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Draft 2 part 2 Draft 2 part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Research On Revenge • I watched a range of movies such as “Dead Silence” and "Law abiding citizen” they all had the aspect of revenge I watched how they got their “revenge” and all of them was a Painful MURDER Girl gets murdered because she laughed & Mocked the doll (Dead Clips from dead silence silence) the old man is tortured& killed (revenge) for his past behaviour
  • Research On revenge Continued Man (Clyde) reveals his identity on the man who killed and raped his daughter and wife The murderer tries to shoot him not knowing when he pulls the trigger the gun will numbed his body which Clyde had planned as a part of his torture Clyde then tortures the man then kills him by cutting him into pieces (48 pieces)
  • Revenge• Dictionary Meaning Of Revenge:• Internet Meaning:
  • Suffering I watched the“ Pursuit of Happiness” this has elements of suffering in it.Man gets kicked out of hishouse and is nowhomeless Man and his young son sleep in the train station no blanket , no pillow , No hope (Suffering)
  • Part G
  • Part G Cliffhangers False Investigations accusations Murders Thrillers Suspense Crime Anxiety Tension
  • Part G • Suspense-created by the main character’s actions and music Using • Mind Games/ Paranoia- Having The Doll Keep Going Missing and not knowing what the doll would do next • Anxiety-Have moments where weDeveloping can build up tension to cause anxiety. • Murder- To Show A Previous Murder in a FlashbackChallenging • Cliff-hangers-By not giving too much away within the opening sequence
  • Part HIn our opening sequence there are going to be 2 characters and 2 actors. 1st Character is Nia acted by 2nd Character is Kylie by Paula Mickella Swaby Duru Nia is a shy, lonely, quiet character, Nia is in Kylie doesn’t have much of a role in the her own world. She is shown to be mentally sequence but she is a friend of Nia. She does disturbed in the sequence. Shes not much of seem to worry about Nia a lot because of her a bold character but she is very vulnerable. shy behaviour. But she lives around the area, Shes gone through past experiences which and she greets Nia from time to time. made her have a sort of abnormal behaviour or is she just seeing things that are not really Stereotype – confident, cheerful there. Costume – bright, stylish Stereotype – hidden, alone Language – modern, slang, talkative Costume – dark clothing, winter wear Body language – loud and proud Language – low toned voice. Body language - hostile
  • Part I Filming will also take place outside the house. ( Long shot) Point of view shot from the door (Nia passes by)
  • Part IShe thenwalksthrough Thenhe into thecorridor. kitchen/ dining area. A mid shot will be Most of the filmed setting will be here. set at home. Nia will be the main character . She walks through this door after seeing Kylie
  • Part K 5 Bullet Points Overview Of Open Sequence • Main Character walks outside for some fresh air. She sees her neighbour they have a brief conversation • Main character picks up a letter she opens it and it has letters cut up she puts the words together and gets the word “KNOCK KNOCK” then in couple of minutes the door Knocks • Main character opens the door and theres no-one there she closes the door and when she looks a doll appears on the table. • • Main character is puzzled but walks past the table with the doll on it • As she walks past the doll disappears and the scene is finished Mickella Swaby
  • Part K The Opening Scene 5 Bullet • Teenage Girl Working On Her Laptop In The Points House Alone, When An Envelope is sent through her letter box, she goes to pick it up and brings back to the table she was working on. • When She Opens The Envelope little bits of different colour paper spills out spelling the phrase “Knock Knock”. • She then receives a loud knock at the front door, she approaches the magic hole to see no one there. She Opens The Door To See no one there and as she looks down there is a doll placed by the step of the door. • She takes the doll inside and places it on the chair next to her and stairs at it Confused. • She Then Looks Away from the doll to look at the door again to find the doll is missing.
  • Part K 5 Bullet Points Of The Whole Film • Nia (Main Character) walks outside for some fresh air. She sees her Kylie (Good Friend/neighbour) they have a brief conversation. Nia picks up a letter she opens it and it has letters cut up she puts the words together and gets the word “KNOCK KNOCK” then in couple of minutes the door Knocks. • Nia opens the door and theres no-one there she closes the door and when she looks a doll appears on the table. Nia is puzzled but walks past the table with the doll on it As she walks past the doll disappears and the scene is finished (Open Sequence) • Nia notices the doll has gone missing and has no memory of moving it she panics and starts to run to the door but the door is locked she then hears a young girl preferably whispering (Child murderer) she turns around and finds the doll in the corridor who then repeats again. • Nia passed out when she awakes she finds her self trapped to a table with a lot of medical equipment around her. The doll explains who the real identity is of the doll is which is the main characters unborn child that the main character had an abortion when she was 17 so the spirit of the unborn child lives and plans to live inside her mothers body. • Towards the end the doll kills the Nia and the doll transforms the spirit into Nia’s body
  • Part N We decided to use Torodov’s Theory because .. • His theory is a Normal beginning , something goes wrong in middle then everything is goes either back to normal or Happier at the end. • Our Idea Starts Calm then speeds up with a twist(both audience and character are confused waiting to see what’s going to happen next ) then ends off with a tragedy ending (New Equilibrium) which is what a psychological thriller normally does. Mickella Swaby 15
  • Part O Theories of Propp (Character Roles • We will be applying theories of Propp in our Opening Sequence.  What I learnt from Propp is that you can classify characters by their roles and actions.  This links to our opening sequence, because the characters are all different and we could understand each • We will be using theories of Propp actors key function. to identify what characters do what. In his theory Nia would be (the Victim) and Kylie would be (the helper)
  • Part P Theories of Strauss (Binary Opposition) What we learnt from Claude examined how Claude is that stories reflect values, myth and stories reflect beliefs, beliefs of culture. values and myths of culture. This is expressed in the form of “Binary Oppositions” We will use this by explaining the In our opening sequence differences between binary opposition will be the 2 characters. used to show the main characters 2 qualities at different times. One Nia – being more of the showing her to be a weak shy weak character person and then becoming more strong and Kylie – inferior, strong, independent. confident