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Why offer certifications in secondary cte courses (bpa nlc 2012)
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Why offer certifications in secondary cte courses (bpa nlc 2012)


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Help your students: get college credit, gain meaningful employment, find relevance in their classes, improve their academics, and enhance their college applications by offering them industry …

Help your students: get college credit, gain meaningful employment, find relevance in their classes, improve their academics, and enhance their college applications by offering them industry certifications that align to your CTE programs.

Published in: Education

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  • Why do your students drop out?70% drop out because of a lack of engagement/interest (US DOE Data)
  • Troll the jobs pages and you’ll see that jobs are out there, right now, but they require specific levels of expertise. Simply because a student graduates from college with a computer science degree or with another valuable degree, this does not mean they are employable. Graduates may have learned some excellent skills in school – but the problem is – they don’t always possess the exact skills to fill an open position? And how can an employer verify that they can apply their skills on the job, and not just on paper? *Employers continue to complain that too many young people graduate without the skills they are looking for.In today’s economy that we just painted a picture of, and in this Information Age of technology, it takes more than a basic education to be employable. It is going to take more than just a degree to put your resume at the top. So what kind of employable skills are companies looking for? 
  • Hiring managers know certified professionals help their organizations. In a recent study by leading employment agency Robert Half International, over 45,000 job applicants were studied. 2,600 of these individuals obtained the Microsoft Office certification. The results were staggering:* 12% earned more than their non-certified counterparts.  * The study also showed that placement is higher with certification, with 47% of individuals reporting that their certification was a factor in improving their ability to find or keep a job, or get a promotion.  A significantly higher percentage of the certified individuals got jobs in the first placeThe part-time individuals that were certified were converted to full time positions their companies, 20% more often than their non certified counterparts This study showed the value of a certification to employers. Increased pay and created better job opportunities.
  • The UK National Health Service is Europe's largest company and the 4th largest in the world. In 2010 the NHS launched a Microsoft Office Skills Training (MOST) program to increase NHS employee productivity when using Microsoft Office applications - Word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. The program is proving popular with NHS staff, and since the program was launched there have been over 2000 exam completions. NHS offers the MOS certification to employees for free. David Levison, Senior Project Manager with the DH Informatics Team responsible for the delivery of the MOST program within the NHS, believes this skills training program will allow all NHS staff to get the “MOST‟ out of the software they use on a daily basis. A recent survey of over 100 learners from 40 different NHS organizations undertaken in September 2010 found that 100% would recommend the courses to colleagues and that 97% were now undertaking every day Microsoft Office tasks faster. 
  • The best, and most useful certifications map directly to key job roles, or skills that are in demand in the workforce today. The technical skills measured by certification take education one step further and applying it in real life situations.  Certiport offers 8 certification pathways:The HP Accredited Technical Associate is our newest certification program. The program provides the industry’s first architect-level certification designed for academia. This program validates the required IT expertise for implementing end-to-end solutions.Microsoft Office Specialist is the official certification program for Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, Outlook, and OneNote.Microsoft Technology Associate Certification is for students exploring academic or career options in technology, including developers, database administrators, and IT professionals.Adobe Certified Associate is the leading certification for validating entry-level digital communications skills for Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Photoshop and Premier Pro.Autodesk Certified User for AutoCAD and Inventor provides an entry-level certification in 2D and 3D design software.CompTIA Strata is a stepping-stone certification that measures knowledge of basic IT terminology and skills.Intuit QuickBooks Certified User is a capstone certification in accounting coursework.
