International Fair Trade Business Week


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International Fair Trade Business Week

  1. 1. FIRST INTERNATIONAL FAIR TRADE BUSINESS WEEK COOPEAGRI 2009 United, we grow Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica November 24th to 27th, 2009 INTRODUCTION However, a certain perception The event is a pioneer in Central remains on the buyers’ side that America. The goal is to reinforce “Building and strengthening small producers have not and deepen the potential impact long term relationships“ achieved the same level of evo- of Fair Trade to reduce poverty in lution in competitiveness. the region through durable, Organizations and producers commercial sustainability for all The last decade has seen sub- deserve an opportunity to show actors involved in the system. stantial development in the Fair their progress and present the Trade business in Central challenges they have encoun- Therefore, we wish to create the America. Producers have been tered in commercialization. setting to encourage direct en- multiplying, the quality of the counter between Central Ameri- products offered has increased It has become necessary to set can producers and the buyers and and diversified and sales are the table for the various opera- traders working with the Fair soaring. tors of the Fair Trade market to Trade label. discuss the challenges in develop- According to FLO’s latest report, ing the Fair Trade market for a This initiative should continue to sales of Fair Trade certified producing country. evolve in the future, together products have increased by 47%, with the local producers, possibly which adds up to approximately CoopeAgri R.L., as a certified biannually, to promote the con- 2.3 billion Euros in 2008 alone. Fair Trade producing organiza- tinued improvement of commer- tion, has taken the initiative to cial relationships as a basis for With the growing increase of the organize the First Central Amer- mutual agreement about the market, the number of certified ica Fair Trade Business Week in needs of both the market and the producers has increased by 9% its own neighborhood, making the certified organizations. in the last period. producers the main protagonists. +00 (506) 2771-8554
  2. 2. PRESENTATION The First International Fair Trade countries, who are committed to improve Business Week will be held from No- the sustainable productive activity. vember 23rd to 27th, 2009, in San Isidro As this is a pilot activity, the discussion de El General, Costa Rica. Representa- themes will focus on the two products tives from producer organizations from yielding the highest sales volumes in the Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hondu- area: coffee and sugar. ras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are expected, as well as participants We are expecting approximately 50 from various Fair Trade purchasing organizations from all over the world, - GOALS “Create the appropriate 3. Offer key information on the market: po- tential offer and demand for Organic - Fair setting to stimulate direct Trade products and certified and/or certifi- discussion between Fair able Organics. Trade certified Central 4. Perform an analysis of the evolution of the American producers, the Fair Trade market and the challenges it various traders from meets in the face of the conventional mar- ket. purchasing countries and the Fair Trade labeling 5. Promulgate the work of the Labeling Initia- tives and the traders in the consumer coun- initiatives, in order to tries and analyze how producers can help consolidate relationships tighten cooperative relationships. and strengthen business 6. Externalize the participation of the Central within the Fair Trade American Fair Trade liaison office to System.“ strengthen its mission of supporting com- mercial relationships and determine ac- tions to cooperate with the producers’ sus- tainability. 1. Facilitate connections between Fair Trade producers and buyers. 7. Together, find alternatives and solutions to improve the commercial relationships and 2. Present the advances producers have the competitiveness of Fair Trade within made in crucial areas of interest to im- the consumer countries. porters and retailers: quality, traceability, exportation capability and competitive- ness. +00 (506) 2771-8554
