Jasmine OConnor                                                                       certified2fix@yahoo.comEXPERIENCE SU...
•   Software and hardware upgrades              •   Maintained and improved customer relationships through training       ...
•   Sent to Palm Springs and Las Vegas as an incentive for outstanding job performance   •   Provided on-site support, tro...
Kforce – Assigned to Hewlett Packard   • Road Warrior assigned to the US region in conversion of Wachovia banks converting...
Implementation Specialist/Software Trainer                               April 2006 – October 2006(Florist Transworld Deli...
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Jasmine OConnor


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Jasmine OConnor

  1. 1. Jasmine OConnor certified2fix@yahoo.comEXPERIENCE SUMMARYExperienced in the following: Hardware break/fixes; POS setup/configurations; client/servernetworks; Network refreshes, installs, and upgrades; Windows Server 2003 and 2007; DHCP; Backup,Security, Windows 95,98, 98(SE), ME, XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7 Ultimate; MAC 10.0; TCP/IPProtocols and Configuration; and Wireless Networks.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPC Technician, New Baltimore, MI 10/2001 – 01/2009Independent ContractorHandled both commercial and residential clients • PC upgrades and troubleshooting for residential customers • Software and hardware upgrades • Security installations • Maintained and improved client relationships • Built and upgraded PCs; installed Operating System and Application software. • Assisted customers in determining hardware and software requirements and making purchases. • Tutored clients on use of hardware and software. • Effectively marketed services to and maintained working relationships with clients. • Improved clients’ operations by completing a wide-scale replacement of out-dated work stations and servers. • Upgraded operating systems from Windows 95, 98, 98(SE), Millennium to: Windows NT, 2000, XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7 Utlimate. • Transferred all data files to new PCs, keeping desktop preferences intact. • Replaced USB mice, keyboards, monitors, printers, motherboards, daughter cards, LED circuit cards, imaging cameras, and internal wiring harnesses • Hired /supervised contractors and oversaw project completion. All contracts were completed on time and within budget
  2. 2. • Software and hardware upgrades • Maintained and improved customer relationships through training • Maintained and improved customer relationships by meeting time deadlines • Client/Server network installations • Managed Projects • Supervised othersIndependent Consultant Assigned to NCR • (03/2006 – 01/2009) Independent Consultant assigned to NCR through various contracting houses • Assigned to the Midwest Region for the DSW Conversion • Travelled extensively throughout the United States for all other NCR Retail Customers. • Provided customer training, system support on all NCR hardware/software products • Managed DSW Help Desk as Tier II Support for Field Technicians at various Retail DSW store locations throughout the US. • Installed POS client/server networks at DSW retail locations throughout the Midwest region. • Attended training at DSW headquarters. • Promoted from Lead Technician III to Lead Technician for all national customer retail locations • Supervised NCR CEs (Customer Engineers) Tech Leads II & III at each site to ensure time and project requirements had been met and satisfied. • Installed SCOT (Self-checkout Terminals) client/server infrastructure at Retail grocery store chains (Meijer, Safeway, Vons, Dominicks, Biggs, Fresh and Easy; and DSW). • Installed cat5e Network through walls, patch panels and POS/cpu system devices. • Tested LAN cable and electrical connectivity. • Implemented Data Server Migrations from old equipment to new on DSW project. • Analyzed Blue prints on Peer-to-peer network Schematics at Meijer, Safeway, Vons, Dominicks, and Biggs retail locations. • Worked with general contractors from D&D/Buist to ensure electrical and LAN connectivity guidelines had been met and satisfied. • Installed/Configured/Programmed Remote Attendant Station (RAP), NCR POS Receipt Printer, PSC hand-held wireless scanner, Cash Drawer, Power Strips, UPS, Cables, MSR/Card Readers. Partitioned/Imaged/Upgraded Remote Attendant Stations (RAP), and Fast lane/TAB (Take-away Belt) Self Check-out Terminals (SCOT). • Tested and Troubleshot peripheral devices attached to RAP/self-checkout units: MSR, Scanner, Bill Acceptor, Cash Acceptor, Cash/Coupon Sensor, Cash Dispenser, Coin Changer, Receipt Printer, 1-5-10 Dollar Bill Cassettes, Tri light, Digital Interface Module, Scot Switch (Supervisor Function), Bag Scales, Touch screen, Motherboard Memory and COM issues. • Troubleshot Device and Software system messages. • Trained customers and employees on use, maintenance and repair of equipment on SCOT (Self-Check Out Terminals). • Received several recommendations from Cashiers, Service Coordinators, Team Leaders, Managers, and Systems for demonstrating use of complex software and hardware terminology • Assisted IBM/NCR in troubleshooting IBM’s Verifone Retalex database systems.
