners of the Antichrist himself 1 John 2:18, 22 and 2 John 7 of the evil power which already operates anticipatively of the Antichrist: 1 John 4:3 The term anti-christ, one who 157
  • 159. is against Christ or instead of Christ. or maybe, combining the two. "one who, assuming the guise of Christ" (Westcott). The understanding of the term is of an arch opponent of God and the Messiah. The term means against rather then instead of. The idea is that Anti christ opposes Christ. OLD TESTAMENT DEVELOPMENT OF THE ANTI CHRIST: In the O.T. there is really no complete portrait of Anti Christ but it does furnish us with materials for the picture in descriptions of personal or national opposition to God. BELIA. The term "sons of or men of Belial" used to describe those for their wickedness. Example: those of evil speech Proverbs 6:12. Those who the good shun in Psalms 101:3 FOREIGN ENEMIES: Opposition to God’s kingdom is opposition to him. The nations’ vain plot against the Lord’s anointed king in Psa. 2. There is the idea in the O.T. of those who are for ever trying to frustrate the plan of God throughout the O.T. THE LITTLE HORN. This rebellion is symbolized in Daniel’s little horn. Chapter 7 the more eschatological, seems to depict the defeat of God’s final enemy, while chapter 8 describes Antiochus !V Epiphanes (175-163 B.C.) the foreign ruler most hated by the Jews because of his personal wickedness and ruthless persecution of their religion. The portrait of this "king of the north" Daniel 11, the personification of evil, has helped significantly to shape the N.T. figure of Antichrist: • He abolished the continual burnt offering and erected the abomination of desolation in the temple: Daniel 11:31, Matt 4:15, Mark 13:14 and Rev 13:14-15. • He exalted himself to the position of deity: Daniel 11:36-39; 2 Thess 2:3-4, • His helpless death points to Christ slaying of the "lawless one": Daniel 11:45, 2 Thess 2:8 and Rev 19:20 The beast from the sea in Rev 13:1 recalls Daniel’s 7:3,7 and strengthens the link between Daniel’s prophecy and the N.T. account of Antichrist. THE NEW TESTAMENT DEVELOPMENT OF THE ANTI CHRIST. THE GOSPELS: References to Christ’s opponent are neither numerous nor specific. The disciples are warned that false Christs will attempt to deceive even the elect. Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22. Christ Himself speaks of one who is to come in his own name, whom the Jews receive John 5:43. This could be a veiled reference to Antichrist or to any false Messiahs who present themselves to Judaism. A Single evil personality may be in view, but his portrait is not even sketched.. .SECOND THESSALONIANS: Paul does give a clearer picture of Christ’s archenemy, whose outstanding characteristic is contempt of law. This person is described by two names. "man of lawlessness" (0r man of sin) and "the lawless one." 2 Thess 2:3 and 8-9. Here it seems to stress this anarchistic attitude, as in Daniel 7:25, where the little horn tries to change the times and law. Note also the Antichrist makes the exclusive claim to deity 2 Thess 2:4, in terms indicative of Daniel 7:25 11:36. 158
  • 160. This Antichrist deceives many by wonders: 2 Thess 2:9-10. He will work miracles by satanic power, and many will worship him as God. One of Antichrist’s names: "son of perdition" 2 Thess 2:3 cf John 17:12, reveals his destiny: Christ will slay him by his breath and the brightness of his appearing: 2 Thess 2:8, Rev. 19:15, 20, cf. Isa. 11:4. John’s letters gives attention to many antichrists. Now John’s account complements rather than contradicts Paul’s teaching. Following Daniel, Paul characterizes a single archenemy, who claims the right to personal worship. John stresses the spiritual lie which made Antichrist seemingly strong. .THEN YOU HAVE THE BOOK OF REVELATION: The Apocalyptist’s beast of Revelation 13 is in view of Daniel, and combines the characteristics of all four