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Task 12 opening sequence
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Task 12 opening sequence



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  • 1. Cerise Clarke, Paula Duru, Mickella Swaby
  • 2. A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still or movingimages. These images put together give the illusion of movement and the making offilms are regarded as a form of art. Typically movies are produced in 5 Steps;  Development- film is scripted  Pre-Production- movie is designed and planned  Production- movie is created and shot  Post-Production- Clips are cut and edited  Distribution- Movie is released to cinemas or to DVD formats
  • 3. They Are A Sub-Genre of Horror And ThrillersPsychological – Elements that are related to the mind orprocesses of the mindThriller- A book, film or play showing crime, mystery, orespionage in an atmosphere of excitement and suspense.Devices and Techniques; Stream of consciousness First-person narrative Back-story
  • 4. Mind games Science Uncertainty Psychological ThrillersConscience Paranoia Existence Perception
  • 5.  What inspired us about Hard Candy… What inspired us about Inception… What inspired us about Memento… What inspired us about Black Swan What inspired us about Heavy Rain…
  • 6. Chosen Theme: Mind The human consciousness; the locationfor personality, thought, reason, memory,intelligence, Perception and emotion.
  • 7. Woman of early 20’s finds herself to be pregnant, she’s a law student but laterhas to drop out of her course due to the pregnancy. She goes back to livewith her mother who is very displeased with her current position gives herabsolute hell. She goes out with her supposedly best friend who also turns against her fornot knowing who the father of the unborn child is and calls her a lot ofinsensitive things.She has an argument with her and storms off home when on the way she getsknocked over by a car.She wakes up in a hospital not knowing how she got there, she has a baby girlnext to her and she doesn’t even remember being pregnant, the doctorsthen tell her she is suffering with Retrograde amnesia.To regain her memories she needs to find the diary she writes in daily whichcan also help her remember the recent events before the accident.
  • 8. Starts with the mother of the main character having a go at her,asking what does she plan to do with her future.Girl storms to her room and writes in her diary all the anger,depression and loneliness she is experiencing and breaks down.She phones her friend to tell her she needs someone to talk to as sheis feeling very down, However she has a argument with her friendand her friend tells her to just leave her alone.She runs home and as she steps out in the road she gets knockedover.Introduce the film title at the end of opening sequence to let theaudience calm down after seeing the accident.
  • 9.  Isa way in which a story is told. It can both be fictional and non fictional.
  • 10.  What we learnt from the Bulgarian theorist is that some narratives start with a state of equilibrium when everything is normal. When everything is normal and get disrupted by a bad force the state of normality is changed to disequilibrium. After protagonists defeats antagonists the disequilibrium state goes back to normal. This is called new equilibrium.
  • 11. All is should be(Normal)A young 21 year old lawstudent almost at thepeak of successA disruption by eventYoung lady becomes pregnant,mother is displeased with her andher best friend doesn’t wantnothing to do with her and she getsran over by a car.Damage is repaired bydisruption and there isa return of restorationShe wakes up alive andtraces her past. Thingsgradually go back tonormal a few years later.
  • 12.  What I learnt from Propp is that you can classify characters by their roles and actions. This links to our opening sequence, because the characters are all different and we could understand each actors key function.
  • 13.  What we learnt from Claude is that stories reflect values, myth and beliefs of culture. This is expressed in the form of “Binary Oppositions” In our opening sequence binary opposition will be used to show the main characters 2 qualities at different times. One showing her to be a weak person and then becoming more strong and independent. Weak Vs STRONG
  • 14. # Type of shot Description Prop/costum e needed
  • 15.  Age Certificate: 15 Location: Worldwide Gender: Both Genders Social Class: Working Class/ Youth Qualities of the audience;  Must have an interest in how society can affect onpeople lifestyles  Open minded to the reason why/how people can makemistakes.  Sense of empathy