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John MacArhtur gives 18 reasons why expositional preaching is good

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Expositional p reaching 19

  1. 1. FIRST NEGATIVE TRAGIC CONSEQUENCE" THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #1 YOU USURP THE AUTHORITY OF GOD OVER THE MIND AND SOUL IF YOU FALL TO EXPLAIN THE WORD OF GOD You usurp the authority of God over the mind and soul if you fall to explain the word of God you have replaced the authority of God with whatever else you're doing. It really is a question of authority. As a pastor as your shephered as the one accountable to God for your care and your spiritual progress and spiritual development there is one very basic foundation really that I want to establish in your life and that is that God has totally authority over your soul and over your mind. That God is sovereign not me. That God's truth this sovereign not my ideal. That God's word rains over your life not my insights. It is critical to extablishe the authority of God over the mind and soul the hearer. It is a question of authority other authority now we all undestanding we live in this postmodern culture where everybody wants to think that he or she is an authority under himself as if he has aright to believe anything he wants to believe or she to believe anything she wants to believe and therefore act in anyway he or she wants to act in withoug any recourse and without anyone stepping in and saying wait a minute that's outta bounds unacceptable. The rejection of an absolute setup standards mordality the rejection a universal coded ethical conduct as part of our culture every person is a law unto himself in a of course that sounds familiar its because it's nothing new that is what Israel did in the O.T. times. So trying to establish an authority in peopl's lives today is a challenging thing. And His word is the revelation I've that authority when you come into this church all I want you to understand is that God has spoken and this is what he has said and here are the implications of what He has said on your life. In a sense I want to pin you to be back of the wall with no way to escape the implications of the truth that I have explained to you. I want to show you what the scripture say rather than tell you what it says . I want to make you a part of the process in explaining the Bible I want to explain it in such a way that you are coming along with the explaination and buying into it because it's sensible and its resonable that comes acroos as tru it has the ring of truth its verifiable. Why do we use so many cross references? Because they all support the interpretation at the given text so that you can see this is in fact what the Bible teaches not just here but everythere else and the more you can sustain and support that throughtout the scripture the stronger the impact that truth on the heart and mind. So the basis issue is then is for ... It is for you to recognize that the Bible is the word of God who is absolutely sovereign and it brings to bear its authority on your life and not just a command you but to bless you. Not just to convict you but to encourage you. Not just to make you feel quility but to bring you comfort.
  2. 2. ALl that comes through the word of God is inteneded for your belssing and your benefit. But you must submit to its authority. Every time you come here and someone stands to preach to you or in Adult Bible Class it is to bring to you the unsearchable glory of the Word and God. For He alone has the right to be heard. So if you go to a church and you do not hear from God then that is a ministry that has abandoned its sole responsiblity. Listen to preachers, do you here the authority of God in what they say? Do you hear the divine voice. It is a question of authority. Who has a right to speak for God? Only God. Who has the right to define the Gospel, who has the right to address the church? Only God. Here is where exposition preaching finds its foundation in divine authority. I want God to speak when I am preaching. (last Sunday evening in Romans 9 August 11 2013) I want the hearer to hear from God. Let me say, I have no authority by my position, by my education, , by my experience. I can not demand what people are to do. I have only one category of authority and that is delegated authority given to me when I speak the Word of God. God is the dominating authority in the church. The charismatics/ the Joel Osteen, they are speaking their own idea, it is not the voice of God. Anything less then the exposition of a passage , anything less than a accurate presentation of scriptural truth you usurp the authority of God. The people must hear from Him and He alone has the authority to speak to you in the church. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #2 YOU USURP THE LORDSHIP OF CHRIST OVER THE CHURCH We see it all through the NT the authority of Christ over the Church. That God has made the one who is Lord over everything to be the head of the church. It is such a foundational and such a basic reality to understand that the only way the Lord can exercise His headship over the church is to be heard by the church. And we all underdstanding that leadership is communication We all believe that Christ is the head of the church. So how does Christ exercise his authority in the church? How does he do that? There is only one way that Christ can exercise his authority in the church and that is to be the one who speaks for his church. And that comes from scriptures. When you believe you are hearing from the head of the church, that is a very strong
  3. 3. communication and people need to know that, and they need to walk away after you've preached your message with that confidently. And the preacher in His your own heart needs to know that they have heard from God. They have heard Christ speak His message. The head of the church thorughout history has not always been God. The pope was the head of the church, then it was the king head of the church. If you failed to say that the King was the head of the church you might be killed, many were. The only way that Christ can articulate His headship in the church is to be the head of the church. And I would not be so bold as to replace that authority of God in the church with mind. Or to replace the headship of Christ and the church with mind. I don't want to stand betweeen God and His Church, I don't want to stand between Christ and His Church and His church accept to be a channel thorugh which the Word of God and the leadership that comes to the church. The only way I can do that is to let God speak and let Christ speak and that comes thought your understanding of scripture Lordship of Christ is the headship of every believer. Christ is the head of His Church. And if Christ is the head of the Church than the Church needs to hear from Christ. As much as we might like to, preacher have no authority to give advice to the Church. While maybe at times I do give advice, just let be say its advice, and not necessary from Christ. But in truth I do not want to usurp His lordship over the Church. And by the way, all that God wants to say, and all that Christ speaks to His Church is contained in one book right? That simplified than the matter. You hear that a lot today, "listen to the voice of God" popular today, Charles Stanley bought into that, Blackabb bought into that, If you want to hear the voice of God, and you want to hear the word of God, open your Bible. Because that is the only place He has spoken THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #3 A failure to do expository preaching not only usurper the authority of God and the lordship of Christ. Thirdly and necessarily and sequentially a failure .... Third: IT HINDERS THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Oh I know sometimes you turn on the tv and its the only time that you think you can experience the power of the Holy Spirit. You know the massive crowd of people gathered
  4. 4. together listening to a group of singers, and the so called preacher, who never explains the scripture but only talks about things that he things the people want to hear about given his own idea and, etc. and etc. And the assumption is that some great spiritual work is going on. And the reality is that no spiritual work is going on, becasue the Holy SPirit works only thought the Word of God. I Peter 1:23 I might have gotten there. The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God as the means of saving as we see there in First Peter 1:23 The Spirit uses the Word to sanctify them, by the truth, The word is truth, the only tool the Spirit has is the scripture and wehre the Scripture replaced by anything else the work of the Spirit is hindered . There might be a large crowd, they might be having a great time, they might enjoy the rock n roll conceret that usually preceded the insipid inane talk, but that is not where the Spirit of God is working. The Spirit of God works through the Word, saves and sanctify, through the word and comfort through the Word. Instructs through the Word. So if we want a full display of the power in the church we teach the Word of God's and God's authority dominates, Christ headship is pervasvie and the Spirit works with great power. It is the Word alone that the Spirit alone uses as the means of salvation. 1 Peter 1 We are begotten alone by the word of truth, salvation comes by the Word. To evangelize to bring people to Christ is the Word. It is not about manipulation, it not's that I am going to need to stimulate people to get them to be saved. We do not need to think that we as preachers need to use a mechanism to activate emotion to get some to come to Christ. They come to Christ by the Word and the Sprit uses the Word to draw them to Himself. And John 17 says they are sanctified by the Word. Pastors are set in the church to be the shepherds of the church, to bring about sanctification of the Church and that is done by the preaching of the Word, It is accomplished by the Holy Spirit, through them understanding the scriptures and the Spirit uses the Word as a means of salvation and the means of sanctification. The Spirit uses the Word as an agency of comfort . The comfort of the Spirit comes through understanding the word. This is a Trinityary approach to the foundation of bible exposition. If I do not exposition of scripture in the church I replace it with something else. I effectively unsure the authority of God, replace the Lord ship of Christ, and hinder the work of the Holy Spirit. Yet today you are always reading that preaching should not: bore people to death. You should not go on and on about the text of scripture, and people can't handle Romans 9 on and one. And you are always regular criticized for do so. You hear that you need to use a lot of illustration and application.