O.T. beasts. If you will note the beast of Revelation 13 has an authority belonging only to the little horn of Daniel’s beast. How I remember teaching Daniel twice at FBC in Altoona, Kansas. There is much more detail here about the beast of Revelation 13, that would take a lot of time. There seems to be implied this antichrist embodied in the kingdom. He seems to be more than a person, which he is, but part of seven heads that are seven kings. Rev. 17:10-12. Whereas the beast himself is the eighth king. As I have taught Revelation in every church I have pastored. (or started to) Madison, FBC and even Second Baptist. . So you take Daniel’s beast, Paul’s beast, and John’s beast in Revelation, you have a picture that suggests a wordly power, an anti-God spirit of nationalsitic ambition. It’s not necessarily imperative to know who this person is. The point is not to learn who he is. • The point is not to try to figure out if someone living today is this person. You might think a number of people throughout history have the description of an antichrist spirit who opposes God’s laws and wants to rule the world by himself. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:24AM (-05:00) Thursday, April 24, 2008 VACATION TIME WITH MY MOM 2008. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:52AM (-05:00) 159
  • 161. Friday, April 25, 2008 PROGRESSIVE REVELATION WITHIN ESCHATOLOGY, DISPENSATION THEOLOGYPart One . (How do you like those words:) • It is an effortless matter for 21th Century preachers to chasten the First Century Jews for failing as a nation to recognize and embrace their Messiah. After all, OT Messianic prophecies abound, and with the benefit of centuries of hindsight we affirm that those prophecies point clearly and unarguably to Jesus Christ. We are altogether properly humbled, however, when we struggle with those prophecies still unfulfilled at the end of the Apostolic Age which speak of events in our time. It is not so easy to make quick applications from Daniel 7-11 or from Revelation. You should ask, "How do you know Scripture is saying what you say they are saying?" "Are .you just guessing?" "What makes what you say different from what someone else is saying about the meaning of Scripture?" Generally, I would conjecture, most people who listen to their teacher, preacher, writer, usually don’t really ask those questions, but generally will agree and disagree based upon their own frame of references. . You ask them, "Why do you believe that?" "I believe it because I believe it." That is to say, I don’t really have a clue why, but it’s what I have always been taught. . There are volumes of material on the interpretation of the Bible. Certainly I have studied the systems which teach us how to study the Bible -- Bible study methods, there are so many of them. Having studied the Bible verse by verse for over forty years, I am still learning . The truth of the Bible always stays the same. Truth never changes, our understanding of the truth in the Word changes as we GROW BY LEARNING. HOW DO I VIEW THE BIBLE AS A WHOLE . PROGRESSIVE REVELATION: The unfolding of God's revelation. Sometimes known as PROGRESSIVE DISPENSATIONALISM The concept of progressive revelation is closely related to the historical nature of Scripture. It can be very simply defined as God’s revealing of His will in successive stages, each founded upon and further illuminating the previous stages. God did not reveal all truth at one time, but through various periods and stages of revelation. Paul said to his audience on Mars Hills, that in a former time God overlooked their ignorance, but now commands all men everywhere to repent. Acts 17:30. In Hebrews 1:1 -2 • "God who at various times and in divers manners spake in times past unto the fathers by the prophets, having in these last days, spoken unto us by His Son, 160 whom He appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds."
