C E R C O N E W S November 2009


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CERCONEWS November 2009 edition

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C E R C O N E W S November 2009

  1. 1. CERCO-NEWS V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 2 N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 9 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Forest adventurers encounter mysterious Red Forest 1 primate adventurers en- counter mysteri- Red Eared The trip was then heard the calls of Putty- ous Red primate Guenons were programmed to nosed guenons and mona From the 2 among the last 3 days, but monkeys. Soon after, a Red- Director many primate actually took 4. capped mangabey was seen species ob- served and turned into and just after they had an a real adven- excellent view of a large Mottie’s passport 2 ture. Elephant trails con- group of Monas. The high- to freedom fused our explorers, light of the trip how- flooded rivers prevented ever, was when Osam and them from returning to Sylvain both witnessed two New addition to 2 camp, they had encounters different large red monkeys family On the 11th of with dangerous snakes and and head a strange call October, Sylvain, our Mona had to spend the night which sounded like a mona Research Coordinator, and sleeping on the ground near monkey loud calling under- Chief Etan 3 Osam, one of our patrolmen the Rhoko river when flood- water! We will definitely spearheads the headed out from camp to ing prevented them from need more sightings and push for action on undertake a preliminary returning home. further evidence to be sure climate change survey of the Rhoko Despite all of the but preliminary identifica- Leo; 4 Research Area and commu- many trials and challenges tion suggests they may have CERCOPAN’s nity forest, contiguous to the the trip definitely proved seen a crowned guenon inspiration Cross River National Park. worthwhile. Sylvain and and…. a Preuss’s Red This survey and Osam encountered a mixed Colobus! Don't forget to Rescued 4 further surveys in December group of many different check out the February youngsters get a and January aimed at monkey species, all spread edition of CERCONEWS second chance confirming the presence of across a 100m area. They when full results of the Preuss’s Red Colobus in the first met Red-eared monkeys surveys will be revealed. Green light for 5 Research area were funded World Environment Day by a grant from the I 2010 nternational Primatological Society. The purpose of this Opportunity 5 initial 3 day trip was to knocks locate and map existing trails and rivers, and to gather information about Want to be a part 6 human disturbance and of it? wildlife in preparation for a future study. Osam at one of the hunter sheds
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Director Welcome to the second certainly was hair-raising at our most beloved mon- edition of CERCONEWS! times! New opportunities keys passed away, seeing This month’s update of the and a chance to shine for staff react to the news was comings and goings in our some of our most dedi- heartbreaking and re- Calabar and Rhoko sites is cated staff and a few of minded me how much a mixed bag of emotions. our monkeys too. I’m par- everyone here really cares. There are heart warming ticularly excited about That in itself continues to stories of new baby or- Mottie it looks like he will make me really proud of phans, some coming from get a chance to come full what we are achieving as I terrible conditions, getting circle in his turbulent life. I know a little bit of that Claire Coulson, a new life and a second remember him arriving in a compassion rubs off on CERCOPAN chance at CERCOPAN HQ. terrible state; witnessing every visitor who walks Director We also have excitement such a change of fortunes through our gates. Enjoy and adventure, and listen- makes wonderful news. this month’s offering and ing to Sylvain’s recollec- We have, however, also check in next month to tions of his 4 day explora- been touched by sadness follow everyone’s pro- tion in the research area it this past month as one of gress! Mottie’s passport to freedom ‘Originally 18 mangabeys were Our planned how he will get on with difficult even to discern mona monkey release has the group. that he was a Mona mon- moved to our been waiting on a suitable key. We all hope Mot- When Mottie first forest site but their male to lead the group for arrived at CERCOPAN in tie will prove himself as a a long time now. Trials 2007 he had some serious good leader and make a breeding has been with other males have so suitable release candidate. health issues, mainly due so impressive that far not yielded the re- to the inappropriate diet After the years spent con- quired results to allow the given to him by his former fined as a pet it is exciting we have nearly hit release to go ahead, but to think he may have a owner. Poor mottie was in the 50 mark!’ now we are trying with a such a neglected state he chance for ultimate free- new male, Mottie, to see was almost bald and it was dom. Our youngest Rhoko mangabey with our eldest male, Clyde New addition to the family We are pleased to age, but we are very happy selection criteria to select the announce the birth of a new that they are reproducing so animals most suitable for the baby mangabey at our Rhoko successfully. first release. forest site! Blessing, a female Originally 18 man- You never know, belonging to the group of gabeys were moved to our maybe this latest addition will mangabeys living in our semi- forest site but their breeding be one of those chosen to free ranging forest enclosure, has been so impressive that return to the wild and in the gave birth last month We are we have nearly hit the 50 future this mangabey may be still unsure of the sex of the mark! We plan to release a the proud parent of truly wild baby as this is very difficult to group of mangabeys in 2010 born babies. determine at such a young and are currently determining