  5. 5. Here is my answer that most do not like "Simply to say my job is explanation the holy spirit job is application. " Well we like illustration and application. Well that is not right. What I would rather do, is make the truth the principle of the Scripture so clear that the spirit of God can take that an no one is escape the teaching. And illustration can leave out 80% of the people. Yes there are time in Bible Study class I do use illustration but I try not in my sermons. You know and I have said this on a number of occasion that I am not in the business of transforming people's lives and I am not necessary in the business of motivation But I am in the business of clarity, clearly proclaiming this is the Word of God, this is the message of Christ, this is the truth that the Spirit will use to say something to you. Here is what I have learned that the best way to use illustration is to use the Bible. Cross reference, the Old Testament. For every NT principle there is an OT illustration. So that is why I am in the OT a lot in a sermon. I Corinthians 10 And there are many times that the NT writers used the OT to illustrate what they were saying. I do it more than I should, but I should avoid using personal illustration as much as possible, it the divine illustration that I should use. Divine illustration carries much more weight and clarity than what I have experienced. It is not some much interesting to say something about me, but its a matter of authority. I get into this idea that I am the hero of my own sermon, and that is not right. I don't want to be the hero of any illustration of anything., What happens a lot of times, its a fall back position that preachers take, when they are not really prepared and they grasp something out of their mind and they tweak it a little and misrepresent a little bit and it comes a fish tail because they are not prepared to use an illustration of the truth of God. So learn to illustrated the the truth of God with the Word of God. So the mandated is establish. God does His work. Christ accomplished His purpose. And the Spirit changes people through and understanding of the scripture. The most motivating force in the life of our congregation is the love for Christ.The driving force in the church should be the love of Christ. Christ is the most compelling force in the life of the believer. #4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jCyfWwz3-YHYPERLINK "http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=-jCyfWwz3-Y&list=PLA4F1CA2C916E583E"&HYPERLINK "http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=-jCyfWwz3-Y&list=PLA4F1CA2C916E583E"list=PLA4F1CA2C916E583E THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING NUMBER #4 DEMONSTRATE PRIDE, AND A LACK OF SUBMISSION Isn't it unthinkable for a Christian not to submit to scripture. John says If you love Christ
  6. 6. you will obey him as well in I Peter 1 14 as Obedient Christians. There is this among preachers who do not yield to scripture, it reveals an inferior inadequate love for God and his glory and the honor and glory of God and an inferior understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit It is so amazing how many preacher seem to have no interest in bringing the Word of God and demonstrating their by that they themselves submit to it. The heart of all true preaching is that the preacher submits to the word. There is nothing else. My life is very simple. I submit to the Word of God, trusting that in the discpilines of study the process of digging into the Word of God seeking the help for the Lord in the process that I will come to understand fand submit my own heart to it fully and then tell it to you. I mean really it is a scary thing NOT to submit to the Word of God. That was what got Martin Luther started. He did not beleive that he should submit to the Roman Catholic Church, but to Scripture. And that started the Refomation Period. Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) was an American Christian theologian, a Southern Presbyterian pastor, and Confederate Army chaplain. He was also chief of staff and biographer to Stonewall Jackson. His biography of Jackson remains in print today .http://www.pcahistory.org/documents/dabneysubstitute.html https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7lvsb1aafgtuw4x/3jpIwAxhoz https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7lvsb1aafgtuw4x/tTYJK2bul3/Complete%20Books %20%26%20Articles/Systematic%20Theology.pdf Syllabus and Notes of the Course of Systematic and Polemic Theology as taught in Union Theological Seminary, Virginia. PDF 911 pages "The Golden Age of preaching is scripture truth in Scripture dress" RL Dabney said: "The Golden Age of preaching is scripture truth in Scripture dress( that's the word he used: that is the golden age. That is all the truths of the Bible presented in their biblical context as the Holy Spirit wrote them,( had them written by inspired writers. Scripture truth in scriptural dress/ You teach the Bible from the Bible, you teach Bible truth in Biblical texts. That is the Golden Age of preaching. That is what we endeavor to do, to teach the Bible truth from Bible texts. What else would you do? Well in the declining age is to teach Scripture truth in cultural dress. This is where you say well here are the scriptural truth, we know them, but people really don't want to go through the Bible and study the Bible, its an old book, its' out of date and on top of that it is antiquaterd, and besides it is boring. But now we are not abandoing the faith, we still believe in the things that are true and Scriptgure we well still affirm the great theologican
  7. 7. realities, but we understand that you can't communicate to people Bible truth in Bible Dress so you communicate bible truth in cultural dress. Now by that I don't mean the cloths the preacher wears ( but that could be a part of it) But what they do rather, that you disassocate yourself with the scripture as the context out of which you teach and you find some location in the culture God's truth molded to the cultural moods And then comes a third decline. First the scriptural truth in scriptural dressed. Second in Scriptural truth in cultural dress and then third in clutural opinion Without scripture, no scripture . We must have Bible truth dressed in Scripture So here is what many churches are doing, they have abandon a little at a time, they surcome to the culture shifts and ebbs and flows, and then they put their music in the culture shifts and then later will come the shief from scripture to a cultural dress. With their devotion to the cultural context they abandon the truth and end up with a cultural mesage with out scripture. or they become obsolete because they've identified himself one pointed the culture which passes so fast that that's kind of like planned obsolescence. Of course then the objective is of course is to bring you into submission to Scripture not just the themes that scripture affirms but the scripture itself . Now most preachers will say they believe in the authority of scripture. But when you hear then preach, its not what they preach. So the only think I can conclude is this, whatever they think about scripture, they think more about themselves. They think what they have to say about themselves is more important than what scriptures says. MacArthur Sr, said to Jr. "Don't be the hero of your own story and watch out for those who do." I want to preach the truth of God and only one way for me to do that is to be diligent on the explaining of the scripture as truthful as I can., If there is one doctrine that I would say is the most important doctrine it would be the doctrine of Scripture. The most important doctrine that you will ever whole is your conviction that the Bible is the Word of God. If you don't believe that you'll never be able to motivate yourself the discipline of exacting what is scripture what it is teaching. What keeps our rear being glued to the chair hours on hours, hours on hours, I have been doing this for a few years. One sermon, what does it take? hours of study. The discipline to study. What drives me to do that. What is the compelling drive that cause me to discipline myself, when it is not always easy to do that.? It is this overwhelming reality of the authority,Without error, inspiration, of scripture.
  8. 8. I have been preaching know for a few years, and I will tell you the scripture will stand the test of time. It will survive the most intense criticize and intense scrutiny Its accuracy is mind-bogging, the supernatural character is studding. It is the one miracle that you will hold in your hand. This is a miracle book. Supernatural. In all the years I have studied and listen, I have never found inconsistency in searching the range of scripture for comparative and contract an illustration, and expansion of better understanding. I find the sole author of Scripture is by God is clear. I am a little strange I guess, where I go so goes a bible. If I get in the truck, I have to find a bible that will go with me. I try to have a bible in every room I go in. If you go in my house, you should find a bible in nine rooms, even the bathroom. I hold in my hand the only miracle and its alive. I bow to this book. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS 5. THE CONSEQUANCE OF NON EXPOSITION PREACHING IT SEVERS THE PREACHER PERSONALLY FROM THE REGULAR SANCTIFICATION OF SCRIPTURE. What does that mean? If you are not an expositor you are not in the study of the book. And you have just been cut off from the sanctifying power in your life. Then you put yourself in a dangerous spot. If there is one way to discredit everything, and the integrity of the gospel and the church is the testimony of the pastor. What just kills me is the immoral pastor, the pastor who does not live by the Word. So what keeps you sanctified to the point that you will not go that way? The only thing that will is what will sanctify anyone and that is the work of the word in your heart. I am human, temptation is there many times. What guards me? Well I have only one source that guard me. And that is the sanctify work of the word. Psalm "That I might have hind the word in my heart that I might not sin " How Do you Protect yourself? My life is not yet over? I think God for the years I have been in the word and how it has help me in the sanctifying work of Christ in my life. I might have failed in some way to get my own children to believe the wonder working sanctifying work of Christ in my life. That is feel I have failed, to be honest. They must be really believe the Bible. The greatest happiness that I could ever enjoy would be the people w3ho are the most intimately connect to your life love the Lord Jesus Christ. To follow the faith of the elders as said in Hebrews I know I wonder as I go through this ministry here at ROJBC with a meager among of folks, but if you have a life in the word of God and you work diligently to prepare the best that you can with the depth that you should to live even to a small plot of people who think the sanctifying work of Christ will make your life joyful and fruitful. We may not have the numbers that others have but who knows what might come out of this church.,