  • 162. • John 1:17 "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. " The concept of progressive revelation does not negate the unity of the Bible but recognizes the diversity of God’s unfolding revelation as essential to the unity of His complete revelation. Dispensational theology grows out of a consistent use of the hermeneutical (study of) principle of normal, plain, and literal interpretation, when applied. Since we are talking about Eschatology (Study of future events) we will speak to that issue. • As a footnote: God's redemptive acts were progressive, preparing the way for Christ who should come in the fullness of time (Gal 4:4) the accompanying truths that were progressively revealed show in most cases a progressive development. That is., God graciously unfolded both His redemption and His revelation in ways corresponding to man’s capacities to receive them. What God revealed to Adam was not as much as he did to Abraham, and then Moses received more revelation than Abraham. Footnote: • The word "economy" can be traced back to the Greek word, "one who manages a household", which was derived, which had not only the sense "management of a household or family" but also senses such as "thrift", "direction", "administration", "arrangement", and "public revenue of a state". In God’s economy. God rules The term dispensationalism simply means "to manage, regulate, administer and plan the affairs of a household." Human stewardship is illustrated in Luke 16:1-2 Divine stewardship, i.e. an administration or plan, being accomplished by God in this world. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:06AM (-05:00) Friday, April 25, 2008 BECKY - NOW THERE IS A OUR GIRLBorn in Texas , Lived in Ohio, Kentucky, but aKansas Girl^ Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:00PM (-05:00) 161
  • 163. Saturday, April 26, 2008 TO WHOM IS THE CHRISTIAN BLOGGER 'ACCOUNTABLE"?tHSI IS THE GOOD QUESTION sORRY ABOUT THAT? Sorry about that! Webding! That was a new font! Some might be saying, "Charles who holds you accountable for what you write?" Or I might say, "Am I accountable to anyone?" Only three people come to mind that would give me thought when I am blogging or e mailing that would give me concern, generally. My wife, Charity, and John MacArthur, Jr. and the Lord. Of course, my kids would have some influence. When I blog about our personal life, personal history in ministry, it's my view, how I personally saw the events, which was the orginial intent of this blog to begin with. I wrote with an honest pen as to how I viewed the ministry over the last thirty five years. At first I was not conscious that the public was going to read what I had written. I wasn't aware of the power of the Internet worldwide. I was not writting to change opinions of anyone. At first I was not even aware that I had any influence to cause anyone to think. After several months and reading other Bloggers, I began to realize that there are some people who will read what you write. Think of that! So should I write with the public in mind? 162
  • 164. In this respect I should keep the public in mind: How it is written. That means I should allow Charity to proofread the article first. For correct content, and spelling, and grammer, etc. This gives Charity a headache (not really) . She always keeps in mind those who might read the article. While I do not necessarily give a lot of attention to how others will react. I have had a few critics, really, I have. Generally when the topic is doctrine, or church ministry, or pastors, or elders. Some will say, the articles are too long, or my words are too big to understand. Some will say, the topics are too close to the truth, about what I am writting. Someone might read what you are saying and believe you. Believe me they are correct in many cases. Today I do write with friends in mind, I do write with those who read this blog. The only advisory panel I have as I said, is my wife, family, and John MacArthur. (not personally of course, but by his books). But I do have now in view that the public can find this GROW BY LEARNING. blog and that they can also find GROW BY LEARNING.COM by a click of the mouse. Or Google. That is really scary. Of course I welcome comments, or emails. I acknowledge that everything I write will be read by all sorts of people, and that is very sobering as well. Think about this, everything I write about doctrine, the Bible, church ministry, theology, will be read by people smarter than I, and they will be more educated than I. People will see theology, ministry from a point of view that I haven't seen. Some will get angered by what I say, some will be agreeable. Some will even misunderstand what I am saying. Think of that! BUT WHAT IS THE FINAL COURT OF APPEAL? (as Dan Phillips puts this) The public! My wife, John MacArthur, Eric and Leslie, Chad, Kyle, Becky? My good friends, pastors, elders! Maybe DeWayne Prosser! When the final opinion