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Draft 3 part 2
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  • 1. Part G
  • 2. Part HIn our opening sequence there are going to be 2 characters and 2 actors. 1st Character is Nia acted by Mickella Swaby 2nd Character is Kylie by Paula Duru Nia is a shy, lonely, quiet character, Nia is in Kylie doesn’t have much of a role in the her own world. She is shown to be mentally sequence but she is a friend of Nia. She disturbed in the sequence. Shes not much of a does seem to worry about Nia a lot bold character but she is very vulnerable. Shes because of her shy behaviour. But she gone through past experiences which made her lives around the area, and she greets Nia have a sort of abnormal behaviour or is she from time to time. just seeing things that are not really there. Stereotype – confident, cheerful Stereotype – hidden, alone Costume – bright, stylish Costume – dark clothing, winter wear Language – modern, slang, talkative Language – low toned voice. Body language – loud and proud Body language - hostile
  • 3. Part HThis is Nia as Character This is Kylie as dressed as Character And Paula the And Mickella Actor as Actor
  • 4. Part I Filming will also take place outside the house. ( Long shot) Point of view shot from the door (Nia passes by)
  • 5. Part IShe thenwalks Thenthrough he into thecorridor. kitchen/ dining area. Most of the setting will be A mid set at home. shot will Nia will be the be main character . filmed She walks here. through this door after seeing Kylie