  3. 3. - PARTICIPANTS AND GUESTS ‣ Central American producers ‣ Fair Trade Labeling Initiatives ‣ Fair Trade coffee and sugar importers ‣ CLAC delegates ‣ Liaison officials (Central American FLO) ‣ FLO Ev Germany representatives: United Standards, United Services and Producer Rela- tions - FINANCING Registration Fee: A $450 US registration fee has been set for the producers participating in the business week. This includes all four (4) event days, five (5) nights of housing and fourteen (14) meals (dinner on Monday the 23rd, three meals per day from the 24th to the 27th and breakfast on Saturday the 28th), as well as local transportation between the Juan Santa Maria airport in San José and San Isidro in Pérez Ze- ledón. In order to amortize the costs, we ask the Fair Trade buyers to cover the cost of their registration for $550 US, which also includes all of the above. Transportation fees from the country of origin to San José, Costa Rica will be left in the participants’ charge. We hope to offer, through donations and sponsorships, financial backing to help cover the costs for representatives of producing organizations. Donations from the international cooperation would be most valuable to help finance the transportation for those participating organizations who deserve it, at least up to 50% of the cost of plane tickets. Payment Instructions: * Give the next information to your bank: Credit account No. 19011-08821 of Banco BCT, S.A., San José, Costa Rica, Swift Code: CCIOCRSJ, with BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., 100 SE 2nd Street, Suite 3100 Miami, Florida 33131-2150, USA SWIFT: BOFAUS3M. * Finally, it is very important indicate “final credit to” (beneficiary’s name and account number). +00 (506) 2771-8554
  4. 4. GENERAL PROGRAM Monday, November 23 Arrival in Costa Rica. Night in San José. Tuesday, November 24 - Welcome to Costa Rica! 8:00 Leaving the hotel and the road to San Isidro de El General ‣ Visit of the Irazú volcano 11:00 Visit of the Los Valles exportation center ‣ Product quality and traceability ‣ Analysis of the Quality And Traceability advancements by producers ‣ Realities and challenges of Traceability in the Fair Trade System (Discussion between producers and importers) 12:00 Lunch 13:30 Towards San Isidro de El General 16:00 Registration at the Hotel 18:00 Opening cocktail ‣ Social, environmental and economic impact of the cooperative model + Fair Trade ‣ Awarding Pérez Zeledón the title of Fair Trade city ‣ Solidarity cocktail and artistic presentations +00 (506) 2771-8554
  5. 5. Wednesday, November 25 - Presentation Day 6:00 Organic / Fair Trade Breakfast 8:00 Thanksgiving Mass (47th anniversary) Keynotes and presentations Coffee Sugar 9:00 Realities and dynamic of the Central Challenges and Power of the Latin American producer American sugar producer A CoopeAgri R.L. presentation A CoopeAgri R.L. presentation 9:30 Negotiation mechanisms and orien- Alternative means of tation in the Fair Trade model commercializing sugar A Javataza presentation A CTM presentation 10:00 Coffee break 10:15 The influence of Fair Trade Uniting through Fair Trade Community case studies Community case studies 11:30 Selecting the discussion themes for Selecting the discussion themes for the afternoon the afternoon 12:00 Fair Trade Lunch Workshops assisted by a moderator Coffee Sugar 13:00 Challenges (themes) of the coffee activity Challenges (themes) of the coffee activity 14:30 Workshop conclusions Workshop conclusions 15:00 Alliance models Commercial experiences Case studies Case studies 16:00 Challenges and commitment: An integration proposal to the commercial chain A FLO Centroamerica presentation 18:00 CoopeAgri R.L. 47th anniversary celebration +00 (506) 2771-8554
  6. 6. Thursday, November 26 - Rural Outing 8:00 Organic / Fair Trade Breakfast 9:00 Visit to communities Coffee Sugar 11:30 Visiting the producer La Presa Farm Coffee-picking contest Technical assistance to producers 12:00 Rural lunch A cup of coffee with the people who work with the Fair Trade consumers 13:00 Analysis of the ways producers and help strengthen then contact with the consumer A FLO Centroamerica presentation Coffee Sugar 15:00 Central American coffee tasting Visit of the basin of Río Peñas Blancas 17:00 Return to the hotel and night off 20:00 Visit of the industrial process at the Beneficio Ecológico La Ceniza (op- tional) Friday, November 27 - Business Day 8:00 Organic / Fair Trade Breakfast 9:30 Negotiation Table *Personalized agenda for each client 12:30 Fair Trade Lunch 14:00 Negotiation Table (cont.) *Personalized agenda for each client 16:00 Closing cocktail ‣ Recreative activities ‣ Until next year! +00 (506) 2771-8554