  9. 9. One or two people who our sure that God will use them in a way you would never have dreamed. It is never about the number it is about the individual. Some of the greatest preachers preached to a small congregations in a very obscure place. The illusions that a big crowd is your validation of your ministry. So what I have to the best of my ability while I was pastoring a church tried to do is to stay in the word to get under the sanctifying work of the Word. While there have been a few times I have failed, it was maybe that I was not as much in the word as I should have been. A non sanctifying pastor in a mega church is not what I would have wished for. So until I die, I will try to keep my self glued to the seat of my pants and do do diligence in the study of the Word of God and have the Spirit to a work of sanctifying in my heart until I die. If we do not do Bible exposition, that is to preach from the scripture, and preach scripture scripture truth from Scriptural context we have failed to presented the Word of God. and IT SEVERS THE PREACHER PERSONALLY FROM THE REGULAR SANCTIFICATION OF SCRIPTURE. The way a preacher survives is to be a Bible expositor and its to your benefit to stay in the same place and do it because then you are forced every week to expose your own life and to exposure self to the sanctifying work to the word in your own heart. The sixteen years that I spend at FBC, and I was in intenxive study of scripture and exposing my soul to the power and the truth of the Word. And the very word that I taught week in and out and told them what it will do in their lives, are the very same truth that it has done in my life.. The work of the word in my own heart. The pastor who has to think up a sermon out of nowhere or invent something or be creative or has many do today have a committe of people out at the church put the sermon together whic he then preaches I think it is very dangerous. In those years at FBC and now here at ROJBC and the sermons I have worked on and there have been a few, And I look back on some of those whom I really like: John MacArthur who is alvie, and then theose like M. Lloyd Jones, then John Calvin, prepared 10 sermons every two weeks, in a two week period he would preach 10 different sermons. all of them expositions of scripture and he did that from 1536 to 1564. Except for 3 years in there when he is exiled then he came back from being exiled and picked up at the next verse. When he came back his wifed died, he was sick and spitting up blood, he had hemorrholds, kidneys stones, had 9 children without a wife Calvin was one of the few in Europe who knew Hebrew. He preached from Hebrew and Greek. Preaching was Calvin's "Job #1." The pulpit was his primary duty, and he was an expositor par excellence. Boice said that "Calvin had no weapon but the Bible," and wielding that weapon produced reformation. His preaching had ten distinguishing marks. First: Calvin's pulpit was Biblical in content. Calvin was "the poster child for sola Scriptura!" Calvin had nothing to say, apart from the Word of God. D'Aubigne said that, to Calvin, if anything didn't have the Word for its foundation, it was futile, and those who'd advocate such
  10. 10. should be thrown out of the pulpit. None should use it for his dreams and fancies. Parker said that the message of Scripture was sovereign to Calvin; humility is shown by submitting to its authority. To Calvin, when the Bible speaks, God speaks. There is no separating God from His Word. Second: Calvin's preaching was sequential in exposition. He preached from start to finish, verse by verse. Not merely sola, but tota Scriptura. No skipping hard sayings and difficult doctrines. There was no hopping around. For instance, Acts was 189 consecutive sermons; Galatians 43, Ephesians 48, 1-2 Thessalonians 46. Genesis was 123 sermons, Deuteronomy 201 (— Lawlor said Mrs. Lawlor would have intervened at some point in that series!), Job 159, Isaiah 353 sequential sermons, Ezekiel 175, Daniel 47, and so forth. Almost all of his sermons were from series on books. Many of these series were going on at the same time, on different days. Third: direct in beginning. There was no fluff, no fancy introduction. Calgin just dug in. Beza said Calvin's "every word weighed a ton." No opening joke or illustration. Lawlor read some random opening sentences; they all hit the ground running and hit hard. It established the context and stated the theme. Fourth: extemporaneous in delivery. He brought no notes into the pulpit! Did not even have a translation with him: just the Hebrew OT or Greek NT. For years, scholars tried to figure out what translation he was using. He wasn't. He was translating on the fly. Calvin said "It appears to me that there is very little lively preaching," but instead reading from a manuscript. So Calvin preached extemporaneously, to engage his hearers. Calvin was not dramatic nor personable nor charismatic, yet God used his preaching to effect reform to an unprecedented degree. He had depth of knowledge of Scripture, and blood- earnestness in preaching and teaching it. Fifth: Calvin's preaching was exegetical in depth. That is, Calvin excavated the authorial intent from the text itself. John Murray put Calvin in the first rank of exegetes of all time. Philip Schaff says Calvin was the founder of grammatico-historical exegesis. Calvin himself said that the author's meaning was chief, and the expositor who strays from that, strays. "Means to me" would not have worked with Calvin. The natural and obvious meaning was the true meaning - that is, the literal meaning (in contrast to the allegorization that characterized pre-Reformation "interpretation"). Substance over style, steak over sizzle, was Calvin's belief. Said nothing was of more importance than "a literal interpretation of the Biblical text." Sixth: Calvin's preaching was familiar in language. Calvin's words were straightforward and his sentences simple. That's why we have so much of his material: he was simple to understand. His goal was to make the Biblical text as clear as possible to his hearers. If you really understand it, you can make the text understood. Calvin said preacher was like a father, dividing up the bread so the little children could eat it. He did not parade his intellect and estrange his hearers. Calvin employed metaphors, images, proverbial and colloquial expressions. Seventh: Calvin's preaching was pastoral in tone. Calvin never lost sight of fact that his hearers were, many of them, exiles. It was "we" and "us," not merely "you." Calvin would also confront and rebuke from the pulpit, in a fatherly tone. Once, he rebuked the Huguenots, even, saying it would have been better had they remained in France under popery, than to come under the sound preaching of the Word and live as if Scripture does not speak to them. He knew when to thunder.
  11. 11. Eighth: Calvin's preaching was polemic in confrontation. He preached in times when the truth had to be fought for and defended in sound words. Calvin said the preacher should have two voices: one for gathering the sheep, and one for fending off the wolves. So Calvin would rain fire on Rome as being little different from heathens, but for the names of the idols. Ninth: Calvin's preaching was evangelistic in passion. The stereotype of Calvin and Calvinism as killing missions is false and slanderous. "Would to God [that Calvinism] would 'kill missions' as it did in Calvin's day," Lawson quipped pointedly. He proclaimed his hearers all under condemnation, and bid them have no rest until they found rest in Christ alone. Tenth: Calvin's preaching was God-centered in conclusion. Virtually every sermon ends with the exact same last paragraph. "Now let us fall before the majesty of our great God, acknowledging our sins, and asking that He would make us increasingly aware of them," that we should shun them and be overwhelmed with the greatness of Christ, and place our trust in Him, and grow in that trust and grace. He lifted the whole congregation coram Deo, before the face of God, leaving them before God to do business with God. Then Calvin would pray. http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2009/03/expository-preaching-of-john-calvin.html John Calvin: 5 a.m. preach in the Epistle. 10 a.m. pareach from the gospel. 5 p.m. preach from the O.T. in a four year period from 1522 to 1524 he wrote 700 works. Massive exposure to the Word of God. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #6 REMOVES SPIRITUAL DEPTH AND TRANSCENTANCE FROM THE PEOPLE CRIPPING WORSHIP. A failure to teach the bible with depth removes spiritual depth and transcends and cripples the people for worship. That is to say it cripples worship. What do I mean by that, well let's take it from the positive side when you come on Sunday or you go to Bible study or go to an opportunity to be taught the word of God, you were taken down into othe depths that scripture invitable to places you haven't been right? When you see for the first time a new truth, you know your teacher has prepared , you know when the pastor has dug down deep and there is an exhilarating experience when you discover these great truths. And they grab your soul becasue they're not just clever insights. There are come class where you just get clever stories and they stick, but it has no real power and make it tingle a little bit but don't have any power . What has power is a truth concerning God concerning spiriutal reality the taks you from a depth you've never been to before and that gives you an insight you've never had and as a result of that this depth of understanding there's a transcendent knowledge and that shows up in your worship. If you knew the full nuances of the doctrine of justification or salvation and you sing hymns
