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Smart logos and their secrets
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Smart logos and their secrets


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. By Ceren Uygurmen 18.03.2013
  • 2. Creating a creative logo is always challengingLogos are designed to do three primary things:• to represent a company’s brand;• to be iconic and recognisable;• to engage the audience to create an emotional response.The last one is arguably the trickiest to get right and...
  • 3. Innovative companies put thought in theirlogo designone way that designers have engaged their audience is• to create logos with hidden or layered meanings, subtly or not-so-subtly building a dynamic logo with which people can connect.Here are some examples:
  • 4. The FedEx logo has an arrow hidden between the letters E and X,representing FedEx’s speedy and accurate delivery service.The logo was designed in 1994 and it was a result of a work wheremore than 200 logos were designed.
  • 5. Unilever’s logo is made up of symbols like birds, bees, flower,palm and each has a meaning.The shirt (below the heart) symbolizes “clothes” and representsfresh laundry and looking good. The heart represents love, careand health , the bird is a symbol of freedom...etc
  • 6. Facebook Places logo has a ”4 ” in a square.A coincidence or a dig at Foursquare?
  • 7. LG and Pac Man!
  • 8. There is an intelligently drawn map of Africa.The continent is formed out of the white space that separates achild from its guardian. Hope for African Children Initiative
  • 9. It is not “ I love you”.The heart is twisted to spell out “Hate”.
  • 10. Egg and Spoon
  • 11. Toblerone chocolate company from Bern, Switzerland, which isknown for high mountains. Bern is also called "The City Of Bears".And the Toblerone logo contains the image of a bear hidden inthe Matterhorn mountain
  • 12. The Formula 1 logo has a hidden number 1 between the letter Fand the speed lines.
  • 13. The entire logo is created with only one number; the number 8.
  • 14. That yellow arrow is not just a smiley but also suggests that youcan buy everything from A to Z on Amazon.
  • 15. Baskin Robbins offers 31 flavors of ice-cream.There is the number 31 hidden within the letters of B and R.
  • 16. There is a shoe hidden betweet T and S
  • 17. Le Tourde France logo contains a hidden cyclist shaped by the letter“R” and “U” riding a cycle whose wheels are made out of the letters“O”.The last “O” is colored in yellow, the same color of the famous jerseygiven to the winner of the event. It also means sun.
  • 18. The illustrations of a book are stacked on top of each other tosimulate a tower block symbol of Gotham City
  • 19. Roxy is a part of Quiksilver and specializes in clothing &accessories for girls who love snowboarding, surfing.The logo is made of two Quiksilver logos that form a heart.
  • 20. T-shirts merge to form a crown out of the background.
  • 21. By Ceren Uygurmen 18.03.2013