  3. 3. • Sent to Palm Springs and Las Vegas as an incentive for outstanding job performance • Provided on-site support, troubleshooting and training to store personnel on SCOT systems at Fresh and Easy. • Attended two Fresh ‘n Easy grand store openings in California with CEO • Ran scripts for conversions at each DSW retail store location. • Did data/server migrations for each DSW retail store location. • Removed old hard drives from old servers and placed hard drives in lock boxes to be sent back to DSW since they contained pertinent financial customer information • Re-routed old Time-in-a-Box (employee clock in/out) devices from old server to new server • Installed and configured new Lexmark printers, replacing Brother printers in both Cash office and Shipping/Receiving area • Removed and collected old Flash cards containing pertinent financial customer information and placed in lock boxes to be shipped back to DSW. • Configured upgrade POS registers in BIOS and also using scripts to transfer to new network IP schematic. • Configured RF Guns via changing HOST (IP schematic) to ensure RF guns were changed to new IP address scheme. Configured RF gun printers to ensure RF guns could print their bar code items. • Reduced POS client server infrastructure installation from 8-12 hours to only 4-6 hours. • *Ranked in the top 5 of technicians that were considered to be the best on the project. • *Received $1000 bonus from DSW through NCR at completion of DSW Project.First Level Technology (A subdivision of NCR) • Worked with First Level Technology (FLT), NCR’s company, to upgrade more than 40 Point- of-Sale (POS) registers • Assisted in server configuration at more than 5 retail locations at various locations in southeast Wisconsin.Barbeau Enterprises – Assigned to JP Morgan Chase • Upgraded branch banking systems at various JP Morgan Chase Bank locations throughout Southeast Michigan • Managed Tier II Help Desk Call Tracking Systems at JP Morgan Chase Data Center in Columbus, Ohio. • Developed conversion-weekend training material for New-hire contract employees assigned to JP Morgan Chase Data Center • Trained new-hire contract employees on conversion-weekend training material and also Eagle Ticketing system. • Worked with Tier III to resolve Active Directory issues at branches. • Set up Bridge line for Field Service Technicians • Managed 4 Field Service Technicians on both deployments for conversion weekends.TekSystems • Upgraded and configured new workstations at various UBS PaineWebber locations in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
  4. 4. Kforce – Assigned to Hewlett Packard • Road Warrior assigned to the US region in conversion of Wachovia banks converting old servers to new servers at each branch location. • Assisted in building Network Racks • Managed Data Server Migration from IBM servers to HP servers using Microsoft 2003 OS’s at each Wachovia site. • Workstations hardware swap using Dell systems • Configured IP addresses to connect to new server IP address for network connectivity • Ran scripts on individual workstations • Configured VMWare for brokerage use. • Swapped Network Printers and configured IP address to host for network printability • Configured backup software of tape drives for new serverQOMO HiteVision • Bench Technician troubleshooting and fixing document cameras for Chinese Manufacturing facility headquartered in Beijing, China. • Flown to Nevada to assist customers with the RF Wireless tablet at the 2008 InfoComm Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. • Replaced motherboards, Main boards, LED circuit cards, and wiring harnesses in document cameras. • Troubleshot general and network connectivity issues with presentation products: QOMO Interactive Whiteboard, Document Cameras, RF Wireless Writing tablet • Troubleshot driver and software incompatibility issues on MAC (v. 10.0) and Windows laptop and desktop systems • Solely managed incoming and outgoing calls for Tier I, II, and III help desk discussing new issues directly with developer/supervisor. • Used Net Meeting to assist in troubleshooting of customers systems. • Wrote technical documentation for the QD700 document camera and also the QOMO Audience Response System. • Uploaded drivers and software to the QOMO FTP site for customer use. *Received a $1500.00 bonus at the end of contract.Greyhill Entertainment (formerly UDC Corporation), Milwaukee, WI 2006Marketing Consultant • Troubleshot and resolved projector / computer problems; Created and produced 35 Million dollar Marketing Campaign for Private-sector Investor Business Clients; Assisted company owners and department heads in determining specific needs to bring film and music to the state of Wisconsin. • Helped developer implement marketing strategies that successfully increased client base • Created and produced the firms first 35 Million dollar Marketing Campaign to bring film and music to the state of Wisconsin by building a corporate infrastructure • Created a Marketing Campaign in 10 hours, which would have taken a whole Marketing team 1 week or more to create. • Held closed private-investment meeting with key influential people, which included LT. Governor, 2-key Senators, delegate from USA Today, Semi-Pro football player, and department heads of Art division at Wisconsin State University
  5. 5. Implementation Specialist/Software Trainer April 2006 – October 2006(Florist Transworld Delivery), Downers Grove, Illinois • Road Warrior traveling extensively throughout the United States installing client-server / POS system networks. Provided on-site installation, support and training of vendor-specific hardware on a Client-server network on FTD POS systems. • Served as Corporate Liaison between FTD florists and FTD • Provided post-training analysis and support to FTD florists • Read and followed Shop Diagrams / Blue prints / Client-Server network Schematics • Set up workstations on networks and Internet so clients could correspond with vendors electronically to accommodate upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks accounting software and fully automated In-house ordering system. • Reduced clients labor costs and error rate by setting up a network and installing an engineering program that automated the Order-Tracking process in flower shops for Florists (eliminating the need for manual ordering-tracking) • Fabricated Ethernet cables • Installed Network Printers, Dell Servers / Dell OE Clients / Dell POS systems. • Installed Epson Receipt printers, Cash drawers, Linksys Routers, HUBs, Switches, cables peripheral devices on OE clients, Servers, and POS systems • Configuration of Network printer, Server, Linksys Router, clients, and POS systems via Web Interface. • Provided Server/Internet connectivity support bridging DSL / cable modems with Linksys Router opening port-forwarding for dial-in VNC / PC Anywhere support • Provided Software Upgrades, Data migrations, Data transfers on OE, POS and Server systems • Troubleshot and fixed hardware and software related issues. • Configured server by designating administrative rights to specific employees • Coordinated with Project and Account Managers for successful completion of installations • Received successful Installation Wrap-up Surveys resulting in 400 dollar bonuses received on each and every installation. • Volunteered on vacation time to assist in sales between FTD and FTD florists. Recognition from Vice President of Sales, Michael White, in generating sales and given new sales projects to undertake.EDUCATIONOakland Community CollegeAuburn Hills, MI 03/2001 – 10/20031-Year Vocational Certificate in PC SupportCompTIA A+ CertificateCustomer Service CertificateMOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) CertificateCultural Diversity Certificate.