  12. 12. about justifiction you infuse those hymns with exuberant joy because you get it. That is why I always have said I don't like oversimplified repetitious song. I like hymns because they have nuances that only the really infomred the grasps and then when ;you grasp them becasue they are rich their nuanced their subteties in there. There is magnificent language that you understand because you understand the doctrine and you worship is enriched and inehanced. You have to take people down into the word to discover the rich nuances that are there so that they can go up in transcended worship. Most churches just kinda live on the flat land in the middle and don't think deeply about anything and therefore their worship is very mundane and its nothing more than emotional stimulation. Churches like that get filled up with entertainment because the people really can't worship, they're not lost in wonder love and praise they're not in awe of the love of God and His glory. And His mighty work and His Majesty. Most just triply on little casual world with thier simplistic ideas. Buss-word today: worship leader, worship band leader, The contemporary interpretation of worship is where they would be a group of people doing musical on a stage. But that is not worship. That is music on a stage.Stage band not worship band. Worship is something else. A simple principle on worship. A superficial understanding of scripthure produces a superficial worship. Shallowness produces superficial worship. And that is what we have. The Juvenilization of American Christianity. by Thomas Bergler Pop worship music. Falling in love with Jesus. Mission trips. Wearing jeans and T-shirts to church. Spiritual searching and church hopping. Faith-based political activism. Seeker-sensitive outreach. These now-commonplace elements of American church life all began as innovative ways to reach young people, yet they have gradually become accepted as important parts of a spiritual ideal for all ages. What on earth has happened? http://www.amazon.com/Juvenilization-American-Christianity-Thomas-Bergler/dp/0802866840 for $17 on Kindle Fire bought August 13, 2013 In The Juvenilization of American Christianity Thomas Bergler traces the way in which, over seventy- five years, youth ministries have breathed new vitality into four major American church traditions -- African American, Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, and Roman Catholic. Bergler shows too how this "juvenilization" of churches has led to widespread spiritual immaturity, consumerism, and self- centeredness, popularizing a feel-good faith with neither intergenerational community nor theological literacy. Bergler’s critique further offers constructive suggestions for taming juvenilization. Bad Religion: How W Become a Nation of Heretics by Ross Douthat The Intolerance of Tolerance by D.A. Carson We live in a time when junior church has taken over. No not the junior church that Charity taught for so many years, and still does. We now have junior church in the auditorium. Yes. You know the preacher gets his cloths from
  13. 13. Abercrombie and fetch and tries to look as much like a teenybopper rock star as he can.The music gives the kind of music that appeal to the junior high kids So we have the juvenilization of the church. If you come to ROJBC we do adult church. That is we do try to do adult music, we dress like adults, we try to act like adults, we read like adults, we try to think like adults, we reason like adults, and we really try to sing hymns that have a little depth, and historical value and founded in theology. Try too. We don't sing songs that have seven words we sing eleven times. ROJBC is and Adult church for thinking people. We don't want to take adults and turn them into junior higher. Mature Christians find a church that they can be adults. The lingo in the pulpit today is to be cool, I know that. I know they have the rock bands because they want kids to like coming to church. The churches in the mid 40 want to save the teenagers so they made church in a way that they would like. They developed a culture. What was once a youth church, now it has come to be that in the main church. Now the main church is a complex junior high blockbuster. Where they don't think historically, or theologically, its all about feeling good, having a kind of kids kind of environment. So think then just how we should conduct worship. And I will tell you this it is a deal giveaway theology superficial because superficial theology leads to superficial worship. Immature juvenile theology leads to immature juvenile theology expression. When you take your people down deep into the word of God they do down deep into the word of God. And that depth of the word and the depth of their understanding of the word leads corresponding to a transcendent expression of worship. Can I say this, you are only able to worship the depth of your understanding of what worship it. Your depth of your worship might be junior high worship level and you are an adult. I want to elevate you to a high level of worship. I said you are not in the children church anymore you are in adult church and we do adult teaching here, adult music here. That is the benefit of preaching that is profound, people are grappling with the high end of divine truth. I can generally go into a church and within five minutes of what I hear I can tell you the level of maturity that church is. I know of churches that have gone to a junivial kind of church, and the mature people leave. And in fact they want them to leave. Its a blessed subtraction to them. To remove spiritual depth is to lead to immaturely worship. So when you remove the teaching of God word in depth and consistently in all of the glory of God you will remove spiritual depth and you will remove transcended worship. Worship can go only as high as it goes down in understanding. When it goes down in understanding the higher and more elevated the worship. So many people have only vague understanding of the Word of God, the depth only goes down ot the
  14. 14. AWANA level of understanding That is okay for a 4 year old but not for a 40 year old person. You could be able to grasp the meaning of the scripture. Why do we think we have to whip up people's emotion. I want real worship where we can have a real transcendent worship and that comes from the heart with the depth of understanding. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING NUMBER #7 PREVENT THE PREACHER FROM FULLY DEVELOPING THE MIND OF CHRIST CRITICAL TO HIS WORK. From fully speaking for Christ whom he serves. 1 Corinthians 2:14-16 we are remined of a very important spiritual truth and read it please. Mark it down, an unconvereted natural person doesn't get it, doesn't understand the things of God. People are just not favorable with the Scripture. Lost people just do not get the truths of God. And that is to be expected as a response. Just because they don't get it does not change the truth. Note the verse in vs. 16. We have the mind of Christ, He has revealed His mind in the scripture. So what is my responsibility as a preacher/teacher? That whenever I speak I speak the mind of Christ: how can I do that if I don't know what is in the book. If I haven't submitted myserlf to it: Many are shallow, lack knowledge of scripture, they may know the culture you know they may be funny, they may be clever, they want people to like them, but they can't speak for Christ and that's what I am committed to you. I have a goal this year is to know an outline of every book in the bible. I don't ever want to be caught in a situation where I ask about something in which I cannot give the mind of Christ. Or at least to give the flow of the book, that is what we are doing in our Adult Bible Class at Rivers of Joy baptist Church. The Promise plan of God. What are the key chapters of the Bible or verses. What are the main doctrines of the Bible are so they are crystallizing and clarified in your own mind . Why: I would have failed my ordination with all this. Of all things that someone who goes into ministry should be able to do it is to reveal what the scripture says and that is the mind of Christ on everything
  15. 15. Now off the top of my mind, sometimes I am not just at that moment to give a scriptural verse like I would like, but I know where to go to find the verses and answer. I hope. But we are people Preachers/Pastor/Teachers who should be able to say this is the mind of Christ, this is the word of God on that subject and if you don't spend your life digging into the word of God you are not going to be able to do that. I know I have my notes when I preach, its hard at a moment to give an answer when you are in a store. I recall when I worked a Mesco Medel Building in Grapevine, Texas.. People who knew I was a preacher and a seminary student thought that I should have a already answer to ever qustion that would ask. On one of my first jobs at BBS I worked for a man who had a cleaning offices and one the way he would ask me questions about the things of the world and the world and God. I remember boy how am I going to asnwer these questions. I was just 19 years old. But what was good I had for 27 months at my Dad's church had a Sunday School Class and I loved to study the bible. I did have a lot of knowledge then. This is the word of God on that subject. But even at 66 years old I need to get back into the word and if I am going to be an administered of Jesus Christ I need to be prepared to speak as if it were Christ Himself. I stand in His place. I remember as Youth Pastor at Southall Baptist Church, Danville, Va, in the Sunday Evening class I would get the kids to made an outline of the Books of the Bible. I did that in Wooster Baptist Temple, Wooster Ohio. Out line the Bible I would say. That was fun. Bill Reinhart and David Greegor and several othr. Arthur Begley Whose church is it? Christ Church. So it is most critical that I understand the mind of Christ. HOW DO WE DO CHURCH? Yep read all the books. How about Matthew 18 a good place to start. Have a pure church. Christ want a pure church. And those who are saved wants a pure church. You can not edit Christ. You start by drilling deep down into the word of God and finding out what kind of church He wanted and try to do that. And that demands some hard work. He likes Mark Dever view of the church. The nine marks of the church. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTYtzEDuhvA After preaching/teaching the Word of God all these years: We want people to understand the interpretation and then understand the implication of that interpretation which is a universal implication and than the Holy Spirit may make it personal application.
