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#2 Crowd Sourcing, APM France
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#2 Crowd Sourcing, APM France

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Presentation pour l'APM (association pour le progrés du Management) tenue a Marseille, France, Octobre 2013. "L’Apm est une association internationale de dirigeants d’entreprise qui s’engagent à se perfectionner dans le but de faire progresser durablement leur entreprise."

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. #2 : Crowd Sourcing Cesar Harada 2013 | Marseille, France | 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 2. Urbanisation, specialisation 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 3. Crowd-sourcing / Harvesting / Diving / Surfing 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 4. Intelligence collective spontanée 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 5. “Out of control” Kevin Kelly 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 6. Ushahidi, Marée noire BP, Golfe du Mexique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 7. Ushahidi, Marée noire BP, Golfe du Mexique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 8. Louisiana Bucket Brigade 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 9. Grassroots mapping 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 10. Gold mining, Wikinomics 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 11. Quantité vs Qualité 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 12. Amazon Turk, Outsourcing 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 13. Human Genome project 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 14. SETI 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 15. Shell Scenarios 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 16. Superstruct 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 17. Long tail vs Big trends 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 18. Histoire Epistemologique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 19. Evolution epistémologique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 20. Evolution epistémologique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 21. Evolution epistémologique 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 22. Emergence Regulation Homéostasie 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 23. X-Prize Ansari 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 24. Space X Baby steps & Moonshots 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 25. The Pirate Bay, Présomption d'innocence et réseaux 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 26. Wikileaks, Snowden, NSA en France 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 27. Guerre en Irak sur de fausses evidences Rationale for the Iraq War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia BBC News - Desmond Tutu calls for Blair and Bush to be tried over Iraq 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 28. Croissante & Controllabilité 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 29. Network controllability Controllability of complex networks : Nature : Nature Publishing Group ▶ NATURE - Controllability of Complex Networks - Data Visualization - YouTube Network controllability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 30. Future of Money 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 31. Promiserver. Brent Fitzgerald 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 32. Social Architecture Social Innovation 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 33. Croissance de Réseau 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 34. Aujourd’hui l’architecture contraint nos relations sociales 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 35. Aujourd’hui les réseaux sociaux étendent nos vies sociales et nourrissent la conscience collective 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 36. Les reseaux sociaux peuvent-ils generer une nouvelle forme d’architecture. Comment pouvons nous mettre à l’êpreuve le status quo, en améliorant nos vies ensemble? 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 37. Step 1 Brownian motion: Get people to move, warm up, play together. At this stage it feels a lot like the beginning of a dance class. People walk in random patterns, with their eyes opened, and closed. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 38. Step 2 Linear network: Top view. One line connects everyone. Each square is a person. Each line is a thread. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 39. Step 3 Branched network: We cut the one line in some places to create branched networks. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 40. Step 4 Complex network: Everyone is connected to everyone. That is a lot of thread. It allows less “social mobility”. So which network do you feel more comfortable in? 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 41. Step 5 Voronoi cells: Think about bubbles. The shape of the bubbles can be described as the minimum surface between maximum volumes. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 42. Step 6 Tensile arches: At the intersection of each cell, a vertical “column” is “planted”. Think of a bow and arrow : connect the 2 ends of a PVC pipe with a thread, and pull until it bends into an arc. That’s how simple and light the structure is. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 43. Step 7 Skin: Imagine the largest paper mache you have ever seen. The PVC tube is the skeleton, the paper is the skin. We use wallpaper glue that dries in a few minutes. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 44. Step 8 Play!!! The structure is now built. The thin walls are semi-transparent and let some light filter through, creating a feeling of “intimate alcoves” as well as larger “public spaces”. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 45. 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 46. Open Source project management How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman (Google) Producing Open Source Software 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 47. Re:configurable house : Usman Haque 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 48. Walking city, Archigram 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 49. Instructables / Github Social Making / Social Coding 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 50. Survie & Abondance 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 51. Abundance : Peter Diamandis Scarcity : Jarred Diamond‎ 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 52. Carl Jung : collective unconscious Emile Durkheim : Conscience collective 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 53. Zygmunt Baumann : Liquid Times, instability adaptability = fitness = survivability 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 54. Open_source Ecology : Resilience 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 55. Wikispeed ? fun, fast, safe, cheap 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 56. Ce qui est vraiment singulier 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 57. La loi de Moore et la Singularité 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 58. Ce qui est vraiment singulier 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 59. “You are what you share “Charles Leadbeater You are what remains Redfinition de soi, des autres de la richesse du progres 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 60. Power of 10 Redefinition de l’humanité, de soi, dans la foule 13/October/30/Wednesday
  • 61. #2 : Crowd Sourcing Cesar Harada 2013 | Marseille, France | 13/October/30/Wednesday