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Virtual Chief Operating Officer - COO - Service - For Start Up Entrepreneurs And Small Companies

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Please go to http://Virtual-COO.com for details

Please go to http://Virtual-COO.com for details

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  • Hi, I’m Robert Lee Goodman CEO and Chief ImpleMentor of Ceo Resource LLC.Congratulations on your new company -- whether it’s already existing -- or still residing between your ears. If your goal is to raise investor capital for your company, I hope that this short video will give you some ideas on how best to expedite your trip to YOUR Point B – while making sure you don’t violate the law and go to jail – or worse!
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  • 1. Are You The CEO Of A Start Up Or Emerging Company?
    How To Get Another YOU
    To Help Start And
    Run Your Company
  • 2. Start Ups Can Be A Real Challenge For The Founder / CEO
    There are so many action steps and milestones that have to be done in parallel to get to critical mass, the CEO ends up with what seems like 30 hour work days.
    Many action steps require expertise that the CEO and the in house team simply don’t have – creating roadblocks that seem to stop all significant progress to Point B.
    Which critical path action items are currently stopping you and your company?
  • 3. Could You Use Another You?
    Let me guess – what would help you and your start up or emerging company the most: Another You!
    Of course, you are uniquely you – but my strong intuition is that you wish you had a clone of you for some of your CEO duties and action items.
    What if you had a CEO level clone who could handle some of the overwhelming issues and tasks on your action list that are keeping you from getting to your Point B?
  • 4. What Are The Essential Missing Skill Sets In Your Company?
    Which action items, exactly, are not getting done by you, and your company, because of missing skill sets or lack of experience – or simply due to lack of enough time by you?
    What would you do differently if you had the right person with the right expertise on board - someone who could be up to speed quickly – someone who could actually DO and implement those action steps?
  • 5. Which Of These Do You Most Need?
    More affordable, part time senior-level help - to not only give experienced advice – but someone who is “hands on” to actually DO many of the required action items that you would otherwise be required to do.
    A virtual executive for your start up or emerging company - to help you as CEO, to provide missing skill sets or to add strength to the company profile for fundraising.
    Help dealing with the company’s overwhelming problems or profitably exploiting time-sensitive opportunities.
  • 6. Which Of These Do You Most Need?
    Insightful and experienced financial modeling of your company's future for your business plan - to confirm that your new business idea makes economic sense.
    A business check-up to review your current business approach, focus, management team, tactics and strategies.
    A Board of Advisers member who has personally already done as a CEO what you are wanting to do as a CEO.
  • 7. Which Of These Do You Most Need?
    To raise investor capital when you don't have the experienced talent who even understand all the risks and the different components required for that daunting task.
    Executive mentoring for yourself - or an executive who may be missing key skill sets.
    To accelerate implementation of your ideas and concepts - before they go stale or before your competition beats you to the marketplace.
  • 8. Who Will Actually DO It For You?
    That is just a sampling of typical issues for many start up and emerging companies.
    Add to that list all of your company-specific and industry-specific action items required to rise above the noise level.
    Besides you, who WILL actually DO it for you? Or, will it go undone, or be delayed, so your success is questionable?
  • 9. What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Proven Team Expertise On
    Action Planning for Implementation – Identifying all the puzzle pieces, showing the big picture and helping you assemble the pieces into a realistic action plan for successful implementation.
    Establishing the critically important “W Cubed” W3 = WHO? Is Doing WHAT? WHEN?for each major milestone required to get you to Point B.
  • 10. What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Proven Team Expertise On
    Fundraising – Guiding you down the dragon-infested trail toward successful fundraising, including securities law compliance from a business perspective, drafting of offering and subscription documents, offering management, prospect seeking and first-level response.
    VC And Angels – Expertise on the key differences between venture capital and private placement funding from angel investors – and how best to approach either source.
  • 11. What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Proven Team Expertise On
    Marketing and Sales – Developing a genuinely realistic and implementable marketing and sales plan to drive revenues for your company that is congruent with your overall budget, strategy, tactics and market focus.
    Business Plans and Planning – Developing a genuinely realistic and implementable business model for your company with financial projections and a businessplan that make financial sense for both you and investors.
  • 12. What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Proven Team Expertise On
    Start Up Companies – Opportunities, challenges, idea and concept development, organizational design, action planning, implementation, funding, staffing, marketing and sales.
    Dragon Slaying – Troubleshooting, problem solving, crisis management, chaos planning, turn around situations and slaying the daily dragons that challengeall entrepreneurs.
  • 13. What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Proven Team Expertise On