  • Bookkeeping in the 21st Century requires more than knowledge of GAAP principles or an eye for detail—students need relevant computing skills. Intuit® QuickBooks, the industry leader in managerial accounting software for small business, provides an easy-to-understand platform for students to grasp accounting concepts while honing skills in the most prevalent bookkeeping application in small business today. Students can validate their QuickBooks knowledge by becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User.This certification validates…QuickBooks SetupQuickBooks Utilities and General Product KnowledgeList ManagementItemsSalesPurchasesThough not shown on this slide, it also covers…PayrollReportsBasic AccountingCustomization/Saving Time and Shortcuts
  • The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals certificate program offers individuals a broad introduction to computing technology and serves as a critical stepping stone to advanced technical learning and IT skills. The exam measures an individual's knowledge of…Technology and Computer Hardware BasicsCompatibility Issues and Common ErrorsSoftware Installation and FunctionsSecurityGreen IT and Preventative Maintenance
  • Anyone heard of Autodesk? You’ve probably heard of AutoCAD, the leading 2D and 3D design software. Not only do we provide their AutoCAD Certified User program, but we also offer the Autodesk Inventor Certified User program. These programs validate 2D and 3D design skills using state-of-the-art Autodesk design software and they confirm students have the skills necessary to continue their design careers.
  • Transcript

    • 1. WHY CERTIFY? Dave Hansen
    • 2. TOPICS OF DISCUSSIONThe Uphill Climb for Your StudentsIntegrating Skills & Validation – Why? How?Top Secondary/Post-Secondary CertificationRecommendationsHow to Get Started
    • 4. YOUR STUDENTS STRUGGLE TO FIND JOBS "Proportionally, more kids have lost jobs in the past few years than the entire country lost in the Great Depression." - Andrew Sum in Time Magazine Jan 18, 2010 "Only one in four U.S. teenagers held a job in 2011, the smallest percentage in decades and half what it was in 1999-2000.“ - Reuters News Report January 24, 2012
    • 5. GOING TO COLLEGE IS GETTING HARDER> Enrollment of older students outpacing younger (19% vs. 10%) Community College Avg. & Mean Age of Students Average Age Mean Age 28 23> Increased applications, declining admissions> Cost of education outpacing earning potential increase (in some fields)
    • 6. COLLEGE GRADS STRUGGLETO APPLY SKILLSIN A PRACTICALENVIRONMENT “Young people leave college without the employability skills they are looking for.” - Deloitte & Touche
    • 7. WHY FOCUS ON SKILLS? Student A Student BResume Highlights: Resume Highlights:> Typing Class – A- > Type 60 WPM > Internet & Computing Core> English Class – A+ Certification (IC3)Certified> Computer Class – B+ > Microsoft Office Specialist –> Internship with local Excel Certified accounting firm > Internship with local accounting firm> Assistant Drum Major > Assistant Drum Major WHO GETS THE INTERVIEW?
    • 9. WHY CERTIFY?> Changing Trends in CTE & Vocational Ed> Student Employability> Student Career-Readiness> Course Relevance Barometer> Improved Academics> Clear Course/Program Sequencing> College Credit> Better Internship Opportunities> Enhanced Articulation Opportunities> Funding> Reporting & Curriculum Feedback
    • 10. WHY CERTIFY? - GEORGETOWN UNIV.> “…we need to revive high school career and technical education programs as…”  Alternative pathways to postsecondary education and training  To provide industry-based certificates and certifications that make students employable after high school - Postsecondary Education and Training As We Know It Is Not Enough.