  16. 16. It is essential If one is to be faithful to the mandate of scripture that we preach the Word. I think we've made this not only clear in defending what we do but perhaps even more clear in the doing other it through theses years of preaching at FBC and ROJBC we have endeavored every time we need to explain to you the meaning of the scripture. And now it is essential for us to understanding that the Bible is clear and is intended to be understood that is at the foundation. It is important for us to recognized that we do not have an incomprehensible book as some would make us think today. We do not have an unclear revelation but rather the scripture is clear. It is to be understood with the rational mind there are no secret meanings. It is normal language, actual events, real people, true history. And divine revelation of the spiritual realities than are embedded in this history. The bible is clear is to be understood by the normal rational means you apply you mind to the text and you can understand its meaning. The same way you would solve a math problem not by feelings not by some outward experiences, some transcendental idea, not by some intuition, . But by dealing with your mind applied to the facts. There are myths in the bible, there are no message in the Bible there are no allegories in the Bible. There are no transcendent mystical secrets to be revealed. This is just plan truth revealed in such a way as to be apprehended by normal reason. What it yields is truth, divine truth. Yes and serve as Christian perspective. Is that when you apply your mind to the objective revelation of Scripture that is a revelation outside of you rather then the (which would be subjective_ view rather than than if that would be something inside you ) When you apply yourself to this objective revelation with you mind it will yield the truth that God wants you to know: and you don't really have the revelation you don't really have the scripture until you know that truth. Once you know that truth it bears the authority. So you start with an objective text that
  17. 17. is something outside of us not something inside us . We bring nothing inside us to the interpretation of scripture. When we using our minds to understand its meaning we come to the truth of it, that God wants us to know and that truth then than bears authority, it becomes the authoritative statement. The next things that becomes very apparent to us is that this truth being fixed and authoritative is incompatible with all other competing ideas. In other words it is not right to say that every religion has its own truth that ever person has his or her own truth. There is only one true revelation from God in anything that contradicts said is a lie. This is critical to understand that the asuthoritive truth that scripture is incompatible with all other competing ideas. First John 2:21 says no lie is of the truth no lie is that the truth is a mutual exclusivity. It cannot be a lie and the truth . We cannot be truth and a lie. Once we determine what truth is. Then we immediately know what a lie is. Once we have this truth which is incompatible with all competing ideas it is our responsibility to live that truth. Now the objective then for in ministry in the end is to get you to live the truth for the glory of God in your own blessing. To get you to understand its authority we must therefore get you to understand its truth in order for you to understand the truth we have to take our minds and apply them to the Word Of God so that truth can be yielded In a sense that is what it means to expositor scripture take you into the scripture help your use mind to understand its meaning which is the truth which is authorities, which is incompatible with all that is not the truth. And which is not truth and which then give you the essential realities upon which you are to live your life. Do anything less than that is to fail to fulfill the responsibility that God has given to ever minister and every pastor. FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING NUMBER #8
  18. 18. DEPRECIATED BY EXAMPLE The spiritual duty and benefit of studying If the pastor doesn't do it. If the pastor doesn't do it why should others in the church do it. I never ask a young person to do something that I had not already done. Even in those early years I would work my fingers off writing in learning the Word of God. If this bible is not valueable to me why should it be to anyone else. I need first to be a preacher of the word, not a preacher of the building. If the Bible is not the consuming passion in the pulpit why should we beleive it should be the consuming passtion of those who set the pew. To model a superficial attitude toward the scripture in the pulpit is just plain bad, (churches don't even have one today. If you are not committed to an intense faithful and diligent study of the Word of God can you really expect your people to be either. You have just cut them off from the spiril life because man does'nt live by bread alone but by every word the prodceds from the Word of God. If it doesn't even interest you why would it interest anybody else. The Bible isn't interesting so you do something else, there are other things that are more interesting then the Bible to you and that is really sad. Bad, Wrong. The bible does matter in the life of the believer, and it should matter to the preacher in the pulpit. If we don't get caught up in the word why would anyone else get caught up in the Word. It depreciated by example this spiritual duty of and priority of personal bible study. We need to know the mind of Christ and the will of God and studying the Word and having bible study is critical for us. And reading the word and explaining the Word, and applying the Word is the duty of every believer. I not only want to teach you the Word but I want to teach you how I came to the conclusion because you need to know and be able to come to that conclusion as well. So it is important in exposition preaching that there is build into your exposition an apologetic element. They need to know the process themselves. The reason why many at FBC trusted me when I said this about the verse, is that I had spend a great deal of time dragging them relentlessly through the process of how I came to that conclusion for so many years. But I want them to know the process. What i demonstrate for them on Sunday is what exactly what I want them do I want them to read this scripture and to come to grips with the words and the phrases, the grammar, the definitions, I want them to check out the meaning, with their concordance, and other resources that will help them learn what the text is saying. You want them to be in the process of learning how we come to this conclusion of the text. In truth, what I desire is to help you learn how you can study the word of God and that is what you need to be doing. And people who sit under exposition preaching will reproduce the approach to scripture that they see
  19. 19. models in front of them. In all our class we should get up an explain to them the Word of God and train them then to do the same. People need a daily process of where they are getting feed the Word of God. Some people can't go a week without falling apart if they don't have the Word of God in them When you explain the Bible and its depth and richness you build their confidence in the Word of God and you also give them that. You give them in actually a transcendent spiritual experience in the Word. People are sitting in church in and you're teaching the word of God and its coming to life and they're seeing it and understanding it and rejoicing in it and they think that there is a joy of it. Are the people so overwhelmed by the joy of learning the Word of God and that they could trust that God is ordering providence every detail of their live. The word has turned their sorrow to joy and also they know that they can go to the Word of God their self and go to the book of Esther or I Peter and know they they can trust the Word they read. What you are doing as a preacher is teaching people how they can do that in their own lives with the Bible in front of them. I have just never liked sound-bit devotionals. The 90 second thought for the day. That is that. That is the think of our age, this sound-bite, kind of approach, the kind of spirit of the age People need to learn to study the Bible, carefully and thoughtfully and you are going to be the model that is going to help them do that. And they are going to see that and the joy, the blessings, and the conviction of soul searching, the worship, all that comes when the Spirit of God quickens their heart in response to the truth. PREACHERS YOU ARE TO MODEL HOW YOUR PEOPLE ARE TO HANDLE THE WORD OF GOD. You model what they will do in their devotional time by what you do in the pulpit. There needs to be a sense in which you displayed the process. Give then a sense of how you arrive at an understanding of the word. Another point here: Until they learn that they will be incapable of teaching it. Until they learn how to study it they will be incapable of teaching. MacArthur says that the greatest dearth in the contemporary churches in our time is the utter absence of bible teachers. You go to the typical church, the mega church, seeker friendly church, and what kind of church do you find, the cool rock in roall church with a rock and roll pastor and you won't find bible teaching. Teachers in the church should be teaching the way their pastor has taught them. Today what you find in the churches is theatrical and even the preaching is some kind of theater. Personally what I desire from this church and this group of people is a group of people who love this Bible and what to learn what this bible says, and they want to teach it to others, in the church or out in the community in some form.
  20. 20. And what I am trying to do is to make the word of God to live when I preach, to have a dynamic teaching ministry and to teach you how to teach the word of God and when you learn you will go out and teach the word. REVIEW THE FIRST EIGHT to 2x posit the scripture to do Bible exposition only we did from a negative perspective the failure to preach exposition a quick review FIRST: usurps the authority of God over the mind and soul of the hearer: if in the church the Word of God is not explained then God is silenced God is not heard and someone else usurps divine authority over the mind and soul the hearers SECONDLY we said a failure to preach expositions a scripture usurps the Lordship of Christ over his church the only way the head at the church can lead the church is at the speech to the church if we put anything in the place above the scriptures we have in effect silence the head at the church and we have a usurper speaking to the church THIRDLY we said that a failure to expires at the scripture hinders the work of the Holy Spirit their it hinders the work of the Holy Spirit does not help the work of the Holy Spirit.Sometimes you hear people say we don't wanna have people come to our church in here some kinda boring message from the Bible. Well that boring message that comes from the Bible is essentially what the Holy Spirit uses to do is work. The Spirit of God uses scripture to save: where begotten again by the word of truth to sanctify: we are sanctified by either truth and it is the truth that gives us the hope of glory: the whole work-up salvation comes by the Word of God faith comes by hearing that word concerning Christ. Romans 10 says So first we start with the Trinitarian perspective then that if Bible exposition doesn't dominate the poll but then the authority of God is usurped the headship of Christ is usurped and the work in the Holy Spirit is hindered forcefully FOURTH a failure to do Bible exposition legitimizes a lack of submission the scripture it legitimizes a lack of submission to Scripture if you are asking people to submit to your own ideas your own inside your own intuition your own perspectives if you put anything in the place of Scripture you are legitimizing the lack of submission the scripture this is not way that this alone Ian's received it the word up man it is the word of God you don't want to do anything that legitimizes unearned submissive attitude toward scripture by putting something in its place to which you submit instead FIFTH: very important one and I talked a little bit about this last week a failure to do regular Bible exposition severs the preacher personally from the regular severs the preacher personally from the regular sanctifiing workto find work of the scripture. You don't wanna non sanctified Minister Spurgeon said that is like a mole trying to educate Eagles. You wanna sanctified Minister opening up the Word of God part of being able to open up the Word of God is to be pure in your heart. Peters says it this way laying aside all evil he says let us like babes desire appear milk the word that ye may grow thereby. The word doesn't really do it's pure and powerful work unless sinful things are set aside whoever lives a blameless life the Psalms said he will minister to me.