    Senior-Level Decision Making – Augmenting your management team’s expertise with an expanded background and experience making successful senior-level strategic and tactical decisions.
    Pivotal and Action-Based Brainstorming – Generating insights and epiphanies helping to get you past the dragons blocking your path, converting those new insights into actionable tasks that will accelerate achievement of your goals.
  • 14. Executive Level Action Planning & Priority Implementation
    If you’re like many start up company CEOs, you want someone that you can say to, “This is our vision’s Point B. Get us there.”
    Someone who can take your big picture vision and convert that vision into a detailed action plan for priority implementation.
    Someone to do the critical part – someone who, as a COO, will actually go DO the steps in the action plan.
  • 15. If You Had The RIGHT Exec With Relevant Experience And Wisdom
    How much more could your company accomplish?
    How much more could your company generate in revenues and save from reduced costs?
    How much faster could you raise your investor funding?
    How much faster could you accelerate the implementation of your vision and get to your company’s Point B?
  • 16. Are You Both CEO And COO?
    Most start up companies and emerging businesses have a founder who is serving as both Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and as Chief Operating Officer (COO).
    Most start up companies and small businesses have a founder who is already working 30 hours a DAY – trying to do both jobs.
    Most small companies usually can’t afford a full time COO.
  • 17. Difference Between CEO and COO
    A CEO should focus on six months to six years from now.
    A COO should focus on six minutes to six months from now.
    The CEO should focus on strategy and funding requirements to accomplish those strategies.
    The COO should focus on the action steps and tactics to best implement the strategy and vision of the CEO.
    Where is most of YOUR focus?
  • 18. Your Solution: A Virtual COO
    My Virtual-COO Service offers you a cost-effective way to get the executive level help you need for a faster Point B.
    Choose from 10 hours to 40 hours of service per month to match your current needs. Note: Available hours subject to my current workload.
    Choose from three months to twelve months of service.
    Please go to www.Virtual-COO.com for details.
  • 19. Three Other Ways To Improve Your Odds On Getting To Your Point B
    Fundraising Service – Turnkey, single focused solution to managing your fundraising quest.
    Business Planning Services – Strategy and tactics, financial projections and business planning solutions.
    1:1 Mentoring and Consulting by the hour.
  • 20. Fundraising Service
    Is your fundraising the #1 task you want to delegate so you can focus more time on the rest of your business?
    Then, my Fundraising Service may be perfect.
    It is a turnkey, fixed-fee, process to help with your funding action items, securities law compliance, marketing document production, fundraising management and prospecting.
    Please go to www.FindingYourFunding.com for details.
  • 21. Business Planning Services
    Are your strategy, tactics, action planning and business planning the top priority tasks you want to delegate so you can focus more time on the rest of your business?
    Then, my Deviled Details Strategic and Tactical Action Planning Service may be your most cost-effective, turnkey solution.
    Please go to www.DeviledDetails.com for details.
  • 22. 1:1 Mentoring By The Hour
    Can’t afford a comprehensive solution or want to test drive my services?
    Just need some specific help with certain problems, issues and opportunities?
    Prefer no extended commitment beyond a few hours of mentoring and consulting on your startup issues and opportunities or some direction on your fundraising?
    Please go to www.ConsultantOptions.com for details.
  • 23. Who is Robert Lee Goodman And How Can He Help You?
    OK…I offer four solutions - but why use my services?
    Why do I think I can help you with your business planning, implementation and fund raising?
    Why do I think I REALLY offer you and your company the needed edge?
    Let’s see if my background and experience might be a combination that can benefit you…
  • 24. Robert’s Past 17 Years: CEO, Ceo Resource LLC
    Ceo Resource LLC is a worldwide consulting company with over TWO THOUSAND 1:1 clients – all CEO entrepreneurs of start up and emerging companies.
    Clients in 49 states and over 42 countries on 6 of the 7 continents. (Major discount for first South Dakota and first Antarctica-based consulting clients!)
    Robert’s Education: BS, Engineering Physics / MBA.
  • 25. Robert’s Prior 15 Years: CEO, Goodman Group, Inc.
    Started over 4 dozen companies, joint ventures and partnerships – so I understand startups.
    Successfully took my software company public.
    Founded my own registered NASD broker-dealer company.
    Raised over $25 million from 1,200 angel investors and VC for my own companies – so I understand fundraising.
  • 26. Can Robert Lee Goodman Help You?
    Is this the kind of background and experience that might be helpful to you and your company right now?
    Would it be beneficial to have this kind of resource available to you to help guide you through your business planning, action planning and fundraising?
    Would it be helpful to delegate some or all of your COO tasks to this kind of CEO Resource?
    If the answer to any of the above is YES, let’s talk!
  • 27. Question? Ready To Move Forward?
    Check out Virtual-COO.com for details and pricing.
    Email me at Ceo@CeoResource.com.
    Call me at 727.466.5500.
    Then, we can get started immediately on getting you and your company to your desired post funding Point B – without wasting another day.
    Please note that all price and terms of any and all services and products may change, without notice at any time. Subject to my availability and the terms at www.ChiefImpleMentor.com