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 PAGE 3 “As part of Sub- Saharan Africa, Nigeria will be one of the nations most impacted by the expected climatic changes” Chief Etan spearheads the push for action on climate change On the 21st of Oc- delegates from national and morning’s press event; Chief tober 2009 Chief Nelson international media bodies Etan and Richard held pri- E.A. Etan, Clan Head of Iko were treated to a series of vate media briefings and Esai accompanied Rhoko stirring speeches, highlight- gave a poster presentation Forest manager Richard ing the need for action to outlining the proposed ac- Carroll to Abuja to present prepare those most at risk tivities and objectives in CERCOPAN’s approved pilot for the unavoidable effects these regions. project on Building Nigeria’s of Global Warming. As part The project aims to reduce Response to Climate Change of Sub-Saharan Africa, Nige- the vulnerability of target (BNRCC). The event organ- ria will be one of the na- communities by building ised by the Canadian Inter- tions most impacted by the awareness, facilitating com- national Development expected climatic changes. munity adaptive capacity Chief Etan at the High Agency (CIDA) and NEST With many of her people and providing income diver- Table for the Media (Nigerian Environmental still dependent on natural sification through a range Conference action/study Team) was the resources, such as Rainfor- of alternative livelihoods official launch and media est and mangrove systems, such as fish farming, bee- forum for the upcoming 2 there is an urgent need to keeping and the domestica- year programme of activi- put in place methods of tion of traditional forest ties aimed at building reducing pressure and halt- products. awareness and adaptive ing the degradation of these By protecting Nige- capacity to the impacts of resources. ria’s forests this project has climate change in Nigeria. CERCOPAN in part- an obvious benefit for the Seated at the high nership with Coastal Life entire planet in the struggle table for the morning’s me- Initiative (COLIN) and Devel- to control the levels of car- dia presentations, Chief opment In Nigeria (DIN) are bon in the global atmos- Etan represented Nigeria’s one of five pilot projects phere. rural households in this im- accepted for the BNRCC The event was a major suc- portant watershed event programme. Each project cess and highlighted the which has great implications focuses on a different eco- benefits of NGO and Com- for the lives of many of Ni- zone within Nigeria; our munity partnerships in tack- geria’s most vulnerable focus being the Rainforest ling such major issues. communities. and Coastal communities. The assembled Following the
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Leo; CERCOPAN’s inspiration We were very sad what species he was! Pale, avoided fights, resulting in him this month when Leo, CER- thin, and dehydrated when he never being an alpha male him- COPAN’s first ever rescued arrived, he was not eating self – this never seemed to monkey and the inspiration for solid food and taking very worry him and he got along the founding of the organiza- little milk. As Zena was work- with all other monas he met, tion, was taken ill quite sud- ing full time for the CRNP at including alpha males. Although denly and discovered to have a the time, her rescued Alsatian, quite particular about who he tumour. Leo’s enclosure was Lyka, became his adoptive liked in the human world, Leo the first one seen when enter- mum. He would ride around had an extremely caring side ing the CERCOPAN com- perched behind Lyka’s ears and made a fantastic adoptive pound and there he could like a little jockey, clinging on father to all the young monas welcome visitors while staff tightly, and sleeping with her who joined him over the years, explained the start of CER- constantly. Little did he or despite never raising infants of CERCOPAN COPAN and Leo’s huge role Zena realize what would start his own. in the organization. as a result! Over the next year Leo was put to sleep after founder Zena Tooze Leo arrived in 1991 5 more monkeys joined Leo discovering the tumour, which with Leo after being confiscated from and the rest, as they say, is we could do nothing to his captors as a tiny 4 week history. cure. He had a good, long life old infant, weighing only 400 Despite his quite while at CERCOPAN and will grams – the staff of the Cross hair-raising youth, full of es- never be forgotten by those of River State National Park capes, Leo grew up to be a us who knew and loved him. (CRNP) were even unsure very peaceful monkey and ‘He was painfully thin and upon Rescued youngsters get a second chance closer inspection This month we have getting on famously and are cleaned but unfortunately was had two new putty-nosed constantly playing. They share too deep to leave without had a deep guenons and one mona two bowls of milk that they stitches. He has now been monkey join our resident continually get soaked in as moved in to our quarantine area infected would in population! they cling to each other to in an enclosure with much more his leg and a sore Flexy and Delight , drink, often accidently dunk- space than he’s ever had before. two putty-nosed guenons, ing each other’s head into the Extremely shy of others, espe- band around the were rescued from a milk! cially humans, he spends a lot of stomach where the compound in Calabar where Our new mona mon- time in a small wooden shelter they were being kept as pets key had a very unfortu- box, peaking nervously from rope had cut in to and were about to be sold. nate past, and still has a way inside the door. A team of four to go until a full recovery. We look forward to his skin’ CERCOPAN staff went to When our staff went to pick the day when his wound has confiscate the monkeys, as him up he was tied to a tree healed and he can be moved in we believed there may be with a chain around his waist. with other monas, learning to trouble if this was a He was painfully thin and upon socialize and building up his commercial operation. closer inspection had a deep confidence. For now though, as Luckily however, the hand infected wound in his leg and a his stitches are sore, he is gently over went fairly smoothly as sore band around the stom- being welcomed to CERCOPAN the owners of the monkeys ach where the rope had cut and observing his surroundings knew about CERCOPAN and into his skin. wearing a protective bandage the work we do. After some per- that resembles a small corset! Now Flexy and suasion the owner allowed us Delight have been moved in to take the monkey into our Our corseted new- bie on the road to with another four young care and he was immedi- recovery putty-nosed guenons: Emma, ately attended to by our vet Maya, Angel and one we have nurse, Austin. yet to name. The six are The wound was CERCO-NEWS Flexy and Delight: the adventurous duo