is made, on that day of judgment, 2 Corinthians 5:10 and Hebrews 4:13, the LORD will have the final judgment on what I have said, and it's not going to be by a majority vote. Leviticus 9:14 "You shall not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall FEAR YOUR GOD; I AM THE LORD." Leviticus 25:17 "You shall not wrong one another, but you shall fear your GOD, FOR I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD." As Dan pointed : Ecclesiastes 8:2-4 • I say, Keep the king's command, because of God's oath to him. Be not hasty to go from his presence. Do not take your stand in an evil cause, for he does whatever he pleases. For the word of the king is supreme, and who may say to him, "What are you doing?" • Ultimately, as I have heard John MacArthur, Jr, say, if the fear of God is insufficient motivation, then we have a problem, not soluble by committee. Bill Gothard has said about the "fear of the Lord": it's the motivation that should cause all of us to think. I note that I make mistakes, it really is both humbling and a responsibility to be a Christian Blogger, and it would be wise to listen to wise criticism without being its slave. I trust that I will be scholarly enough not to misktake either my critics' judgment, nor my own, for God's. ^ 163
  • 165. Approved by my proofreader....... she is back from the bakery. Updated at 8:43 p.m. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:51AM (-05:00) Sunday, April 27, 2008 THE BIBLE EXPLAINED BY KIDS - TRUTH HAS BEEN REDEFINED! The following is from a lady in Oregon. It is priceless! The Bible explained by kids - truth has been redefined! You are going to laugh. One of our favorite jobs has been leading junior church. We try to do more than Baby- sit our church’s beloved lit tle ankle-biters during their time in our special junior church facility. We aim to give them a solid background in biblical history. At the end of each year, we give them pencils and paper and ask them to chronicle what they have learned. This assignment never fails to elicit some intriguing responses. In case you’re a little foggy on your biblical history, let our junior church students help you with his complete overview of the Bible, compiled from their essays: In the beginning, which occurred near the start, there was nothing but God, darkness, and some gas. The Bible says, ‘The Lord thy God is one,’ but I think He must be a lot older than that. Anyway, God said, ‘Give me a light!’ and someone did. Then God made the world. He split the Adam and made Eve. Adam and Eve were naked, but they weren’t embarrassed because mirrors hadn’t been invented yet. Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating one bad apple, so they were driven from the Garden of Eden. Not sure what they were driven in though, because they didn’t have cars Adam and Eve had a son, Cain, who hated his brother as long as he was Abel.Pretty soon all of the early people died off, except for Methuselah, who lived to be like a million or something. One of the next important people was Noah, who was a goo d guy , but one of his kids was kind of a ham. Noah built a large boat and put his family and some animals on it. He asked some other people to join him, but they said they would have to take a rain check. ; ; ; After Noah came Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob was more famous than his brother, Esau, because Esau sold Jacob his birthmark in exchange for some pot roast. Jacob had a son named Joseph who wore a really loud sports coat. Another important Bible guy is Moses, whose real name was Charlton Heston. Moses led the Israel Lights out of Egypt and away from the evil Pharaoh after God sent ten plagues on Pharaoh’s people. These plagues included frogs, mice, lice, bowels, and no cable. God fed the Israel Lights every day with manicotti. Then He gave them His top ten commandments. These include don’t lie, cheat, smoke, dance, or covet your neighbor’s bottom (the Bible uses a bad word for bottom that I’m not supposed to say. But my Dad uses it sometimes when he talks about the President). Oh, yeah, I just thought of one more: Humor thy father and thy mother. One of Moses’ best helpers was Joshua, who was the first Bible guy to use spies. Joshua fought the battle of Geritol and the fence fell over on the town. After Joshua came David. He got to be king by killing a giant with a slingshot. He had a son named Solomon who had about 300 wives and 500 porcupines. My teacher says he was wise, but that doesn’t sound very wise to me. 164