    • 11. WHY CERTIFY - WA STATE (I-BEST)> “The study identified a “tipping point” of at least one year of college credit and a credential as the threshold for…”  Earning better wages  Meeting workforce needs  Advancing/finishing post-secondary education- Washington SBCTC – Research Report No. 08-1
    • 12. WHY CERTIFY - HARVARD UNIVERSITY of people with post-secondarylicenses or certificates—credentials short ofan associate’s degree—earn more than theaverage bachelor’s degree recipient.”Pathways to Prosperity (Feb. 2011)
    • 13. WHY CERTIFY - CAL STATE UNIVERSITY> “Students who earn credentials in occupational programs can have substantial earnings advantages over those earning traditional academic degrees” (Emphasis Added)- California State University - Sacramento
    • 14. CTE CERT BASED PROGRAM IN NYC HS> Lower Drop-out Rates  NYC CTE – 4x Lower> Increased Post-Secondary Enrollment  NYC CTE – 92%> Perceived Program Value  NYC CTE –600 openings received 10,000 applications
    • 15. IMPROVED ACADEMICS – CTE & CERTPerformance Indicator Non-CAPE CAPE, No Cert CAPE + CertAverage GPA 2.56 2.6 3.0Chronically Absent 17% 20% 11%At Least One Disciplinary Action 21% 21% 11%Dropout Rate 2% 1% 0%12th Graders Earning Diploma 79% 88% 97%At Least One Accelerated Course 22% 22% 33%Bright Futures Eligible Seniors 28% 26% 44%
    • 16. WHY CERTIFY? - STUDENT CAREER READINESS> 80+% of entry-level information worker tasks are performed in Microsoft Office (Not Google Docs)From a study with 10,000+ MOS Certified participants> 85% of supervisors report…  More productive  Require less supervision> 93% Become team resources> 89% Are more satisfied at work  Keeping/staying with their jobs
    • 17. HOW DO AFFECT EMPLOYABILITY? Certified Certified Certified Conversion Placement Wages individuals individuals individuals are earning are placed on are converting 12% more than assignment at to full-time non-certified a higher rate employment individuals than the 20% more often in their industry than non- assignments average certified individualsOver 2,600 certified individuals tracked and comparedto more than 43,000 non-certified individuals
    • 18. BUT ISN’T ALL OF THIS CERT VALUE A MYTH? Network World and SolarWinds Survey (November 2011) - 700 IT Professionals - Nearly 80% said Certification made a difference Did a certification lead to any of the following? (Check all that apply.) Other Benefit A Promotion An Increase in Salary or Bonus A New Job 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%
    • 19. NHS UK CASE STUDY:WORKFORCE CERTIFICATION BACKGROUND STAFF MANAGEMENT AND TARGETS FEEDBACK FEEDBACK800,000 technology users 91% increase in 577% ROI - “It not onlyin a varied workforce productivity saves me time but also ensures my data is accurateUsing MOS, practice tests, 95% learned features with less chance for errors”training, and eLearning that will assist in job functions 542% ROI - “It has had a bigDesire to increase overall impact on my work and hasefficiency 97% now working faster saved a lot of time whichNeed to find demonstrable 71% saving at least one means I can get moreand transferrable skills hour per week done.” London, UK
    • 20. WHY CERTIFY? - COLLEGE CREDITStudents can receive college credit through:
    • 21. WHY CERTIFY? – INTERNSHIPS> Enhanced credibility with local employers> Employers learn value of certified employees> Students better prepared for real-world experience
    • 23. USING CERTS FULFILLS PERKINS REQUIREMENTS > Fulfill Perkins 2S1 Requirement
    • 24. USING CERTS FULFILLS OTHER FUNDING REQS $ Enhancing Education Through Technology $ Title 1 $ Ed Tech K-12 Voucher Program (CA) $ Specialized Secondary Program Grants (CA) $ California Partnership Academies (CA) $ PTA $ Community partners/businesses $ Tech Prep $ $ Philanthropic Organizations $ Other state/federal grants Why Certify?
    • 25. WHY CERTIFY? – BRAGGING RIGHTS/(CV)STUDENTS INSTRUCTORSBragging rights, peer recognition, program Braggingawareness, parent education, behavior rights, CV, professionalreinforcement, etc. development, Earn your CTE credential*
    • 26. WhichAre Best for My Program?
