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M rhodes presentation march 2011
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M rhodes presentation march 2011


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Published in: Education
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  • In general, 3 types of entities: Corps Corp Foundations Foundations
  • TOP REASONS why Corps and Corp Foundations give. Not in a particular order. Workforce: institution, graduates, where are hiring now? STEM, bio tech, IP law, Liberal Arts (Insurance, Sales,) International business, commerce, law. (Ask for examples? Rockwell, Genentech, Food Chain, Cargil, P&G) Marketing: New markets. What are the new markets? Demographic s=communities of color, LGBT. New markets : technology. Youth oriented. Twitter, tweeter, blogger, on-line media, social networking generation. (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, everyone!) Community Relations : Greater good, or clean up
  • Small Family Foundations Priorities can very year to year depending on family members. Priorities can very within categories. (i.e. health-HIV once year, cancer the next, Parkinson’s the next) Geographic restriction: city, state, Worldwide. How is worldwide a restriction? Make the Foundation come to you. Serve individuals from that region in your city? (i.e. Cargill and PEOPLE)
  • Open your eyes! Who’s supporting your community? Concert programs, Billboards, sporting events, festivals, buildings… Who is big in Madison? What building are you in? American Family: Childrens Hospital, PEOPLE program, diversity, 4-H, Hoofers sailing team, School of Business, Earth Day.
  • Now you’ve identified you Corp, Corp Fnd, or Foundation. Done the homework. Spoken with Program officer. Found a good fit. Ready to write the dreaded Letter of Inquiry. Sometimes just as much work as the full proposal. Sometimes one is lucky and LOI ask specific questions. Sometime not lucky and asked to describe in general terms, Describe the Project. These tips are for both situations. 12 tips, these are the top 7 You may have others…
  • Unique helps, but is it always necessary. No, providing rural health care, providing access to education, providing emergency shelter, food pantries, nothing unique, but all very much needed. If you know the panel composition, write to that evaluator of your grant. Are they physicians, engineers, neither but someone in there family has that disease or disorder. Is your org qualified to carry out the program? Academic credentials, work experience, previous grant success, …. Who are your partners? More FNDs want collaborations to avoid duplication of services and funding. How will you survive after the grant period?
  • What’s the single biggest reason donors stop giving? Individuals- no communication Corporations- market changes, corp needs change, corp cash disappears. 2008-2009-2010 good example when the market tanked. What did you all do when market bottom fell out? Stewardship, stewardship, stewardship. Single biggest weakness in non-profits. Individuals or Corps. What are your examples of Good Stewardship? Good stories?
  • Start reading whatever you can. Remove the guess work Print examples – SHOW On-Line resources – See details in handouts Google Alerts Greatest resource of all? You!
  • "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Transcript

    • 1. Fundraising and Development for Cooperative Extension An Overview of Corporate & Foundation Development Marilyn Rhodes Director of Development Corporate and Foundation Relations University of Wisconsin Foundation March 10, 2011 2011 County Leadership Conference Stevens Point, WI
    • 2. OVERVIEW
      • Distinctions and similarities; Corp. vs Found.
      • Why give
      • How to choose a corporation or foundation
      • Resources
      • Letters of Inquiry
      • Stewardship
    • 3. Distinctions and Similarities
      • Corporations – Business Imperative
      • Corporate Foundations – Business Imperative and Social Causes
      • Family Foundations – Social Cause
    • 4. Why Do Corporations and Corp. Foundations Give
      • Recruitment
      • Marketing/Publicity
      • Community Relations
      • Commercial or Applied Research
      • Geographic Restrictions
      • Social Cause/Social Responsibility
    • 5. Reasons Why Family Foundations Give
      • Social causes such as poverty, child health, education, environment
      • Geographic restrictions – support local community
    • 6. How to Choose a Corp/Fnd Partner
      • Community presence
      • Giving history
      • Amount awarded
      • Average grant
      • Personal connections
      • Values and social responsibility
      • Up-to-date web sites
      • Test the waters : Talk to a Program Officer!
    • 7. Writing Tips for Letters Inquiry Who, what, when, how and why?
      • Concise and compelling opener
      • Link to funding their priorities
      • Identify problem
      • Document need
      • Fix problem
      • Evaluation and outcomes
      • Identify cost
    • 8. Writing Tips (cont’d)
      • Establish project as unique
      • Write to evaluator (s)
      • Address competency of program administrators or faculty
      • Identify partners
      • Show sustainability after grant period
    • 9. Stewardship
      • “ Meaningful information about their gifts at work is the key to donors’ repeat and increased giving. Communication is the process by which information is delivered. Fundraising under-performance, therefore, is actually a failure to communicate.”
          • ~ Penelope Burke, Donor Centered Fundraising
          • Regular Updates
          • Data driven reports
          • Human interest stories
          • Advice and counsel
          • Congratulations and thank you’s
    • 10. Resources
      • Grants Information Collection (UW Libraries) - FREE
      • The Foundation Center
      • Foundation Directory Online - FREE ttp://
      • Foundations in Wisconsin
      • Guidestar
      • Internal Revenue Service, Form 990-N (e-Postcard) Search
      • Philanthropy News Digest RFP Alert [email_address]
      • Green Companies:, Money.cnn,
      • CFRNET Discussion List [email_address] - FREE
    • 11. Marilyn Rhodes Director of Development Corporate and Foundation Relations University of Wisconsin Foundation (608) 265-6119 [email_address]