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2 PAGE 5 Green light for World Environment Day 2010! Celebrations that this years theme of biodiversity, and the on- from the last festivities will the-day speeches, parade, competi- World be bigger and tions prize giving etc. better! Environment It will hopefully be Day The attended by over 4000 teachers theme for the and students from the 50 2010 event is ‘Biodiversity; our secondary and 20 primary schools survival depends on it’. It will involved in our outreach We are very excited to, involve pre-rally interactive programme. In addition the yet again, have been chosen by conservation talks with message should reach Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical participating schools, awareness considerably more due to Garden to receive a funding grant campaigns to visitors and the non-student attendees plus the ‘We would like contributing towards CERCOPAN’s general public, competitions wide media coverage it receives via annual ‘World Environment Day’ to say a huge Including tree planting, 15 minute television, radio and newspaper event. This year’s rally was a huge dramatizations based on the articles. congratulations success and we are determined to Austin, Abakum, Egu Opportunity knocks... and Matthew who have all received We would like to say a education department Abakum animal behaviour course in the promotions this huge congratulations to Austin, became Education Officer in near future. Matthew will be Abakum, Egu and Matthew who January 2009. He will be helping CERCOPAN with a captive month!’ have all received promotions this remaining in this position but will putty-nosed guenon study, looking month! Also to Joshua, who has now be in charge of CERCOPAN’s at the welfare implications of Austin just finished his probationary pe- entire education programme, different enclosure designs. riod and is now a permanent including our televised annual Joshua arrived in May CERCOPAN staff member! event ‘World Environment Day’ and is the latest member of our Austin, our vet nurse, and highly successful outreach Calabar Keeper team. We are Abakum has worked at CERCOPAN for 11 programme. delighted to announce that after years. He started at CERCOPAN as Egu has also been with his three month probationary a keeper, progressed to Vet CERCOPAN for many years, having period he has been offered a assistant and after showing a been employed by CERCOPAN in permanent staff position and we Matthew great deal of potential he is now a 1998. Earlier this year Egu was are all very pleased that he has member of senior staff. In promoted to Head Keeper in agreed to accept it. Joshua has addition to his veterinary respon- recognition of his excellent work become a valued member of our sibilities, Austin will now be taking in this field. This position will now team, working hard alongside on additional tasks including office be a senior staff position and he others. He is building up personal management, administration, will be fully managing all other relationships with the monkeys in writing blogs and adoption keepers and be in charge of our care and his favorite is Billy, a Egu newsletters ! CERCOPAN’s animal care male mona infamous for his Abakum started work at programme and enclosure escape artist abilities. CERCOPAN as a keeper in maintenance and construction. We welcome Joshua in November 1999. He has been Matthew, a primate to the CERCOPAN family and hope undertaking a degree programme keeper has also been given he will remain with us for a long Joshua part time at the University of additional responsibilities in light time, continuing to learn new skills Calabar in Environmental resource of his hard work and effort . He and progressing within the management. After showing recently undertook a primatology organization. interest and promise in the course and will hopefully begin an
  6. 6. WANT TO BE A PART OF IT? • Make a cash donation to CERCOPAN via our website...every little helps! • Stay in touch with our on-going programme by bookmarking our home page • Buy a gift for friends or family from the http://www.cercopan.org/ and our Blog site Good Gifts Catalogue (www.goodgifts.org). http://cercopan.wildlifedirect.org/ You can buy a month's supply of fruit for growing CERCOPAN orphan monkeys - • Volunteer for CERCOPAN in either Nigeria or called in the catalogue 'A-peeling Monkeys' the UK. We offer a range of different for only £20! The price of the gift is passed programmes so there is something for on to CERCOPAN. So, it is an excellent way everyone! Visit our website volunteer of solving your gift problems, and support- section for further details. ing our work! Alternatively visit the CERCO- PAN gift shop on our website today. • Help CERCOPAN attain corporate funding. If you work for a corporate sponsor who may • Donate useful goods and equipment such as be interested in funding CERCOPAN please building and fencing materials, veterinary contact claire.coulson@cercopan.org medicines, old laptop computers etc. or services such as printing, blood testing and • Undertaken a sponsored event to raise architectural design. funds for CERCOPAN. www.cercopan.org http://cercopan.wildlifedirect.org All photos in this newsletter were taken at CERCOPAN or Iko Esai by staff, volunteers and visitors. Photo Credits: Sylvain Lemoine, Amy Baxter, Richard Carroll, Sam Trull Oskar BrattstrÖm © Copyright CERCOPAN 2009 Design & Layout by Claire Coulson; Written by Claire Coulson, Amy Baxter, Richard Carroll, and Sylvain Lemone; Edited by Claire Coulson