  21. 21. Paul says I have to beat my body into submission lesson preaching to others I become disqualified. And so one of the great benefits a regular exposition of Scripture is it sanctifiing work find work in the heart the minister in the relentless discipline have study. We remember verse that just came to law love the Lord and to do it and two teachers statutes and ordinances to Israel. First you study the law the Lord to do it yourself and then to teach it to somebody else NUMBER SIX: we looked at the fact that a failure to do Bible exposition removes spiritual depth and transcendence from the souls of the people and therefore cripples worship all that is left is to try to mimic- the- late people emotionally. and what I mean by that spiritual depth this critical you have to go down before you can go up the height have your worship is in direct proportion to the depth of your understanding. shallow understanding leads to shallow worship deep understanding leads to deep worship because you infuse into the expressions of worship all your theology. when you hear Fernando saying Jesus King angels if you have only a very minimal understanding that then your praises minimal but a few understand what it means in the scripture in the fullest sense revealed their the Jesus is the sovereign over the angelic hosts the richer your understanding of that the richer your expression and worship in the singing other or the hearing. Your ability to go up in worship is in direct proportion to your ability to go down in understanding and there's nothing more wonderful than a congregation of people who are deep in the things that the Lord who understand the subtleties in the hymns who understand the nuances and theology you have some breadth and depth and length and height in their understanding of Scripture so that their worship is truly high,and it's not the result of any kind of emotional manipulation NUMBER SEVEN: a failure to do Bible exposition prevents the preacher from FULLY speaking for Christ. it prevents the preacher from fully speaking for Christ: any preacher knows that he has been called to speak in behalf of Christ to his church as an under sheppard. we have the mind of Christ revealed here we didn't know it so that we can proclaim. it he who does not understand the mind of Christ does not know how christ thinks does not know Christ will as revealed in Scripture cannot speak for Christ to every issue. There's no premium on shallowness on lack of knowledge in Scripture we should be and must be experts in the revelation that scripture and that only comes from diligence in every passage week after week month after month year after year so that we can truly say us says the Lord NUMBER EIGHT: the failure to do Bible exposition depreciates by example the spiritual duty and benefit of studying scripture in other words if the preacher doesn't bother to do why should somebody in the pew do. it on the other hand the preacher does do it and proclaims what it yields then you get the message out how wonderful it. is a life transforming it is. where there are pulpits and the Word of God is not proclaimed the people do not see value love studying the Word of God with depth. if their pastor doesn't do it why in the world would day do. it if it's not the consuming passion to the pulpit why in the world would it be any kind of passion in the pews. preachers not only do what they do they model what they do. that brings us to number nine
  22. 22. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING NUMBER NINE: PREVENTS THE PREACHER FROM BEING THE VOICE OF GOD ON EVERY ISSUE OF HIS TIME If you know your bible you can be the voice of God on every issue. Preachers need to be able to speak on the issues from the Bible. We need to be ready to speak on gay marriage. That is an oxymoron in the first place. That is not a marriage. Preachers should be able on any issue that the culture faces and be able to give an biblical perspective. We need to be a biblical expert and you can't get that by looking up illustrations in an illustration book.l You want to be able to address every issue and it all starts for me MacArthur said when 9 11 hit when Larry King called him and he said what to make of this. And John said, You're going to die and you don't know when. Luke 13 We need to be a valuable spokesmen for the truth. And it takes time and effort to come to grips with those kinds of issues. Preachers need to be the voice of God in every issue of our times. We need to take time to think them through and be ready to give an answer when ask. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER TEN A failure to do expositional preaching BREEDS A CONGREGATION AS WEAK AND INDIFFERENT TO THE GLORY OF GOD, AS IS THE PREACHER If you do not do expositional preaching if you don't give your people the eternal powerful word of God you breed a congregation that is week and indifferent to the glory of God, honor of God, the honor of Christ. That you do if you do not is redirect people from loving Christ and loving from God His truths. You redirect them away from finidhing their joy and they're delight and their satisfaction in the word. You have people coming to church without a bible, it is not vauled any more. People will become absorbed inwith themselves, and the place of scriptural message given that become attractive to people where the ones to define what is done consumed with their own intrest their own well being churches like this become very self centered. Hard convicting biblical preaching makes soft people . Because it breaks down their pride, breakes down their selfishness, breaks down their self centeredness. Brings them into submission and brings them into worship. Makes the desire to glorify God.
  23. 23. You might say hard preaching makes soft people. On the other hand soft preaching makes hard people. Preaching that is inteneded only to superficially wound feeds people's self centered preoccupations in the end produces people that are self centered. Don't know what it means to make sacrifices either for God or for each other. The last thing any servant of God would want you would think would be a congregation weakened and indifferent to the glory of God in the glory of Christ. Yet there are so many that way because athey have not been exposed to the scripture, which constantly directs them to God and Christ and to the things pertaining to the Trinity, rather then those things which are personally preferred You diminish their adoration, and their love and their affection, and you redirect people away from the glory of God, the glory of Christ and away from even the glory of the Spirit away from the majesty of scripture and that is the last thing that you want to do. How can we set and allow the misrepresentation and the abuse the blasphemy of the holy spirit as the current tread of men on Trinity Network. John did a thirteen week series on this issue. Where is the reaction. John wants to title this new book. Plucking the Dove. But they don't like it. But they are blasting the Holy Spirit. So much of what is seen on these services is not the work of the Holy Spirit. alse miracles, false doctrine, false screening like dogs, laughingly collapsing in a heap is not the work of the Holy Spirit. Get outrage about the abuse of the Holy Spirit. I want a congregation that is not indifferent to the glory of God, I want a congregation that is not weak in the understanding of doctrine otherwise it can't protect itself. What so amazes me it that these people flourish and become filthy rich because people send them money. If people did not send them money all they would go away. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #11 IF YOU DO NOT DO EXPOSITIONAL PREACHNG ON THE NEGATIVE SIDE YOU ROB PEOPLE OF THEIR ONLY TRUE SOURCE OF HELP. THEIR ONLY TRUE SOURCE OF HELP. 1 Timothy 3 we covered that in a series on Sunday in the Adult Bible Class. There is no help apart from the Lord, and there is no help apart from understand the Scriptures about God. Understanding God, His promises, His coveants, His love, His care, His compassion, His mercy, His grace, His sovereignity, His providence, All these things is where the true help comes from. And when that is not the steady diet of people and they become dependent on stories, where they become dependent on analogies and clever insights, or slick programs, and are unable to feed themselves and are only receiveing mild, you are really doing what Jeremiah 8:11treating peoples wounds superficially. The obligation to the preacher is not try to alter people byy some cleverness, but rather to have God alter their lives because they come to understand His truth.
  24. 24. I know this that when you face a crisis in life the only real help you're going to get is from the truth revealed in Scripture. Any problem in life is only solved by knowing God and His truth. It is only your theology that ties you down, It is what you know to be true about God, His word, His power, about His purpose about His sovereignity and his compassion and mercy and all those things that is your true help And when you are struggling in life, children and marriage the only real help for your children and your marriage is not some psychological gimmick. (Michael understanding Obedian) The only help is to apply biblical principles to your children, marriage, parents,. There is a biblical patterns to resolve issue in life that are laid out in Scripture, there are principles for life spiritual life that alone can alter those kinds of relationships. At a deep level a permanement level and when people have a shallow understanding of Scripture they literally are robbed up of the only true source of help. People who spend their lives in a superficial religious environment in a shallow kind of environmnent, shallow Christian enviroment, when they are face with crises and have life can't stand because they have nothing to stand on. The word of God affects the man of God, the word of God protects the man of God and will thoroughly furnishes us for all the good works... When you give your people the exposition of Scripture, when you give them the word of God you give them their true source of help. You want to make them so familiar with the Word of God that they know where to go to find help when they need it. Put it another way: If you do not give them the Word of God then you lied to them about what they really need. There is a lot of superficial, manipulated dealing with superficial behaviors. Ed Young sitting with his wife on the roof of the church and talking about marriage. This ridiculous ludicrous sophomoric banter between the two of them that provided no one any help at all. What people need is the word of God in their soul is what people really need because until you are who you need to be before God you will never be who you need to be before your spouse. And the Word of God, the exposition of the Word gives people their only source of true help and a failure to do that lies to them about what they really need. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #12 THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITORAL PREACHING PUTS THE RESPONSIBLITY ON THE PREACHER TO CHANGE PEOPLE Say that most preachers feel that responsibility. I would be in a mental institution if I believe that