  • 166. After Solomon there were a bunch of major league prophets One of these was Jonah, who was swallowed by a big whale and then barfed up on the shore. There were also some minor league prophets, but I guess we don’t have to worry about them After the Old Testament came the New Testament. Jesus is the star of the New Testament. He was born in Bethlehem in a barn. (I wish I had been born in a barn, too, because my mom is always saying to me, Close the door! Were you born in a barn?’ It would be nice to say , ‘As a matter of fact, I was.’) During His life, Jesus had many arguments with sinners like the Pharisee sand the Republicans. Jesus also had twelve opossums. The worst one was Judas Asparagus. Judas was so evil that they named a terrible vegetable after him Jesus was a great man He healed many leopards and even preached to some Germans on the Mount. But the Republicans and all those guys put Jesus on trial before Pontius the Pilot. Pilot didn’t stick up for Jesus. He just washed his hands instead. Anyways, Jesus died for our sins, then came back to life again. He went up to Heaven, but will be back at the end of the Aluminum. His return is foretold in the book of Revolution. There! Now you understand! Those kids in the photo are Reid, Cole, and Ella Williams kids of Bryan and April Williams Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:56AM (-05:00) Monday, April 28, 2008 PROGRESSIVE REVELATION WITHIN ESCHATOLOGY, DISPENSATION THEOLOGY Part Two ^ We are to live with the view that Jesus Christ is LORD. We are to grow in our Knowlege of Jesus Christ. This is not to say God is still making new revelation, He does know the beginning and the end (there will be not end, but eternity). This is not to say that God is revealing new revelation to man today. But I would say, some events are becoming clearer to us today than they were, let us say sixty years ago. When the term PROGRESSIVE DISPENSATION is used theologically or biblically, they are describing the unfolding of that administration or plan for the world in various stages in history. I have always looked at the Scripture in view of History in stages of time. Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to Christ and then into the Kingdom. I was really brave in Seminary in teaching an after class Bible study on the seven dispensations. How a first year student could have done that, is amazing, or stupid. But I had been teaching that as a Youth Pastor in my home church for several years. From God’s point of view, a dispensation is an economy. From man’s point of view it is a responsibility to the particular revelation given at the time. In other words, Adam was asked to respond to the given revelation he was given at the time. Adam did not have all the revelation that we have today, for example. Really. God knows exactly what He has planned for all eternity. But even today, we do not know very much about the future. Daniel didn’t know a whole lot about what he was even writing in the book of Daniel. • The basic truths of Scripture are in their essence present in the first 11 chapters of Genesis, yet progressively in stages they are unfolded, explained, clarified and brought to their fullness in the New Testament. What has been the saying, The Old 165
  • 167. Testament Veiled and the New Testament Revealed. Thus, the doctrines of Creation, God’s nature and attributes, Man as created and as fallen in sin, God's covenant of redemption, the Savior - his person and work, Faith and repentance and salvation through grace, judgment, are there from the beginning, though the fullness (and along with it, the understanding) of them undergoes a gradual development through Scripture. Because of this, we must not demand the same understanding of God's truth by an Old Testament individual as we would find in Paul or John. Because God's revelation is both through word and deed, there is an unfolding revelation through the events of Israel’s history- Abraham's covenant and pilgrimage, Israel’s captivity and exodus, of judges, kings, prophets, captivity and restoration. God did not present Moses with a complete systematic theology, but He did in "nutshell" form lay out all the basic truths of the Bible. • "This perspective of Progressive Revelation is very important to the interpreter. He will expect the full revelation of God in the New Testament. He will not force New Testament meanings into the Old, yet he will be able to more fully expound the Old knowing its counterparts in the New. He will adjust his sights to the times, customs, manners and morals of the people of God at any given state in the Old Testament period of revelation; and he will be aware of the partial and elementary nature of Old Testament Revelation. . . . Progressive Revelation. . . states simply that the fullness of revelation is in the New Testament." But at the same time we cannot think that the people in the Old Testament knew as much as those in the New Testament. (Bernard Ramm, Protestant Biblical Interpretation, pp. 103-104) The applicable principles are implied already. We must look for the clearest and most complete understanding in the New Testament, while recognizing that the Old 'Testament is the progressive unfolding of those truths. The book of Hebrews helps us understand the Old Testament ritual and sacrifices, but without the books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers - Hebrews would not be as meaningful. We need to see the Old Testament from the New Testament understanding, without imposing that understanding on the Old Testament saint. Henricksen expresses the important principle of progressive revelation quite simply: "God does progressively reveal himself as history unfolds. But this does not mean that God’s standards become progressively higher or that God changes along the way. Rather it is our understanding of God and His revelation that progresses. God never changes." (Laymen's Guide to Interpreting the Bible, P. 77) If we apply this principle of progressive dispensational theology its going to lead us to: Your theology is going to lead you in a certain direction. Applying progressive dispensational theology leads you to distinguish God’s program for Israel from His program for the church. Therefore, the church of the N.T. is not in the O.T. Israel of the O.T. is not the same as in the N.T. This will guide your interpretation of Scripture different from other systems of interpretation. If you see Israel and the Church as the same, you are going to view Revelation different from what I would. You are not going to see even an Antichrist with this point of view. You are likely to view Revelation as Historical rather than future. You are not going to see a 166
  • 168. 1000 year millennial reign of Christ. Most do not even see a "rapture" nor a Tribulation as spoken in Revelation. • If you apply progressive dispensational thinking you are going to see that Israel is to have a future program with God. There is going to be the "rapture" of the true believer; there is going to be a seven-year Tribulation. • There is going to be a man of sin who will reign and then be defeated, and the world as we know it will be destroyed. Then God will take back the earth from Satan and give it to Christ to reign for a thousand years. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:18AM (-05:00) Monday, April 28, 2008 STEPHEN SIGMAN AND CHARLES WHISNANT ^ Stephen is finishing up his senior year and will be attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in the fall of 2008 Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:37PM (-05:00) Tuesday, April 29, 2008 PROGRESSIVE REVELATION WITHIN ESCHATOLOGY, DISPENSATION THEOLOGY part three . Covenant or Reformed Theology Versus Dispensationalism.. Oh brother, not another dissertation on doctrine!? Many of us have that attitude when it comes to these "high-fa-lootin'" multi-syllable theological words. But we all practice what we believe to be true, therefore doctrine does make a difference! EXPLANATIONS ABOUT SALVATION • But I need to add here, I am not speaking of many ways of SALVATION. Each period, each dispensation, each administrative arraignments had sufficient revelation so that a person could be right with God. Adam was not given the Roman Road of Salvation. Moses was not given one verse from the N.T. for salvation. The term "By faith believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved." is not found in the Old Testament. This does not mean salvation has not always been by God’s grace. The basis of salvation in every dispensation is the death of Christ; the requirement for salvation in every age is faith, the object of faith in every age is Christ. BUT, the content of faith changes in the various dispensations. Abraham had faith to believe, it was counted unto him as righteousness.. The information that he received in his time, and he believed, was counted unto him as faith. (Romans 4) The Bible teaches this: Jesus said that he had not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets (i.e. the Old Testament) but to fulfill. (Matt 5:17-19) Paul speaks of God sending His Son when the fullness of time came. (Gal 4:4). Hebrews 1:1,2 reflects this as well. Jesus on the Road to Emmaus opened up the Old Testament and showed how it spoke 167
  • 169. of Him from the beginning. In other words, the entire O.T. was the unfolding of God’s plan of redemption of mankind, in stages Some examples of the progressive nature of revelation: The doctrine of redemption. • The initial promise of the Gospel is Gen 3:15- the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent, though bruised on the heel. (cf. Rom 16:20, Rev. l2:9; 20: 3,10 on the serpent, Isa 7:14, 9: 6,7, Mt 1:18f, Rev. 12:1-9 on the seed of the woman.) The blood sacrificial system was to teach of the necessity of the redeemer to sacrifice his life for the salvation of his people. "The patriarchal, sacrificial system and later the entire levitical ritual, point forward to Christ and His redeeming work. The plan of salvation develops with ever increasing clarity and fullness as the messages of the prophets and the Psalms are historically unfolded. In such a passage as Isaiah 53 the richness of the Gospel is almost complete." Buswell,, Systematic Theology, p. 382,383. God progressively expands man's comprehension of the Savior