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Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
Women of china power point introduction
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Women of china power point introduction


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  • 1. The Women of China
    By: Sarah
    picture found at:
  • 2. Simple Random Facts About Me
    Hometown: Inver Grove Heights, MN
    Oldest of three girls
    My favorite things to do are dancing, sleeping, and laying out by my pool in the summer.
    I am a big movie junkie and my favorite person to watch movies with is my dad.
    I am afraid to drive so I have had my permit for almost 5 years now
    I love Mexican Food
    I have never seen the Ocean
  • 3. What I’m doing in life today!
    I’m in my Junior year at MSUM
    I am majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology
    In the summer I work in a Greenhouse back home
    This is my second year of being a Resident Assistant in the Residence Halls on campus
  • 4. CHINA
    • Capital=Bejing
    • 5. Overall population of china is a little over 1 billion.
    • 6. Women make up a little less then half of that population, but they also tend to live a little longer then the males in China.
    • 7. Today it is averaged that all Chinese girls and boys will receive 11 years of schooling.
    • 8. China has a Communist State type of Government
    • 9. Unemployment rate is about 4.3%
    • 10. Population that is below the poverty line is about 2.8%
    Picture found at:
  • 11. Women of Ancient China
    The women in China back when were expected to have obedience towards their husband, they had to stay home and complete household cleaning, cooking and sewing tasks. They seldom left their homes. They were allowed to leave to go buy groceries for the household.
    A father of the household decided who is daughter would marry and she had no say in it.
    Women of ancient china were not allowed to be caught gossiping or laughing.
    Young girls in poor classes could be sold to fathers in higher classes.
    Women were not allowed to hold political offices.
    Picture found at:
  • 12. Women in China Today
    Now that China is based around Communism many things have changed.
    • There are no longer strong arranged marriage policies women could now choose their spouses if they wished
    • 13. Polygamy was abolished
    • 14. Equality of sexes made educated women more likely to not participate in only household tasks
    Pictures found at: and
  • 15. Violence Against Women in China
    There is such a problem centered around the “One Child Policy”
    • This policy leads to unwanted induced abortions
    • 16. Increased numbers of women committing suicide out of fear
    • 17. So many men go unmarried because their wives to be (planned marriages) will be aborted before they are born which in the end leads to increased sexual slavery.
    • 18. Women who have gone against the One Child Policy made be victims of forced sterilization, which is often times not sanitary and leads to numerous infections.
    • 19. There is a big difference in the number of girls that get aborted to the number of boys, many more girls never get to experience life.
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