    • 27. AVAILABLE CERTS – MOSLargest Certification Program on the Planet“Ideal” Candidates for Certification Secondary CTE & College Students Academy Program Students Instructors and StaffMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access (SharePoint & One Note in 2010) - Microsoft Office 2010 - Microsoft Office 2007 - Microsoft Office 2003
    • 28. AVAILABLE CERTS – MOSThis is what to expect - Performance-based exam 50 minute length 20-30 test items with one or more tasks Score required to pass varies with exam (65-80%) Skills measured are posted on Microsoft and Certiport’s websites
    • 30. MTA – IT STARTS HERE Master + Architect/Consulting Skills Deep Technical Skills Job Role Experience 1-2 Yrs. Technology Experience. Beginners Associate Level: • No work experience required • Fundamental concepts • Classroom taught • Available to academic institutions only • Positioning students for advanced training, MCTS and entry-level positions and internships
    • 31. MTA EXAM CHARACTERISTICSThis is what to expect - Multiple-choice and other select-response questions 45 minute length 35 test items Score required to pass varies with exam (most IT exams range from 65-80%) Source: US Dept. of Education Skills measured are posted on
    • 32. AVAILABLE CERTS – MTA (RESOURCES)Developed by MS Learning, MTA Exam Review Kits are collections of 21-hour reviewlessons covering the topics for each MTA exam. They are offered as a free digitaldownload to MTA customers Course syllabus • Learning objectives • Unit scope and sequence • Pacing chart Instructor materials • Lesson plans for each day of instruction • Presentation slides for each day of instruction • Annotated speaker notes for each slide Content delivery resources including • Occasional class demonstrations • Occasional interactive whole-class sessions • Guides for occasional discussions to foster dialogue about key topics Student learning materials including • In-class exercises (including the code for those exercises) • Practical out-of-class work • Labs as appropriate Student assessment materials • End-of-lesson/sub-unit questions and answers
    • 33. AVAILABLE CERTS – MTA (RESOURCES)MTA Student Study Guides: Available in print ready or study ready formatDownload free of charge at:
    • 34. AVAILABLE CERTS – IC3Digital Literacy Certified in 3 Areas Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, Living OnlineIC3 = Foundational Certification for Office Workers Design Workers IT ProfessionalsAppropriate Courses for Certification Introduction to Computers Basic Microsoft Office Courses Internet Use Courses
    • 35. AVAILABLE CERTS - IC3This is what to expect - Three separate exams (allows formative testing) Multiple-choice, simulations and matching questions 45 minute length 45 test items with one or more tasks Score required to pass varies with exam (most IT exams range from 65-80%) Source: US Dept. of Education Skills measured are posted on Certiport’s website
    • 36. • QuickBooks Setup• QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge• List Management• Items• Sales• Purchases
    • 38. Rich Media using Flash Excellent, Free Student and Teacher Resources Video Communication using Premiere Pro Blended Linear & Performance Based Questions Web Communication using Dreamweaver Visual Communication using Photoshop
    • 39. > Technology and Computer Hardware Basics> Compatibility Issues and Common Errors> Software Installation and Functions> Security> Green IT and Preventative Maintenance
    • 40. Validate 2D and 3D designskills using state-of-the-artAutodesk® design softwareConfirms students have theskills necessary to continuetheir design careers
    • 42. RESOURCES FOR YOU - CURRICULUM> Publishers with certification-aligned curriculum:  John Wiley & Sons (Wiley)  Cengage  CCI Learning  Learnkey  Pearson  McGraw-Hill  Microsoft Press  Cisco Press  Many Others
    • 43. RESOURCES FOR YOU – ASSESSMENTS> MeasureUp  Wide offering of IT and other certifications  Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider  CompTIA CAQC Approved  Robust Reporting> Certiprep  MOS 07/10, Live-in-the-app practice tests> Others:  Transcender, ExamForce, Gmetrix,> Beware Blacklisted Practice Tests
    • 45. RESOURCES FOR YOU> Certiport Customer Success Team  Helps you through the initial setup and training process> Certiport Regional Managers & Partners  Help you with product, program, curriculum questions> Online Training Videos (> Certiport Technical Support  24x7 technical support if you have any setup concerns> Social Media Peer Connections  LinkedIn MTA Group  LinkedIn MOS Group  LinkedIn IC3 Group
    • 46. THANK YOU!Dave HansenMBA, MCT, MMI, MOS, IC3, CPI, AI, CompTIA StrataDirector, Product Operations – MicrosoftToll Free: 888.999.9830Fax: 801.492.4160Email: dhansen@certiport.comTwitter: @Certidave