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Task Management Solution

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Q track - Task Management solution

  1. 1. CETAS Information Technology Pvt. Ltd Q-Track Solution Brief Q-Track TASK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Q-Track is designed upon flexible and powerful Work flow framework of JIRA. The solution enables the CXO’s and their key business drivers to gain visibility on the progress of all assigned task across his workSolution Highlights force and control them on exception effectively. Scalable Q-Track helps organization to be more proactive and to stay focus on the task allotted and to produce results on time without compromise on quality under the virtual supervision of their superiors. JIRA helps to Reliable find quickly the bottle necks which cause delay in execution of a certain task and eliminates the same with Tested and Tried - 18000 plus needed empowerment for individuals or involvement of empowered process owners on time. active users Q-Track Task Management Solution gives a complete freedom to decide the task type, and attach such Active Community - JIRA has attributes and rules which are mandate to perform during the course of it accomplishment. Q-Track allows people to notify task assigned on mail, in system and on mobile through SMS Alerts which makes it more an active community of effective and powerful. developers and organizations who build add-on modules, plug-ins around this platform. Web based – hence easy to deploy in a disparate organization Easy to use, train and administer Open database compliant – can work on Enterprise databases such as Oracle, SQL Server etc. OR open source databases such as MySQL, Overview PostgreSQL JIRA is a powerful workflow solutions built by Atlassian, an Australian company, with offices in North Integration with Outlook America and Europe. There are more than 18,000 customers (of varied sizes – from fortune 500 to Dashboard SME enterprises) using JIRA across the globe. JIRA is a true leader backed by partners and user community forums which contributes to its enrichment. Integration with MS Project Task Management JIRA helps one to create a task and assign the same to single / multiple users created in the system. The assignment of the task gets notified through a mail and gets updated on the real time organization dashboard. The task’s other characteristics like expected time of completion and dependent events, re- assignment of the task after completion by one user and the essential documents to be attached to prove a completed tasks can be defined effortlessly through an intuitive graphical user interface.
  2. 2. Solution Benefits Q-Track Solution to ease the Task Management JIRA allows you to define your own workflow and set varied security & business rules to govern the movement of the  Goal Setting process as per the workflow.  Managing Time With JIRA organizations can define multiple workflows, assign them to task types and set notification rules etc. We at CETAS have pre-configured some sample workflows for the retail industry in line with the demands of the domain which it  Collaboration makes it more as a plug and play template for the industry.  Improve Productivity Sample Work Flow:  Go Anywhere  Organize Your Tasks  Faster Decisions DashboardTo Get Started, Q-Track’s configurable dashboard allows defining job position based dashboard for each users or the roles they’re Task Management assigned to. The dashboard consists of multiple gadgets, which can beCETAS Information TechnologyPvt. Ltd. Calendar , which shows pictorially the tasks (due or not – based on color code which is configured to differentiate JIRA helps one to create a task and assign the same to single / multiple users created in the system. The assignment of the the status of the task)Chennai – 600 016 task gets notified through a mail and gets updated on the real time organisation dashboard. The task’s other characteristicsTel: +91 44 4285 0231; +91 44 like expected time of or line charts – dependent events, issues; issue creation pattern over a week by one user and Charts – pie, bar completion andto capture status of re-assignment of the task after completionor month etc. the2233 1496 essential documents to be in a grid pattern toahighlight thetasks canissues OR issues based on their status OR issues based Tables – Data filtered attached to prove completed current be defined effortlessly through an intuitive graphical on the departments they’re assigned to. The Filters can be created, saved and attached to dashboards as per the user interface.Email: sales@cetastech.com . requirements.URL: http://www.cetastech.com/ Integration with MS-Projects The BIRetail Partner Program creates a truly complementary and valuable relationship with our partners. It is designed to create new avenues for delivering BIRetail solutions. The BIRetail Partner Program is built on a network of strategic . Q-Track can be integrated with MS-Projects which helps managing special projects effectively. eg. For Retailers a new partnerships that include: shop opening can be a special project with main task and sub task with respect to the execution of the project. This project may happen over a 3-6 months period, with various dependent tasks, assigned to various personnel and these  Independent Software Vendors – ISV ( PoS and Retail Solutions) task’s can be effectively monitored remotely.  Systems integrators and Value Added Reseller.  Complementary hardware, application, and software providers. Integration with Outlook  Retail Consultants, Industry Practitioners/Influencers, and Management Consultant Notifications can be configured at each workflow step or progress made, which can be sent as emails. These emails can This sent to the originator, to the assignee OR to the assignee’s reporting-to manager etc. The emails can be sent as Plain #1 be network of partners, BIRetail Pre Built, Retail ready solutions combined with the power of SaaS Model and Microstrategy BI platform helpsThe HTML – regardless ofbasicsize, No of Applications, the amount of data or the IT skills of Text format or HTML formats. Retailers will represent the screenshot of the entire issue. the employees. BIRetail takes the Retailer’s intelligence operations to a new level by delivering vital knowledge across the enterprise efficiently and at a lower cost than ever before.  Partner Program: Designed to suit the Partner Profiles – OEM /Reseller/ Referral Partners  Engagement :Jointly funded Lead generation Program like Info session/ Road show to your clients  Commitment : Go-to-market plan, Partner meetings, Account strategy