  25. 25. people's eternal destiny depended on me. I am a Calvinist because that is a defensive posture. I can not handle that responsibility. And I don't have to either. You night ask: What if people don't respond to the message and I would say, I am not responsible for the responsible I am only responsible for the message. Lord knows I have failed to do a lot of things around the church. But I am just an instrument one the Lord has called for this responsibility. My responsibilities full discharged in doing what I can to be an example and being faithful to proclaim the truth of the Word of God at that point my responsibility end. I don't need to uh...had the organ play and sing on the organ 14 verse of Just and I am. Listen I CAN LEAD ANYONE TO CHRIST..THAT IS THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ITS THE WORK THAT HE DOES TRHOUGH THE WORD. You can throw in all other mechanisms that you want in your preaching but they don't do the work. You can't bear that responsibility. But if you take the scriptures out and its just your stick and your cleverness and your theater and your personality and you have taken on yourself useless burden, useless responsibility that you can't possible discharge. Put another way: You need to be offensive when you preach and you have to face that. The reason people set the bible aside in the heart teaching of scripture for the mellow sentimentalism that you hear from the contemporary preachers like Joel Osteen is because they don't want to offend anybody. The true responsibility of the preacher is to proclaim the truth. You are not going to bear the responsibility before God for their response. But you are going to bear the responsibility of the accuracy of the message. Question: Are you worried about what non-believers think about what you say. No. Are you concern to be so blunt .... and bold and so confronted when you know unbelievers are there? NO, Catholic, Jewish etc. No Why? Because my goal has nothing to do with saying something they want to hear. All I am trying to do is to take the Word of God and make it clear what it says, ifthey are the ones devastatingly confronted by that so be it. The goal of so many preachers they are trying to do everything they can to avoid offending people. And in aborting the offense they become responsible for failing to preach the truth and in the end aborting the offense doesn't achieve their end. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #13 FAILURE TO PREACH EXPOSITIONAL REDUCES THE PREACHERS WORDS TO THE LEVEL OF EVERYBODY ELSE'S WORD I just say my words then I am just like anyone else. The audience can pick and choose what they hear. You may think you can come up with a clever way that you think you can articulate your message, but if it's not the Word of God then you are reduced to the level of everyone else who has an opinion, an ideal, a viewpoints, a theory, a religious insight, a perspective,
  26. 26. That is still so rampant in this culture. let us just get along without doctrine. As soon as you are not saying "This is the Word of God" you are just another voice, it is another person on parade for people to pick from . So what are they going to use as their criteria to make their choice so they like you, music is good or the lighting is good and cool, where you don't offend them or they feel god. I'll tell you one thing that I do not want my words reduced to the words of everyone else because if you happen to be living in a time when uh opinions are more ubiquitous than they have ever been unimaginable in the history of the world. You go to the internet and the opinions uh it's got to be a cacophony that sickens the mind of God. You cannot be just another voice. You got to be the voice rs of God, and it won't be popular with the other voices, it won't be. There are those who have a hosle attitude toward John. There is an pretty aggressive approach to somebody with a different view. Listen I have one voice I want you to hear, and that is the Word of God. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #14 FAILURE TO PREACH EXPOSITIONAL IS TO PORTRAY AN ATTITUDE OF SELF-LOVE RATHER THAN LOVING THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART SOULAND MIND AND STRENGTH. ANOTHER WAY: WHATEVER YOU LOVE MOST WILL DOMINATE YOUR LIFE AND WHATEVER YOU LOVE MOST WILL DOMINATE YOUR MINISTRY. I don't want to walk into the pulpit and say "the other day I was thinking." (poor typing the script of John and its said, "I don't want to walk in the pole dancing on the other day.") What I want to day as I walk in the pulpit and say open your bible to I Peter 1 THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #15 A FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITORIONAL PREACHING CREATES A DESTRUCTIVE DISCONNECT BETWEEN SOUND DOCTRINE AND LIFE Another way: LIFE IMITATES THEOLOGY Since I adopted John MacArthur's method of preaching I have like he has been highly critcismn and not been practical and preaching is not applicial . I never make application, I am not releveant. You are so theological that you are irrelevant they say. And there is this kind of thinking that somehow if you want to be relevant you have to abandoned theology
  27. 27. Well I want you know there's a simple little prinicple to keep in mind. Life imitates the theology. Life imitates the theology you live your beliefs and if they're weak and confused and shallow that's how you are going to live a weak confused and shallow way. And that is how you are going to respond to life There are the issues in your life that you have no control over. Who are you taught to trust? If it is your intuition or human insight you are going to be massively disappointed. But when you teach scripture and you teach theology you do it relentlessly and consistent you are all the time saying to people this is the foundation of your living this is not irrelevant this is what is relevant you live your theology There are many trends that have come into the church. One of the worst ones started was the idea that we've got to get theology out of the church because they are divisive. The theology is narrow, theology is for the seminary student and the high upper people. It is just not practical and not relevant. We can't make theology an issue, we will made those over there who have different opinion mad, and it has become a bad word, this theology word. When in reality the very best work in the Christian language is THEOLOGY. The word is simply things that are true about God. There is no disconnect between sound doctrine in life there's an immediate connection. And if you have a week theology you are going to be weak in vastalake in life. You live what you believe. most controlling element in your life is your belief system Let me break that out a little bit: When we talk about theology there are several elements to that: One: there is knowledge. Divine truth. To know the truth. So your task is to proclaim a true story so the people will know it. Knowledge cognition. You know the truth. That is not the end just the beginning. Next step would be too believe the truth. You can tell people this is the truth that Jesus is God and the trinity is one in three persons. And they can know that they can hear that and that's where it starts, but that has to go from CONGNITION TO CONVICITON Okay I believe that. And that is an effort of the repeated instruction that comes from the scripture lined upon line precept upon precept, text on text, layer on layer. passage on passage. Years many be But what they know becomes what they believe and what they believe becomes a CONVICTION. And that's really where people live their lives within the frame work of their conviction. 1 John "A spiritual young man is someone who has not only basic knowledge but strong conviction. What you are doing is continually unfolding the truth of the Word of God and you are making a connection between life and theology/ This theology that you are teaching them out of the word of God is inseparable from life because it becomes their deposit of knowledge, it becomes the source of their conviction and the object of their affection.
  28. 28. SO if you're going to teach people the word of God and you will give them knowledge, you will help them develop convictions as the embrace and believe that knowledge and eventually you will led them to the mature position which is affection from spiritual children to this person the spiritual adult that is why we go back to where we started we do adult church we have a deep affection for divine truth PART THREE Essentially the foundational mandate of expository preaching. As pastors you have one primary duty and that is to bring the people the truth of the word of God by explaining the scripture and that is your role in preaching or in counseling or teaching a class. That is you will bring the people the truth of God by explaining the meaning of scripture and helping them grasp it and then apply it in their lives. Every thing we need to know is in one book. We are to be the primary source of people's understanding of the revelation of God which is contained in one book and the task of us is to master that book and that is one of the benefits of expository preaching is you do that piece by piece and piece and understanding the scripture in all of its necessary context. So expository preaching is essentially giving people the meaning of the scripture. And the meaning of the scripture is the scripture. We want a congregation that is serious about scripture. And if I am serious about the word of God, if I find by joy and satisfaction in the word of God, and I draw the truth out of the word of God that changes their lives they are going to buy into that and they are going to be biblical people. And what you are going to wind up doing is producing teachers who know how to study the bible and thus able to teach others. When I am teaching I'm really looking at a second-generation. I am trying to present, every message I would preach with a view to the fact that the person listening to this could pass it on to someone else with conviction. In other words if they understand it, and they understand why I am interpreting it that way, they get it, and they take ownership of it and then it becomes part of the body of content that they believe and will end up passing on. If this message going to have enough impact that these people are going to own this thing and want to pass it on to their children and friends. And is it going to become the topic of their conversation. So you are essentially instructing by by example on this critical duty and benefit of studying scripture deeply. shallow study leads to shallow people. So you want to teach how to study as well as preaching the text. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER 16 IT ELIMINATES THE TRUTHS, THE TROUBLE AND OFFENCE AND TERRIFIED THE LOST A failure to do biblical exposition makes the congregation: if they fail to do biblical exposition to teach the full counsel of God as revealed in holy Scripture it eliminates the truths, the trouble and
  29. 29. offended and terrified the lost and the sinful. Dishonors God by omitting those truths the troble and offended and terrify sinners. And the modern approach to churchis not to terrify sinners. You don't want to say anything that might scare the pants off a sinner and make him feel that he is going to hell if he is not saved. In order to do this you have to put a muzz on God. Gagg God. How do you do that. You say I would never bring that up in church I would not want to offen anyone. ] They want to oversimpify the message. Just strip it bear of having anything that might offend anyone. 50 words you don't want to say to a sinner. When in fact scripture followed troubling truth in fact will be terrifying truth, because it is essential to terrify the lost. It is essential as Paul says for the space of three years I have not failed to warn you night and day. There is this essential reality that there is death and eternal punishment and if you just go through the Scripture as they arfe laid out verse by verse chapter by chapter book by book you do't get a good God you don't edit God remember that Paul said I'm not fail to declare any the whole counsel of God. I didn't shrink back because the verb in the NES I can shrink back from anything because it might offen somebody. This is God's word, is up to us to be faithful to proclaim it. Who are you to say that God needs to be edited?!!!!! How can I make a determination that God needs to be edited................... I am edit myself sometimes but not God. I have said a lot of things that people have wanted me to edited "Charles do you know how many are going to be offeded if you continue to write that on Facebook!" Oh I imagine a whole lot will be offended. Its not how many it is who will be offended. Well, If we don't offened them we can't fix them. We can't correct them, we can't push them in a new direction if we don't offend them in the direction they're currently going. I have offened a lot of parents over the years. I have offened a few over going to those who practice psychology. Christian psychology has disappeared because it had no part to play in that in the work of the Spirit of God and sanctification of the soul. So you can't gag God withou usurping a very very dangerous place and that is what it was part of the attraction of me just going through verse by verse over the last 30 years of preaching. I am convince that most preachers lack the essential manliness of preaching. They lack the ruggedness