that when He came in the fullness of time- man was ready to recognize Him and understand His coming The Varied Uses of the Divine Names • "The revealed names of God connect the knowledge of God in a special way with his creation of the universe and with his redemptive deeds of Israel and the founding of the Christian church. . . the truly remarkable factors in the disclosure of God’s names are these: that the Living God transcendently and absolutely discloses his name in historical revelation and that the successively revealed names of God signal distinctive epochs in the progressive manifestation of God's redemptive purpose. The fact that the Hebrew people come to know God now by one then another revealed name bears its own testimony to the enlarging significance of these names. Viewed from the side of human comprehension, no single name wholly expresses God's being. The many names reveal his perfection, purposes and personal distinctions. . . . Yet we shall see that the Hebrew-Christian revelation not only periodically unveils new names for the living God, but that in successive periods of redemptive history, earlier names of God are retained side-by-side with later names. Later divine disclosure does not annul the force and significance of the earlier names, for God does not deny himself in the progressive revelation of his names," (Carl. F.H. Henry, God, Revelation and Authority, pp. 180, 181-182) God’s Covenant of Redemption, • The basic covenant is expressed perhaps best in Gen17:7 "And I will establish my covenant between me and you and your descendants after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and to your descendants after you." is progressively repeated in the history of God's dealings with man :Adam (Gen 3:15), Noah (Gen 9), Abraham (Gen 17), at Sinai (Exo 19 & 20), with Levi (Num 25:12,13) and David (II Sam 7) and is in essence the New Covenant (Jere 31:31-34, cf. Hebr 8, cf. Mt 26:28, Lk 22:20) and the Covenant of Peace (Ezek l6:60, 34:25). The Scripture comes to its climax in Rev. 21:3 with the fulfillment of that covenant: "Behold the tabernacle of God is among men and He shall dwell among them, and they shall be his peoples, and God Himself will be among them." The relationship man was created to have, though lost through the fall, is restored in Christ, and will be brought to fulfillment in the New Heaven and Earth. God's revelation of this is, in the successive stages of Biblical history, expanded and clarified- though it is there from the beginning. Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:38AM (-05:00) 168
  • 170. Wednesday, April 30, 2008 DISPENSATIONALISM AND PREMILLENNIALISMand Covenant Theology part four . DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOUR PASTOR HAS PREACHED FOR TWENTY YEARS?or HAS NOT PREACHED BUT BELIEVES?^ • "Oh brother, where art thou." not another dissertation on doctrine!? Many of us have that attitude when it comes to these "high-fa-lootin'" multi-syllable theological words. But we all practice what we believe to be true, therefore doctrine does make a difference! You need to know what your preacher is preaching! Often they are not willing to spell out what they are teaching. Oh I am not talking about Jerermiah Wright, or am I. . Magnitudes of articles have been written explaining the teachings of both covenant theology and dispensationalism. This information hereper is not intended to define these systems of interpretation. . A Bit of History . In order to understand the development of covenant theology, we need to take a brief look at church history. Some covenant theologians would have us believe that their belief system was that of the founding fathers of the early church. They try to make a case that dispensationalism is a mere infant when compared to the grand old scheme of covenant theology. However, the truth of the matter is that systematized covenant theology is actually of recent origin. Cornelius Van Til, a covenant theologian, admits, "the idea of covenant theology has only in modern times been broadly conceived." Louis Berkhof, another covenant theologian, wrote, "In the early Church Fathers the covenant idea is not found at all." Dr. Ryrie points out: . It [covenant theology] was not the expressed doctrine of the early church. It was never taught by church leaders in the Middle Ages. It was not even mentioned by the primary leaders of the Reformation. Indeed, covenant theology as a system is only a little older than dispensationalism. That does not mean it is not biblical, but it does dispel the notion that covenant theology has been throughout all church history the ancient guardian of the truth that is only recently being sniped at by dispensationalism. . Covenant theology does not appear in the writings of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, or Melanchthon…… There were no references to covenant theology in any of the great confessions of faith until the Westminster