Magazine Analysis


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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Sans-serif text is in bold and contrasts with background to stand out. Many different artists to appeal to a larger audience. Updates and information. Centred text and images makes the page look neater. Cracked font could represent sounds like distorted guitars. Different genres appeal to different audiences. Main colours used are white, black and blue.
  2. 2. Bold/bright sans-serif text stands out against white background. The image is focused on the lead singer. Free items and competitions draw attention to the magazine. Word ‘epic’ draws attention. Different artists to appeal to a larger audience. Bright, bold text catches the readers eye.
  3. 3. Black, white and red are the main colours used on this cover. This has connotations of power, anger, danger. The masthead is in a bold, sans-serif font. The text is aligned the left and the image to the right. The letters RIP are a different colour to show that the band has split. Centred text makes the page look neater “Free” in bold to draw attention.
  4. 4. Bold, sans-serif masthead is the first thing you see. Black background with white and pink text to stand out. Images are to the right, or underneath the paragraphs. Largest image shows that it is the most recent. Different colour text boxes makes the page look more interesting. Bright colours catch your eye.
  5. 5. Main quote of article. Bold, large and bright to stand out. Small summary on what article is about. Image takes up majority of spread. Text on black background to make it readable.
  6. 6. The main colours used are white, black and yellow which match her clothes. The main quote of article in bold to stand out, and the most important things are highlighted. The copy is aligned to the left of the page. The image takes up the majority of the spread. The yellow text boxes stand out against the black background and separate questions from answers.. All of the text is in a sans serif font.
  7. 7. Competitions draw attention. Colour scheme: black, white and yellow. Bold text stands out against background. This image takes up the majority of the page, showing that it is the main feature. Different artists to appeal to a larger audience.
  8. 8. The main colours used are red and black. This image takes up the majority of the page which shows that is it the main feature. Thumbnails to show more content. Looks better than text on its own. Represents the attitudes of some of the bands featured. Different colour subheadings. Easier to read.
  9. 9. The colour scheme is black, white and yellow. Images of live concerts show what the magazine is about. Thumbnails to show more content. Subheadings to show different sections. Posters and competitions convince people to buy the magazine. ‘Rising stars’ draws attention as people might be interested in their music.