  30. 30. of the message that assaults the sinners, listeners comfort. The church has been feminize: The Feminization of the church. My footnotes: http://magazine.biola.edu/article/06-spring/the-feminization-of-the-church/ Manly Music http://christianstandard.com/2011/11/common-sense-on-%E2%80%98the-feminization- of-the-church%E2%80%99/ Proposed solutions to “the feminization of the church” tend to include not only rigorous recreation, but also manly music. Mark Driscoll, preaching and theology pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, believes contemporary worship music is overly feminine: I am not supposed to say this, but most of the worship dudes I have heard are not very dude. They seem to be very in touch with their feelings and exceedingly chickified from playing too much acoustic guitar and singing prom songs to Jesus while channeling Michael Bolton and flipping their hair.2 John talks about feminine preacher. There is nothing in their preaching that troubles people or frightens them or terrifies them. "Paul said knowing the terror of the Lord we persuade them. " The mega pastors will not dare say anything that frightens a sinner. "There are some Judas in this congregation this morning" John said one Sunday morning. "Who cannot be distinguished anymore than Judas could be distinguished from Peter., or by the rest of the apostles. When Jesus said one of you would betray me they couldn't tell which one., You have heard the same message, the same experiences you have heard the same truth and you are going to end up as far apart as possible, some in Heaven and some in Hell." That is a frighten though. Are you a Peter or Judas????? Those who are grappling with the realities of their own salvation,the greatest service that I could render that man or woman is to frighten him or her to see the reality of their salvation, is it real or false. But if you take out the Hell remarks in a sermon and you end up sounds like Joel Osteen you are accommodated people's unbelief and their deception. I mean Jesus preached on Hell a lot. Sequential Expositional preaching will assure you that you are not going to avoid the things that trouble and sore offended people in terrifying them, even believers. The only way people will ever understand the glory of the gospel is to understanding the power of the law and its right to destroy them. So when you don't preach the law and you don't confront them and trouble and offend, and terrify the lost and sinful, you also forfeit the tenderness and the beautiful of grace. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS Number #17 WILL DISCONNECT GOD'S PEOPLE FROM THE LEGACY OF THE PAST Some of my very faviorite preachers and theologican and teachers are those who have already died many years ago. When I was preaching Romans the first time around, or Ephesians, or Revelation I read over 100 people on the subject. Most of them were dead a long time ago.. Why do you read commentaries on any book from dead men? Really dead people: Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, etc. Pink, Ironside, and Whitefield, and others older Baxter, Edwards,
  31. 31. Because I honor others for the work that the Holy Spirit did in them. I honor the lummatation of the Spirit on those great men of God in the past. People way before me have gotten it right, the critical doctrines, and interpretation have long ago been studied right. They have been interpreted by faithful man in the past and I want to stand in that great long line myself. I think it is a very proud thing to come to make people think that the truth arrived with you, you're the cool dude who shows up and says it like nobody else has ever said that and in fact he treat the people in the past with scorn. Very popular to do that these days. I am so thankful for dead fellows who in the providence of God work diligently and wrote down on their understanding of Scripture and left me such great books I am indebted to past illumination redemptive history. I want to link my understanding of Scripture with those in the past who understood as well as many today who also link with those in the past. There is this indifference that is truely rampant today to the great scholars in the past. I often quote those old dead fellows in my preaching. The reason I like John Mac is he love the old dead fellows. If I come up with something I say that so one has gag me. What does that mean: If you just contemporaries your message and play off the culture and give a topical things by analyzing the current things and throw in some bible verses, your people will have no sense of the history of the church. I think that is the design in the contemporary church, I think they mock historic churches. They are indifferent to it. They mock the older generation of pastors. How many amateur young entrepreneurial self appointed guys call themselves pastors, and they're really non pastors in non churches. These kind of guys that have taken over the evangelicalism are guys that are uncalled and unqualified unpastors of unchurches who produce a weekend event and is something less then a church. There is no evidence that the NT church had to have or make sure that it has this kind of music of the now. Coming out of the immediate moment of the culture, with all the language , all the articulation and idioms and all the idiosyncrasies and all the stylistic and all the lighting uh whatever it is it's got to feel like now. Its a very isolated notion. To give the believers a sense that they belong, something they believe things that have been believed for centuries and centuries and they are part of something far greater than this little building on this street. There is a kind of confidence to the people with they know this is not something new but something that has gone back to the Reformation. We honor those men that have been long dead. The current guys do not want their people to know anything about the older guys, because they just do not like them. I want people to know that what I am saying to them is consistent with the truth that was proclaimed by the faithful me as far back as the New Testament. I want them to know that. I want them to know that the doctrine that we have have were firmed and settled in the 4th century. And they started been settled through history and at the same New Testament that Calvin and Luther were looking at is the New
  32. 32. Testament that we are looking at. What we teach is not something of the current tread of today, but from a long line of historic traditional teaching. So I think it is important to connect people to God's people to the legacy of the past to the great preachers and the great theologians the great works, the critical doctrines that creates the enduring hymns There is something strengthen when you know that there have been great theologians and martyrs of the past that have laid the foundation of what we believe. Look I don't need contemporary heroes, John Rogers would be good of the past, I don't need guys that are trying to do it there own way. Luther and Calvin are the heroes that this generation needs. But there is a lot of disdain for those men from these men among the contemporary culture driven kind of ministries The course of the history of preaching and your life will never be the same after you go through the history of preaching. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #18 REMOVES THE PROTECTION FROM ERROR THAT IS DEADLY TO THE CHURCH Shepherds understand they have to protect sheep, because there are those who dress up in sheep clothing and teach error. That is what satan does, comes inside the church and cause all kinds of trouble. We have to watch and warn. Sometimes Christians can not tell truth from error. A very dangerous situtation and unless we clarify doctrine, unless we defended threatened truth, unless we guard the truth of scripture, unless we expose error we are not faithful shepherd's. We leave people to the wolves. You don't die of AIDS you die a 1000 herisess because your immune system is so compromised. The greatest problem in the church is a lack of discernment. It is like spiritual aids And the church has a case of spiritual AIDS a 1000 herieses to deal with. A failure to do strong expositional in death teaching, theological kills you. I want you to be able to defend yourselves. Error is the most deadly to the church. We should be about truth 2 Corinthians 10:3 to 5. The most deadly thing in the church is error. There is no human thing that can destroy it. Spiritual warfare is a spiritual warfare. Ideas not spirits. The destructions of ideas, theories, viewpoints, what kind of ideas? Those things that are against God. ideologies ungodly ideas, viewpoints. and the idea is to assault them. We are in the business of changing how people think and that's ius w hat spiritual warfare. People are imprisoned and entomb in error and the truth sets them free.
  33. 33. The level of ignorance in the church today is so mind-boggling. We have a whole generation of people who could be defined as tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, who can't discern truth from error. When you as a preacher have not given your people the Word of God, so that they understand the truth and sound doctrine you have left them wide open to be led astray and let into deception and you know this in not a popular time to take those kinds of stands because the most popular approaches tolerance is it not! Benny Hinn, a deceiver, using deception and they are every where. And the only people who can defend themselves is with the truth. THE FAILURE TO DO EXPOSITION OF PREACHING IS NUMBER #19 EXPOSITORY PREACHING ASSURES PEOPLE THAT THEY HAVE HEARD FROM HEAVEN Too many prechers preach what has not come from Heaven. I beleive peole should hear from God and people want to hear from God and the way you guarantee that is by given them the word that God has spoken on the pages of holy scripture. Far too many people beleive that they have heard something so profound they believe it came from God when indeed they have not. A very sad truth, and this is what I don't want to happen, people cometo church and they think they have heard a word from God, but all they have heard is your opinion, your insights, your ideas, that is a deception and that is not what I want to have happen. Some preaching is like fools gold a book called that. John wrote: I got it today 01 10 2014 for kindle fire for 8.44 ================================================== ====================================== Most people in most of our fundamental and evangelisal churches don't know that they don't know what the word of God says/ Michael Horton, and Al Mohler. Why Johnnie Can't Preach. only 30% can preach a good sermon. Preaching is poor. David Gordon wrote the book and I download it Autust 28 2013. Most people are satisfied with the preaching they are hearing because they don't have any other preaching to compare it with. Philip Graham Ryken says..... on preaching. Dumping down. Myeral Unger 60 years ago WHAT EXPOSITORY PREACHING IS NOT
  34. 34. 1. It is not seeker sensensive preaching