Confession in 1647, and even then covenant theology was not as fully developed as it was later by Reformed theologians. The covenant (or federal) theory arose sporadically and apparently independently late in the sixteenth century. . Yet having said all this, much of the erroneous teachings of covenant theology can find its roots centuries earlier. . For the first three centuries the predominant belief of the early church was that Jesus Christ would literally return to the earth to reign for a thousand years. A number of historians have documented this belief of the early church Fathers. The evidence is indisputable. However, around 170 A.D. certain factors began to undermine the belief of Christ's literal return to establish a physical earthly kingdom. . The book of Revelation written by the Apostle John ends with the Lord Jesus declaring, "Behold, I come quickly (20:20)". About a hundred years had passed and this promise had yet to be fulfilled. Obviously, something was wrong! Some church leaders in Asia Minor decided to reject the book of Revelation from the canon of scripture. They may have reasoned that this supposed declaration by Jesus must somehow be false. In actuality there were a number of factors that influenced them in their decision to reject Revelation from the canon of scripture: 169
  • 171. . · A certain group of Christians had taken their premillennial beliefs to an unhealthy extreme. Therefore anyone who believed that Jesus would return to establish a literal kingdom upon earth was viewed with suspicion. . · Many early Christians taught that Christ would soon return and crush the Roman power that was ruling the empire. Some of the leaders of the early church felt that it would be better to sacrifice their premillennial belief rather than face more intense persecution. . · There was also a strong anti-Semitic spirit in the eastern church. The thought of Christ regathering Israel to their land was an abomination to them. . · A new method of Biblical interpretation known as Alexandrian theology greatly changed the view of scripture. Origen (185-254) and other scholars in Alexandria developed a system of Biblical interpretation based on allegory. Origen and his contemporaries were greatly influenced by pagan Greek philosophy. They tried to integrate this into their theology. . According to Greek philosophy all physical matter was inherently evil. Therefore the idea of a literal earthy, millennium with physical blessings could only be erroneous. This allegorical or spiritualizing method of interpretation allowed these theologians to read almost any meaning they desired into the Bible. Thus they were able to do away with a literal return of Christ to establish a physical earthly millennial kingdom. . All of these factors set the stage for the rejection of premillennialism. In the early days of his Christian faith Augustine (354-430) was premillennial. However, through time he abandoned the idea of a literal return of Christ to establish a physical kingdom on earth. He used this new allegorical method of interpretation to explain away the literal return of Christ and thus amillennialism was born. In his book, The City of God, Augustine taught that the Universal Church is the Messianic Kingdom and that the millennium began with Christ's first coming. When the church lost the hope of the imminent return of Christ it plunged headlong into the dark ages. The seeds of false interpretation bore fruit giving rise to Roman Catholicism and a works-based religion. Augustine's amillennial teaching continued to be the standard view of organized Christendom until the 17th century. Occasionally premillennial groups challenged that doctrine through out the dark ages, but they were a small voice compared to the powerful Roman Catholic church. . On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. One of the primary factors that caused him to break away from the Roman Catholic Church was his understanding of Sola Fide——the doctrine that man is justified by faith alone without works. Through Luther and the reformers, God restored the doctrine of salvation by grace back to His true church. The reformers understood grace in regard to salvation, but for Christian living they fell into the Galatian error of works. They knew that they couldn't keep the law in order to gain salvation, but the law became the rule for living the Christian life. Little did they realize that sanctification is also by grace will continue Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 06:38AM (-05:00) Wednesday, April 30, 2008 Mom lives with my sister Ellen and her husband Hershel. They have been taken care of mom for a number of years. Mom likes to eat. As a matter of fact , Mom likes to eat three times a day. And if you set at the breakfast table for very long, she will want dinner in a few hours. MY MOTHER Posted by Charles E. Whisnant at 08:44AM (-05:00) 170
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